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My mind was reeling as we drove home in silence. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence though, more of a long contented moment between us, with the expectation of more to come. Occassionally she reached over and squeezed my thigh and let her hand run over my crotch. It could have been my imagination, but I thought she was driving a bit faster than she normally did.

The car pulled into our driveway, Sarah turned off the car and turned to me, and in a low lusty voice I'd never heard her use before, she said, "I love you, big brother, and I want you so bad, I always have. Let's go - I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight sweetie."
With that, we were both inside the front door. In front of my eyes, my sister, my beautiful, sweet and mostly innocent sister became a bitch in heat, as the saying goes; I had honestly never seen anything like it. The energy between us was more than lust, more than sex, it was a desperate animal instinct. An absolute need for unbridled sex borne of our love for each other. It was almost magical.

She fumbled with the lock to the front door with one hand, grabbing my shirt with the other. She turned me around and playfully threw me against the front door. She took my shirt in both hands and pulled hard, literally ripping it from my body. It fell haplessly to the floor as she wrapped her arms around my neck, her hands caressing my bare shoulders, her full breasts mashed into my chest, her mouth locked onto mine as our tongues twined together. The heat and rapid breathing between us became even more intense. She began dry humping her crotch hard against mine as we leaned against the door. My cock was back for an encore, as hard as it had ever been in my life. My sister continued to jean-fuck me as I pulled her sweater off of her. She wrapped her arms around me again, smashing and grinding her crotch into me. I was starting to worry that I was going to come again right there in my pants, but I had some decent staying power built up from the incredible blow job she had given me earlier.

Just then my sister tightened her embrace, humping her crotch madly into mine. Her breasts swelled more against me as she came in her jeans. "Oh, FUCK baby, oh yeah, uhhhhh, give it to your sissy baby, yeah, ohhh, FUCK mmmmmmmmmm." She resumed kissing me for a moment and then took a step back from me.

We hadn't even turned the lights on yet. She flicked the light switch on, and for a second I had the horrible thought, "What if there was someone in the room?" There wasn't, though, just my gorgeous, now sweaty sister stood in front of me. The bottom of the crotch of her jeans was soaked, so wet that a small drop of her pussy juice actually dripped from her crotch on to the carpet. "See how fucking wet you make your sister, honey?" she said in a mock sweetness. With that her blouse, jeans, and soaked panties were all on the carpet in a matter of seconds. Before me stood my unbelievably gorgeous sister, a perfect picture of womanhood. Her breasts were a full 38C, pert and cone shaped at the nipples. Her skin was even toned, milky in all the right places, and she had a full dark brown bush, which was currently matted with her wet pussy juice, which was still dripping from her cunt on to the carpet.

She knelt in front of me - we were still in the entryway - and undid my pants, pulling them down to my ankles in one motion. She did the same with my underwear, which had been uncomfortably restraining - barely - my rock hard seven inch erection for my sister. She allowed me to step out of both,, and, looking up into my eyes with her pretty brown eyes, she planted her hands on my butt and happily impaled her face on my dick. For what seemed a very long time, the only sound in the house was my cock slurping in and out of my sister's mouth, our combined heavy breathing, and my soft, low grunts and moans as I was swept away in total bliss with Sarah's ministrations to my dick. I felt that first familiar twinge low in my balls, which for me always signals my one and only chance to stop before I come. I reluctantly placed my hands on her shoulders and stopped her. I believe she would have knelt there, sucking my cock for as long as I could have held up, which wasn't going to be long in any event. "I don't want to come yet, baby," I said softly. "The next time I come, I want it to be deep in your beuatiful body. Let's go to bed so I can eat my sister's pussy out." She smiled widely, and winked. She took my hand, leading me to her bedroom. She threw open the covers and lay down, purring as I got between her legs. I wrapped an arm around each thigh, and began by licking her inner thighs, and then moved to that sensitive area just to either side of the outer labia. Her breathing increased, and she began to moan and wimper quietly. I moved my tongue to her pussy, tasting her sweet pussy juices for the first time. She began to get very wet again, her juices running out of her pussy and onto my tongue and chin, some of it pooling in the sheets between her legs. Her moaning became louder, her breathing more erratic. "Oh, yeah, that's it, baby....mmmmmmm....ohhhhhh.....mmmmmmmm......fuck yeah, oh, don't stop mmmmm...nobody every ate me like this.....fucking lick your sister's clit honey.......fuuuckunnnnhhh!!!!!" I really went to town on her hard little clit then, which took some talent to get to, because of her full cunt lips and her beautiful full untrimmed bush.

Her hips began to buck against my face, slowly at first, then violently. "Ahhhhhhh FUCK!" she screamed loudly. "That's it! Oh yeah, oh yeah, don't stop brother honey, oh baby, I'm fucking coming...." then she screamed so loud I thought the neighbors would call the police. With that scream, cunt juice literally squirted out of my sister's pussy, right into my face. She settled down a bit after that, the sheets already soaked in sweat and come. My sister was a firecracker! My cock was so hard it hurt. She looked me in the eyes and said huskily, "Baby, if you don't fuck your sweet sister's pussy right this second with your big beautiful dick, I will not be responsible for my actions."

I didn't have to be told twice. Saying nothing, but smiling lovingly with my eyes locked to hers, I positioned myself over her and slowly slid my hard penis into my sister's vagina. Her pussy lips felt as if they were pulling and sucking on my cock as I began pumping slowly in and out, my arms propping me up over her in a missionary position. I was in sheer bliss, the feeling of her very wet pussy contaracting around my shaft was the most exquisite feeling I'd ever felt.
I fucked her slowly at first, her hands grasping by biceps as she pushed back slightly to meet my thrusts. This continued for several minutes, before I began humping increasingly faster, my dick aching with pleasure inside her. I never wanted this to end. No sex I had ever had even came close to how intense this was. The physical sensations were incredible, but they were being driven by a profound but forbidden love. It was at that moment, while I started to fuck my sister even harder, that I realized that I not only loved her very much, but I was falling deeply in love with her as well, the kind of falling in love that only happens once in your life. I looked into her eyes, and her smile and the pleasure in her face and the intimacy in her eyes told me she felt the same way about me. I didn't even think of hesitating as I said, "I'm so in love with you, Sarah."

She was so lost in pleasure it was difficult for her to speak, but she managed to stammer...."mmmm I've been in love with you for years, sweetie, I just could never.....mmmmmmmhhhh" with that she was beyond speech. I picked up the pace even more, and began powerful, fast and even thrusts in and out of her pussy. Suddenly, I felt that same feeling at the base of my balls, and I knew that this time there was no going back. I hadn't put on a rubber, so I stopped, and started to pull out. "NO!" my sister cried suddenly. "Don't you dare stop! I want you to come in me, honey...I want you to....uhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as I resumed thrusting heatedly. I could tell I was moments away from coming deep inside my sister's pussy. "Oh yeah, baby, I'm gonna come sweet baby....oh......" I said, still thrusting powerfully, as time seemed to slow down. The moment was that incredible. My sister's cunt muscles suddenly contracted hard around my shaft, like a velvet vise.

"Ahhhh fuck that's it baby!" Sarah screamed. "I'm gonna come on your cock, big brother.....oh yeah.... come inside your baby sister honey.....make your sister pregnant baby....OH GOD! UUGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! her whole body began to spasm in orgasm, her pussy muscles pulsating and contracting hard around me as I began to shoot my come deep inside of her at the same instant. I felt her juices gushing down my shaft and out of her pussy as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through each of our bodies simultaneously, my dick shooting streams of come into her womanhood. We were both moaning, bucking, and screaming on her bed for what had to be minutes. Finally, I collapsed on top of her; the bed was completely soaked in come and sweat, and the whole room smelled like sex. We locked in a passionate imbrace, french kissing deeply. We fell asleep in each others' arms, my cock soft but still inside of her. We woke up late the next morning that way. We gazed into each others' eyes for a long while.

"Did you mean it when you said you were in love with me last night?" she said tenderly.
"Yes," I said. "I am crazy about you, Sarah." She started to cry, but they were tears of joy. "I've waited forever for this," she said. "I am totally in love with you and always have been." We kissed and held each other, and we were about to get it on again when there was a knock at the bedroom door.

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