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The afternoon was almost over. Jax and Tyler were making their final rounds between the two divisions. There were two divisions, the younger ones ages 10-13 were known as the juniors. The older group ages 14-17 were known as the seniors. Currently the juniors were in the classroom environment while the seniors were in the work yard training. Ex-cadet Chris and Casey were the lieutenants both were 18. Tyler and Jax were the captains, Jax was around 22 and Tyler was the youngest person to ever receive the rank of captain. Casey and Chris were working with the seniors and everything was going well so Jax and Tyler made their way to the classroom. They were laughing and carrying on and laughing and talking about Jax recent experience with one of the juniors. “I’m telling you bro...The kid’s mouth is golden.” Jax would say as Tyler shook his head no “I mean that’s good for you I guess, and I know that kind of stuff goes on it just isn’t for me man, I don’t believe in the abuse of power especially in that way.” Just then they entered the college lector type classroom a made their way down different aisles.
Jax would stop at the desk of Santiago, and snatched a note from him that he was writing. Jax would scan over it before laughing. “Hey captain Morse? Maybe you should take a look at this”. He handed Tyler the note and her read it, it was obvious that two people have been writing back and forth

- So I heard about you and Jax, your such a fag
- Shut up dude, it’s not like I had a choice. Besides it may even pay off one day
- Hahaha yeah right unless you’re one of the captains favs like that kid and captain Morse, i bet they’re a bunch of fags like you and Jax
- yeah does favor that kid from the seniors

“Interesting? Cadet Santiago I would like to see you and cadet author pal in my office immediately after the class is over!” Tyler spoke in a stern voice. Both cadets replied quickly and loud “Sir, yes sir!” Jax said he would catch up to Morse later he needed to be in the dining hall. Tyler had his talk to the cadets about how he treats everyone the same and that his personal life is none of their concern, and then also gave their punishment before he dismissed them back to their quarters.

“I can’t believe we have to miss the co-ed dance tonight!” the cadets complained all the way back to the dorm where everyone else was getting all dressed up and ready for the dance. The seniors were all in the junior’s dorm helping them get ready also. The seniors dance was next weekend. Jax and Casey sat talking on one of the bed supervising as all the boys were getting ready. Jax was now yelling that the bus was leaving and all the boys exited the bunk as Jax said bye to Casey who was left behind to watch the two who weren’t going.

“Ok guys, it’s time for you two to get showered and ready for bed, Tyler...i mean captain Morse wants you two in bed early.” He turned and left yelling on his way back “I’LL BE BACK IN A FEW!” the boys both striped down and put towels around the young, smooth, tan bodies as they talked walking to the shower/bathroom part of the dorm. Santiago spoke first “damn Scott... cant beelive we fucked up I could’ve been getting some tonight” Scott laughed “you wouldn’t even know what to do!” as he turned on the hot water and the shower poured out water and hot steam. Santiago did the same to his shower and spoke “well the only reason you know anything more than jerking off is cause Jax gave it to you” Scott shook his head and began washing his hair and body. Santiago watched as Scott hands rubbed all over his tightly built young chest, then his hands would move to wash them very worked abs which flexed as he washed them. “Um…um Scott? I’m sorry about getting us caught today” Santiago spoke but never took his eyes off his friends gorgeous body as Scott replied but Santiago really didn’t notice as Scott’s hands were now washing that superb member of his. The soap gave it an inviting shine and slickness. He could tell Scott was getting somewhat excited because his dick was stiffening slightly.

Shaking it off Santiago would go back to his own shower “you know Scott I know why Jax would pick you.” Scott would turn and look at Santiago’s olive skin and tightly built body as he now did the speaking “oh and why is that?” Scott stepped closer and joined Santiago in his shower as the water splashed on their heads, flattening their hair. The water rushed down both of their young soldier type bodies as their foreheads now rested on each other’s and they began kissing passionately in the down pour. Scott could feel the roughness of their tongue caressing and wrestling in each other mouths as he placed his arms around Santiago neck and Santiago placed his hands around Scott curvy hips. Their soapy bodies were pressed together and grinding their average cocks against one another.

Loudly someone cleared there throat “excuse me” was all Casey said as he leaned in the doorway of the shower room. Both of the boys jumped back with their mouths hung open wide in shock. They began to jumble on and try to make excuses. Casey would shush them and join them in the shower striping his cloth as he made his way into the warm and steamy shower. He was much more built and had a very nice trimmed pubic area with dark hair compared o the boy’s smooth bodies with light blonde pubes. He placed a hand on both of their shoulders, telling them he wanted them both to kneel in the shower. They both were now eye level with Casey’s thick cock. He wasn’t much bigger than the boys but he was still bigger than either one of them having seen. They both knew at once what he wanted and both begin kissing on the sides of his dick. Casey was looking down at the two boys sharing his thick member, who were starring back up at him. He kept one hand on the top of each of their hands, caressing their wet hair. Scott would move to suck the enlarged, mushroom shaped, throbbing head into his tiny mouth as Santiago began kissing Scott neck. This went on for a few mins more before Casey stopped them and told Scott to stand and let Santiago remained on his knees “suck his cock cadet Santiago.” Casey stepped back to watch as Santiago placed both of his hands on Scott’s smooth thighs and then moved to allow Scott to slide with ease into his mouth. Casey moved behind Scott and knelt down and spread his little boy bubble butt cheeks apart and moved his face deep into the crevice and began licking Scott tiny, pink, and puckered ass.

Casey was going crazy with the current happenings. He soon moved away and told Scott to kneel on all fours and motioned for Santiago to move up behind him “he’s already cadet... mount him…slide your cock deep into his ass.” Casey watched as Santiago took a knee behind Scott who put his head down onto his arms and leaned on his elbows. Santiago held his dick at the base and lined himself up and began pressing into Scott slowly. Casey could hear Scott grunt slightly as Santiago got the head of his dick passed that tight, wet, and warm rim. Once he was in he took hold of Scott’s hips and begins to slide his entire dick into that ass in a single slow but hard push. Santiago began to pull and push at Scott’s ass with his dick. Scott was mumbling softly for him to go easy and how it hurt. Santiago suddenly felt a hand press on his back, forcing him to lean over Scott and stop moving as he suddenly felt the warm gooey tip of Casey larger cock pressed on his own ass. Casey began the same way Santiago did. He forced his thick throbbing head in and then took hold of his hips and pushed the rest of his entire large shaft deep into that small ass as Santiago grunted and dug his fingers into Scott sides. After a min or two of being buried in Santiago’s ass Casey began fucking, bouncing his body hard against the cadets, cause the cadets body to crash into Scotts. Casey was now really working his cock deeper and deeper. He reached out and took the conditioner and poured some onto the cadet’s smooth young ass, making it shinny. It also helped to lube his big dick so he could slide in and out of the tight ass, he watched his polished member glide in and out of Santiago ass. Scott was taking a brutal pounding as well as Santiago tried to ignore his thrashing by returning the favor into Scott’s virgin ass. Casey could tell Santiago was Cumming into Scott’s ass because his ass tightened around the thick member of Casey. Casey pulled the length of his cock from Santiago ass with a pop, he pushed Santiago to the floor and he grabbed Scott’s hips and pressed his self in with ease from the few drops of cum and such from Santiago. He pushed his cock all the way into Scott who hollered out. Since we was totally hidden in Scotts ass he began thrusting, his balls already resting on Scotts ass as he tried to push his cock deeper and deeper and sudden he unleashed load after load deep in Scotts ass. He collapsed backwards and they all the laid on the wet floor for a min.

Soon Casey got to his feet and got Santiago up as well “we got at least be fair and finish off Scott.” They turned Scott onto his back and Santiago instantly began sucking his cock. Casey waited a min before taking the small dick from Santiago and placing his own mouth on it; Casey easily pressed his entire mouth over the warm sticky boy cock and really began to work it until he felt Scott tense up. He pulled off and stroked Scotts cock like crazy as him and Santiago begin kissing and licking their own side of the little dick as a few drops of cum, what Scott was able to release, dripped slowly down the sides eagerly licked up by either Casey or Santiago. Casey lay back with both of the boys on the shower floor, one on each side of him “Wow boys…wow… my two boys.” He stood up “oh and your both still punished so get dressed and go to bed…oh and boys WELCOME TO GRAY ROCK!”

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