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she loved the way her Inca pussy felt so full
Hi this happened 5 years ago ad I still laugh, but I have enjoyed the bennifits too--- so well have I.
It was my wifes birthday and she had taken the day off to celibrate, I said I had to go to work and she shugged it off. I left as normal and went to the store for a cake I ordered the day before ad some flowers.
After picking them up I drove back home circling the town for time, I wanted to surprise her - I was the one surprised.
I let the car coast into the drive way and got out quietly but as I was going for the cake I heard Judith giggling, the same giggle she makes when I'm eating her and she's about to cum. I left the cake and flowers and walked slowly around the house to our bed room window expecting to find her playing with her dildo. I almost wet myself when I saw my wife on all fours being fucked by our sheperd, he was pounding away at her like she was a bitch on the street and in heat. Judith had her eyes close and her head back with her mouth open and tonge out like she was a bitch. I was so mad I wanted to kill Butch and started for the front door when it clicked, I could have anything I wanted now. I hurried to the car and pulled out our camera and snuck back t the window. They were still going at it like mad so I snapped some shots then ran to the office and printed them out and headed home (hiding the chip). When I got there I bumped the horn as I removed the cake and Judith met me at the door in her silk robe and butch trotted out.
She smiled and thanked me for the surprise and I kissed her saying theres more but later. I asked her if she would like a warm bath with some wine and music and Judith said yes real quick so I drew her a bath then got a bottle of wine out. As I bathed her she drank the bottle and then I helped her to the bed and dried her, playing a little here and there and she told me it was her day, I helped her dress in a red thong and bra, short skirt and white blouse and took her out shopping. We hit some stores then went to the aduat shop where as she was looking around I picked up some cuffs, clamps, rope and a collor, I was going to have some fun. She found a disc and I bought it for her then we went home without her seeing what was in the bag.
In the house she said she wanted to see what I had gotten so I showed her and she had a fit, Judith had never like being bound and said that I had waisted my time. I smiled and said "No I haven't!" as I dropped the photos of her and butch in her lap. Her face lost all color and she had nothing to say. I told her that if she didn't do as I said I would send then to her mom and kick her out. That was it, she was mine now and I knew it. "So how long have you been butch's bitch?" I asked. For the past two yrs she told me, it happened that new years eve when we went out partying and she was so drunk that she spent the night in the bathroom. I had been called in to work from the party so when I dropped her off at the house she had been feeling sick and took a shower. When she had gotten out of the shower she had to throw up and thats when butch raped her, she was bent over with her head in the toilet puking when out of no where butch came in and mounted her before she could do anything. At first it hurt and then it started to feel good and when his knot popped into her she said that she had the most incredable orgasm she had ever had. butch took her two more times that night before I got back and she found that she loved having his dag dick in her pounding away like a jack hammer.
I told her that it was ok but from now on she was not only butch's bitch but mine too or out she went and the picture would go to her mom. Judith couldn't say anything but ok and I smiled then told her to strip. As she did I called for butch to come in and he did. "You will let him fuck you as I watch and film it, you would be shy and you'll do as I say." I told her and she nodded. I had her get down and I watched as butch shoved his cock deep into her and start pounding away, i watched as his knot grew and as he shoved it up into her, the look on her face was great, all the pleasure of having butch fuck her and the way she kept pushing back to meet him was making me hard as hell. After butch had popped he tried to move away and Judith pushed back staying with him till he popped out of her. Now it was my turn I had my wife bend over a chair then put the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and tied her tothe chair, Judith had never let me fuck her in the ass, the most she would let me do was lick her ass and now I was going to take her ass. I lubed her hole and pushed a finger in as she protested, but I wasn't stopping she was now my bitch as much as butch's. When I tought she was ready I pushed in and started to fuck her tight ass slowly as I told her that I wanted to see her suck butch's cock and lick his ass. That got her upset and she fought with the ropes and I fucked harder, the harder I fucked her ass the more she fought and moaned she was getting off on this and I was loving it. That day butch and I fucked our bitch like there was no tomorrow and Judith loved it....

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2015-01-23 06:16:06
I really don't think she wanted you to fuck her asshole, but she didn't have a choice!!!
I think that's what they call rape isn't it ?

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2009-01-24 00:01:06
work on ur spelling...yor

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2008-12-07 16:12:38
SICK. All three of you are SICK

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