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Just after that afternoon, there was a late night when I walked into our apartment, said “Hi baby,” to Erika, intending to head for the shower. I got three or four steps past the chair she was sitting on, before she spoke to me.

“Did you just turn your back on me, bitch? You’re going to have to be punished for that!”
“Punished Mistress?” I asked, turning around to look at my ‘Mistress’.
“Yes, punished. Severely!”

I wasn’t certain what Erika had in mind but I was soon informed. “Get over here, right now, and get down on your knees.”
“Yes Mistress,” I dutifully replied, and did as I was bid

Erika stood up and walked over to where I was kneeling and lifted her skirt. “Lick my pussy, now!” I was ordered.

Kneeling there, with my tongue in Erika’s pussy, I was wondering what sort of punishment that was supposed to be, for someone like me. I loved the taste of my Mistress’ sopping pussy; I always had, and she knew that I did.

After she’d climaxed, and stepped back, I asked, “Is Mistress happy with obedient bitch’s performance or does Mistress need more convincing not to punish poor bitch?”
“You’re going to have to work much harder than that, or I’m going to have to spank your tight, shapely little ass.”
“But Mistress, bitch like good spanking. Not exactly punishment.”
“True enough. Stand and lift your skirt for Mistress!”

I stood and lifted my little slut-skirt, even if it was only about as long as a belt, and not much more, exposing the little damp patch on the front of my panties. “That’s a good girl,” my Mistress informed me, reaching out to gently touch the crotch of my panties. “Now, get your fucking knickers off, and show me how wet your cunt is.”

I let go of the skirt and reached under it to grab my panties and pull them off, intending to display my wet pussy to my Mistress. As the skirt dropped down after I let go of it, Erika moved in and gently slapped my left leg. “I didn’t tell you to let go of the fucking skirt, did I?” she asked.
“No Mistress,” I replied.
“That’s what I thought. Lift the skirt with one hand, and yank your knickers down with the other.”

I did as I was told, yanking my panties down a few inches, showing Mistress my wet pussy, and she stepped close to me again, to touch it, slipping a finger inside me. “Okay, sit on the couch arm, and get your knickers off entirely,” was my next order, which I obeyed immediately, although it wasn’t as simple as it sounded, because I still had Mistress’ finger inside of me.

As I sat there, holding my skirt up with one hand, pulling my panties off with the other, Erika just stood and looked down at me, an expression of utter contempt on her face, as she wiggled the finger around inside of me, although I didn’t doubt for one second that the expression was fake. It was part of the role she was playing for me, knowing how much I was going to enjoy being thoroughly dominated.

As I dropped my panties onto the floor, Erika grabbed my skirt and yanked it off me, pulling me off the couch arm in the process. I recovered quickly and returned to the position she wanted me in. “Next up, show me your new plastic tits,” I was instructed.
“But Mistress, bitch boobs are silicone substitute,” I pointed out.
“Shut the fuck up, you stupid fucking bitch. I didn’t tell you to open your fucking mouth; I told you to get your fucking tits out. You can open your mouth later, when you wrap it around my cunt. Get your fucking tits out for me when you’re told to get your fucking tits out, or I’ll have to slap you again. When I tell you that your fucking tits are plastic, then they’re fucking plastic. What are your fucking tits made of, bitch?”
“Plastic, Mistress,” I meekly replied, eyes downcast to the floor, opening my blouse, popping my tits out of the little half-cups I was wearing, and I will admit that I was really enjoying a side to Erika that I’d never seen before. She really was getting into the role of being my Mistress. So crude, and so vulgar! That was just what I wanted! Great!
“You’re learning; as slow as I might have expected from a stupid, dirty, slutty blonde, but learning nevertheless,” she commented. “Take off the blouse and the bra; they’re obscuring my view of those fabulous tits.”

I took off the blouse and bra as ordered and sat there in just my stockings and suspenders, waiting for my next order. I didn’t have to wait long.
“Play with your tits for me. Squeeze and rub them until your nipples are so stiff that they ache.”

I did as instructed, and soon my nipples were sticking up like little bullets. “Put your hands behind your back,” commanded Mistress, as she knelt down in front of me, and began to play with my pussy, and suck my nipples in turn, feeling just how stiff they really were. I accommodated first two fingers, then three and finally, all four on my Mistress’ right hand, as she pumped them in and out like a piston.
“Shame I only have four fingers on my hand; you feel as if you can take more,” Mistress said. “I’d like to stretch you a bit further.”
“Use whole hand Mistress; ball into fist. Fist stretch bitch plenty. Use cucumber from fridge, push all the way in; bitch can take it, with cyber-beaver nice Mistress paid for.”

My Mistress stood up then, and stepped over to the bookcase nearby, grabbing a bar of chocolate from it. She unwrapped it and then, after dropping her skirt to the floor, inserted one end of the bar into her pussy and commanded me to get down on my knees and eat it, without using my hands.

That was something I’d never tried before and it was entertaining, trying to get the damn thing to stay still to bite chunks off it, because whenever I applied enough pressure to get a decent bite, I was also applying enough pressure to set off sufficient feelings in Mistress’ pussy that she kept moving. “Mistress stay still, please; make bitch’ task easier? Bitch show gratitude later; show to nice, kind Mistress, promise.” I asked.

Erika smiled warmly and broadly for the first time that night, “How will you show Mistress your gratitude?” she asked.
“Bitch obey Mistress as usual, do usual bitch things; lick, probe, suck, bend and take it hard from behind. Mistress enjoy taking dirty bitch doggy style, hard, with big dildo. Give Mistress pleasure, make food, eat own off Mistress’ skin. Mistress like that idea?”
“Sounds good to me, so I’ll try and stay still, but you’re applying pressure onto my sensitive spots, and it’s making me move.”
“Mistress take candy bar out of sweet, tight beaver? Hold in hand for bitch? Bitch clean hand and beaver with tongue after she eat candy bar. Please Mistress?”

My Mistress removed the bar of Dairy Milk from her pussy and held it out to me to eat. I ate it from her hand, and then licked her fingers clean, before cleaning the melted chocolate from her sweet slot. She tasted so sweet, too. I looked up at my Mistress after I’d got her as clean as I could, and said, “There Mistress, clean now.”

“Bend over the arm of the chair, now, so that I can play with your cunt properly,” I was instructed. I obeyed immediately, waiting to be ‘properly played with’, and not looking back at my Mistress. There was a buzzing sound from behind me; clearly a vibrator being switched on. It was pressed against my clitoris, buzzing madly, and then Mistress slipped it right inside my sopping pussy. It might just have been the way I was feeling, but it felt like a rather small vibrator. I just knelt where I was, enjoying the sensation inside my pussy, waiting for my next order.

That order was quite a while in coming and I waited patiently, enjoying the sensations buzzing through my loins. “Ok then, take the vibe, and change holes with it.” So I pulled the vibrator out of my pink slot, and, with a good supply of my natural lubricant, pushed it, still on full power, right up my brown one. I was right; it was smaller than my usual vibrator, bought especially, I thought, for my butt. My Mistress began fingering my pussy again, and asked, “Do you love me, bitch?”
“Yes Mistress, of course I do.”
“Say it.”
“I love you Mistress!”
“Lie on the floor on your back, now, and open really wide,” I was told, so I obeyed.

As I lay there and my Mistress groped me, I closed my eyes, just relaxing and enjoying the feelings, and I didn’t hear the order to open my eyes. I felt the slap on my right leg though, and opened my eyes. “That’s better,” my Mistress said to me. “I told you to open your fucking eyes, bitch! Don’t you ever ignore me, or you’ll have to be put back in training again.

If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to sell you to someone with less concern for your welfare than I have; perhaps to someone like your last Master. Maybe he’ll beat you every day until you obey without question, and you wouldn’t like that, would you?”
“No Mistress. Bitch have to try harder to please kind Mistress.”
“Yes you fucking well will, bitch. Perhaps I should just sell you now anyway and save myself the trouble of re-training you, and replace you with a younger and prettier, not to mention more obedient model. How young a replacement do you think I should get for you? A pretty little virgin of, say fourteen or fifteen; a tight one with big, bouncy, real, tits?”
“No Mistress! Please don’t sell me Mistress; I couldn’t bear the thought of having to serve a new owner. I want to serve you properly, and I will, if you’ll let me make amends.”
“How are you going to make amends to me?”
“That’s up to Mistress. Mistress decides how bitch make amends. Do housework naked; perhaps do Mistress friends’ housework naked. Mistress charge friends for bitch services, let friends use bitch for other services too. Perhaps Mistress watches and encourages friends to make proper use of bitch skills.”
“What skills would they be, then?”
“Mistress! You know what skills bitch have, or you not buy bitch in first place; skilled bitch cost lots of money; bitch not notice Mistress haggle over price. Bitch please anyone in bed, Master or Mistress, perhaps both at once, lots of practice by now. Many owners say bitch good lay. Mistress think bitch not good enough lay? Mistress offering to teach bitch to be better lay; bitch learn from Mistress; pleasure Mistress better!”
“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever met.”
“Thank you Mistress, that’s nice compliment.”

Then my Mistress produced a second vibrator, the larger of the two and switched it on. Then she stuck it straight into my pussy, playing with my clit as she did so. The orgasm exploded through me after only a couple of minutes, and then the vibrators were quickly taken out and switched off. After that, Mistress settled down over my face in the sixty-nine position and smothered me with her sweet, dripping pussy. I knew what I was required to do, and got straight down to it, pushing my tongue as deep as it would go, and listened as my Mistress encouraged me, in her downright vulgar, ‘Mistress,’ fashion, to continue what I was doing.

“Back into the doggy position now,” I was ordered, so I obeyed. Then Mistress placed half the double-ender into her pussy, and placed the tip at the entrance to mine. “Push back and get this inside your sopping little cunt-hole,” she commanded. “Fuck yourself with it!” Kneeling as I was, I pushed back onto the jutting plastic prick, thrusting as best I could from the position I was in, until Mistress wanted it a bit harder. Then she grabbed my hips and began to pump, thrusting far harder than I could.

After we had both climaxed, my Mistress stood up, looked down at me and said, “Good. Now… Get your disobedient little ass into the bedroom and spread your long legs for my pleasure; I think it’s time I saddled you up and rode you hard again. Your last owner would probably have taken a belt or strap to you for half of what I let you get away with; and you should be grateful for that! You’ve been back-chatting and disobeying me too much tonight to escape some sort of punishment. I’ve been lax with your discipline, and you’ve forgotten your place, so I’m going to have to remind you what it is again.

There will be no more pleasant reminders tonight. Disobey me once more tonight and the next slap won’t be gentle, or on your leg. It’ll be right down the side of your pretty little face, and it will hurt. Despite your disobedience and your bad behavior, I do care for you, and that’s the problem; I doubt that I can do a great deal to really punish you for your disobedience. I’ll just have to try my best though, and I can think of at least one punishment that you’ll really hate.”
“What punishment Mistress?”
“I’ll feed you nothing but Bulgarian Kibble for a week!”
“Ugh! Mistress, Bitch be happier being beaten by Mistress than fed that awful rubbish.”
“Exactly; that’s why it’s the worst punishment I can think of. You’ll obey me now, won’t you?”
“Yes Mistress! I’ll obey; I swear I will, if it means I can have good food instead of nasty Kibble. Mistress reward bitch for good service? Bitch give good service, promise! Swear oath to Mistress; swear to obey.”

Seeing as I was on the floor, I reached for the closest of Mistress’ feet, and began to kiss and lick it; really toadying, and crawling. I’ll admit that I was ad-libbing on lines from the book, modifying them as it suited my purpose, but it seemed to be going well.

“If you obey, you can have good, fresh, cooked food, although you’ll be cooking it. You can have salmon, veal and beef when I do; you can also have nice drinks, fresh milk, fresh fruit juice, but no alcohol. Snack on fruit to keep your figure nice for Mistress. If you’re really good, you can have more chocolate, biscuits and cakes. But you’ll have to be very good for those, and take plenty of exercise to burn calories.”
“Bitch can cook Mistress, and you know this; bitch can cook better than Mistress can! Bitch be very good for nice treats; take exercise with nice Mistress; not want to get fat after all. Mistress not want to keep fat bitch. Mistress not teasing with promises of nice treats?”
“Now, now, you’re being disrespectful. Have I ever offered you something and refused to give it?”
“No Mistress; Mistress never failed to deliver treat if promised. Bitch had treat for tonight though, nice chocolate. Last Master never give nice treats like chocolate. Maybe apple or orange now and again, but that all.

When Mistress buy bitch from last Master, bitch very happy. Could tell that new owner better than last one; took seconds to tell.”
“How could you tell?”
“Mistress not remember? Mistress turn up with nice clothes; silk undies, nylon stockings, silk dress, leather jacket and long leather boots to keep bitch feet warm. Mistress pardon bitch French, but Mistress tell bitch to take off ‘cheap shit,’ and put nice clothes on; not even tell bitch to lick beaver as payment for nice clothes. Mistress give bitch wardrobe full of nice clothes.
Last Master make bitch wear cheap clothes, often second hand, from charity shops. Never give poor bitch anything nice to wear.”

(While I had gotten a thrill the last time I pretended to be the really submissive slave, I really was getting into it this time. I couldn’t figure out the difference but I didn’t care, I really was enjoying it.)

“Last Master so cruel sometimes; think only of himself and his pleasure, unlike new Mistress. Mistress bring doctor last time bitch ill; bitch not expect that. Expected to have to recover naturally, not expect proper medicine from doctor. Last Master say that medicine too expensive, but kind Mistress willing to pay for medicine; not care about money, care about bitch instead. At first, bitch just think that Mistress spend money on investment; no good let trained bitch die; lots of money wasted; sick bitch not much use to Mistress either. Bitch think wrong though; Mistress actually care about bitch health and happiness.

Bitch very surprised when Mistress bring sick bitch hot breakfast in bed, feed bitch tenderly; bring doctor; not demand service for breakfast because bitch not feel well. Bitch expected Mistress to sit on bitch face at least, but Mistress not do that; Mistress not even reach under bedcovers to squeeze bitch big boobs. Bitch know that Mistress like big boobs; like to squeeze them. Bitch like having Mistress squeezing boobs.

Mistress give bitch new, expensive, nice clothes; bitch grateful to Mistress for nice clothes. Bitch appreciate nice clothes; never wear silk or leather, never have silk sheets or electric blanket before meet current Mistress. Never have television before either. Last Master keep bitch in small room, no window, no television, just radio. Not good heating; just cheap, itchy wool blankets and lumpy bed. Mistress share own bed with bitch; not seen that before. No chains or locked cell to stop bitch simply walking out of apartment. Clearly Mistress not expect bitch to try to escape. Mistress make good call; bitch not want to escape; got good life here with Mistress. Mistress share everything she own, without question; books, television, music, films, fresh food; all luxuries; give bitch everything bitch could imagine, and then some; teach bitch to drive; give bitch keys to Mistress’ car! Then Mistress buy bitch own car as present! Shame Mistress not born a boy; if so, bitch give Mistress baby; to pay for car, if possible! Bitch give Mistress many babies!

Bitch never want to leave Mistress. Bitch fight for Mistress, fight to stay with Mistress; perhaps try to escape if sold, and return to nice, kind Mistress. Bitch not able to imagine better Mistress. Mistress so kind and generous, giving bitch so much. Mistress treat bitch like lover; perhaps Mistress forgets that bitch only property? Mistress buys bitch, treat as she like; sell bitch when get bored, buy new bitch; Mistress not expect complaint from property; get no complaints the way things are.

Still, bitch happier than ever be in life before; willing to stay with Mistress ‘till death; sleep with Mistress ‘till death; spread legs and give Mistress good sex every day; morning and night. When Mistress get tired, bitch get on top, make love to beautiful Mistress.”

“Perhaps you can cook better than me,” my Mistress said with a smile. “I’ve never been worried about you running away from me. Where would you go? Back to an earlier Master or Mistress? No, you’re better off with me than anyone who’s owned you in the past, and you know it. No one’s ever treated you as well as I have, or ever will. I can get better service from you with one candy bar than with ten sticks, can’t I? Anyway, bedroom, now, or you won’t need to cook anything tonight; I can see a Kibble attack coming on.”

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