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Kyra was those kind of girls who are incredibly sexy and cute at the same time. She was brown haired green eyed, 36C and 5'6. Brenden, her 13 year old brother was popular in middle school. Brenden had always found his sister attractive, every single time he jacked off he'd jack off to his sexy sister. Kyra on the other hand had no idea that what seems like so innocent little Brenden was as perverted as he was.

During that evening Kyra's parents left to go on their anniversary dinner leaving Kyra to babysit Brenden, Brenden thought of it as nothing at the moment, just another boring, meaningless fantasies over his beautiful sister. Just drooling over her toned stomach, long tanned legs, her chest and her sexy lips. Brenden ran upstairs, he was getting a boner already from just watching Kyra walk up the stairs. Brenden shut his bedroom door and started taking off his pants and boxers. His surprising 8 inch jumped right out, he began to jack off to some naked pictures of his sister he had secretly taken when his sister got out of the shower. She sometimes forgets to lock the bathroom door. Kyra was in her room and someone had snuck into Kyra's room as well. Another female, Kyra was a lesbian but neither her parents nor Brenden knew. Kyra began to heat things up with the other female. Brenden was curious as he heard a few moans coming from Kyra's room, he creaked the door open, Kyra had forgotten to lock her door. Brenden's eyes popped wide open as he say another female sitting on top of Kyra both girls naked. Brenden's boner began getting harder than ever, he raced to fetch his polaraid. He took a few snapshots and grinned, blackmail on his sister, now he'll get all his desires. Brenden wait for the other female to creep back outside the window, when Kyra opened her door, she found Brenden grinning widely right in front of her. Kyra's mouth dropped wide open,

"What the hell were you doing?!" She said shocked,
"What the hell were YOU doing?" Brenden shot back still grinning. He waved the few pictures he had taken in front of Kyra's face. Kyra tried to snatch at them but Brenden was faster,

"Okay look...I'll do whatever you want if you give me the pictures and if mom and dad don't find out that i'm a lesbian."
"Of and dad's hearts would be broken if they found out they won't be having grandchildren from you and especially on their anniversary." Kyra scowled,

"What do you want kid?" Kyra said placing her hands on her hip.
"Aren't you a virgin sis?" Kyra then knew exactly what Brenden meant,
"Hell no that's disgusting."
"Well, I guess I'll just have to ruin mom and dad's anniversary." Brenden said turning away, knowing his sister would give in.
"O-Okay Brenden. Just...give me minute." Brenden smiled,
"Mom and Dad's room."
"You little pervert." Kyra sneered and went into the bathroom.

Brenden ran into his parents' room and threw his clothes onto the floor and sat upon the bed waiting for Kyra. Kyra reluctantly came into the room naked, she laid down on the bed beside Brenden. Brenden drooled at the sight that was right in his face, he couldn't believe his sister's shaved cunt was just inches away, he sat on top of Kyra. Kyra lay in disgust as she felt Brenden rub his little amateur hands over her body.

"You'll cum for me."
"No I won't."
"Don't make me use the pictures." Kyra gave a disgusted look but let Brenden cup her breasts in his hands. Kyra planned on not cumming, at least not on her own will, and especially not with Brenden. Brenden's greedy mouth landed on his sister's lips, she didn't kiss back but Brenden didn't care, he rammed his tongue down her throat. Then he kissed his way down Kyra's neck and reached her tits. He took the left nipple into his mouth and licked it, sucking gently at first then hard. He bit but not hard enough to make Kyra bleed. Kyra was in disgust, Brenden didn't care if Kyra did much, he just wanted her sexy, tanned body. He switched to the right tit and sucked, trying to make Kyra moan but was unsuccesful.

"I need some action." Brenden said and turned himself around, Kyra and Brenden were in the 69 position. Kyra turned her head away from Brenden's circumsized 8 inches but Brenden forced her to take it in her mouth. Kyra reluctantly gave Brenden a blowjob, but Brenden wouldn't climax that easily. Brenden started to lick Kyra's clit, Kyra tried to hold in a gasp but it escaped her throat. Brenden smiled and licked faster, then started sucking hard on Kyra's cunt. Kyra moaned but was muffled as Brenden pushed the rest of his 8 inches into Kyra's mouth. Kyra gagged for a moment then she got used to it. Brenden inserted a finger into Kyra, then a second finger in deep and hard. Kyra screamed, the pain shot through her hole. Brenden slid his fingers in and out faster and harder, in deeper each time, he then pushed the third then the fourth finger in. Kyra was in tears as he rammed the four fingers in and out of her. Brenden pulled his cock out of Kyra's mouth and told her to give him a handjob, he moved his fingers in and out faster. Kyra moved at his rythem, she was in so much pain, she was sobbing. Not only because of the pain, but because of the thought of her brother who was going to fuck her. Brenden then without warning fisted Kyra hard, Kyra's tears flowed mercilessly, then pain was so bad that Kyra screamed so loud the neighbors could hear. Kyra then felt a wave of warmth shot through her, she arched her back and came hard all over Brenden's hand. Brenden brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean, he went between Kyra's legs and licked it clean there as well.

"Now that you're well lubricated down here..." Kyra's tears didn't stop,
"Don't you dare enter me."
Brenden gave her a warning look and Kyra shut her mouth,

"At least get a condom." Brenden shook his head,
"I won't get the full pleasure if I use a condom."

Then Brenden brought his head to touch Kyra's clit, Kyra scowled as tears still flowed down her cheeks. Brenden moved the head down then pushed it in slowly, he slowly pushed in a third in. Kyra began to cry again, the pain was immense. Brenden's cock was long and wide, Kyra didn't want to feel the pleasure but she did as Brenden pushed in more then pulled out, faster and faster. He pushed in more each time, Kyra was mad. Not only was her little brother blackmailing her, she didn't even like boys. Brenden finally had all 8 inches in and he left it there, enjoying the embrace of Kyra's vigina walls. Kyra screamed in pain but came right after for the second time, Brenden then decided he needed to come. He rammed his full 8 inches in and out of Kyra fast and hard, banging her like she's never been banged before. Kyra's screamed again and Brenden joined her,

"Pull out before you cum in me you little bastard!" Kyra screamed, it was almost too late but Kyra pulled her self away and slammed her legs shut as Brenden came all over the walls and the sheets. Brenden was angry that he didn't get to cum into his sister, but that was the best orgasm he ever had. He slumped down onto the bed and sighed. Kyra got up and ran into the bathroom to wash up, she showered and locked the door this time. Brenden began cleaning the sheets and walls up, he couldn't wait till next time they were home alone.

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2016-04-25 04:34:39
The same person did not write these stories. Have you actually written any of them yourself?

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2014-02-21 01:21:47
boring. the sis didnt even want to fuck and she wouldve beat the crap out of him

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2013-08-25 07:26:01
this is bull shit his sister should be shw as A pedphile this as she would be if she was A man not the boy this is bull shit.


2011-05-19 23:37:27
You know was really lame I was hoping for consent, not my writing so I can't complane, but still good rating


2010-04-17 01:17:54
How boring and ordinary. Build up to the story, don't start with them being in lust. No fun.

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