It was bright and sunny day in Rosedale. The sun was shining and the birds were singing their little songs of joy.
This is my first story and any comments would be apprecieated.

It was bright and sunny day in Rosedale. The sun was shining and the birds were singing their little songs of joy. In the local high school a boy named Jake was sitting in a classroom doing his Physics test. He was 16 years of age and was very bright for his age. He also had a very big secret. He was GAY. He couldn’t stop thinking about doing it with his fellow students at his school. He would imagine having sex with them all the time and when gym rolled around and they had to shower together after class it was paradise for him.
No one knew of his terrible secret and he wanted for no body to find out either. It would mean that he would get beaten up regularly and also lose all of his friends. But he just couldn’t just stop thinking about them.
Especially one boy in particular, and his name was John. He was one the hottest guys in the school, also in year eleven and also in Physics doing the test that Jake is doing. After the test finished and everyone went outside, the entire Physics class was so relieved that the test was finally over. One by one the students went home to study for their next exam. Until Jake and John were the only people left. Jake went up to John and asked him whether they could hang together to study for the Maths test, which was the next day.
As Jake had helped John a lot with his assignments and homework he thought nothing of it and agreed. As they were going to John’s house, as it was closer, and they would be undisturbed there as John’s mother was on a business trip and his father had died long ago.
When they went inside John locked the doors so they could not be disturbed by anyone, and then set off studying for their Maths exam. After some time passed it became quite hot in the room and John asked Jake whether it was all right for him to take his shirt off as he was sweating like a pig and because his shirt was nearly soaked with sweat.
Some ten minutes later Jake took off his own shirt for he was very hot too. Feeling the heat now Jake asked John whether he could take of his jeans, as they were extremely hot inside. After thinking about it some time he agreed as he was also wearing his jeans and felt his agony taking off his own jeans at the same time. As they were sitting there in their jocks John observed that Jake had an erection. Pointing this out to Jake, Jake replied that he was gay and that he found John very beautiful and sexy. Asking Jake whether this was supposed to be some kind of joke and that he should stop right now if it were Jake replied that this was no joke and that really was gay. Just then Jake began telling John about all his fantastic sexual fantasies about John and the other students at the school.
After about half and hour of John listening to the stories that Jake told him he confessed that he was gay as well but he had never had sex before. Jake said that he had never neither but would be willing to give a try right there and right then. As John agreed, Jake nudged himself over to John and stated to caress John around his now fully erected 12-inch cock. John lay down on the ground moaning and groaning as Jake took out the hot piece of meat that John possessed and started to wildly suck on it until it went so far that John climaxed and shot of his stream of steaming hot cum into the very back of Jake’s mouth, making Jake cough wildly. Now it was John’s turn to suck on Jake’s cock, which was about the 10-inch mark, another giant slab of meat. John never having done this before and didn’t know what to do, Jake took John’s head by the skull and slowly but surely lowered him towards his throbbing cock and when Jake’s dick was encased by John’s mouth, Jake started to pull and push John’s head up and down his massive cock. After about ten minutes of this going on, they both collapsed on each other exhausted from sucking each other off.
After sleeping for about two or three hours and relaxing Jake wanted to penetrate John. As John was still asleep Jake started to carcass him, while he was slowly turning John so that his good-looking virgin ass. Jake went away to look for some Petroleum Jelly so that it would be easier to fuck him. After finding some in John’s mother’s room he went back to John’s room where John was still fast asleep, lying with his butt sticking up, like Jake left it.
Jake the spread some of the jelly on his already throbbing cock, while putting a good amount of Jelly onto John’s asshole and also some it inside it. Then Jake climbed over John lining up his cock with John’s asshole and slowly lowering it until they were just touching each other. Then Jake rammed his cock up John virgin asshole making John wake up very startled and screaming at the top of his lungs as he was in so much in so much pain waking up John’s little sister who was sleeping in the upstairs bedroom. While Jake ramming his massive wedge up John’s ass, John’s little sister entered the room.
For about five minutes she just stood there not knowing what to do while her brother was being fucked so hard that he was crying and biting the pillow, fully knowing that his little sister was watching him getting fucked. Just then Jake stopped fucking John and looked up at John’s sister and told her to come over promising not to hurt her. He then asked her to take John’s throbbing cock into her mouth and suck on it while Jake continued to fuck John up his now very red bunghole.
Fifteen minutes later John started to really enjoy being fucked by Jake and getting sucked off by his little sister at the same time. When Jake finally took his cock out of John’s ass he just collapsed next to John.
John told to his sister to come out from under him so that he could lie down and that she could continue on him while he was having a little rest. Just after she started to suck of her brother he started to climax and Juliet not knowing what would happen next just continued to suck and lick until he cummed all of his white sticky liquid into her mouth. She just swallowed it and continued.
After she got bored off just sucking of her brother she asked him whether he would be able to do the same to her as Jake did to John. Perplexed he agreed after Jake continually coaxing him on. John got out the petroleum jelly and smeared the jelly on his again already throbbing cock and smearing the jelly over her little asshole.
Then he slowly aligned himself over her asshole and slowly went in and out of her while she was bawling out her eyes while John’s cock appeared and disappeared into his little sisters ass. Half an hour later he cummed his load all the way up his little sisters ass and then collapsed beside her on Jake who was masturbating himself all the while this has been happening.
It now being eleven’ o’clock at night John took his little sister into the bathroom, ran the taps to the bathtub and when it was full put his little sister into the bath and joining her afterwards. In the bath he was fingering his little sisters pussy while she was masturbating her big brothers throbbing cock. Afterwards he took his little sister to bed and kissed her goodnight and went back to his room where Jake was lying asleep and in John’s bed. John joined Jake and in the bed and fell asleep almost instantly hardly being able to wait til tomorrow for another course of hot steaming sex.

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2014-11-13 08:26:30
Sorry to say stopped reading the moment J&J started their heavy petting. You write the story to "matter of fact" for me. But as iit's over 6 years old I hope you improved your writing skill.

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2012-07-16 00:10:10
You say "as" too much, its kind of annoying

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2011-10-26 16:04:56
dude, i was really gettin into the story till you brought the little sister in then i just stopped. no way. not cool man.


2009-08-15 07:31:11
its called fiction for a reason

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2009-05-20 17:10:41
fake as hell work on developing you story

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