"Service With A Smile"


Melanie was having one of the worst weeks of her life. She had been fired from
her job because 'she was not fitting in' and on Wednesday the roof fell in on
her. Well, figuratively anyway. Her landlord served her with an eviction
notice. It seemed there was some misunderstanding about last month's rent not
having been paid. Of course the man's wife said that she had to go, but maybe
he could let her stay a little longer if she were to show the right kind of
gratitude. She moved out that day.

Melanie had put everything that she owned in the trunk of her Volkswagen. She
figured she could start fresh in Los Angeles.

Just outside St. Louis, construction on I-70 forced her to detour through rural
Missouri. Melanie was enjoying the scenic tour when her car started coughing and
wheezing. She coaxed it to the side of the road just in time for it to die
completely. Well, wasn't this the perfect ending to a perfect week?

Looking up and down the country road, Melanie started walking back to an old
service station she remembered passing just a couple miles back. It had to be
at least 100 degrees. Dressed in cutoffs and a halter, the sun had raised a
layer of glistening sweat on her skin by the time she reached the station.

"Anybody here?" Melanie called. The place looked deserted. "Hello, anybody?"

Just then somebody came out of the restroom along the side of the old building.
Zipping his pants as he came out, he stopped everything when he saw Melanie. She
looked him over curiously, finishing with her eyes fixed on his half open

Seeing where her eyes were, the man blushed and said, "Sorry, I didn't hear you
drive up." He turned around and finished pulling up his zipper.

"I didn't drive up, my car broke down just up the road. I was hoping to find
someone to help me," Melanie said, wiping the sweat from the back of her neck and
around under her chin.

"I can help you. I'll get the truck. My name's Matthew" he said, letting his
gaze quickly inspect her halter and short shorts. Reluctantly looking away,
Matthew went into the office to get the keys for the truck.

Melanie smiled at his attention. She walked around to get in the truck Matthew had
pulled up in front of her. 'You never know...' she said to herself, smiling
again as she noticed his eyes ogling her bouncing breasts as she climbed into
the truck.

A half-hour later, Matthew closed the hood of her car and walked back to where
she was sitting, half lying actually, on the hood of his truck. Melanie sat up as
he approached.

"You need a new fuel pump, miss" politely looking past her, and then added, "I
can have it fixed for you in a couple hours."

"That's great!" Melanie exclaimed, jumping off the truck and landing right in
front of him.

Then it hit her, "How much will it cost?" Her money was already running
dangerously low.

"Well, let me figure... all totaled up it ought to run you about $17.95,"
Matthew said realizing that he had been staring at her.

"What? That can't be right, the pump has to cost you that much." She was still

"Yeah, that is how much the pump costs. My mom raised me to always help a woman
in need if I could," Matthew shyly said.

"Well she obviously did a great job," Melanie gushed, giving Matthew a quick hug.
Melanie was surprised by the strength and firmness in this man's arms and chest.

Driving back to the station, she felt his eyes glancing over at her whenever he
thought she wasn't watching. When Melanie let her fingers trail down her neck and
into the cleavage of her breasts, she heard Matthew swallow hard and she saw the
bulge pressing against his overalls. They were back at the station before
anything else occurred.

After Matthew retrieved the fuel pump and his tools, he said to her, "You can
wait in there," pointing to the office. "It'll be cooler for you. There's some
cold drinks in the fridge, so help yourself."

Melanie found some beer in the fridge, and popped the top off of one bottle with
an opener on the wall. After wandering around, she settled in the office chair
behind the desk. Opening the top drawer, she saw some invoices, pens and a two
year old calendar. Pushing that one closed she opened a side drawer. It had
files hanging in the front. Flipping through the files, Melanie saw some rags
lying in the back of the drawer. When she pulled them out she saw the
magazines. So this was how he got off.

Looking through the magazines, Melanie sucked down the refreshing, ice cold beer
and got another. She used the cold bottle to rub her forehead, neck, and
stomach as she suddenly felt her womanhood begin to stir. The stress had been
building inside her all day, and she thought now would be the perfect time to
release it.

Unbuttoning her shorts, she quietly slipped her hand inside. Taking a long hard
swallow of beer, Melanie licked the rim of the bottle. Her wandering fingers
found her clit.

Concentrating on the pleasure she was giving herself, Melanie never even heard the
office door swing open. So it came as a tremendous shock to her when Matthew
walked into the office and caught her in the act.

She saw that he was even more shocked than she was. She also noticed that he
didn't leave or even look away. Matthew was completely entranced. Melanie put the
empty bottle on the desk, but did not remove her hand from her open shorts.

"Come here," she said firmly, holding out her free hand.

Matthew was starting to come out of his trance, "Uhh.. I don't... think I ..."

"I said 'come here!'" Melanie commanded.

Matthew moved around the desk, closer to her, but still very hesitantly. His
mouth opened, but nothing came out.

"Your mom said to help people in need. Well, baby, I'm in need," Melanie
whispered sensuously, pulling him down to his knees in front of her.

She took one of his hands and placed it over her halter-covered breast. "Do you
like that?" she asked, still rubbing her hot box. "Would you like to do more?"

Matthew still could not speak, but he nodded enthusiastically. His plucking of
the hard nipple through the halter made them both gasp.

"If you want to do more, you have to obey me totally -- understand?" she asked,
already knowing he could only answer one way.

After seeing another nod, Melanie commanded, "Undress me!"

Matthew started fumbling with the front clasp on her halter, when she grabbed his
shaking hands. "NO! With your teeth!"

Moving his head to her heaving breasts, Matthew grabbed the clasp with his teeth
and twisted. His cheeks rubbed her generous mounds while his teeth finally
opened her halter. Her breasts sprung forward as they were unbound from their
cage. His eager mouth found one and then the other, sucking the nipple as hard
as he could into his salivating mouth.

Pulling his head off of her breasts, Melanie yanked it up to her mouth. Instantly
probing his mouth with her tongue, she had again taken Matthew by surprise.
Melanie sucked and chewed on his now responding tongue.

Pushing her shorts all the way off, she said, "Your mouth is great, now let's
see what else it's good for."

Urging Matthew down with her hands, Melanie positioned his face directly in her
steaming sex. Matthew was eager to please.

She held his face against her pulsating box. "Let me feel your tongue inside
me," she begged. "That's it, harder and faster."

Matthew was a quick study. He now knew exactly how to please Melanie. His tongue
was massaging her clit causing her to cry out, "Yes! Keep going, keep going!"

He tasted the sweet juices rolling out of her. That made Matthew savor her
delicious womanhood even more. Melanie screamed as his tongue accomplished its
task and she locked her legs around his head--not wanting him to move as a tidal
wave of release poured from her.

At last Melanie sagged back into the chair. Matthew looked up at her. She stood
and retrieved another beer before saying," You were wonderful, the girls around
here must all be after you."

Matthew both beamed and blushed from ear to ear. "Thanks," he said, looking down
at the bulge in his own pants.

"You may be good at fuel pumps, but this is a problem I know how to fix," Melanie
cooed in his ear while rubbing the palm of her hand over his clothed hard-on.

Unzipping his overalls, Melanie reached in to free his raging manhood from its
confines. As it sprung free, Melanie took a swig of beer, dropped down to her
knees and engulfed it with her cool, wet mouth.

She held him for a few seconds, then let her tongue dance along the shaft and
head. Melanie parted her lips to receive Matthew again and again, each time taking
in a little bit more of him. She could tell by his powerful moans that he was
getting close, so she stood up.

Pushing Matthew onto his back on the desk, Melanie quickly straddled him, easing
his hardness into her oozing sex. Taking his hands and placing them on her
breasts, she rocked back and forth, pistoning his tool further in and out of her

"I want you to shoot your hot juices inside me!" Melanie demanded.

Matthew kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples. His rod was swelling even
larger, encouraged by the gripping action of her talented womanhood. It knew
what it wanted and it was going to get it.

Melanie reached around behind her and found his balls, fondling them. Matthew shot
his essence into Melanie in gushes as she grabbed his shoulders and rode his steel
manhood as hard as she could until she reached her own orgasm--this one even
more satisfying than the first.

After they caught their breath, Matthew and Melanie dressed silently. He drove her
to her car. Before she got out of the truck she leaned over and kissed Matthew
on the cheek.

"You were great ! Just remember that your mom knew what she was talking about.
You must always take care of a woman in need. And you do it so well!" Melanie
said as she slid out of the door.

As Melanie sped down the highway, she wondered, "Is this the start of something
better in my life?"

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2011-08-17 05:24:39
Great Story, I too was ot a s firecracker in my womanhood and fingered my clit the entire time I was reading this great story and add more to it with a sequel.


2008-12-09 23:41:53
You could say that she put his dipstick in her crankcase.

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2008-11-26 00:51:41
That was a good story, and ironically, I too am talented with automotive repair knowledge.

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