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Mary-Alice now lived her life to the fullest. Enjoyment was uppermost. It had not always bee so. When she was younger, Mary-Alice had often been left out of her brothers' activities because, being older and boys, they played games that held little interest for her. Except for the usual childhood teasing, her brothers treated her decently. Eventually, her three brothers, Tommy, Nicky, and Ronny, who were respectively 14, 15, and 16, began to include her in their life.

The fun commenced when Mary-Alice was 13. One day her youngest brother Tommy invited her to join him in his room. Mary-Alice had been reading and had nothing better to do because she was bored with her book, her water colors, and even the TV programs. Their mom was out for the day and wouldn't be back until late evening; dad was away on a business trip. Feeling a need for a new diversion, Mary-Alice followed Tommy into the bedroom he shared with their brother Nicky. She found Nicky was waiting for them, sitting on his bed.
"Mary-Alice," Nicky asked, "do you want to play a game with us?"
"What kind of a game?" she asked.
"It's very simple, Mary-Alice," Tommy replied. "We take turns asking someone to take of part of his clothing. That's how we begin."
"And you must take it off to be allowed to ask the next person to remove something," Nicky explained. "We take turns until we have nothing on; then the real fun begins."

What an odd kind of game, Mary-Alice thought, but it sounded like a pleasant, maybe even exciting, way to spend some time, and so she agreed to play. She had seen her brothers naked before, and they had seen her, but that had all happened months, maybe years ago.
"Are you sure, Mary-Alice, you will play? Don't say later that we made you do it," Nicky warned.
"Yes, I said I'm playing and that's final," she said emphatically.
"Good, let's start," replied Tommy.
"Yes," she answered, becoming impatient. "Let's all play now."
"OK," Nicky said. "Tommy, take off your shirt." Tommy removed it.
Tommy said, "Mary-Alice, take off you shoes." Off they came.
And so it went; piece by piece, they soon had divested themselves of every item of clothing. The giggling that began soon after they had started now waned.
"Now," asked Mary-Alice, "When does that 'real fun' begin?"
"Right away, sis," Nicky said. "Take a look at this fine fellow." He fingered his penis, and it began to grow bigger and bigger, the more he touched it.
"And this little guy too," added Tommy. He allowed his penis to lie on the flat of his palm, and it began to swell, tripling its size.
"Well, look at these then," said Mary-Alice, not wanting to be outdone by her two brothers. She fingered each nipple on her small, soft breasts, and they perked up, swelling and hardening.

Tommy looked at her. "Those are great, Mary-Alice! Come over here and sit on my bed between Nicky and me." She rose from the chair and sat down between them so that all their young, naked bodies touched. "Put your hands around our cocks," he instructed. She was very curious about the game and did as she was asked. Next they put their hands on their sister, Nicky on her boobs and Tommy on her cunny. She was pleased to feel how good their hands felt.
"Now, move your hands up and down on our cocks, sis," Nicky said.
"Why should I do that?" she asked. "What will that do?"
"It's part of the game, the best part," Nicky promised. "You'll see."
Mary-Alice hesitated a moment, wondering about all of this. What were they doing all naked together?
Seeing his sister was reluctant, Tommy said. "Come on, Mary-Alice. Start doing it and we'll do you. It's loads of fun, and it really is the best part of the game."
She started moving her hands up and down on her brothers' rigid cocks, and Tommy and Nicky responded with their own busy hands. Being naked with her brothers already had excited the young girl. Her eyes flicked back and forth between her busy left and right hand as she gently stroked the hard pricks.

Nicky rubbed her titties and tweaked her hard nipples. Tommy's fingers slid up and down, and even inside, her wet cunt. Soon Mary-Alice and her two brothers were wriggling with pleasure. Their bodies were pressed together, and they could feel the increasing warmth of their flesh as they fondled each other. Sitting next to each other made their hand movements a bit awkward, but they were becoming so turned on that they did not notice. Mary-Alice felt her heart surging, and she turned her face towared Nicky. He looked at her, leaned toward her, and kissed her on the lips. She felt his tongue slip into her mouth.
When their lips parted, Mary-Alice turned to Tommy, and they kissed deeply too. An unusual feeling grew in her virgin pussy; it was something that she had never experienced before. The sensation expanded, causing her to pump her brothers' cocks all the more furiously. She heard groaning, first from one brother and then the other. Mary-Alice opened her eyes to see a flood of white cream oozing from each cock, running over her fingers and dripping onto their bare legs. She could not wonder long about this strange sight because a wave of pleasure overwhelmed her, and she herself emitted a long, loud groan of intense joy. The feeling was unbelievable!
Slowly, Mary-Alice opened her eyes. They focused on her panties lying on the floor a few feet away. She recalled how this game had begun and wanted it to start all over again. She felt something move between her damp legs and glanced down to see Tommy's fingers still twitching. She felt week and dizzy, and she suddenly fell back on the bed, causing a landslide of nude bodies as Nicky and Tommy were pulled back with her. Her mind roiled with naughty thoughts. This had been the first time that she ever saw boys naked with big, hard cocks. She realized that she still held these same sticky penises in her hands, but now they were shrinking down to a more familiar size.
Mary-Alice released her brothers' withered cocks and wiped the wetness from her hands onto their naked stomachs. "What is this stuff, the creamy goo, that I squeezed out of your willies?" she asked.
"It's called semen or cum, sis," Nicky explained. "It's what makes you have a baby if it is squirted up inside your pussy."
"How are you feeling now, baby sister?" Tommy asked.
"I feel... so... so WONDERFUL," she gasped. What a great game!


2004-10-10 00:10:51
A little short, but it brough back many memories of my cousin that i was raised with along with her two brothers. she became the "mascot" of the crowd we hung out with and many of us got our first handjob, BJ and pussy from her. we played much the same sort of game with her at first, but it quickly went way beyond that, if my Aunt and Uncle only knew just how much she was into with us we all would have been hung by our balls.


2004-09-13 16:40:17
duh, the thirf brother didn't have to be there to make me cum.
needs more


2004-05-13 14:35:22
what happened to the third brother?


2004-05-11 18:18:41
was a really great story....... u should do some father and daughter ones.....


2004-04-30 21:18:22
Nice, but a little short. Thanks

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