A Daemon writes to a guy to join the Daemonic ranks
This is a bit different in that it is a letter from a daemon inviting the guy to become a daemon. If you don't like the content matter then do not read. If you like or dislike the story then please leave a comment. All comments will be treated as constructive criticism.

Frank Reanings
4th Level of Hades
9th Realm

Dear sir,
I have been asked to write to you as you showed some interest in joining our ... ‘Club’ ... so to speak. Some time ago you were in a little trouble and found that prayer was not working and so you offered your soul to the boss if he would help you out. He decided that the little help you needed, and got, was not sufficient payment for something as expensive as a full soul. So he decided to give you that as a sort of freebie taster of the things you can ask for.

The reason I have been asked to write to you is because I used to be a mortal like yourself but have ascended, or descended if you will, to join the ranks of the daemonic many. Yes I have become daemon.

My boss asked me to extend this invitation to you to see if you would like to ascend beyond what you are. The price is a single soul that you have legal right to possess and sell as you see fit.
I myself managed to gain ownership of my daughter’s soul and used that. I have been able to keep my own soul and so will not suffer like some of the fools who do not take the offer before the deadline.

The deadline, by the way, is midnight on the day you open this letter.

I have also been asked to tell you of my own journey to attain my immortality as it may prove an incentive for you.

It started when I was arrested for shoplifting. I was never into drugs or drink and found my thrills when I was taking things that didn’t belong to me. This included stealing things, other men’s wives, the virginities of young girls and a whole host of very bad things. My best take, and my first step on my path to daemon-hood, was a very beautiful young girl of five called Leslie. I kidnapped her from a wealthy politician and held her for ransom. As I took her from her bed in the middle of the night she was dressed only in her nightgown and panties which became dirty within a few days. I held her in a steel container and give her only the most basic food. After a week she was covered in her own filth and very miserable. She hadn’t seen my face so when I opened the door to let her out I told her I was here to rescue her. She was so grateful that she jumped into my arms and kissed my cheek. I had won her over and she believed every word I told her after that. I took her back to my place and told her that her whole family had been killed and that the killers had took her for their own sport, but because I was a secret service man I was on to them and had killed all of them and found her. I also told her that her daddy had told me to look after her and that she had to do what I told her with no arguments. She agreed and promised to be a good girl. When we got back to mine I ran the shower and told her to get in. When she was naked I also stripped down as some of her shit had got on me when she hugged me. I got in and washed her down. My cock was as hard as steel and I told her to wash it for me. She was a little reluctant so I reminded her that her daddy had told her to do what I said and she proceeded to wash my cock and balls. Ehen we were both clean we got out of the shower and went to my bedroom and dried off. I told her to lie on the bed and that she was going to become my wife. She looked at me with a little disbelief but did as I told her. I got on the bed and straddled her naked form and told her to suck my cock. She asked why and I told her this was how girls became women. I also told her that if she was good at it we could go shopping and get her some grownup clothes for her. She liked that idea and without further hesitation started to lower her mouth onto my cock. The feeling of that five year olds mouth taking the head of my cock into her was so good that I came almost immediately. And there was so much that it filled her mouth and dribbled down her chin onto her chest. I told her to keep it in her mouth and she would enjoy the taste. She did as I told her and smiled. When I told her to swallow my spunk she did and told me she loved the taste of it. We got into bed together as it was getting late and she fell asleep almost immediately. I fell soon after.

The next morning I found her sucking my cock again and as I became fully awake I shot my spunk into her mouth and she moaned in pleasure. I told her to put her pussy over my mouth and to lower it down. She did so and I got the first taste of her pussy juice. It was so wonderful that I was hard again almost instantly. We sucked an licked each other for most of the morning and I must have give her more than twenty orgasms. We only paused for breakfast in bed and toilet duties.

The afternoon was spent with me teaching her to read and write English, maths, biology, computers and a whole range of etiquette skills that I told her was what ladies do. I started her on needle crafts, cooking, washing, and more tasks that a woman should also know.

That night I told her she was going to learn how to fuck like a proper woman. She told me that fuck was a bad word at which I pointed out it is only a bad word if used wrong. If two or more people are having sex then it is a good word as they are fucking, which is true and the truth is never bad.

We had spent the day naked and so when we went to bed she jumped onto the bed and opened her legs when I told her to. I went straight to her pussy with my mouth and she started moaning almost immediately. I started opening her pussy with my finger adding another when it felt ready. Eventually I opened her up to accept three fingers and decided she was ready for my cock. I moved up her body kissing her little nipples as I went. When I reached her mouth I kissed her deep and passionately. She responded in kind and moaned in pleasure again. Because she was so small I had to move up even further but eventually my cock head pressed at her pussy lips and with one push I entered her little honey pot. She screamed in pain and tears started pouring down her face. I stayed still while she got used to my cock inside her. Eventually she calmed down and started to like my cock in her. I told her that the first time was the only time it was painful and that she should wrap her legs around me. She did so and cried out in surprise as my cock went in further. I started pumping slowly at first but picked up my pace. Eventually I was pumping my cock in and out so fast that I only lasted a few minutes and came deep inside her young pussy. When I rolled over she came with me and fell asleep on my chest and I followed her to the land of nod not long after.

The next couple of days were spent in much the same way until the day of the ransom pickup came. I dressed appropriately, joggers, trainers, and baseball cap, and went to the designated pickup point. I had chosen a spot that would be hard for any surveillance and very open so if I needed to run I could. I scoped out the area and spotted the agents with ease. The diversion I had set up kicked in on time and I was able to sneak in and pick up the million pounds I had asked for. I went home via a very twisted route and lost all nine agents that had followed me (standard practice is to follow everyone when it is a politician’s child). When I got home I sat outside and watched the house for over an hour and eventually decided it was safe to go home.

When I got in Chelsea (that’s the little five year olds name) was sat naked watching the cartoon network that I had put on for her. I had locked all the other channels out so she wouldn’t discover a news program about herself. Paranoia is the first survival skill you need when you are a thief. I stripped naked and sat on the couch behind her and started having a wank at the sight of this little girl sat naked in front of me. When I came I stood up and let it rain down on her hair. She looked up and some of my spunk landed on her lips. She told me it tasted good and that I was only allowed to cum in her mouth or pussy from this moment on. I agreed and told her I had another surprise for her. I opened the bag and pulled out a big wad of used notes. She wrinkled her nose in question and I told her it was for clothes. At which point she brightened up and planted her lips on my cock. She was turning into a right little slut. After a while I came in her mouth and watched as she rolled it around in her mouth, showing me every now and again that she hadn’t swallowed it yet.

The next day we went shopping for some clothes for Chelsea. We got some children’s clothing for her and we got some very grown up underwear for her too. The looks we got were priceless and we were made to leave the shops as quick as the staff could serve us. Chelsea thought it was funny to call me daddy and kissing me fully on the lips.

We got home and Chelsea took great pleasure in modelling the skimpy bikini suits we had got her. That led to a great sex session where I introduced her to the pleasures of anal sex, both giving and receiving.

For the next couple of years we had such a wonderful sex life.

We had to move a couple of times and I was very surprised at the lack of people’s recognition of one of the most wanted little girls in Britain.

During that time I managed to make a couple of friends who were into little girls like me. We swapped stories and pictures and eventually girls. I got to fuck a little two year old a few times. Her dad was a nasty man who would treat his little girl very badly beating her on a regular basis. One day, after I fucked his daughter for the umpteenth time, I left and called the cops on him telling them where the videos of his sessions with his daughter. I even managed to take the girl with me and introduced her to Chelsea as her little daughter. He got many years for that and a small hunt was set up to try and find the little girl without success.

I still carried on stealing and fencing the goods through my contacts in the criminal underworld and got a good fuck every night from Chelsea. By this point she had turned into a total cum slut who craved the taste of any man’s cum.

By the time she was ten and Leah (the little girl I had rescued) was five we had the first real scare that started my journey towards being a daemon. A contact of mine had a change of heart and went straight. He offered states evidence for a suspended sentence and sold many of us down the river. I was arrested with over six hundred other criminal types. While in the police cell I called for anyone who was listening to help citing the name of an obscure daemon whose name I had heard once. At first nothing happened but when I fell asleep I was visited in my dream by a succubus. Instead of fucking her I refused and made a deal with her. I asked her if she could get me out of this pickle and she told me that she would but I would be in her debt. I told her I would give her anything and she asked for a hundred souls of children. I happily agreed and asked how I could acquire them. She told me how and we sealed the contract in blood.

Two hours later all charges were dropped and the two girls were given back to my care. I couldn’t believe it. The pact was working. I When we got home I had the best sex ever. The two girls even fucked each other. The next morning I killed the two girls collecting their souls how I had been shown. I couldn’t help what I did then. I fucked their corpses. I decided that I was going to get even more than the one hundred that was agreed upon.

For the next ten years I adopted, fucked, and murdered over three thousand children collecting their souls how I was shown. Every time someone got close to discovering what I was doing I would kill them and collect their souls too. By the time the succubus revisited me I had enough souls to cover the debt and let her fuck me all night. She took on the persona of a little girl and drained me of half my excess reserves of children’s souls before she was satiated. She fell asleep and I bound her essence to mine.

When she awoke she discovered her predicament and asked what it would take to release her. I told her that I wanted to be a daemon like her. She smiled and told me that I needed only to consume the soul of an innocent virgin child as I had done sufficient to transform my own essence already.

I thanked her and told her that I would only release her once my own physical body was daemon flesh. I fed her another soul every day until I finally adopted a six month old baby.

I took the child home and placed her on my sacrificial alter and sacrificed her to myself. The soul of the little girl left her body and entered me and its innocence transferred into raw daemonic power and surged through my flesh starting the transformation. An hour later I was a full daemon.

My attention turned to the succubus and I had an idea. I asked her why she should be allowed to be free and she said that it was not my decision whether she should live or die but her master’s. So I absorbed her essence instead.

That has been my journey and the boss has asked me to confer this opportunity to you to join our ranks.

Call on me anytime and I’ll be happy to explain in more detail how to get where I am.

Yours sincerely

Vorla Husian

Satan’s Office of Daemonic affairs

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