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harry gets back from his night with Minerva, only for his favourite 3 gryffindors to give him a wonderful gift
He woke up with his arms around a woman, one hand grasping her breast softly, the other resting on her crotch with a finger inside of her. He flexed the finger and the woman gasped and woke up, looking at him.

It was most obviously still McGonagall, but she was much younger, somehow. Maybe 20 years old, from appearances. He grinned his evil little grin as she opened her eyes and looked right into his, wiggling into him and causing him to get very hard against her ass. For appearance sake, Harry ordered McGonagall to go and see the headmaster, and pretend to be panicked about being younger. She was to tell his nothing about Harry himself, or her new relationship with him, just that she had woken up and was younger.

Harry left the room after a quick shared shower and change and headed back to the Gryffindor tower. He charmed the fat lady into letting him in, despite not having the password and saw his 3 girls sitting on the couch, reading and looking innocent as could be. When he entered they looked up and squeeled, much like the day before, and started kissing him.

“We have a gift for you.” Hermione said.

“Oh really?” he drawled, looking the 3 in the eyes. “And what would this gift be?”

“Well, why don’t we head back to your place and you can see?” she suggested. Harry looked at them with a sexy smirk. He led them back outside the common room and to the passage the weasley twins had told him was blocked all those years ago. He grabbed Hermione and Ginny in each arm, and lavender wrapped hers around him, looking into his eyes as he activated his portkey, depositing them upstairs.

“So where is this gift?” he asked, suddenly completely changing and acting almost like a little kid in a candy store. The girls dragged and pushed him to the basement, insisting he close his eyes. He did as he was told and stepped cautiously down the stairs. As soon as he entered the room he heard a large amount of screaming and pleading. When he reached the bottom he was faced towards the centre of the room. By now he was rocking on his feet excitedly.

“Open!” Ginny said, whispering into his ear from behind. He opened his eyes, and suspended in front of him were over 20 girls. There was Susan Bones, a Hufflepuff in his year, Padma and Parvati Patil, the Gryffindor and ravenclaw twins, again his year, and Daphne Greengrass and Tracy Davis from slithering. They were all the girls from his year. Then there was Romilda Vain, who seemed to be the only one who wasn’t struggling, instead she was simply looking wide eyed at him, from Ginnys dorm. There was Luna lovegood, who for the first time since he had met her looked something other than serene as she screamed and cried and pleaded. There was also a hufflepuff , slytherin and Ravenclaw from Ginny’s year, although Harry couldn’t remember their names.

Next was a fifth year from each house, and a fourth year from each house, and finally, a second year and third year Slytherin. He knew his ever hard charm would be coming in very handy today. He figured he was too busy to bother with pleasantries, but cast his usual spells anyway. He walked first up to Susan bones, a gorgeous redhead who’s aunt was the head of Magical Law Enforcement in the ministry. Harry had often had dreams about sleeping with the girl. He just walked up to her and thrust, tearing into her and going fast and hard until he came. The customary bed appeared, along with the customary declaration of love. At this the girls all looked shocked at Susan, and he moved on to Parvati.

He was equally candid with her, simply fucking her hard and fast until release, and again there was the decleration of love. He moved on to Padma, then went from the younger girls up. He was much more gentle with the 2nd year slytherin, a very pretty girl with black hair and dark eyes. He was equally gentle with the 3rd year, a girl with dark brown hair just starting to develop, with maybe B cup tits. He fucked the fourth years going from Gryffindor to Slytherin to Hufflepuff, to Ravenclaw. By now he had been at it for 4 hours and it was just approaching Lunchtime.

He sent back the girls he had already fucked to avoid suspicion, much to their disappointment, before getting something to eat and continuing. He had 11 more girls to go.

He was back to being rough with the 5th years, and all of the 6th years apart from Romilda. She was the third to last he was going to fuck. He had been at it for another 5 hours with the last 8 before getting to her. Her and the slithering looked exhausted from struggling. I Gently pushed into her, groaning as I felt the girls tight walls squeezing me.

“You know rape is unheard of in the Magical world, and if caught you face instant death?” Tracey spat.

“Ah, but as you can see, once I am finish you will think you wanted it, begged me for it. And you will fall deeply in love with me, changing to fit my desires, letting me do whatever I want with you. Magic won’t ever even allow you to fuck anyone else, no matter what. You are mine, and mine alone as soon as I am finished.” He told her, rocking in and out of the whimpering girl. She seemed to have accepted her fate, however against it she was. I was happy that the magic still swirled, indicating that the rape bond was still forming.

“People will be suspicious when all the girls in school suddenly decide they love you!” Daphne hissed. Harry shrugged.

“And yet they would never be able to prove it. Besides, once I am finished, there will be no one to contest me.” He told her. He leant down and took Romilda’s C-cup breast in his mouth as she moaned due to his minstrations. He was at it for an hour, stroking her sides as he made love to the un-consenting girl before cumming in her. He pulled out with the sloppy popping sound and stood between the 2 slytherins, who looked at his cock in horror. It had specks of blood all over it from breaking so many peoples virginity.

He grabbed it and pointed it back and forth between Daphne and Tracy. “Who should I fuck first? The ice queen?” he asked, pointing it at Tracey. “Or the model?” he pointed it at Daphne. He saw Tracey’s mask was about to crack, and decided. He stepped forewards, turning to Daphne at the last second, and Tracey sighed in relief. Daphne’s head shot to look at the girl, betrayal in her eyes from the sound. Harry watched as he pushed into her, watching her lips begin to bulge as his cock pressed between the folds. He had to apply quite a bit of force to keep sliding into the ridiculously tight teen cunt.

When he was fully in he saw the tears leaking down the models face, and he licked them away as he fucked away gently. He brushed her body with his hands, lovingly, kissing her all over and caressing her. She moaned in pleasure even as she cried in loss. He lasted over 2 hours inside the girl, and she was much like Minerva had been. A shell until he pumped her full of cum, when she smiled beautifully, stroked his cheek and declared her love. Finally there was only Tracey.

Harry stepped forewards, leaning over the girls body, breathing deeply. “Just get it over with.” She ordered, not quite broken yet. Harry smirked.

“I think I’ll take my time, thanks.” He told her, kneeling between her legs, and tasting the girl. She shivered and screamed, begging him to just do it and let her leave. She sobbed and struggled against the ropes, completely exhausting herself. He ate her until her head finally dropped backwards. When it did he stood and slowly entered her. She looked up as he did with blank emotionless eyes. He knew then that even without the rape bond he would have been able to get this shell to do whatever he wanted.

He plowed the girls bush, fucking her with the most love he had shown anyone. He decided that no matter what, it was these 2 slytherin girls he would actually love first. They were just too sexy and lively for it to be otherwise. He finished after another 2 hours inside her, making a total of 14 hours non-stop sex. It was 10 o’clock at night. He sent all the girls minus the last 2 back to school, and lay between the 2 as they declared their love over and over again, just stroking his chest and thigh. They didn’t have sex again, both girls were much too sore, instead they just lay there until they fell asleep at 11.

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2013-01-13 09:00:03
Kat, I dunno. I read the entire comlun, which you kindly linked, and I thought he found joy in a lot of things - including a fantasy series which I thought would appeal to you, since you vaccillate between the Left ("I have a huge pile of unread books!") and the Right ("I have nothing to read! Someone please recommend something to read!!"). He found joy in art, joy in an event he hadn't planned to attend, and joy in the prospect of bringing his daughter with him next year to the same event.That's more joy than I've been seeing lately, for sure.

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2010-12-28 07:26:40
this was real cool.but i need more to fuck my woman.

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good storie

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