An account of an undestanding, and rather bi, wife
One event that sticks in my memory was the afternoon my lovely little wife asked me if I wanted to take part in a threesome with her best friend! She’d met, and befriended, a single-parent at the school our daughters attended, when they started Kindergarten the year before, and she wanted the pair of us to take the friend to bed. Sadie was only twenty-two, and her son was in the same year as our daughters. Sadie and Erika had become friends right at the start of the previous school year and had talked on a lot of subjects; apparently including the size of my manhood! Sadie had only ever had one lover, who had abandoned her when she fell pregnant at the tender age of seventeen. He wasn’t well endowed, and she described him as a, ‘two pumps and a squirt merchant anyway’. I thought that was rather crude, personally, but she knew him, and I didn’t. They’d only been sleeping together for a few weeks before he did a runner. He hadn’t exactly impressed her with his bedroom performance either, and my darling little wife had offered my manhood to her best friend, ‘if I’d go along with it.’

I can remember asking Erika, “Is this your way of buttering me up to get to bed another bloke?” I’ve always been the suspicious type, and that seemed like the obvious reason.

She looked hurt for a few seconds and then started to smile. “Shit, I hadn’t thought of that,” she said with a laugh, “but no, I just want to get my lips around Sadie’s nipples, and my tongue right up inside her juicy little pussy. You’ve always told me that mine tastes so sweet, and I would have to agree with you, from what I’ve tasted of myself, on your fingers or your cock. Now I just want to sample another honey-pot, so that I can find out if it’s as sweet-tasting as my own. Besides that, I want to watch you get her on her knees and slip your big salami right up her virgin back passage.”

She put her hand over her heart as she said, “I’ll not ask you to share me with another bloke; I swear I won’t! I don’t want to take the risk of being disappointed with a lack-luster performance,” and I took the oath as seriously as the one she swore in the church, wearing her white silk dress. “I’m just a little curious about bedding another woman, like Sadie, and now just seems to be the time to try it. You don’t object, do you, sweetheart?”

I turned to Sadie and asked, “Do you feel comfortable with the ideas my sweet, innocent little wife is proposing, and do you swallow?”

“I always swallowed in the short period I sucked, although I won’t claim to be any good at it; it’s a skill one of you may have to teach me. I’ve been a little bi-curious for a while now, the way Erika has, and seeing as I haven’t had any sort of fuck in the last five years, good, bad, or indifferent, I’ll do what the two of you want, for a little carnal pleasure, as long you promise to be gentle with me. Somehow though, I don’t think that your wife is anywhere near as sweet or innocent as you claim she is!” All three of us laughed at that, and Erika offered to teach Sadie to, quote, “suck cock like a professional little Cold Zone slut, just the way I do!”

We promised, and, after Sadie went on the pill, and my darling wife bought a double-ended dildo, for the next five and a bit years, we shared the matrimonial bed with my wife’s best friend on a regular basis; at least once a week; sometimes far more often. For the first couple of weeks, it was every weekday; although only for a couple of hours when the kids were at school. Erika took the kids to school on a morning, picked Sadie up, and brought her home for some fun.

Unknown to me, the two of them had been watching a fair bit of porn together, and Erika had taken a fancy to the idea of being a dominatrix. She’d gotten Sadie to consider being the submissive, to her dominatrix, and when the two of them arrived for the first session, I offered Sadie a glass of wine, thinking that she might need it to steady her nerves.

Erika gave me a considerable shock when she announced, loudly, not to mention indescribably crudely, that, “She hasn’t got fucking time to drink fucking wine! The only thing the filthy little cunt has time to do, is get into the fucking bedroom, get her fucking knickers off, and get down on her fucking knees, with her fucking tits out. After she’s sucked on my cunt, she’s going to take my big rubber cock right up her tight little cunt, really fucking hard! While I’m fucking the little whore from one end, I want you to fuck her from the other end and unload down her throat. You and me are gonna pound both of her tight little cock-sockets, till she’s fucking sore, and begging for mercy!”

Wow!! That wasn’t the Erika that I knew and loved, but someone entirely different; someone aggressive in the bedroom, in a way that I never seen, in somewhere around about ten years. She’d never been aggressive in the bedroom with me; always allowing me to be in charge. When we were alone after that, Erika was just as meek and submissive in bed, as she ever had been before. She was only ever aggressive and dominant when we had a third partner in the bedroom with us, and not in all of the time that she did that, was she ever able to explain it, either to herself, or to me. I don’t think that Erika actually knew why she was so aggressive with another woman. Still, I can’t deny that I found such behavior from my usually mild and meek little wife to be such a turn-on!

I don’t think that I ever saw anything as erotic and arousing as when I watched my wife pushing her dildo inside her best friend’s vagina, groping her breasts and asking her, quote, “How does your tight little cunt like the feel of this big rubber cock shoved up it, in place of your last boyfriend’s little wiener, you dirty little fucking ginger slut-bitch?”

I discovered that Erika quite enjoyed talking rude and dirty to her best friend, in bed, and it just turned me on even more; especially when she told me, quite bluntly to, “Come on sweetheart, feed that big cock right down the little whore’s throat, and squirt into her belly. Tickle the little slut’s nostrils with your pubes, and make her do what I won’t; make her swallow your foul-tasting fuck juice, before you feed that fucking huge cock up her tight little virgin ass. As you shag her up her ass, we’ll eat each others’ cunts, and between us, we’ll make the little slut scream really fucking loud!”

Erika was certainly an effective dominatrix that morning, and many other mornings, getting anything sexual that she wanted from Sadie; either for herself, or whatever she wanted to see me do to her submissive little sex-slave. Sadie did what Erika wanted, for sexual pleasure like nothing she’d ever known before. The father of her child hadn’t been able to compare with what we did to her, and in exchange for such pleasure, within reason, she was happy to do what she was told.

Eventually our fun stopped when Sadie found a man to love her. He was nearly twenty years her senior, and was quite well off. Erika made the introductions, and a little later, told him a bit about Sadie. She told him, in no uncertain terms that the lovely young woman he fancied was “very dirty,” and had been “quite well trained by a skilled, well-endowed stud,” and “should not be a disappointment in the sack, although whether you can keep up with her is another matter!”

Sadie called round to see us the day after their first date and could barely believe that, “I fucked on the first date; bareback, too! You two have turned me into right little slut! When he took me home, he told me I was a dirty little bitch, which I suppose I am, and asked if he could see me, and more importantly, fuck me again! I’ve finally found a boyfriend who knows what to do with his dick, so I guess I can’t share your bed anymore. I’ll miss our fun together, especially eating Erika’s minge every week, but I’ll have to be faithful to him. Can I come back to you, and be your little slut again, if it doesn’t work out?”

We told her that she could come back and be our little slut whenever she liked, but all in all, we’d prefer it if she didn’t need to come back; it would be better for her if she stayed with her sugar daddy for as long as he lived. They married eventually; her new husband adopting her son and getting her pregnant twice more. Erika found us several other women to share over the years. All were younger than we were, attractive and full-figured. I never asked where they came from, or how Erika got them to agree to share our bed on a regular basis, I just enjoyed having sex with them.

We replaced Sadie within two weeks. The replacement was Judith, a twenty-nine year old, large-breasted, red haired bisexual, just recently divorced.

Unbeknownst to me, Erika had put ads in a couple of on-line personal contact magazines, the day that Sadie left us, advertising for what we wanted; or perhaps more accurately, what Erika wanted for herself.

Wanted: An adventurous, bisexual, submissive lady, for a relatively well-off thirties couple to spoil. Male; 39, tall, slim, well-endowed and handsome, with blonde hair, blue eyes and ten inches of thick cock to play with. Female; 34, likes being spanked, very attractive, long brown hair, grey eyes, five feet tall, size eight, shaved pussy, hourglass figure, an ass like a peach, large tits with big, suckable nipples, and very dirty between the sheets.

Looking for someone with an adventurous spirit and an open mind, willing to try most things, and must be on the pill or with a contraceptive implant. Age, looks and race far less important than the size of your tits, the sweetness of your cunt-juices, and your willingness to obey your Mistress.

We got the first reply and a photograph within a few days. There were a total of four replies; three of which included photographs of the woman responding; the picture of the fourth one wouldn’t open up.
Erika selected this reply, showed me the photograph that came with it, of an attractive red-haired woman, looking to be about twenty five or so, and asked my opinion. Her choice of words was pretty crude, as I had begun to expect. “Here, stud, how do think this red-head would look on her knees, with your cock balls deep down her throat, and one of my rubber ones rammed clit deep up her cunt at the same time?”

The advert read, “My name is Judith, I’m 29, and recently divorced. Since I married, I’ve been well-trained as a submissive by my dominant, cheating bastard of an ex-husband. I’m five feet three inches tall and I wear size four clothes. I have red hair, green eyes, and my contraceptive implant is good for at least another year. I have a nice ass, big, firm, juicy 46E tits, a tight shaven pussy, and I’m willing to obey my Mistress and do what she demands of me.

There’s little my ex-husband didn’t make me do at some point, so I’m as dirty as fuck and just gagging for a good fucking. I’ve never been with a woman before, but I’ve always been at least a little bi-curious, interested in sex with another woman, and I’m willing to learn how to please my Mistress. I’ve always been broadminded when it comes to sex and I haven’t been laid in way too long, so I’m willing to start as soon as possible.

I can only play during the daytime, seeing as my daughter will be at school.”

We contacted Judith and invited her to have a meal with us, in a restaurant, on an afternoon of her choosing. We met up, and got on well. Erika spelled out the terms and conditions to Judith, who agreed, quite readily, to be little more than our sex-slave slut, even addressing us as ‘Master’ and ‘Mistress.’ We arranged to meet up the following day, for our first sex session, but Judith insisted that we meet up at her house. It felt a little strange to me, having sex with a woman I’d really only just met, but the woman in question was quite willing. She did what Mistress demanded, and that included letting me have her, unprotected, and anally, quite willingly, that first afternoon, although Erika did insist on having ‘first ride’, as she would with any woman she got to share a bed with us.

We spoiled our little sex-slave with gifts over the following few months; including what her daughter really wanted for Christmas; and that she couldn’t afford; the newest, not to mention ridiculously expensive, games console. We bought her some nice clothes, including silk lingerie, lace underwear, leather boots, satin blouses, and skirts. Our submissive slave was invited to have Christmas dinner with us, and to bring her daughter, who was only a few months younger than our own daughters, and the three of them got on well, fast becoming friends, the way children sometimes do.

Erika cooked for all of us, as she insisted that a wife should, and the meal was substantially better than Judy would have cooked for herself and her daughter. Little Chloe’s face was a picture, as she opened the wrapping on the games console, and realized what she had just been given. Judy’s wasn’t much different either. Once the girls were playing together, we both found the opportunity to take Judy downstairs into the club and have sex with her. Chloe didn’t even notice that her mother was missing for nearly an hour and a half, as she serviced her Master and her Mistress! Erika won the coin-toss, and went first, leaving me to keep an eye on the children. After a considerable time, she came back into the apartment and whispered into my ear, “Your turn to go downstairs and feed the little slut your meat. I left her bent over the bar, with her knickers around her ankles, waiting for you. Spank her ass if she’s moved! I got her to sling her cunt for me several times, but I left her ass alone for you, so that you can shaft her up there really hard, and make her scream as loud as you like! No one will hear, except the pair of you.”

When I got downstairs, Judy was still bent over the bar, with her panties around her ankles, and I made love to her. Erika refused to use the term; insisting that she made love only to me; she did not, under any circumstances, make love to ‘squeezes.’ Erika’s opinion of squeezes was pretty simple, and pretty crude. She said that, “All they are, are cheap, easy, sluts for us to fuck.”

Perhaps Erika’s head said things like that about those attractive women, but her heart said otherwise. She cared for each and every one of them; she was always buying them presents, and as often as not, in the cases of those with children, buying presents for the children as well. Those children often got birthday, and Christmas, presents that their mothers couldn’t afford to give them; frequently with their mothers’ names on them, rather than her own. She always liked to see their faces as they opened the gift-wrapped boxes, and peered at what was inside. (I think that was an after-effect of her early life. You never gave her a present in all the time she was there, and she remembered the feelings she had, the morning I gave her the first present that she ever got. I can still remember that, too; remember the way her eyes widened with surprise, at a fifty dollar box of chocolates, imported from England.)

We kept Judy for nearly a year, before she outgrew us, and moved on into the swinging scene for real. There was no way in hell that Erika was going to put up with that. She liked seeing me ejaculate in Judy, but if Judy wanted to let other men do the same to her as well, then she had to go; too much risk of me getting poxed like that, and then of me giving Erika the pox, too. We kept in touch with Judy over the years, because we parted on good terms.

It didn’t take Erika long to get us a replacement, and I was very surprised to be introduced to Maria; an attractive, busty, five foot, nine inch, colored woman, in her mid twenties. Ever since Sadie, Erika had insisted on big breasts on the second woman to be in our bed; she always claimed to be a ‘tit woman’. As Erika joked, later that day, “I’m not racist sweetheart; I’m not bothered about the color of a squeeze’s skin. What is important is the fact that she gets her tits out, drops her knickers, bends over, and opens her legs when I tell her I want to fuck her with my big rubber cock.

If she gets her womanly parts out for me, when I tell her to, then she’s acceptable in my books. I don’t care what culture she’s from, what language she speaks, or what god she worships; I’m far more concerned about the size of her tits, the tightness of her pussy, and her skills at both licking my pussy, and at sucking your cock. I want to see you give her a milky facial, while I squeeze her tits and fuck her hard from behind, during the first fuck session we have. We need to make sure that she understands the situation quite clearly!”

When we were in bed that night, Erika asked me if I’d ever bedded a black girl before, and then wanted the ‘dirty, juicy, details,’ when I admitted that I had.

(I was sixteen, and at a birthday celebration. My best friend and his twin sister were celebration their fifteenth birthday, and had convinced their parents to leave them alone with some friends. One of those guests was a fourteen year old colored girl, called Katie. The drink flowed, along with the music, and Katie seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time with me. I figured that she fancied me, so I decided to take a little risk. I kissed her, and stuck a hand up her blouse to fondle one of her breasts. I didn’t get slapped, so I put the hand up her skirt, running my fingers over the gusset of her panties. When that didn’t get my face slapped, I put my other hand up her skirt as well, pulled her panties down a few centimeters, to slip a single finger inside her vagina, and I still didn’t get slapped.

That was like a red flag to a bull, really; groping her at a party; blatantly so, and not getting kicked in the crotch or slapped around the head. Deciding that I wanted to have sex with her, I took my reputation into my hands and asked her if she wanted to go somewhere far quieter to continue what we were already doing, and I could barely believe it when she said ‘yes’.

On the way to my home, I asked Katie how far she wanted to go, and she told me that if I had condoms, for the first time in her life, she’d go ‘all the way’ with me. I’d never slept with a virgin before, and it felt really dirty somehow; bedding a fourteen year old virgin, like that. We didn’t bother with a great deal of foreplay, because we were both so turned on, and before too long, I had Katie on her back, as I gently penetrated her for the first time. Katie admitted that she hadn’t expected my manhood to be quite so big, and was a bit scared. I couldn’t do much, other than offer to let her back out, and then promise to be gentle, when she wanted to continue, but I still hurt her a little, with the first penetration. She left me later that night, after a romp of about three and a half hours, quite satisfied, but came back in the morning, admitting that she’d enjoyed the previous night, but begging me not tell anyone about what I’d done to her.

The effects of the alcohol had worn off both of us by then, and to be honest, I felt like a bit of a bastard for what we’d done; she was only fourteen after all. I felt a bit sleazy, so we decided that we wouldn’t tell anyone what we’d done, and we’d deny it if we were asked.

Whether anyone would believe our denials was another matter entirely, seeing as several people had seen me feeling her up, and noticed that we left together. We decided to tell the story that we had intended to have sex, but Katie got cold feet and backed out before giving me her cherry. The story was accepted, the way we wanted, by the majority of people.)

There were several more ‘squeezes,’ as Erika called them, over the following few years. Erika brought home no less than fourteen of them, possibly a couple more. I got one, and in all fairness, that one got me. She was twenty one, married, and seven months pregnant. She’d only just discovered that her husband was cheating on her. She agreed to forgive him, if she could have an affair, too. Just a one night stand would do; simply to make him feel the way she did.

She simply wanted him sitting at home, knowing that his darling wife was off out, getting screwed by another bloke. Therefore, she walked into the nearest bar and looked around for someone suitable to bed, and for whatever reason, she picked me. When I told her I was married, she suggested that I could share her with my wife; if my wife didn’t mind, then neither would she. I wondered about whatever chance we could have to bed the pregnant woman, seeing as our daughters were in our home! They were in their mid teens by then, so I invited Erika down into the bar level, and then took the two women into a quiet room in the building. It was the only time I ever bedded a heavily pregnant, not to mention married, woman, (apart from the one who was married to me, and she didn’t want to make love when heavily pregnant), and felt a little funny. It also seemed dirty, somehow. I think it was due to the fact that she was carrying her husband’s child, as much as the fact that she wanted to be ridden bareback. She wanted her cheating husband to see the evidence of her infidelity when she returned home and got into their bed with him.

Our prize catch was a girl Erika first described to me as, “A tall blonde, with a pretty face, an ass I desperately want to spank, big tits I can’t wait to get out and suck, and a mouth I want clamped around my pussy lips in the next few minutes. I want to fuck her into the middle of next week!” Boy, was she something else!

Erika had originally been in the bar I managed, seeing as our daughters were away on a school trip, and the manager’s job came with a four bedroom apartment above the bar. The blonde had made a clear play to get Erika into bed, despite the wedding ring. Erika had approached me and pointed out the blonde and asked me, with no preamble, if I would allow her to take the blonde to bed that night, for the sole purpose of having extra-marital sex with her. I was reminded about the two weeks I spent slipping Sadie my length while Erika was in hospital, so I agreed to let her, “shag the blonde girl senseless in our bed tonight, sweetheart. If she’s still there when you finish, and if she fancies it, then I’ll share her with you; I promise I will!” the way she wanted. That was about nine o’clock.

When I got into the apartment at about one o’clock the only thing I could hear from the bedroom were orgasmic groans as the two of them were still at it. The two of them were on the bed, Erika on top, and her first words when I walked in were, “Hey sweetheart, what do you think of the tits on this cunt?” They were big and firm and I commented as such. Then I settled down to watch in the corner of the bedroom, and it was quite entertaining. The blonde girl was completely bald down below, and I could see the way her vagina was turning red from the way my darling little wife had been using it for her own pleasure.

As I sat, watching, Erika instructed the blonde girl; neither of us knew her name at the time, to, “Open your mouth, darling, it’s time to have it filled full of cock.” She refused at first, eventually agreeing when she was told, “If you want to be on this bed with me, ever again, you’ll suck my husband’s cock, and swallow his cum, and you’ll do it right fucking now, you dirty little blonde slut! You knew that the price for sharing my bed was servicing my husband if you were still here when he finished work. I told you that you’d be taking sperm in at least one of your tight little teenage holes. I expect that you’d prefer it in your mouth, rather than in your sore little cunt, or up your virgin ass, but if you prefer it in either of those ways, I’m sure that it can be arranged.

I’ll give you twenty seconds to have one of your cock-sockets full of my husband’s cock; I don’t suppose he’ll care which hole he sticks it in, as long as he sticks it in one of them; otherwise, you know where your clothes are. You can put them on, and piss off home, and it’s the last time you’ll ever get to sit on my face, the way you enjoy so much. Now, get your fucking mouth open you dirty little cheap whore!” Whoever she was, she didn’t like it, but she did what Erika told her to do; opening her mouth for me to place my manhood in.

When Erika saw the blonde, with her mouth full of my penis, her eyes seemed to light up with amusement, as her fingers wandered, and she talked dirty to the girl, telling her what to do.

Once the girl had gotten dressed and gone home, I asked Erika what her name was, and was quite surprised when she didn’t know. “You fucked her for more than four hours, and you don’t know her name?” I asked.
“Nope,” she replied, as if she couldn’t have cared less, and to be fair, she probably couldn’t have cared much less.
“So what did you address her as,” seemed like a reasonable question.
“Whatever I felt like! She answered to ‘bitch’, ‘slut’ or ‘whore’, and they did for me. When she was in the elevator up to the apartment, and I told her to get her fucking knickers off, I told her that with her attitude, she really was a dirty little fucking slut, and she didn’t complain. Later on, I got her to admit what she was. She answered to ‘dirty bitch’ so I made do with that.” I was stunned, at that. I knew that Erika had played a dominatrix before, but never quite like that. “She was the most fun I’ve ever had with a squeeze before, and I’m gonna have plenty more fun with her if I get my way; and judging by the noises she made, I am gonna get my way. I’m gonna make her moan, groan, and scream a whole lot more. From now on, that blonde teenage bitch is gonna be my little fucking whore, and she’s gonna do whatever the fuck I tell her to do.”
“Whatever you tell her?”
“Like tonight, sweetheart. I don’t think she was a virgin, but she hadn’t had a big cock up her cunt, before she took my big strap-on, all the way in.”
“You gave her the big one?” I asked, because I figured it would be unusual for Erika to use that one on such a young girl.
“Fuck yeah; I gave her the big one all right; all eleven inches of it, hard, and from behind; like the dirty little bitch that she is; and the way I love to take your cock. If only you’d been there to watch, because you should have heard the way the little slut moaned, and squealed, as I shoved it all the way up her! She originally didn’t want me to use the big one on her, but when I showed her how easily it went up my cunt, she bent over to take it up hers when I told her to. Of course I neglected to mention the fact that I’ve had two children, and therefore am nowhere near as tight as her.

She lay on her back first, with those gorgeous tits out, and I teased her until she was just begging to be fucked; promising me any position I wanted. After that, I got her onto her knees, with her tits in my hands, and I slowly fed that big rubber cock right up her tight little teenage cunt. It took me a while, and lots of lube to get it right up her the first time, but once it was in, I saw to her good and proper; making her scream out loud with her first orgasm! After that, she got on her knees and she begged me to fuck her again. As you saw, her pussy was turning red, when you arrived in the bedroom. I wasn’t surprised though; seeing as I had shoved the biggest of my strap-on cocks, right up her, for about the eighth or the ninth time by then; I kinda lost count after about five goes up that tight teenage cunt. You’re going to enjoy plowing her, too, and cumming right up that little cunt; you’ll love how tight her cunt feels around your cock! She’s also very noisy in her pleasure; as you no doubt noticed, she screamed a lot as I rammed her sopping hole! At the beginning of next week, I want to watch you ram the blonde slut, hard, before I nail her up her virgin ass as well!”

We saw the girl again the following week, and after learning a little about her, properly saw to her in the bed, as Erika dominated her properly; making sure that she knew who was Mistress, and who was bitch. It was very clear, when Erika pushed Leigh into her second act of anal sex, with me, that Leigh was always going to be submissive to Erika. Originally she wanted Erika to make me wear a condom, but Erika wasn’t having any of that, pointing out that, “I have an implant you stupid little cunt; what do we need rubbers for? You will do whatever I tell you to do, whenever I tell you to do it, and now I am telling you to take my husband’s cock up your almost virgin ass, bareback! I want to see him shoot his load right inside you. Obey, or suffer the punishment!”

Leigh obeyed, although I had little idea of what the punishment might have been.

I was surprised to find that Leigh was an eighteen year old student, at university here in D.C. with one ex-boyfriend, who had seduced her at the age of sixteen, and who had never slept with another woman before she met Erika. However, it was lust at first sight, with a sensual older woman. Despite being in her early forties though, I don’t think that Erika liked being referred to as an ‘older woman.’ We arranged for Leigh to come to our place on a Tuesday morning, and a Friday afternoon, as those were times when Leigh wouldn’t be at university, and our children wouldn’t be home, and the three of us had sex for a couple of hours. Occasionally, Leigh came around to see us for reasons other than sex, if she was feeling lonely, because she never had many friends, although on those occasions we did try and get sufficient peace somewhere to have sex with her at least once.

That first morning, Erika basically dictated to Leigh that she was going to be Erika’s sex slave. She could agree to obey her Mistress, in whatever depraved sex acts Mistress demanded, or she could go home; it was her choice. Like any woman though, ‘No,’ was always in her vocabulary; any time she wanted to leave, we would open the door for her. She would never be made to do anything she didn’t want to do; Erika called that ‘rape,’ and pointed out that we weren’t that way inclined. She admitted to knowing what it felt like to be raped, and said that she never wanted to feel as if she was doing that to another woman. We wanted a willing partner; one we would give pleasure to, when she was in our bedroom.

It was clear to both Erika and myself, right from the start, that Leigh’s interest in sex with the two of us, centered entirely on Erika; I just got in the way of that. Leigh knew though, that if she wanted Erika, then she had to accept my participation in events. That changed within the first couple of months though, as she realized how much pleasure she could get, from letting me make love to her, in a way that her ex never really managed to do.

The change in attitude manifested in an unusual way. One day I was sitting in my office, up to my ears in paperwork; which I’ve always hated, when there was a knock on the door. I figured that there would only have been myself and Erika in the building, seeing as our daughters were out, and would be out for hours. Besides which, it wasn’t as if any of those three ever knocked on the door, anyway; they just barged right in! I got up to open the door, quite puzzled as to who I could expect to find on the other side of it, and was quite surprised to see Leigh standing there, wearing what she called her ‘I’ve just been on the receiving end of a big dick,’ look.

Clearly Erika had arranged the outfit for her, and brought her to me, quickly leaving after knocking on the door, because Leigh would have been unable to reach the office, wearing that blindfold, and she wouldn’t have been able to knock on the door, with her hands cuffed behind her back.

She was a lovely, sexy sight, I must admit. She was wearing a short skirt, high boots and a silk blouse; and they were all she was wearing. The skirt had been turned sideways, with only the top button fastened, and the material was pulled up and pinned to the lower portion of her blouse, baring her vagina, which had clearly been recently put to use; there was artificial lubricant spread around the outside of it, and spread around the top couple of inches of her thighs. The blouse itself had been opened all the way to the collar button, and the bottom button fastened behind her back, baring her magnificent firm breasts. Written in Erika’s elegant handwriting, on the area of skin where her pubes should have been were the words ‘Insert cock here, sweetie’ with an arrow pointing down to her vagina.

I grabbed one of her arms, pulled her into the office, and shut the door. Then I pushed her back against the door, cupped her breasts, and kissed her. It was something that Erika never liked to see me doing. To this day, I haven’t figured that one out. I never figured out how it was worse for Erika to see me kissing another woman, than it was for her to see me having every kind of sex imaginable with that same woman, but that was how it was.

“Mistress’s compliments,” Leigh said, after I’d stopped kissing her. “You must be getting bored with paperwork by now, so Mistress sends some entertainment, and I’m ready to serve.”
“Serve?” I asked.
“Yes Master. I have my orders from Mistress. I’m to have one load of cum shot up into my slit, and another load splattered all over my face, and then I’m to be sent back upstairs to Mistress, so that she can see that I’ve been an obedient slave.”
“You didn’t say anything about being on the pill, before.” I observed.
“I’m not,” she answered.
“You’re not on the pill, and you want unprotected sex?” I asked; quite surprised, as you might expect.
“Mistress commanded it of me, so I will do as I am told. If I don’t, I’ll be punished again.”
“Punished?” I asked.
“Yes Master; punished. When I told Mistress that I didn’t want to have your baby, she promised me an abortion if I fell pregnant, and then she bent me over her lap and spanked me for questioning her order. Mistress spanks hard, too! Then she repeated her order, threatening me with another spanking if I didn’t do what I was told.”
“What was the order she gave you?”
“I can’t repeat it; I’m not allowed to use such foul language.”
“She won’t hear you, and I won’t tell her.”
“You promise?” Leigh asked.
“Of course,” I assured her.
“Ok then. Mistress reminded me that I’m no better than a dirty little fucking blonde slut-bitch from the Cold Zone, where Mistress says I would be popular amongst the locals; especially dressed like this. Mistress said that she only keeps me around for the pretty face she likes to sit on, the big firm tits she likes to squeeze, and the fact that I’m a dirty, obedient little cunt who fucks anyway that she’s told to. She told me that I’m only good for one thing anyway; spreading my legs for her rubber cock, or for your real cock, and then she told me to get my cute, shapely, tight, whorish little ass into your office, and beg you to fill my barely legal little cunt with spunk, and then squirt more spunk all over my pretty face. I have to do both, to avoid being punished, so, please Master, fill my cunt with spunk, and then squirt on my face, because really I am just Mistress’ filthy little whore. I suppose that I may as well be your filthy little whore, too.

How do you want me, Master; bent over the edge of your desk, or on my back, on the floor; I’ll let you do it to me any way you want.”
“Up against the wall,” I replied, figuring that it would be more comfortable for her than being bent over the sharp, wooden desk edge. There wasn’t a great deal of space on the floor either, so I maneuvered Leigh into the correct position, with her back up against the office wall, and then, keeping hold of those magnificent big firm breasts, I began to make love to her.

Before too long I decided to turn her round, rolled up the back of her mini-skirt, and got her to keep hold of it in her hands. Then, pressing her breasts into the wall, I pulled her hips away from it, and eased myself back inside her, telling her that, “You’re right about what you are, Leigh; you’re a filthy little eighteen year old whore. But you’re a downright beautiful, filthy little whore. If I wasn’t married, I’d love to do this to you every day.” From the angle of her face, I swear that she blushed slightly from the compliment on her beauty, and on her desirability. Feeling the moment of climax approaching, I withdrew most of my manhood from her vagina, and I gave Leigh another chance to back out, before I ejaculated inside her. The feeling of Leigh pushing her hips back to push my penis back inside her vagina, and the whispered instruction to, “Just fill my cunt with spunk, Master, please. I’ve never had a man spunk in my cunt before and I don’t care about the consequences. I want you to be the first to initiate my cunt, and I don’t care if you get me up the duff because of it!” was one of those feelings; the description of which just can’t be put into words.

It felt a little strange to me, to be ejaculating inside Leigh; knowing that we weren’t using any contraception, and knowing that I could get her pregnant, but she wanted me to, so I did.

After I had sex with Leigh, I got back to my paperwork, but I left my pants around my ankles, and a few minutes later, Leigh maneuvered herself around my desk, with my directions, difficult though it was with the blindfold still on, inviting me to hold out my manhood and guide her open mouth around it. Then she went down on me; reminding me to ejaculate all over her face, after which she asked for my assistance in operating the elevator, so that she could go back to her beautiful Mistress, to be inspected for obedience, and as I watched my semen trickling down her face, dripping onto her breasts, she looked just so dirty, that I could quite happily have taken her again, and again and again. I failed to resist the temptation to slip a couple of fingers inside her, and then gently put them into her mouth to have them sucked clean. I’d have kissed her again if it hadn’t been for the semen that I’d squirted on her face.

Apparently Mistress was pleased with her little slave’s obedience, and didn’t spank her again. Erika sent Leigh into the shower to clean the ‘disgusting mess’ off her skin, ready to take her back into the bedroom, tie her to the bed, and sit on her face for a sixty-nine. I had been surprised at first, both that Erika would go down on her slave, seeing as she had semen in her vagina, and that Leigh enjoyed letting Erika treat her like a sex slave, obeying Mistress’ commands, but it was quite clear that she did enjoy it.

Later that night, I tried to tactfully get Erika talking about what we’d done with Leigh earlier on. I guess I wasn’t quite tactful enough, because Erika figured out what the conversation was going to be about and said, “I know I spanked her a bit too hard, so I apologized when you sent the cum-splattered mess back to me. I asked what she wanted from me, to make up for my bad behavior. Next time she’s here, she wants to see me with my mouth full of your sperm, and then I’m to swallow the lot. Clearly she really wants to punish me, because after that, I’m to bend over, and take the big dildo, rear entry, as she squeezes my tits and spanks my buttocks, while you fire another load down my throat.”

Rear entry was one thing squeezes weren’t allowed to do to Erika; that was the one thing that she reserved for me alone, but she must have been feeling guilty at her treatment of Leigh, to allow that; especially with the biggest of her double ended dildos. That was bigger than my real penis, and so far it had never been fed into her anus; into several squeezes’ anuses, yes; including Leigh’s, but never between the halves of Mistress’ lovely, plump little peach.

Two days later, that changed. We got Erika onto the bed, naked, and I settled down above her head, feeding my penis into her mouth, as Leigh eased two fingers into her vagina, and began to talk dirty to her. I’ll probably never forget the way an eighteen year old girl told my darling wife to, “That’s it, you filthy little fucking slut; you take that cock to the back of your dirty mouth, and milk it for all it’s got. Take every drop down into your belly, like the good little whore that you are!”

When Erika had swallowed my semen, Leigh got her onto all fours on the bed, and demanded that she part her plump buttocks, to be lubed up for the big rubber prick; she wasn’t going to get away with taking one of the smaller ones. Just the sight of that big rubber penis being fed into my little wife’s anus was enough to turn me on again, and listening to the way Leigh talked to Erika, the way Erika usually talked to Leigh, just made it even better; especially when she told me to, “Come on stud, it’s time for the dirty little bitch’s second helping of man-milk. Stick it as far down her throat as it’ll go; she’ll deep-throat you now, and if she knows what’s good for her, she’d better fucking swallow!”

Within an hour, Leigh had also taken the big rubber phallus, rear-entry, as she sucked on the real phallus, and that was probably one of the best sessions the three of us ever had, especially the moment that Leigh took front and rear entry at the same time. Within a month, Leigh missed a period, seeing as her Mistress had demanded to see her with a vagina full of semen on a regular basis. She missed the next period, too, so she was clearly pregnant. She swore that I was the only man she’d had sex with, so the baby must have been mine. She needed an abortion, which we paid for, as Mistress promised we would, and a we got her fitted with a contraceptive implant at the same time, so that I could have her unprotected, whenever Mistress demanded it, and Mistress demanded it quite frequently.

We bedded Leigh all the way through her university course, until she went home, and, as my darling little wife put it, ‘If a girl could get a qualification for slutiness, she’d get whatever the top mark was.”

We got a single letter from Leigh, about six or seven months after she went back home, to take her place in the family business. She told us that she’d missed us terribly, until she found a new Mistress to serve. Apparently Leigh’s new Mistress was an experienced dominatrix, in her early thirties, and had put Leigh through her paces at the end of their first ‘date’, and had pronounced Leigh the best little slave she’d ever had. Leigh also conveyed the thanks of her new Mistress, to the couple who had trained her as a submissive, so well. There was no return address on the letter, so we were unable to send a reply, and there were no more letters. Leigh was our last little squeeze; we just never did get around to replacing her.

I think it was simply the fact that we knew we’d never get any better than Leigh; anyone else would be an anti-climax.

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