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I travel light,and packing was done in minutes. I left by the rear exit, to avoid Stanley. I wasn't afraid of him. I just didn't want the hassle of arguing or causing a scene.
I was down the mountain and at Sandra's in less than an hour. I made my way inside, and at that hour- 10:45am , the place was pretty full. Donna waved from the juice bar as I carried my things to my new home. I just threw everything on the bed and went back down to the bar.

“ Well Dano, I didn't count on seeing you again for a few days. What's up?”
I laid out my story to her, including my new friend Debra.

“ Just my luck, I was daydreamin of the things I was gonna do to you, now I'm done in by a young redhead.” she pouted, pushing her lower lip out sexily..
“ It's like I told Deb.., we're not joined at the hip. I just feel responsible for getting her in trouble with Stanley. Wait till you meet her. I'll probably have to drag your face out of her crotch just to get laid.”
“ You'll never have a problem getting laid.. Is she Bi-- ?”

“I don't know, but hanging with you and Sandra is going to tell if she is,sooner or later. Do you think Sandra might give her a job here with you?”
“ I sure could use the help, I signed up 3 new members today-- and when Sandra's gone-- like now, it's all I can do to run this place. In fact she is due back in from Knoxville around 2pm, so you can ask her yourself..”

“ We all need an understanding here; I said... I'm not going to say this to you in a mean way, so don't take it as such.. I can make time for all of you, individually or together, as long as there's no jealousy between you. Don't make me choose, cause it would be real difficult to have to. Sandra didn't have a problem sharing you with me , did she? Same thing applies to Debra .”

“ I have no problem with it Dano, but seems like you'll be stretched pretty thin..”
“ I have a pretty strong libido, so don't even go there!” I smiled—and added....
“Besides, if I start falling behind, I have a “friend” that takes up my slack.”
“And who might that be?” Donna smiled.
“Ever heard of a “Sybian”?-- It's a vibrator...” Her eyes rolled as if she had heard it all before.
“ I've got two vibes, thank you, and Sandra has also.”
“Do they weigh 22 lbs and plug into the wall outlet?”
Her jaw dropped as I moved to the door, waving bye.

With time now in my favor, I drove over to Boone, N.C. to shop. I found a WalMart and spent an hour shopping for groceries, wine, massage oils, and a few clothes. On the way back my cell phone beeped and it was Debra..
“Hi – Got a cell phone.. you want the number?”
“ I got caller I.D. --so it's already in my phone..”
“Stanley has looked everywhere for you. He even asked me.... I played dumb and said I hadn't seen you since breakfast.”
“He didn't give you any trouble did he?”
“ No – In fact, he acts like I'm poison since you told him about us. He did say he was gonna stomp your ass for quitting on him. Made him look bad having to cancel those four massages.”

“ I think you will be working here very soon.. I haven't talked with the boss lady yet, but Donna is on our side, and needs some help.. What is Stanley paying you,so I'll have an idea of what to ask Sandra for?”
“About $350 a week, and that includes half of my bar tips – but that was to do breakfast and run the bar. I put in about 12 hours a day..”
“ I'll talk to her the first chance I get-- I'll try to get you at least that , and maybe more. ..” I said..
”Can I come down and see you tonight?” Her voice sounded so sexy over the phone.
“ I'll get back to you on that. Things are wild right now with me moving in upstairs. I'll call you later when I know some more.”
“ O. K. I have to get back to work, see you soon . Bye”
I was at the fitness center again, and saw a back way up to my place on the far side. I lugged my bags up to the door, and realized I had no key for it. I walked all the way back to the front entrance and through the weight room to the stairs inside..

I put my things away and Donna came up long enough to bring a cordless phone .. Sandra was calling in, and wanted to speak with me.
“ I'm about 20 minutes from the airport-- could you please come and pick me up? Donna said the place was packed, and my Hummer's at my place..”
“ Sure thing- I'm on my way..” I said.
“Thanks sweetie, I would have had to wait for a cab ,and I hate to wait.”
“ No problem” ......I could use the brownie points and talk to her about Debra.
“She knows about Debra--- I've done put in my two-cents worth for her” Donna said, “ and she seemed to like the idea.”
I pulled into the airport just as her plane touched down.. At her hangar, she spoke to a couple of guys and they began rolling her plane inside. She had no bags, just a briefcase and slid it behind the seat of my Miata..
As she got inside she kissed me on the cheek and remarked that she loved my little car.

“ From what Donna told me , you've been burning the candle at both ends. Let me hear your side of the story.”
I told her everything that had went down since last night when she left. The part about Stanley wanting to 'stomp my ass' made her laugh.
“ I wouldn't worry about him Dano, he's a wuss! His uncle is the local sheriff and he thinks he can do as he pleases. Before I hired Donna, he came in my place and offered to manage it for me-- for a 25% cut of the profits. I laughed in his face, and he hasn't spoken to me since. That's been about a year ago.”
I shook my head at the arrogance of this guy. I thought back to what Debra had said about him making everyone work two jobs.
The resort gave him ' X ' amount of dollars to run the place. By doubling up on everyone's workload, he was pocketing the difference, and getting half of all tips. He must think of himself as the ' mountain mafia' or some shit..
“Tell Debra to come in and we'll talk. If she can hold down two jobs up there, working with us would be a piece of cake!”

Sandra seemed to be cheerful, so I pressed my luck..

” You think you could see your way to pay her $450 a week? Even with Stanley ripping her off, and double duties, she managed to clear that.. It wouldn't be right for her to take a cut in pay to change jobs,and if Stanley got wind of it, he would be so pissed at you for hiring her....”
“Well , I pay Donna that now, and it wouldn't be fair to her .”
“So—Give Donna a raise also, and I promise you, over time this idea you've come up with will make us all some serious money. “

Sandra leaned back in the bucket seat , her short pleated skirt riding high , showing a lot of upper thigh.
“You think I could get some table time later?”
My right hand reached over and my open palm slid slowly up the inside of her left thigh, and brushed her mound with my fingertips.
“I was hoping you would say that.” I said.... She moaned loudly.
I massaged her large clit through the thin fabric , and her hips jerked as she moaned. Sliding her panties to one side , my fingers found the erect nub and rolled it in slow circles, making her ass raise off the seat.

”Ahh—Y-yess ! Do it Dano..! See how quick you can make me cum for you!”
The road was full of curves,and my right hand was no longer available for shifting gears. I used my driving hand to shift to third as I made the steep climb up the mountain.
I dipped my fingers inside as she rolled her ass in the seat. I was doing nearly seventy up the winding grade, and the rpm's were at the peak of the torque curve. I put her huge clit between my fingers as I punched the gas, causing the car to pin us back in the seats. I squeezed her clit as we heard the engine hit 7000 rpm's -near it's redline .........the engine screamed with her...

”Ahhhhhhhhhhh—God !! “ She spurted thickly onto my fingers , holding my hand with both hers, to grind out her orgasm..
“Ohhh S-Shit! “ Her cum drowned my two fingers, and though I didn't see it, I was sure my seat was soaked..
Sandra's breathing was coming in short gasps as her thighs jerked in spasms, and I quickly pulled my soaked fingers out, and licked them clean.. pulling the shifter to fourth, the engine was purring softly again.
“ Th-That's the first time I've ever cum in a car.. the sound of the motor helped me get off! Can you believe that?”
“ Kinky-- I've never gotten a lady off in my car—so you got my cherry too!”
My cock had turned to stone , and she saw it...........

We pulled in and parked. Once inside I covered my pants with my coat and went to the stairs as Sandra spoke to Donna .. I saw Donna's head nod and look my way,smiling... I went upstairs and quickly put my clothes in the closet, clearing the bed......But that's another chapter !!

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2008-11-30 12:29:20
I done a very condensed re-write of the lost chapters-- which doesn't actually tie in with my Beech Mountain story.It lays the foundation of what I do, and the young lady who insisted I come to Atlanta .. I got so many comments and e-mails for it...Thanx so much for supporting me..Every vote counts, so please vote if you read it. It helps me determine if I'll continue to write any more

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2008-11-30 11:58:54
I done a very condensed re-write of the lost chapters-- which doesn't actually tie in with my Beech Mountain story.It lays the foundation of what I do, and the young lady who insisted I come to Atlanta .. I got so many comments and e-mails for it...Thanx so much for supporting me..Every vote counts, so please vote if you read it. It helps me determine if I'll continue to write any more


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Great stories. They are very well written would not mind getting the lost chapters. Keep up the good work.


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Second time to comment on a story. I have enjoyed all four of your stories, hopefully you will repost the"lost chapters" so us readers will continue to live vicariously(spelling?) through your works...N.D.

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