Passion rises between two women
It was Stacy's first Thanksgiving since her husband had walked out on her only a few months earlier. Her best friend Amanda that had invited Stacy over for Thanksgiving. Amanda's husband Jeff didn't care that much for Stacy, but he had no say in the matter. He told Amanda once that he didn't like the way Stacy looked at her... like it was something not natural. Stacy had always had feelings for Amanda, but she never acted on them. There was something about Amanda that made Stacy want her, sometimes she wondered if is was mutual.

Stacy arrived early, thinking maybe he could help Amanda set things up. Amanda told Stacy that Jeff was gone, something about having to tie up some loose ends at work, more like he was screwing around with his secretary. Stacy followed Amanda into the kitchen where she'd been preparing the feast. Stacy asked if she could help, but Amanda just smiled, saying she was fine. Damn she was one beautiful woman, Stacy thought as she looked at Amanda.

Stacy could feel her pussy starting to tingle as she watched Amanda, staring at her sexy ass. She thought that Jeff was such an ass to cheat on Amanda like he did. Amanda turned suddenly and caught Stacy staring at her. "Are you staring at my ass Stacy?" She had this sly little grin on her face "Damn, busted." "I'm glad someone finds it worth staring at." Amanda turned around and started peeling potatoes again. Stacy's heart started to pound in her chest as she thought about walking up behind Amanda and pressing her body against Amanda's.

For whatever reason Stacy couldn't fight the urge any longer. She took a deep breath and moved forward, pressing her body against Amanda. She expected Amanda to pull away, but instead she leaned back into Stacy, dropping the potato in the sink, raising her arms as Stacy moved her trembling hands up Amanda's stomach, cupping her breasts in his hands. Amanda took a deep breath, as Stacy started caressing Amanda's breasts through her thin blouse. She could feel Amanda's hard nipples against the palm of her hands.

Taking it one step further, Stacy pulled Amanda's blouse from her skirt and ran her hands over Amanda's bare stomach. Amanda gasped at Stacy's touch, her arousal growing as Stacy's hands neared her breasts again. Stacy's pussy was pressing against Amanda's ass as she cupped Amanda's breasts, gently squeezing them, strumming her nipples with her fingers. "Oh Stacy that feels so have no idea how long it's been since I've been touched like that." "I've wanted you to touch me for so long." "Yes I know, I've wanted you as well."

Stacy turned Amanda around, pushing Amanda's blouse off her shoulders and sucking Amanda's nipples. Amanda was so aroused that her nipples seemed to pulse as Stacy sucked them, making Amanda cum over and over. Stacy helped Amanda up onto the counter top, pulling her skirt up and yanking her panties off. She then began licking and sucking Amanda's pussy as she moaned, begging Stacy to make her cum. Bracing herself on the side of the cupboard, Amanda started cumming, her pussy squirting her juices into Stacy's face.

Amanda slid off the counter top, as she and Stacy kissed. Amanda pulled Stacy's slacks down along with her panties and knelt down, pausing to look at Stacy's sex. Amanda began running her tongue over Stacy's pussy, driving her crazy with lust. Stacy held onto Amanda's head as Amanda's tongue danced over Stacy's sex. Amanda reached under her skirt, and began fingering herself as she slid her other hand between Stacy's legs, sliding a finger into her ass. Stacy's knees felt weak, as she started cumming, her juices covering Amanda's face.

Amanda stood up kissing Stacy, the taste of Stacy's cum on her tongue. "Thank you Stacy, you have no idea how much I've fantasized about making love to you." Stacy smiled, "And I deserve better than Jeff cheating on you." "I know, I know." At that moment they heard a car door, "Quick, it's probably Jeff." They dressed just in time as Jeff walked in asking Stacy what she was doing there. "We invited her....remember?" "Oh ya...right." Within a few minutes the other guests had started to arrive as well.

Amanda finished cooking the Thanksgiving dinner as the relatives and friends sat and talked, and the men watched the last quarter of the football game. Stacy was standing in the doorway of the family room pretending to watch the game when she felt a hand slip between her legs, groping her pussy. She turned and looked into Amanda's beautiful eyes. "Help me find the leaf for the dining room table....I think it's in the garage."

Stacy and Amanda went into the garage, closing the door behind them. Stacy heard a click, she smiled knowing Amanda had just locked the door. She walked over to a spot above the washer saying, "It's up there." Stacy reached up, retrieving the leaf from the shelf. She leaned it against the washer when she heard Amanda ask, "You hungry?" She turned to see Amanda sitting on the hood of Jeff's car, her legs spread wide, and her pussy glistening.

Stacy smiled and knelt down, licking Amanda's still swollen lips. Stacy parted Amanda's folds, lapping up her juices as Amanda tried to stifle her moans of passion. Stacy slid two fingers into Amanda's pussy, working them around as she slid another between Amanda's cheeks, penetrating her ass. Stacy sucked Amanda's clit between her lips, as Amanda pulled Stacy's head into her crotch, her body quaking and shuddering as she started cumming over and over. After a few minutes Amanda pushed Stacy's head up, "Time for a break, I don't want anyone to miss us if you know what I mean."

Back inside they sat down to a fantastic feast. Jeff as usual over ate and drank too much wine. About twenty minutes after dinner he was down for the count. While everyone talked, Amanda excused herself taking Stacy's hand saying, "I'm sorry, I need some help with something, I'll bring Stacy back in a minute." The guests paid little attention as Stacy got up, they were too busy watching the game and talking as Stacy and Amanda made their way out of the family room, looking for a safe spot.

They were about to go upstairs when they heard voices..."Damn it" Amanda hissed. Looking around she smiled and ducked into a guest bedroom. She opened a closest door and the two went inside, closing the door behind them. Standing there in the closet, in amongst the clothes, Amanda realized her blunder. This is the closet that her idiot husband had told everyone to hang their coats. "Idiot, I told him to use the hall closet. They both started to giggle, the thought of getting caught only served to heighten their arousal.

Stacy and Amanda started kissing and caressing one another. Fortunately it was a pretty spacious closet, and they had room to maneuver as they stripped one another clothes off. Now naked the two lovers moved between the coats and jackets, Stacy caressing Amanda's breasts, and pussy while Amanda fingered Stacy's pussy. "Suck me Stacy, I want to feel your tongue in my pussy." Stacy wasted no time, grabbing Amanda by the hips, and running her tongue over Amanda's hot pussy.

Stacy licked Amanda's pussy, working her into a frenzy as she moved to Amanda's clit, sucking it into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue. As she sucked Amanda's clit, Stacy shoved two fingers deep into Amanda's depths. Amanda was already cumming when they heard voices approaching. They stepped sideways quickly behind the coats in the closet hoping they weren't going to be caught. The door opened with Amanda recognizing the voice of her elderly Aunt Tess. One coat was removed then another, all the while Stacy was working her fingers around in Amanda's pussy.

No sooner had the door closed and Amanda started cumming again. Her fingers getting tired, Stacy had Amanda turn and face the wall. With her legs spread, Stacy knelt down and parted Amanda's cheek, running her tongue up and down Amanda's ass. Suddenly the door opened again. This time Amanda recognized the voices of her husbands buddies Phil and Jack. They were talking about Jeff. "Ya I don't get it man, why Jeff is fucking that secretary of his makes no sense. If I was married to Amanda I'd be in that every damn night man. "Me too too."

"Amanda hissed, "That fucking asshole." The combination of her anger and her passion made Amanda want Stacy all the more. Stacy penetrated Amanda's ass with her tongue, while finger fucking Amanda's pussy. Amanda started cumming so hard she nearly passed out. Amanda turned and pinned Stacy against the closet wall, sucking Stacy's nipples as her hands explored Stacy's body. Amanda soon had Stacy cumming as she sucked her nipples. Amanda kissed her way down to Stacy's pussy, where she parted Stacy's legs, sliding her fingers into Stacy's pussy while sucking her clit. Stacy gasped trying not to scream out as the orgasms washed over her body, as Amanda brought her off over and over.

Afterward they dressed and made it out of the closet just in time. Amanda acted as if nothing had happened, as she told her guests goodbye. With everyone gone Amanda walked over to where Jeff was sleeping, slapping the side of his head so hard the pop rang in Stacy's ears. "Whaaa the fuck?" Amanda glared down at Jeff, a confused look on his face. "I just wanted you to know, that I've been fucking Stacy all day, with it culminating in the bedroom closet where you put everyone's coats."

I heard Paul and Jack saying what an ass you were, fucking your slut secretary rather than me." "That's right asshole....BUSTED!" "Now, get you ass out of my house and go to your whore secretary!" "As for me, I've found someone who will love me the way I want to be loved." "That's right you piece of shit, a woman....Stacy!" "Just think what all your friends will say when they find out I tossed your ass out the door for another woman." "You'll be a complete laughing stock."

Jeff got up, never looking either Stacy or Amanda in the eye. He left, and soon after he and Amanda divorced. It turned out to be the happiest Thanksgiving Amanda ever had. Now that Stacy and Amanda are lovers, this coming Thanksgiving is going to be even happier. Amanda and Stacy have a great life together and this year they plan on celebrating by making love in the same hall closet again while their guests talk and watch the games on TV. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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2009-08-21 14:16:22
Graet story tell us us about next year

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2009-08-05 02:02:36
that is fucking halarious damn dissed on thanksgiving man ouch but nice 9/10

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2009-07-26 06:09:23
i wish there woud b a 2nd

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2009-07-19 16:43:18
Why do ppl intend on telling ppl about their typos? Just dont read it then dumbass i read these and they're fine and as for the person that made the example foe correction ur a fuck tard go teach if wanna do that

Btw it was amazing great story kept me hard all the way!!

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2009-06-27 03:23:13
Not bad at all. A few typos spoil the flow somewhat and should be corrected.

For example, amend the following sentence:

"Stacy arrived early, thinking maybe he could help Amanda set things up".


"Stacy arrived early, thinking maybe she could help Amanda set things up".

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