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We just finished watching a Red Sox game
We just finished watching a Red Sox / Yankee baseball game and my mom said it was time for us to go to bed. My cousin and I were 15 years old and he was spending the night. Jay asked if we could open the couch and sleep in the TV room instead of going up to the bedroom. Since it was a sleep over my mom agreed.

She and Dad went to bed and Jay and I opened the couch, put on the bedding, and started to watch a late night movie. It did not take long before I fell asleep.

As I was sleeping something gently woke me. It was a hand on my hip as I was laying with my back toward Jay. I pretended to still be asleep when the hand gently pulled me on my back. Without resisting I let the hand roll me as I "slept". Ever so slowly and gently the hand slid into my tighty whities and started to feel my soft penis. As the feeling continued I began to get hard and he kept rubbing. I remember moving a little as if I was waking then the hand stopped rubbing but still held on. As I "pretended to wake slightly I allowed my hand to move and rest on his stomach then I went " back to sleep".

After what seemed to be hours he started to rub my again but he also gently took my hand and slid it into his undies. As my hand touched his penis it came to life and I wrapped my fingers around it. He took this as a signal it was OK to move on to the next level. He pushed my pants down and really started to rub me with more firmness. Without even thinking I started to rub his penis too.

That was the full go sign to him, he threw back the covers and took me into his warm mouth. He sucked me until I started to cum then he took me out and jerked me off until I shot all over my chest. After I was waisted I went back to rubbing him until he shot all over my hand and his chest. Without saying a word we pulled up our pants and went to sleep.

The next morning we got up as if nothing had happened. We spent the day together doing the things we normally did when we hung out at each other's house. At dinner that evening my Mom said that Jay's mom was going to come and get him around eight. With out even thinking I blurted out, can Jay stay again tonight? Last night we watched a great movie and wanted to do it again. My Mom called her sister and everything was set, he was staying over again.

I don't even think Mom and Dad were asleep when I reached for Jay's penis, it was all ready hard. He reached down and took off his underware so I followed his lead. We were rubbing each other's hard penis when he leaned over and took me in his mouth again. After about a minute or so he stopped and asked me to try and suck him. I did but did not like the taste of his cock so I took it out in less than thirty seconds. The night ended with both of us just jerking each other off.

As the years went by we would "mess around" whenever we had a chance but as time went by the did it less and less. I still remember the last time we messed around. We were in our early 20's and went to his summer home to pick up some pots and pans we needed for a family gathering on our grand parents house. We gathered the pans and put them in the car then ran back in to answer the phone. It was some one looking for Jay's dad.

He went upstairs to get something he wanted for his car and I followed him up to the bedroom. He walked over to the window to look out at the ocean and said he was going to miss this view while he was away at college . I walked over to where he was looking out a small window and as I leaned to look out the window my crotch bumped into his hand which was by his side. It instantlly brought back memories to our younger days, he turned and said "one more time for old time sake?"

Before you could blink an eye we were both naked laying on his bed. Some how we ended up in the 69 position with our raging hot cocks inches from each others mouth. Jay took mine in his mouth first and it was feeling soooooo good. I decided that I would return the favor even though the several times I tried it, it never tasted good to me. Today was different - it tasted great.

We sucked each other dry and swallowed every drop of each other's cum. It is now over 30 years since that day and it still is a very good memory to me, one of which we have never talked about.

That was not the last time I sucked cock, it was just the begining. Over the years I would go to porn movies to watch other guys suck each other in back rows. Sometimes I would let one of those guys suck me, it was exciting to be sucked as someone else was watching,

It was not until I was in my late forties before I finally had the courage to suck someone. I was at one of those porn movies and I guy who had sucked me on two occasions came in and sat next to me in the back row. Without saying anything he took out his penis and began to stroke it. That is what I would see the guys do if they wanted to get sucked, it is also what I did when I wanted to be sucked. Since he had sucked me two other times I reached over and took over the stroking. I bulit up the courage and leaned over and took his penis in my mouth and started to suck. Within a few minutes I tasted his precum so I took it out and jerked him off.

Even though I have been happilied married with children for over 30 years I still enjoy sucking a nice penis. I actually have found another guy in the same situation as me so we get together every few months and trade blowjobs. Who knows some day we might cross the bridge and try some anal.

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2014-11-18 08:33:11
Just wondering, berofe I consider subscribing is that this an actual, individually composed letter to every subscriber, or does just about every writer compose a single letter each individual week and send the same composition to all from the subscribers they're assigned to write to?

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2010-06-07 15:09:40
WHAT u coulda had som anal woulda made it better


2010-05-11 13:34:19
good story.... yep, married over 20 years and I try to find a reason to suck my friends cock from time to time... It's a nice change of pace!

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2008-11-28 10:41:53
If it is a gay boy/boy least label it as such...

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