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my friend asked me 2 put this on here 4 him hope u like it

When I was fourteen, I started getting interested in my older sister, Kimmy,
who was sixteen. She used to do a hula dance for me, and pull her top up and
show me her tits. Kimmy was a true nymphomaniac. As I found out later, it
didn't matter how young or how old the guy was, if he had a functioning
penis, Kimmy was interested. And she was built too! Round, firm tits like
little peaches and long slender legs that always seemed to be exposed to the
crotch, no matter what she wore.

One night, she was babysitting for the
people next door, and she invited me over to help mind their kids or
something. I got there, and she was watching TV with Rachel, who was twelve,
and Cassy, who was ten. "Okay you guys," she said to the kids. "Whatever
happens here tonight, we keep it to ourselves, as usual.... all right?" The
two cute little girls nodded in agreement. Then Kimmy looked at me. "You too
little brother...", she said, "... you gotta promise!" "Sure, I promise!", I
replied, not really knowing what the fuck my sister was talking about.

soon found out though! Kimmy pulled young Cassy onto her lap and pulled her
tiny panties down. Cassy giggled and spread her legs, giving me a good look
at her tiny, pink pussy. My cock began to twitch in my pants as I watched my
sister part the young kid's hairless labia. "She's gorgeous, isn't she,
Steve?", Kimmy husked, rubbing her index finger through little Cassy's
surprisingly moist little cuntslit. I nodded dumbly, staring at the girl's
naked pussy. When she saw the glazed look on my face, Kimmy told Rachel to
take off her panties and show me her cunt too. Rachel had more shape than
her little sister, and I gasped aloud as she pulled down her white cotton
panties and shamelessly showed me her plump, but equally hairless, young

Kimmy saw my interest and grinned knowingly. "Rachel, why don't you
and Steve go up to your room and pretend he's a doctor, and you'll be his
patient.... Be sure to everything the doctor tells you, okay?" Rachel nodded
and smiled a wicked little smile as she went upstairs first, to get ready.
When I got to her room only minutes later, she was in her bed pretending to
be asleep. I could see her cute, slender young body outlined under the
sheets. "Well," I said, pretending to go along with Kimmy's suggestion of
playing `doctors'. "I hate to wake this lovely lady, so I guess I'll just
examine her, and try not to wake her up." I pulled down the sheet, and
Rachel was stark naked! I reached out and started touching her soft skin.
Her titties were just starting, so laying there on her back they didn't even
show, but her nipples were like little pencil erasers. As I continued
caressing the naked little girl, I grew more bold. I started running my
hands further down her body to her hairless little cunt. When my hand
touched her cunt, Rachel shivered a little and said, "Doctor, wouldn't you
like to get in the bed with me so I can tell you what's wrong?" I started to
comply, but she stopped me saying, "No, your clothes might be full of germs.
You'd better take them off." I couldn't believe it! I had had fantasies of
being naked in bed with a cute young girl like Rachel, but I couldn't
believe this was actually happening. I took off my clothes, and got in under
the covers with her. Her soft, firm young body was hot to the touch as I
explored her naked flesh. She cuddled up to me and ran her own hands over my
body. I reached between her legs and began stroking her twelve-year-old
pussy. Rachel said she wanted to touch my cock, and reached down and started
stroking it. "Ohhh, yeah! Do it, baby! Ooww! Not so hard! Oooooooh, just
like that, yeah." I couldn't believe how good it felt. It never felt this
good when I did it myself! A short time later, I shot a wad of cum all over
myself and on Rachel's hand. She kept on stroking right through my orgasm,
and I kept right on cumming! I came so hard, I started moaning real loud,
and Kimmy came up to see what was wrong. "What are you two doing up here?"
Kimmy grinned, trying to pull down the covers. "Hey! You're my sister! We
aren't supposed to see each other naked." "Well, I guess I'd better stop
doing the hula for you." she replied. I stopped to think about that for a
moment. She was right. I had seen her naked, so it was only fair that she
see me naked. I said OK, and she pulled down the sheet. "Look what a mess
you two made! You're both going to need to clean up by the look of it!", she
giggled, staring at my sticky cock. "I'll run a hot bath for you." She
filled the tub, and I got in and sat down in the steaming hot water. "Kimmy,
would you go downstairs for a while?" It was a little embarrassing in front
of her. Then, after she left, I asked the girls to get in with me. I slid
forward, to the middle of the tub, and they got in on either side of me.
"Would you two give me a bath?" I asked. They answered by picking up the
soap and lathering me from my neck to the water line. Then I stood up,
facing little Cassy, who started right away, washing my cock. She seemed
fascinated by it, and wanted to stroke every damn inch of it. Then I felt
Rachel's finger between my buttocks, and pressing into my asshole. The
little kid was actually fucking my ass with her finger! I turned to look
around the room, and saw Kimmy there, with her hand inside her panties,
jerking herself off! She winked and grinned at me. "Cassy, honey," said
Kimmy, "rinse the soap off Steve's prick for a minute. Now suck it in your
sweet little mouth. Pretend it's a popsicle." As if it was the most natural
thing in the world, ten-year-old Cassy knelt in front of me and wrapped her
hot little mouth around my erect cock. She was sucking me off right there in
the bath, in front of Kimmy and her own sister. I couldn't believe it! Her
little blonde head bobbed up and down the length of my cock as I began to
fuck her pretty face. I was so excited, I came down little Cassy's tight,
sucking throat within seconds, spraying her tonsils with a bucket-load of
hot teenage sperm. When I looked back at Kimmy, she was naked and sitting on
the toilet with her legs spread wide, and her fingers pumping in and out of
her fur-lined slit. As soon as little Cassy let go of my cock, Kimmy stood
up and rubbed up against me. My cock began to rise again instantly as my
sister pulled my hand to her drooling cunt. I inserted two fingers inside
Kimmy's hot, hairy hole and frigged her gently. "Wanna fuck them?", she
whispered into my ear. "S... sure!", I moaned, feeling my sister's hands on
my naked ass. "What about me?", she breathed, nibbling my lower lip. I
almost creamed on the spot! "Wanna fuck your big sister too, stud?" I
grabbed Kimmy's ass and shoved another finger up her cunt for emphasis and
said, "What do you think, Sis?" "I think I want some of this!", murmured
Kimmy jerking hard on my throbbing erection. "But first I want to watch you
fuck Cassy and Rachel." "Are you sure, Kimmy?" I asked, looking down at the
two naked little youngsters. "Sucking my cock off is one thing, but aren't
they both kinda small to be getting fucked?" "What do you think?", grinned
Kimmy nodding towards the two naked little girls. Rachel smiled up at me.
She was fingering her little sister's cunt with one hand while the other one
worked two tiny fingers deep into her own hairless young pussy. "I guess
not", I smiled pulling my fingers out of my sister's sucking snatch. "Okay,
I'm game! Let's do it!" Kimmy suggested that we all go into Rachel's room,
so we could fuck and suck in comfort. Kimmy said Rachel should be first,
since it was her bed. Rachel lay down on her back, and Kimmy told me to get
down between her legs and lick her little cunt to get it nice and juicy for
my cock. I didn't need to be asked twice. Rachel giggled as I got on my
knees next to the bed and spread her creamy young thighs wide apart. Her
plump, hairless little cunt opened like a ripe peach. I finger-fucked her
tight little hole for a bit before lifting Rachel's legs over my shoulders
and then scooted her butt down towards the edge of the bed. I buried my face
between her legs, licking in circles around her moist little fuckhole
darting my tongue in and out. At first she seemed a little shy, but after I
gave her tiny little clit a couple of long hard sucks she was soon holding
her legs wide open and rotating her tight little ass in appreciation. Out of
the corner of my eye I could see Kimmy and Cassy rubbing each other's cunts
as they watched. We were all breathing heavily, especially Rachel who
couldn't keep her tiny ass still on the bed as I licked her sweet little
twelve-year-old cunny. I found out later that this wasn't the first time
Rachel had experienced oral sex. She had been letting some of the older boys
at school into her pants since she was ten. As I licked and sucked her tasty
little slit, Rachel moaned and humped and ground her sweet little twat up
against my mouth, forcing her clit to rub against my nose as I tongue-fucked
her tiny hole. The aching of my cock reminded me that it was time to go a
little further with the hot little kid. Once her cunt was good and wet, I
got up, and started rubbing the head of my cock up and down along her tiny
cuntslit. Then I started pushing into her tight, hairless, twelve-year-old
pussy. I heard the other little girl moaning beside us, and looked over to
find Kimmy licking sweet young Cassy's cunt. I had never thought of Cassy as
being sexy before, but now, seeing her with Kimmy's tongue buried in her
twat, she was one of the sexiest girls alive. Right then I swear my cock
grew another inch just from that sight, and I pushed forward until it was
half-way inside Rachel's tight, twelve-year-old twat. Her hairless little
cuntlips bulged out obscenely around my shaft but she seems only interested
in getting me to shove more of my cock up inside her. "Fuck me, Steve!" she
moaned, wrapping her skinny legs around my waist. "Fuck my cunt as hard as
you want! I can take it!" I wasn't sure she could. Despite her slippery
girly-juice, my cock felt like it was inside a hot, velvet vice. Her little
cunt-muscles were twitching and rippling around my cock. And then she
started rolling her ass on it and humping up at me like a grown woman. I
lost my reluctance to take command of the situation and responded with slow,
steady strokes that soon had my cock buried three-quarters of the way inside
the little girl. I could feel the head of my cock press against the very
back of her cunt. I had hardly been fucking her for more than a minute
before Rachel began to buck and squeal under me, grinding her hairless,
bulging little mound up against the pumping thickness of my prick as she
orgasmed loudly. After Rachel came, it was little Cassy's turn and I wasted
no time at all in spreading her skinny young legs and pressing my raging
cock into her tiny gaping slit. Her little cunny was even tighter than I
could have believed was possible. But, despite her age, I had no trouble
getting my cock inside her, lubricated as it was with Rachel's slippery
cunt-juices. As soon as I slid my prick into the hot little kid, Cassy's
tight pubescent cunt grabbed my cock like a milking machine and she made a
loud whimpering sound. "Am I hurting you, Cass?", I asked her. "No, I'm
okay", said Cassy. "Push harder, Steve! I want you to fuck me like you
fucked Rachel!" With that, I lunged a little harder, pushing Cassy's tiny
little ass deep into the bed as I drove into her. Cassy gave a little
squeal, followed instantly by loud moans of pleasure as my cock sank into
her hot, clinging little cunt to the balls. I couldn't believe it! I was
actually fucking a ten-year-old! Cassy gasped then sighed as my cock began
sliding in and out of her. It felt so good be fucking her tight, hairless
young twat. With one hand, Kimmy reached out and squeezed Cassy's tiny
little tits as I fucked her, fondling her ass and belly, her other hand
worked frantically between her own legs, rubbing her pussy in a frenzy of
lust. Watching me fuck the horny little ten-year-old seemed to be the
wildest turn-on Kimmy had ever witnessed. Beside her, young Rachel was
rubbing her juicy-wet little cuntslit too. I returned my attention to the
small squirming body beneath me, fucking her slowly at first, trying to
restrain himself in Cassy's beautiful, little-girl cunt. She was like a
little china doll I was afraid of breaking. Her naked heaving body glistened
with sweat, and with her ass high, she offered her cunt up to me. I was
straining not to shoot too soon. I wanted this to last... for her, as well
as for me! Kimmy was beside herself with lust, shoving three fingers inside
her frothy cunt. "Ram that cock up her cunt and fuck her!" she gurgled.
"Make her cum all over that beautiful cock of yours. She wants you to fuck
her good and hard, don't you honey?" Cassy nodded, gazing up at me with the
most pitiful, pleading little-girl look I had ever seen. "Ooooh, yes, Steve!
Fuck me, please fuck me!" she begged. "Okay, baby, you asked for it. Hang
on!", I grunted. I pumped faster, my cock throbbing and straining. It felt
like my prick was a steel ramrod, plunging in and out between Cassy's soft
hairless little pussylips. Her cunthole was extremely tight yet well
lubricated. It made squishing, slippery noises, and the way she moved her
cute, sexy little ass almost had me coming on the spot. "Ohh yes! God, I
love fucking!!" moaned the horny little kid. "Fill me with cock, Stevey!
Uhhhnnnnggghh, fuck me! Fuck me, hard!" I couldn't believe she was saying
such things. Then again, I still couldn't believe I was actually fucking the
gorgeous little ten-year-old! It was almost like a dream. The horny young
kid was writhing around beneath me like a whore, begging me to fuck her, and
her moans of pleasure told me that despite her age, little Cassy was loving
every second of it! I fucked her like a madman, only vaguely aware of Kimmy
and Rachel's presence. Beside me, Kimmy was moaning obscenities and
finger-fucking her hot, juicy cunt like crazy as she watched, her eyes
glazed over with lust. "Yes! Harder! Fuck the little slut harder! Really ram
it to her!", she chanted. Beneath me, Cassy was moaning too, but her moans
were largely unintelligible. She was riding a wave of pleasure so intense
that she wished it would never stop. She hunched her cunt up at me like
crazy, trying to get more of my cock into her. I must have fucked her tiny
pussy for a full ten minutes before she finally came, bucking and screaming
on the shaft of my cock like her little sister had done earlier. Luckily I
hadn't come myself, because Kimmy scrambled up beside us and grabbed my
sticky pole as soon as I pulled it out of Cassy's well-fucked little slot.
"Now my sweet little brother, it's my turn to have this gorgeous cock of
yours up my cunt. I've wanted you for so long. I wanted to suck your cock
the first time I saw it, when you were only eleven or twelve. God how I
dreamed about playing with your little hard-on!" Kimmy was really turning me
on with all this talk about wanting my cock. I had lusted after my big
sister too, ever since I began to realize that girls had other uses besides
being objects of ridicule. Especially lately now that Kimmy had started
flashing her tits and cunt at me on a regular basis. All my dreams were
about to come true. She got up in front of me on her hands and knees, and
told me to kneel behind her. Then she reached back between her legs and
guided my cock into her fur-lined cunt. "Oooh, my fucking GOD!!!! That's
incredible! Yeah, baby! Fuck Kimmy, sweetheart! Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast
and hard!" Then I took charge enough to tell the girls to get under her and
start sucking her tits. Kimmy really went wild over that idea. "Yeah! Oh, my
two lovely girls! Suck Auntie Kimmy's boobs, babies." Kimmy began rocking he
hips back and forth, fucking herself onto my cock like a bitch in heat as
Rachel and Cassy sucked on her tits and fingered each other's gooey little
cunts. Several times I had to grip my sister's hips tightly to keep from
shooting my load too early. Kimmy began to moan loudly and I knew she was
going to cum any second, a huge orgasm was welling up deep inside her. Each
warm slap of my sister's firm little ass on my belly brought us both a step
closer to climax. We were both near our peaks, and I desperately wanted to
come with her since this was our first fuck. "Fuck me Steve! Fuck me baby!"
she groaned. "Oh! Cassy! Oh Rachel! Suck my tits! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU
ALL!" she screamed. Kimmy shook in orgasm, moaning and jerking her hot
little ass around. I crammed as much of my cock into her cunt as I could,
feeling my own climax approaching rapidly. Each shudder of my sister's
quivering, naked body sent me closer to the edge. It seemed to last forever
as she climaxed, our bodies shuddering with wave after wave of spasming
pleasure. Kimmy's cunt contracted and gripped my cock hard as she came. Her
pussy was flowing and I could feel her crotch was slick with juices. Kimmy
had finished her climax by the time I screamed out in orgasm and prepared to
fill my sister's fiery cunt with cock-cream. Just when I was about to come,
Kimmy turned around, pulled my cock out of her cunt and told the girls to
get down to my crotch and get ready for a real treat. Then they started
licking my cock and my balls, until I started shooting load after load of
cum all over their beautiful little faces. They licked all the cum off me
and off each other's faces, then we all lay back panting together on the
bed. "Steve?" said Kimmy. "I have to babysit again this Saturday.." "I
thought you'd never ask! I'd be more than happy to CUM again!"

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Love it I thought it was a rape. You could have thebrother and sister raped the girls. That would have been hot.


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good story got me hard and cumed a load all over the place


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