That was 10 years ago.

When I knew I was "busted" outside the bathroom window that night, I had simply gone back downstairs and waited for her to come storming down the stairs, having no choice but to confront the situation. She didn't come down - in fact nothing was ever said about the incident. I even got bolder - on several occasions going into her room at night and feeling her up, even rubbing her crotch until she got wet. It wasn't until recently that I realized that she was probably awake every time I did that.

I always figured I'd get to sleep with my sister someday, but in those years, it became an unrealized but not forgotton dream. That all changed after the whole family moved to California.

Mom and Dad fought a lot then, and Sarah moved in with a boyfriend she had met. I spent most of my time in college, eventually moving in with a girlfriend. It was an odd coincidence that she broke up with her boyfriend on the same exact day yhat my girlfriend informed me she was fucking another guy and wanted me to move out. It was a situation that presented its own solution - my sister and I rented a home together and became roommates. The first few nights we were actng like a newly married couple, making a game out of it, calling each other "honey" with mischevious smiles as we unpacked boxes,even though nothing overtly incestuous had ever really happened between us. The fourth night, we both found out that we had both always wanted so much more......
We celebrated our new home on a budget that night by taking some wine coolers in her Thunderbird to the Drive-In, a romantic Richard Gere movie. About halfway through the movie and the wine coolers, my sister, who had become a knockout 24 year old goddess, slid across the seat, nuzzling up next to me and putting her hand firmly on my thigh. She looked at me with a mixture of lust and insobriety and said bluntly, "If you weren't my brother, we could be making out right now."

That was it. I had a decade-old hard-on for my sister, and she had just rolled out the red carpet. I put my arm around her and held her tightly, looking intently into her eyes. "I won't tell if you don't," I said in my best bedroom voice.
We kissed. As our lips locked together in pent up lust, or tongues twined together, exploring each others' mouth. As her hand moved up my thigh to the hard bulge in my jeans, I brought my free hand up to her right breast and began massaging it through her sweater. It had begun to rain, and I noticed absently that the car windows were fogging up from our heavy breathing. My sister wiggled out of her sweater, her boobs swaying unrestrained beneath a thin white blouse that had been mostly unbuttoned beneath the sweater. I reached between the thin material and felt my sister's firm,large, supple breasts, her nipples sticking out like gumdrops. As I buried my face in her cleavage, expertly and lovingly sucking her nipples, my sister moaned. "Ohhhhhh, yeeahh, honey, suck my've always wanted your baby sister, haven't you? mmmmm.... tonight you can have all of me baby...." With that I felt her hand pull at my belt. She obviously had practice taking down a mans' pants, because before I even knew what was happening next, my jeans were around my ankles, and my stiff seven inch aching cock was in my sister's hot wet mouth, my underwear pulled aside, Sarah's hand running up and down my hairy legs, her bare boobs exposed and resting on my left thigh as she expertly sucked my cock. "Uhhhhh, oh Sarah....." I moaned. "Fuck baby that feels so good.....uhhhh....I've wanted you for so long..." my voice trailed off as I fell into pure love and ecstasy with my sister.

Only the sound of the movie and my dick slopping in and out of my sister's wet mouth filled the car. Suddenly she lovingly squeezed my balls and it was all over. I convulsed as a shot streams of pearly come into Sarah's mouth. She swallowed, but a lot of it dripped down her chin. As she sat up, smiling at me, my come was dripping from her chin onto her boobs. "I've wanted to do that forever, bro," she said contentedly. She pointed at the credits rolling across the movie screen, barely visible through the fogged windshield. There was another feature, but somehow I didn't think we'd pay much attention to it. "Do you want to stay here," Sarah asked me in mock innocence, "or would you rather go home and fuck your little sister's lights out?" I answered by barely composing myself and zipping my pants up. She threw her sweater back on over her disheveled and unbuttoned blouse, started the car, waited for the windshield to clear a bit, and we were headed home.

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to unrealistic that he would willingly move in with her seems he would avoid her at all costs.

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Maybe you should spell know correctly before you criticize someone elses shit.


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Very good.

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"HOW MANY PEOPLE BESIDES ME KNOE THE DIFFRENTS BETWEEN THE WORDS COME AND CUM" -- ignorant twit... 'come' is the proper spelling. Look both words up in the dictionary. A REAL dictionary, not


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u suck u fucking cock-tease. stories r so short they end be4 people can even get a good woody. 1/10

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