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"Am I in Heaven or am I in Hell?"
I opened my eyes and I was in an elevator. I don't where I was going, and although I couldn't tell for sure, it felt like the elevator was diminishing in altitude rather quickly. Then it hit me. I'm dead, and I'm going straight to hell.

I wasn't scared, even though I should have been. The elevator was very classy looking, something I'd expect to see in Hugh Hefner's mansion. I just waited, patiently for the door to open, to see my first glimpse at what hell really was. I started to imagine what the first thing I might see - Fire? Satan? Maybe even a sinfully sexy woman in some sort of hellish outfit (which is what I chose to let my mind linger on).

Then a shot of adrenaline - the elevator's bell rang. The doors slowly opened. An elegant hallway, decorated similar to that of the elevator I had just stepped out of, leading to yet another unopened door. I started to walk towards it, slowly, then with an increasing pace. My curiosity had been tickled too much at this point, and I flew the door open as soon as I touched it. My jaw dropped.

Standing in yet another exquisite room was a girl I knew very well, although she did not know me at all. I knew her by the name "Sandy", which was probably a cheap made up pornstar named she had used for a video that she was in (the same video I had indulged in many, many times in my life).

She looked perfect - long golden blonde hair, a body that would make any man's dream come true, and a sexy face that made all your worries melt away in an instant. She was wearing a bright metallic pink bikini, as well as a thong of the same color. Then her lips, which were temptingly coated in a layer of pink lip gloss opened, and she spoke.


I almost fainted.

"I'm Sandy, welcome to the rest of your life," She said. "Please follow me."

She started to walk away towards the next mysterious door on my journey, and as I followed her (my penis would not allow otherwise) my guilty conscience kicked in and I immediately started to tell her about how the masturbation video she had performed in had turned many of the would-be frigid lonely nights into what were now hot wonderous memories.

She stopped, turned around and looked at me. "You liked that video?"

"I adored it," my voice almost squeaked.

"Then you're gonna be a very happy man in a few moments," she brushed her tongue over her top lip as she turned and continued on.

I couldn't believe what was happening, and I couldn't even imagine what was going to happen next. Just watching this girl walk in front of me had given me the biggest erection I have ever had, and the thoughts going through my mind were so explicit that an NC-17 rating would belittle them.

She opened the door to the next room, which was also stylishly designed, but the lighting was different in this one. It was a slightly dimmer, but much warmer type of light, and made the skin on both of our bodies look much more aesthetically pleasing. There was a single stool in the center of the room, with a slightly brighter light over it. There was also a comfortable looking chair facing the stool.

She closed the door, locked it, and spoke to me. "What is your name, sexy?"

I was sure I wasn't sexy, but if THIS girl said so, then I was. "Uh. It's..." I was so nervous. She was looking right at me and my hormones were simply rioting in the streets. "It's Alex... Alex Fetchmen."

I had such a geeky name, probably the reason I stuttered as I was trying to say it.

"Aww, that's such a cute name!" she said in that sexy college freshmen girl voice. "Okay Alex, sit down over here." She brought me over the more comfortable looking chair, and I promptly sat it in it. "Now put your arms on the rests and hold still." I couldn't see what she was doing, but she had activated some sort of device in the back of the chair, and within the blink of an eye, I was trapped.

Four leather straps had ringed around my limbs and tied me to the chair. I wasn't tightly strapped in, but I couldn't move. The chair was extremely comfortable none the less, but my mobility had been ceased by this sexy woman and her chair companion.

"Now just you wait, I'm gonna make you feel a lot more comfortable!" she giggled. She went over to a small cabinet and pulled out a pair of scissors. Suddenly I was terrified. All the wonderful things that I thought this girl was going do to me turned into images of freakish horror.

I screamed "Wait! You have to answer one question!"

She came over to my chair and stood right in front of me with the scissors and had this devious look on her face (which I will admit was still able to give my hormones yet another kick in the face).

I was scared, but I asked my question. "Is this heaven or Hell?"

She took the scissors, and grabbed my shirt. "Oh you confused little boy, you". She started to cut my shirt off. "You're in heaven now."

Words cannot describe the relief I felt, but the ongoing action quickly deterred my thoughts. She had finished cutting my shirt off, and was now working on my pants. It became clear that this unbelievably attractive female wanted me to be naked, but preferred to do it in this oh-so erotic way.

She had reached my boxer shorts, where an embarrassingly large boner was still apparent. She smiled at me, as if she were flattered, and continued to undress me - her way.

Last but not least she removed my shoes and sock. There I was. Completely naked, strapped to a chair, with a monstrosity of an erection pointing right at Sandy.

"There, don't you feel more comfy now?" She beckoned me to say yes, but it was hard to do it without drooling. She then erotically walked back to the cabinet and put the scissors back, but she took out a few other things - a bottle of KY massage oil, a long bright pink jelly dildo, and a can of whip cream. My penis hardened at the sight of them.

"Alex, all I am going to say, is that you are going to quickly forget about the video of me that you used to watch." I was quite sure that my lust for that particular video was so strong that I could never forget it. I had watched a lot of pornography in my life, but something about that video had attached itself to me. Because of this, I was literally having trouble breathing as I waited to see what Sandy was going to do.

She started to move erotically, gliding her hands over her tight sexy body. She pulled her hair up in the back for a moment, and let it fall back down. He eyes were locked on me, giving me that 'come fuck me as hard as you can' look... but I couldn't. I couldn't do anything except watch.

One of her soft hands had found it's way underneath her bikini strap. She teased me with it - pulling it loose, and then pulling it tight again. She did this several times, and it started to drive me wild (which seemed impossible since I was already technically "wild" to begin with). Everything else I had ever wanted or had ever worried about was simply void. All that I wanted right now, was for her bikini to vanish from her body, so I could see her perfectly proportional breasts. Sandy gave an extra hard pull - there was a snap, and my first wish came true.

My penis had become so excited by the performance that I am quite sure that it started to grow. I had always had a fascination with masturbation, especially while watching her, but my wrists were just as strapped down as they were when I first sat in the chair, and I was restrained from touching myself in anyway.

Sandy continued to fondle her luscious breasts, my desire for her bikini to be removed having found it's way into the non-existent category. Her thumb slipped its way underneath the strapped of her thong, and my mouth watered. I remember Sandy having a cute, very tight, pink vagina in her video, and thought of seeing it for real was pure ecstasy in it's own.

Without teasing me as much, she slowly slipped it off. Finally, she was just as naked as me (except for 2 very sexy pink high heels which I preferred that she left on).

She let out a sexy giggle as she gently picked up her bottle of KY massage oil. She smiled at me, and my penis tightened up. She flipped open the cap of the bottle, and held it above her chest. She let the oil pour out all over her body, over her sultry breasts, and firm nipples. My jaw dropped lower and lower just as the oil trickled lower and lower down on her body. She turned around, and poured the oil all over her divine butt. She closed the bottle and started to rub the oil all over her body, her eyes closed gently as she gave herself an erotic massage.

I started to sweat from the heat that this girl's body was transferring to mine, though she was not even touching me. I looked down at my penis and I just gasped at the urge of wanting to stick it into her body. My wrist jerked over towards my shaft in a feeble attempt to satisfy myself, but the leather strap kept my masturbation fantasies in check.

"Do like the way I look Alex?" she asked genuinely, though it was a tease of a question.

"Sandy, I want to have sex with you, right now," I boldly stated after taking a deep breathe.

"Tee hee," she giggled. "Alex, you are so cute!"

She was the ultimate tease. For a second I thought maybe I was in hell after all - doomed to watch a perfect sex angel pleasure herself in front of my eyes for eternity without being able to masturbate to it. I had no choice, she continued on, and I had to watch.

She picked up her long pink dildo, glanced at me, and then closed her eyes as her lips enveloped its head. She pulled it out of her mouth to the tune of a succulent smooching noise, which, coupled with her sexy lip gloss, immediately grabbed my penis' attention. She started to moan, but gently, and in a cute way. She put the base of the dildo near her mouth, stuck her tongue out, and slowly licked it from bottom to top, all the way. I loved it when a girl did this, and she obviously knew it. She repeated this simple but explicitly wonderful act many times for me, to the point where I lost track of who I was and where I was. A small, but anxious drop of pre-ejaculate semen had gathered on the tip of my erect penis - my body wanted to do things to Sandy that I didn't even know how to do.

Then she got herself comfortable on the stool that was in front of me. With one leg on the floor, and the other sky high in the air, her adorable pink vagina came to view. It opened slightly, as her legs were quite spread apart. Her body was still shimmering from the oil she had poured all over herself earlier. She continued to suck and lick her pink friend, but with the intent of getting lubricated for the inevitable entry into her warm moist love tunnel.

She looked at me and said, "Alex, I want you to play a little game with me." I would have killed a man just to play checkers with her, so whatever she wanted to play, I was ready and willing. "I want you to pretend that this dildo is your penis, okay?" My whole head quivered, and I just barely nodded 'yes'.

She started to rub the dildo up against her clitoris, and her moaning became slightly more intense. Then, with her free hand, she spread the lips of her wondrous vagina open a little bit more, and nestled the head of her toy in the slit formed by her warm inviting labia. She gave me the most sincere and passionate look she had given me since I had arrived in "Heaven." Then, her eyes dimmed once more, and she slowly pushed the shaft of her toy all the way into her body, letting out the sexiest sound I have ever heard in my life.

The drop of pre-cum had accumulated even more since earlier and started to drip down the side of my shaft. I was watching quite possibly the sexiest girl in the world masturbate no more than 10 feet in front of my eyes, and I hadn't even been in "heaven" for more than a half hour. My body was cringing every which way, and had the chair not been as comfortable as it was, I might of had a heart attack. Every cell in my body, even the ones not associated with my reproductive organs, wanted to have sex with Sandy, but the only thing having sex with her in this erotic torture chamber was that dildo. I never thought I'd be so envious of a toy, but I was.

She continued to slowly drill herself, in and out, emitting cute teasing squeaks of lustful passion. Her vagina had grown very moist, and as she slid her dildo in and out, I could hear a sweet slick sounding slippery sound. She started to get a little more rigorous with herself, pushing it in and out a little faster, but not too fast. Her dildo must have been at least 9 inches long, and she was pushing it all the way into her body, and pulling it all the way out before re-exercising the motion.

After pushing it in one more time as far as she could, she slowly pulled it out. I could see a faint luster that the juices from her vagina had left on the lucky toy. Just as before, she held the dildo near the base of her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and licked the entire length of the shaft, only this time, she was licking her heavenly vaginal secretions from it. The head of my penis had grown so hard, and so erect that it was really starting to turn purple.

Sandy giggled. I knew she wasn't finished yet. The can of whipped cream had been left untouched, until now. Sandy had laid her dildo aside, and picked up the can. She gave it a few shakes, and before she did anything, she once again gave me that look. I wanted to be in her. I wanted to ejaculate every ounce of the semen that had manifested itself inside of me in her body, somewhere - anywhere... but we weren't there yet.

Sandy started to squirt the whip cream out all over her chest. It became clear that she was making some sort of design with it, and soon enough she had drawn a whipped cream heart right above her breasts, with the bottom point of it perfectly in the center of her cleavage.

"Alex, do you think I'm a good artist?" she teased me once more.

"Sandy," I said, my voice quivering as ever. "I don't know how much more I can take of this."

"Aw, Alex, you are so adorable!" She really knew how to keep this mystery alive. "You must be getting hungry seeing all this whipped cream... here, have some". I thought she was going to feed me the whipped cream, but instead she did something else. She knelt down in front of me, her mouth being the closest any of her orifices had come to my penis. She took the can and squirted a little puff of whipped cream out onto the tip of my cock. My jaw had dropped many times in the last half hour, but not nearly as far as it did this time.

"Tee hee, that looks so cute on you Alex! I think it's even better than the heart I drew on myself." She was adorable, cute, sexy, and hot all at the same time. "I guess that means I can get rid of it then." She stood up and started to smear the whipped cream from her chest all over herself. As she glided her hands over her curves, I could hear creamy sounds that made my ears perk up. I was sure more pre-cum had found its way out of my shaft, but the whipped topping made it impossible to tell.

I had to recount everything that was happening. I was naked, strapped to a chair with whipped cream on my penis, while watching a sexy girl that had covered herself oil and whipped cream as well (not to mention she had passionately fucked herself moments ago). There was one factor that would decide whether or not I was in heaven or hell. If the erection that Sandy had crafted were to diminish as a result of having an orgasm, surely I was in heaven. Otherwise, I knew perfectly well where I was.

Sandy continued to cream herself up. I started to think about how I wished the cream on her body hadn't come from a can, but rather had it come from my scrotum. She started to sensually lick the cream off of her fingers.

"Mmmm, that tastes so good!" She said this as if she had just swallowed the fluids of a man she had been wanting to please for a lifetime. "I think I want a little more."

When she said this, it hit me - I was in heaven after all. I knew for sure that it was only a matter of time before she came to lick the whipped cream off my penis, and because I was so horny and erect, I was probably only going to last a few seconds. Once again she knelt down. She smiled at me as if we had been madly in love our whole lives. Her eyes closed, and her mouth opened. As she had done with the dildo, she licked me from the bottom to the top, and enveloped the head of my penis, encompassing the puff of cream as well. The sensation was without a doubt better than all of Hugh Hefner's lived out fantasies combined. I screamed with pleasure. Her lips reached the base of my penis - my entire shaft was finally in her one of her luscious holes. I could feel the cream in her mouth, and it made things feel mushy and wonderful. As her lips glided their way up, the savory topping had left a creamy streak long the sides of my penis. She gave my head a sensual lick, which sparked my inevitable climb to orgasm. She continued to passionately suck and lick my penis, and she let out a sexy sound, one that made it obvious that she was enjoying this just as much as I was.

I screamed again as her tightened lips passed over the ring. She swallowed my penis once more, and it started. My groin area started contracting. I couldn't see it, but I knew that I was ejaculating the hottest gooiest load of semen in the history of man. I could feel all the tension in my body being routed to the very tip of my cock. It must have lasted an eternity. I lost sight of everything. All I could here was my voice screaming "Oh my god!" and Sandy's wet lips smooching along the boundaries of my package. I had felt the greatest sensation of my life. When my eyes finally opened, I caught sight of Sandy with a bit of my semen dripping out of her lips. A swift lick of the tongue quickly retrieved it and brought it inside her mouth. Her throat pulsed - she had swallowed all of it.

"Welcome to Heaven Alex Fetchman," Sandy said.

I was still shaking. "Oh my god... Oh my god..." Heaven was perfect, but what Sandy said next made 'perfect' ever better.

"Please note that we are scheduled to do this 3 times a day."

"Oh my god."

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If that's heaven, i'm going to run into the nearest flaming children's hospital and save them all or die trying.

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