The story resumes 14 months after Minnie; formally Mistress Minerva becomes the servant of her Master's slaves. When appropriate, I will go back in time to specific events and offer clarifications or explanations. When I make reference to Princess, I am talking about Sarah.
All of Minnie's real property and assets have been transferred to her new Master and former peer in the Sanctorum. Any and all personal property, including clothing, jewelry...everything, is gone. For the first time in her adult life she is totally dependent upon on the man she once
befriended, fell in love with, and then tried to betray.

Things had settled down quite nicely in my household these past 14 months. Minnie has been confined to the house, and allowing for her time -of- the month, is required to remain naked most of the time. With the weather permitting, Minnie may go outside with me when I split and cut firewood. Mandy's hair is again her own virgin natural honey blond, grown out from a bleached blond layered pixie to a blunt bob without bangs; her hair now much thicker and softer just touching the bottom of her ears; She can't wait until it is waist length again, as it was when Minerva acquired her.

Katherine's hair is growing out nicely: light brown in color, cut in a blunt bob, just brushing the nape of her neck.... no bangs of course. Sarah's hair is the longest of my four girls, dark brown and blunt cut four inches below her shoulders; I have decided that Sarah will keep her eye framing bangs. I prefer long hair on my girls. They will grow it waist length for me. It will be their crowning glory, my love reins, most suitable to tie to the pole, if the need arises.

When their hair is long enough, I have decided that they will wear it up when they leave the house in keeping with Sarah's Amish background. Mandy is the most proficient with any bun style, French twist or upswept hairstyle. Sarah learned simple buns and braids growing up.

Naturally they will wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty and colorful stylish clothing, not the severe Amish dresses and head coverings of Sarah's past life; before she became my slave. I have on occasion required them to dress exactly alike, especially when we all go out for dinner.

I find women who wear their long hair pinned up to be very attractive. This type of hairstyle is both elegant and practical; it is also an issue of control; a slave must know her place. Minnie understood this when she was Mistress Minerva; she understands it now and is powerless to change anything.

She wore her beautiful thick and silky red hair long and deliberately kept her slaves hair cut short...control and dominance. Minnie did not want them more beautiful then she. Minerva wanted all the attention for herself. Minerva understood my preference, fetish if you will, for women with long hair. She teased me with hers.

Minnie fixed her hair in a pretty bun on the day of her betrayal; she thought to entice and arouse me under the pretence of making up.
As one consequence of her failed coup, I initially had Minnie's hair trimmed and thinned by Mandy every three weeks to maintain the pixie haircut that she imposed on Mandy.

I started allowing Minnie's hair to grow out seven months into her sentence. Minnie now has a modified bowl cut; five inches long on top, the longer bowl section curving just above her ears; full and thick on the back and sides. Mandy choose this style, as it will grow out easily to a blunt bob when the time comes. Minnie hates her hair short. Even though I prefer it longer, I have decided that she will keep this style for now. It will require her to try even harder for my attention and approval considering that there are three younger slave girls in my household that have hair longer then hers.

It may seem odd to some that I refer to them as girls. Mandy just turned thirty-two, Katherine is thirty-four, while Sarah is the youngest, at twenty-five, the baby of my slave women. Which brings us to Minnie, the oldest, she will be thirty-seven tomorrow.

Minnie can easily pass for a woman in her late- twenties and is the most beautiful of my four slave girls. She is the closest to me in age, I being forty-two. Minnie is one of those rare, lucky women who will be a classical beauty well into her seventies. Nevertheless that is how I affectionately think of them and often address them as my girls.

I take no pleasure on the restrictions that I imposed on her because of her betrayal. They were necessary for the good of the household. Minnie is a slave, nothing more nothing less, and her status in the Sanctorum now greatly diminished: a slave and a servant to slaves. Order and discipline must be maintained, countered with fairness and kindness.

As one of her restrictions, Minnie is required to sleep alone in the basement under the most Spartan of conditions. The first month, secured to her pole in a sitting position. For the remaining time she was given a thin neoprene mat for the floor and a quilt that Sarah made for her from coarse cotton material; she will sleep on the floor leashed to the pole; a plastic bucket for her sanitary needs.

On her birthday, this final restriction will be lifted; Minnie will to be allowed to sleep in a proper bed and given clothing. In the event that she backslides, I reserve the right to modify the conditions at any time.

I am not one for orgies in the Master Bedroom, my bedroom. I prefer to sleep with one girl at a time. I must clarify what I mean by "sleep with".

At night, when it is bedtime, when it is time to sleep, as we all must, I will select one of my girls to share my bed for the night, which includes her pleasuring me. For minor offences and as a punishment, the offending girl may be leashed to the bedpost and made to sleep naked on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Not that I have not had two or three of my girls at once; I prefer to do this during the day. The girls look forward to their "special time" at night. Each of my girls has their assigned bedroom for those nights they are not with me.

Two months into Minnie's sentence, Princess spent a night sleeping on the floor for thinking that she could punish and/or abuse Minnie when nobody was watching. What she did is not important; it shall remain in the family; between my girls and I.

What is important is that she now realizes what she done was petty and greatly disappointed me. I expected better from her and told her so in private.

Every Saturday morning, I gather my girls together for a household meeting. Any concerns and suggestions are discussed; of course, I remain the final arbiter. . Everyone is assigned household chores for the week.

Mandy and Katherine still have their occupations and their schedule is discussed and taken into consideration. I allow them to work because it pleases me. That Saturday, I held court on Sarah's offences with the girls present: Mandy, Katherine and Minnie, naked and collared, made to assume the position, which is only proper. Sarah was stripped of her clothing and secured to the pole in a standing position; her hands above her head, her legs hobbled at her ankles.

Sarah was required to confess her transgressions against Minnie and then offer her a public apology. I then removed my garrison belt and applied it to Sarah's buttocks; two forceful cracks for each offence against Minnie. I let it be known that this behavior will not be tolerated by any of my girls against another.

I released Sarah from the pole and she immediately assumed the position next to the other girls. I adjured court and directed them to heel and then stand.

Assuming the position is common slave etiquette practiced by the Sanctorum. The slave girl will kneel with her hands flat on the floor, crossed, with her forehead on her hands. Her ass will be higher then her head, her feet will be together. To heel is for the girl is to kneel with her back straight, arms straight and crossed in front, with her head up looking at her Master or Mistress.

To my surprise and satisfaction, Sarah still crying, walked over to Minnie, offered her hand, and quietly apologized again. Minnie not only took Sarah's hand accepting her apology, but actually hugged Sarah, tears starting to form in her eyes as well. Looking at Mandy and Katherine's faces I knew what would happen next; I went upstairs to let them have their moment, well satisfied with the outcome; Minnie showing genuine humility; one of my favorite attributes in a slave girl. Sarah's transgression was expunged with her punishment; I will not bring it up again.

That evening, I went downstairs to check on Minnie for the first time. Up until then, the girls took care of her needs: I ignored her, never going to the basement. Minnie immediately assumed the position. "Minnie, heel." When she complied, I gently touched her face resting my hand on the top of her head. This was only the second time that I talked to her and the first time I touched her or showed her any affection since the Sanctorum returned her to me. "You do not have permission to speak to me." "Tomorrow you will be allowed upstairs during the day for the rest of your sentence." I added, continuing to caress her face and hair and looking into her beautiful green eyes.

"You will eat your meals alone in the kitchen and then serve us ours in the dinning room "You will take cooking lessons from Sarah and help her clean the house" " Every Saturday morning, you will attend the household meeting" "The girls and I will discuss your progress; you will remain silent and listen."

"You may use one of the girl's two bathrooms, specifically the toilet and sink." "You will be allowed to take one cold shower a day.... alone." " Your use of hot water will be restricted to hand washing, food preparation and house cleaning." "Your sleeping arrangements will remain the same.... for now."

"Go to your sleeping mat and lie down." Minnie quickly complied. I attached her leash to the pole and covered her with her quilt and rubbed her head one final time. That was the second time I left her crying by her pole.

Sunday morning Minnie was to be allowed upstairs for the first time. It was Mandy's turn to share my bed that previous night and she liked to cuddle and have me play with her hair when I awoke, followed by breakfast in bed just for the two of us, served by Katherine or Sarah when I called for it.

Mandy was full of questions as were Sarah and Katherine, they all being excited about Minnie being allowed upstairs. This too pleased me greatly; I made an exception and we all had breakfast in bed together.

I answered their questions; implemented most of their suggestions, then gave them their instructions, receiving many hugs and kisses. Afterwards, Mandy and I showered together while Katherine and Sarah had their showers, dressed and waited for us in the library.

I sent Sarah to bring Minnie upstairs, while I waited in the library, sitting in my favorite chair, my feet on the matching ottoman.
Katherine and Mandy met them at the top of the stairs and then escorted Minnie to their bathroom and dressing room to get her presentable for my viewing.

From the beginning, Minnie was given a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, antiseptic mouthwash and castile soap for her personal needs. She was allowed to wash in the slop-sink, as was Princess.
Now Minnie was given shampoo and conditioner and allowed a cold shower. Next she was given a full body wax and is told that I will allow her to shave her armpits and legs.

Minnie covered her mouth during the wax, tears running down her face; how the tables are turned! Minnie always kept her public hair full, but trimmed and shaped; shaved vaginas were for slaves...need I say more?

One Saturday, during our household meeting, Katherine told me that Minnie hated needles and that was why she never wears earrings or had her ears pierced. Each of my beautiful girls was given a gift of an identical pair of 18-karat gold hoop earrings. The earrings are a symbol of their bondage and they are required to wear them except when showering or sleeping.

They share a communal jewelry chest that is located on the second floor in a bedroom room I converted into a dressing room; complete with floor to ceiling mirrors, and a walk- in -closet. The closet contains identical items of clothing in each of the girl's sizes, including Minnie's. The room also has vanity tables and chairs.

The antique jewelry chest is the size of a large chest of drawers. It is filled exclusively with sterling silver jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, broaches and hair accessories: combs and barrettes.

The chest contains just about every semi-precious stone available: turquoise, ambers, garnets, amethysts, and onyx: lapis lazuli, tanzanite, sapphires and citrines: tourmaline and spinals, corals, jade, carnelian, jasper and aquamarine, to name a few and illustrate the variety the chest contains. Every piece is duplicated in four: Minerva must earn access to the chest, as she must her 18-karat hoops.

They enjoy dressing and modeling for me, as I delight in watching them. Having two or three beautiful female companions, while out in public, regardless of the activity shared is most gratifying. Even at home on most nights we dress for dinner and eat in my formal dining room; they may make a selection of jewelry from the chest to go with their ensemble.

I make time for these life's pleasures, they follow their schedule, help each other out and get along like sisters; sisters in bondage, but sisters; As I have said before, I have my own methods.

This Sunday morning, Minnie will not have her ears pierced. Katherine will perform the procedure; Minnie will have her vertical clitoral hood pierced for an 18-karat ball closure ring; all my girls wear one. Minnie fainted twice during the procedure and the girls teased her about it.

When Minnie gained her composure, and stopped crying, they had her stand in front of the full-length mirror in their dressing room. They showed her their gold closure rings, then hugged and congratulated her, they being proud of theirs.

Masters and Mistresses of the Sanctorum have offered me millions for Minnie. Many of them are cruel taskmasters. Some Mistresses offering to purchase her are formal rivals jealous of her beauty. They would abuse and degrade her for no other reason then they can, the atrocities they would heap upon her...........

To other Dominants, Minnie is merely a novelty, a status symbol to amuse themselves and then discard. She could be sold or traded multiple times, the temperament of her new owner, the luck of the draw. Fortunately most Masters and Grand Masters are of my vein. We work diligently to sanction, purge or if necessary, terminate these undesirables.

In my opinion Minnie used her crop far too freely on Mandy and Katherine, and then she mostly ignored them in her quest to become Grand Mistress. Those two months alone in the basement gave her much to think about, as well as myself.

Princess has been my slave the longest and knows my mind. I telling her that I was disappointed in her and telling her I expected better of her, no doubt hurt her more then the belt. Sarah loves me as I love her. My Mandy, our house would be empty without them. In the short time I have owned them, I have grown to love them as well, but each in different way then Sarah; I can't put it into words and I pride myself in logic and reason.

I have known Minnie the longest; first as Minerva, who I met at her dance school after my acrimonious divorce; then as my dance partner; we won many competitions together; Finally as Mistress Minerva of the Sanctorum; my salvation and blessing. Minerva was my marvelous teacher, my mentor and part time lover. Minerva, I loved from the first. How foolish, how weak and damn obstinate.... prideful...asinine and obtuse, we both were, Master, Mistress.... afraid of three words. I have forgiven Minnie for her betrayal.

Yet, a Master I remain with responsibility to the Sanctorum and the women that I love. This is the life we chose, Minnie and I. We are of the Sanctorum. We must play our parts; until death do us part. I will keep my word to former Grand Mistress Maude and Grand Master Arthur. I will work with him to secure the values of the Sanctorum.

After awhile there was a knock on the library door, "Come in ladies" I answered in response to the knock. Katherine slid the double pocket doors open and entered the room first in a beautiful sea green dress, her hair and makeup done to perfection. She had selected a silver and green tourmaline bracelet, ring, and chain with a heart shaped pendant to go with the dress. Next was Mandy in the identical dress in pale blue, choosing lapis lazuli for her stone; hair and make-up perfect.

Then my Sarah in a pale rose version, her hair up in a French twist with two silver and red garnet hair combs and a red garnet bracelet, make-up, perfect; blood red lipstick, luscious. Minnie entered last, naked and collared. Her red hair freshly washed and her face scrubbed, pink and glowing with health.

While confined to the basement, and per my instructions, the girls saw to it that she received good healthy meals and multiple vitamin/ mineral supplements as well as requiring Minnie to do her stretching and exercises, most times doing them with her.

As they each entered, they assumed the position, in a neat row, right to left, all four girls barefoot. "You may heel ladies"
I put my coffee cup on the coaster, got up from the chair and walked to Katherine. "You may stand Katherine my dear and I must say you look lovely" Katherine put her arms around my neck and kissed my mouth. "Thank you Michael" She replied smiling, followed by my arms around her waist and then kissing her mouth, as she tried to speak "If you want".... Kiss..."your lunch".... Kiss..."on time".... Kiss, Kiss...."you will have to let me go".... Kiss...."So I can set the table!"

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" "I was rather busy and my mind was elsewhere." I said, Kiss. Putting her hand in over of my mouth, "I said if you want your lunch on time you have to let me go to set the table." Katherine repeated, laughing. "Very well then, don't let me stop you. "I said, smiling and letting go; Katherine left.

"Mandy" I said offering her my hand, helping her stand. "That color brings out your blue eyes, my little peach" "Is my shirt pressed, my black shoes shined; my suit laid out?" " Have you chosen a tie for me?" I asked. "I'm not telling you." she said, pouting "Why won't you tell me?" "Because you have not kissed me yet" she answered. "I already kissed you earlier, peaches, you were with me all last night." "That does not count." Mandy replied. "I vote with Mandy" Sarah added. "See, it's two against one, Master you lose!"

"Well then Mandy.... Princes, we will see about that." I will take you both on!" With a girl in each arm, I received many hugs and kisses, each girl trying to out do the other. Finally, declaring a truce, I sent them on their way, closing the doors behind them.

"Minnie you may stand." Minnie put her hand to the base of her throat, a gesture that I first taught Sarah, then the other girls, requesting permission to speak. "No you may not speak." "Put your hands behind your head." "Very nice, leave them there" I walked around her, looking at her from all angles. Cupping her breasts and stroking them, feeling her nipples grow hard, I said, "My magnificent Minnie" "Your breasts are as I remember them; round, firm and perfect." "Spread your legs for your Master."
I stroked her smooth hairless vagina commenting, "I like it better this way."

" Do you remember your little joke, when you shaved me." "You said that you didn't want hair in your mouth when you went down on me." "When it was your turn, you refused to let me shave you saying only female slaves were shaved." "I was a good sport about it." "I now prefer it that way"
"It is shaved again "My girls prefer it that way." "It is such a little concession to them, yet pleases them greatly."

Feeling her wetness, I commented, "I do not recall you being so easily aroused Minnie, it must be your closure ring." I added, stroking her vagina, parting her lips.... touching her clitoris. "You know my dear, you have a beautiful pussy." "Luscious and plump, meant to be stroked and probed." "Assume the position"
I continued stroking her clitoris, feeling her juices flow, aroused at my touch. " "A most vulnerable position, don't you agree."? "I could enter you right now my girl, or I could use the crop on your exposed bottom." "I still have yours." I added, removing her crop from my inner robe pocket.

"As I recall, you were quite fond of using it on your girls for any reason." "Not that you beat them to leave welts or cuts.... but as you often told me, "To motivate" motivate." "You are a very intelligent women Minnie, as well as a beautiful one; a Harvard Graduate." "To your credit, you observe everything, take in every detail; you analyze everything." "I will not beat you with your crop." "You have done nothing wrong." You have not irritated or annoyed me since you have been here." "I actually am quite pleased with you." I added, dropping the crop to the floor.

"On the night that the Sanctorum returned you to me, I told you that you would have to earn the right to serve me." "The fact that you forgave Sarah was your first step." "Your humility makes you the girl's equal now." "You are no longer their servants." "You will work beside them and learn."

"I will take you into my confidence again." "You will not repeat this to the other girls, although. I am sure that they know it." "You are the most beautiful of my girls." " "In fact, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever known." "My girls are not jealous of one another and I love them for that."

"I have been thinking much of you these past months Minerva." "How foolish, how weak and damn obstinate.... prideful...asinine and obtuse, we both were, Master, Mistress.... afraid of three words we knew to be true." "We are of the Sanctorum, you and I." "This is the life we both chose of our own free will."

" I have a responsibility to uphold the values of the Sanctorum." "Order and discipline will be maintained in my household." "You know the absolute importance of this having been a Mistress." "I have a duty to the welfare of my girls; in return for their loyalty, and obedience.... their love."

"Now for your betrayal...I forgive you." "I will never bring up the subject again." "Your punishment shall remain." "Your transgression shall be expunged when the terms of your punishment ends."

"Stand and face your Master" "You have beautiful eyes, beautiful emerald green eyes and I never told you just how beautiful I thought they were." "I should have told you long before this." Closing mine, I gently ran my hands through her short red hair, then caressed her face, neck; moving to her shoulders, down her back to her trim waist, stopping at her shapely ass and squeezing it lightly. I moved back up, caressing and stroking, until I again was holding her face in my hands. Sighing with pleasure, I opened my eyes and kissed her beautiful face.

Minnie reached up and touched her cheek where I kissed her looking down. I could see her bottom lip quiver if she wanted to say something, or was about to cry, but she quickly mastered her emotions and looked up. I could see suppressed anger flash in her green eyes, like a hot green flame.

"You have permission to speak." I offered. "You may speak freely without fear of punishment." I was giving her the opportunity to vent. "You can be such a bastard, Master." "That being said, I give you my word I will do my best to please you.," she added. "I have no where else to go."

"May I kiss you Master?" Minnie asked sweetly. "You certainly may." I answered, crossing my arms, guessing what would come next. "I've changed my mind." "I don't think I shall." Minnie said, tossing her head, as she used too when her hair was long. "May I be dismissed Master, I have my duties to perform?"

"You may address me as Michael." "After all, we do have a history together." I offered. "Oh no, Master, that would not be proper."
"I will certainly do so if you order me to, Master."

"You are dismissed Minnie." Sarah is probably in the kitchen." Just as she reached the door, I said " And Minnie." "Yes Master" she said stopping and turning to look at me. "You are welcome."
." Minnie continued walking, swearing under her breath, in Gaelic, a language that she was most fluent being Irish on her mother's side and taught to her on grandmother's knee. "Minnie!"..........."Yes Master" she said, stopping again, turning and smiling sweetly. "Please bring me another cup of coffee, you know how I like."

I knew from the start how obstinate she could be...and impertinent if given the chance to speak freely when we were alone. I took it for granted that Minnie knew better to be impertinent in front of the girls. I also knew in my heart she would eventually come around. If she hated me, she would have told me so in no uncertain terms. I do not desire to break her spirit. I have no interest in a fawning drone. I can wait her out.... I have three other girls to pleasure me.

Minnie always enjoyed making love to me as a free woman, but now, Minnie will never beg for sex, no matter how much she wants it. I can just take her if I desire, but I do not want her that way. Minnie will figure a way around it to save what dignity she has left.... when she is comfortable with her new found title: slave, and when she is ready.

Approximately seven months into her sentence was another turning point for her. Minnie was true to her word and she did try very hard to fit in doing her share of the household chores and more. I was spending more time with her.

I made it a point to kiss her every morning and evening. When I walked by her, I often touched her, my hands lingering most intimately. Minnie never returned my kisses or my touches, although I could tell she enjoyed them. Minnie always addressed me as Master.

The turning point came on a hot Friday afternoon in June. Katherine and Mandy were at work. Katherine would be home at her regular time.
It was the wedding season and Mandy's Salon, my Salon was booked late into the evenings for women and girls getting their hair styled for upcoming weddings. Mandy would not be home until 8:00 PM. It was money in my pocket, but it was not as if I needed it; I was now much wealthier then before. Grand Master Arthur was true to his word when he told me, "the fifty will remember your generosity." Grand Master Arthur introduced me to people and allowed me to invest in private ventures that allowed me to increase my wealth five-fold.

Sarah and Minnie were canning blueberries in the kitchen. There were flats of blueberries stacked on the back porch, along with new unopened boxes of canning jars. Sarah took my pickup truck to town, to buy more sugar, pectin and labels for the jars of pie filling and preserves that she was planning to put up.

Minnie was in the kitchen, taking them out of the baskets and washing them, putting them into colanders to drain and then be sorted for spoils; finally to be put into large bowls. The counters and kitchen table, kitchen chairs were covered with huge bowls of fresh blueberries, waiting for Sarah to show Minnie the next step in the process.

I was outside splitting wood for my fireplaces and wood stove. Our central air was down; I had it apart earlier that morning trying to fix it, but the compressor was shot. I called the manufacturer's 1-800 number and ordered the part; it would be delivered Monday. I had a load of small logs delivered the day before and was enjoying my workout. The temperature was in the high eighties and it was very muggy.

I was stripped to the waist and perspiring heavily with the good sweat of manual labor. Minnie was in and out of the house replenishing my pitcher of ice water with fresh ice and checking frequently to make sure the water was fresh and cold. I did not ask her to do this, I generally drank from the hose; I am not complaining, I am pleased with her thoughtfulness.

At one point I heard a scream, followed by a crash. I dropped my splitting maul and ran into the house to see if she was hurt. I found Minnie sitting on the floor
in a pile of spilled, and now squashed blueberries. When Minnie is in the kitchen preparing food, or is cleaning with harsh chemicals, she is allowed appropriate clothing.... common sense.

Today because of the oppressive heat, all she was wearing to wash berries was an apron.

There were blueberries everywhere and empty overturned bowls littering floor. Bowls were overturned on the counter; but it gets better, the kitchen faucet was broken at the base; water was shooting up to the ceiling, splashing, then running down the walls, spilling over the counters onto the floor; I was trampling blueberries trying to get to her. Moving the overturned chair she was standing on before she fell, I knelt beside her in the mashed blueberries.

"Minerva, are you hurt?" "I'm fine, look at the mess I just made." "Are you sure you are not hurt?" "I'm fine, it was an accident." Helping her to her feet, and trying not to laugh, I asked "What were you doing standing on a chair when there is a step-stool in the pantry?" "I was trying to get a bowl down." Minnie answered, looking down. "It was heavy and my hands were wet." "It slipped out of my hands, and when I tired to catch it I fell and broke our sink." "Accidents happen, I'm just glad you are not hurt."

I squatted to reach underneath the sink and turn off the water at the shut off valve; the handle broke off at the stem when I tried to force it.

Getting up, I turned and saw that Minnie had taken off her ruined apron and was now trying to reach a spilled bowl of berries that ended up under the table; she slipped on the mess on the floor, landing on her stomach; now she was covered front and back, the berries staining her beautiful smooth skin, swearing under her breath in Gaelic.

I started laughing and couldn't stop. "Stop laughing at me." "This is not at all funny." "I have to clean this mess. She added, her eyes flashing with anger.

"Yes, you.... ha, ha, I, ha, ha.... you're right it is not funny." I answered, trying to stifle the next laugh and keep a straight face, but not succeeding "It is hysterical and you look ridiculous!" "Ha, ha ha ha ha...I...ha, ha, ha, can't look at you." and I turned my back to her just shaking with laughter.

Minnie came up behind me, her hands full of squashed blueberries and smashed them on my shoulders, pushing her hands up my neck into my hair. I turned to her in disbelief. Smiling, Minnie reached for my face with her slender hands full of berries and rubbed them on my cheeks, painting my mouth, neck and chest with berry juice and pulp as if I were her canvas.

Minnie reached down for more, this time rubbing the blueberries on her mouth, neck and breasts; fascinated, all I could do was watch.

Putting her arms around my neck, Minnie gave me a deep, lingering kiss, tasting like blueberries. Giving her my best stern look, and covered in blueberries I admonished "I should take my belt to you for that." "I don't understand?" She said innocently, "Do you mean for kissing you, Master?"

"I asked you for your permission." You certainly did not." I replied. "I most certainly did." "When did you ask permission to kiss me?" "The day you first brought me upstairs to the library." "That was over five months ago." I replied. "Do you withdraw your permission for me to kiss you, Master?"

"That depends, do you wish to kiss me again Minnie?" "I don't believe I shall." She answered, saucily. "Now you are being impertinent, you are certain to get the belt." "You gave me a choice to kiss or not kiss you, therefore I have tacit approval." She retorted. "Good point" I admitted.

You also gave me permission to speak freely without fear of punishment, and to date, you have not withdrawn that either." She retorted.

"I most definitely did not at any time, five months, or five minutes ago give you permission to cover me with blueberries; what say you to that?"

"I have changed my mind, I want to kiss you again, Michael." "What about the blueberries, Minerva?" "I will lick and kiss them off of you."

I put my arms around her waist. Minnie put her arms around my neck and started kissing and licking my neck and face. Before she could get to the rest of me, I remembered the geyser from the sink. "Do you want to make love to me Minerva?"

"Yes, Thank you for asking Master." "You are welcome Minnie." I said kissing and licking her breasts, tasting the blueberries.

"But first I have to take care of something." I said letting go of her and walking to the sink. "The handle on the shut off valve broke off." "There, that should work." I said, as I placed a large, heavy ceramic bowl over the broken faucet diverting the water into the sink. "But... She started to say, when I interrupted, placing my hand over her mouth, shaking my head. "Go upstairs to my bathroom and wait me there." I ordered, "I will write Sarah a note with instructions that we are not to be disturbed.

As I was writing the note, Minnie reached around my waist and pushed two handfuls of blueberries down the front of my pants, then ran upstairs, laughing. As I was finishing the note, I heard my truck pull up by the back porch. I quickly ran to the top of the stairs, then stopped to listen, counting to myself "1...2.... 3...." I heard a scream, but no crash. I joined Minnie in the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

"You may consider yourself on furlough starting now until tomorrow, Saturday, June18, 2005 at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time." "This evening you will be allowed to share my bed." "This will be contingent of course on you being able to read my mind. "

"May I shower with you Michael... before we make love?"
"Of course you may, it will be my pleasure, and I hope yours as well."

"Before we shower may I ask you a question?" "Ask away?"
"May I help Sarah clean the kitchen first?" "My dear Minnie, not only may you, I will help as well." "The sooner the mess is clean, the sooner we shall shower." "Thank you Michael?" "You are welcome."

We made short work of the kitchen. I went downstairs to shut the water off in the basement. There is a second shut off valve in the basement just below the kitchen sink; I planned on installing a new faucet assembly the next day.

We took a long tepid shower together, soaping each other down, washing and conditioning each other's hair, and toweling one another off.

Minnie went down on me in the bedroom, licking and sucking my penis, taking my balls into her mouth, something my other girls had never done, and something I never had experienced; this trick would remain Minnie's. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of my semen, and then licked me clean. In the past, I always wore a condom; This time, I didn't think of it, and she did not ask for one. I returned the favor, going down on her now bald snatch. Much like Mandy.

Minnie was all over the bed, as I licked and sucked with my lips and tongue, with a new twist, my finger in her ass applying opposite pressure: she came, and she came in waves: not only was my face wet from her juices, so were the sheets, we had to change them before our nap together; We slept until 8:00PM. Then we dressed and went downstairs.

When I said we dressed, and I use the term loosely, all Minnie was wearing one of my white sleeveless tee shirts that were much too large for her falling down past her hips. I was wearing another white tee along with boxer shorts.

Katherine and Sarah were waiting on the back patio in their panties and woman's sleeveless tees. We all sat outside drinking homemade Sangria waiting for Mandy to arrive with the Chinese that we were having for our late dinner.

Being on furlough, Minnie was allowed a few glasses of Sangria as well; Between wine and dinner. Minnie became quite relaxed and talkative.

Minnie was quite animated when she described how she gave me
"blue balls" and everybody laughed. They brought a portable CD-Player outside and played the greatest hits from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. Soon they were up dancing with one another, mostly fast dances; the slow ones were for me, one girl at a time.

Minnie shared my bed that evening and I tried something on her that Katherine liked. Katherine likes it a little bit rough. I will pull her hair during intercourse, just as her orgasm is at its crest. Katherine also enjoys being taken in "the position", on the floor of my bedroom at the foot of the bed.

Katherine likes to receive anal sex in "the position" best. I will stroke and caress her pussy while I am performing anal sex with her, slapping her shapely ass with my hand until she comes. Katherine will clean my manhood with a washcloth afterwards, but not for vaginal sex; she loves the taste of our mingled juices; next she will perform oral sex on me and I will use her hair for my love reins to control her exuberance and guide her to suit my pleasure.

Katherine likes to masturbate when giving me head, and I allow her to play with herself until she comes a second time. None of my girls are allowed to masturbate without my permission. This is an absolute mandate and they will get the belt on Saturday morning for violating this mandate. They will achieve their orgasm by me or with my permission while I watch.

When I first acquired Katherine and Mandy, I suspected that one or the other; possibly both might be bisexual. And my suspicions were correct. They are both highly sexed women needing an outlet for their sexuality. I have no problem with this; it rather turns me on.

They also have a need to be dominated and will live within the rules of my household. Like masturbation, girl on girl sex is forbidden without my permission. The forbidden fruit is much more sweet when withheld.

I believe that I mentioned " orgies during the day". That is something that I reserve for the three of us, Mandy, Katherine and myself.

Sarah told me in private that she would rather not participate; nothing would be gained by forcing her because she is obedient, compliant and affectionate in all other things. I also doubt that Minnie would be much interested with sex with women, although her past behavior in the kitchen and the bedroom does leave a touch of doubt.

Minnie has never been one to be spontaneous; her behavior in the kitchen was a wonderful surprise. In fact she was quite reserved. In the past, before, we had intercourse, she always went in the bathroom, closing the door for privacy in order to get ready, she said to fix her makeup, hair etc....In retrospect; It is likely that she had to apply some type of lube such as KY-Jelly to facilitate intercourse and we always used a condom.

I wonder if she was holding back or even faking her orgasms in some cases. I do not remember her being so wet before, during or after intercourse.
I believe to some degree in her quest for wealth and power, she suppressed her sexuality or had trouble sharing it with a man. Perhaps her slavery has somewhat freed her sexual inhibitions. I suspect this is the case.

Minnie always insisted in being in total control...but at what cost?

Friday night, I made Minnie assume the position on the floor in front of my bed. She was a little tipsy from the Sangria, which was fine. I made sure that she received more then her share of the slow dances. Minnie was very affectionate while we danced and I received many intimate touches and kisses. I held her close when we danced, missing having my hands in her long hair, as it was before her first forced punishment haircut.

I probed her vagina with my fingers; then with my mouth and tongue. Soon she was wet and moaning, moving her hips, trying to push her vagina into her face as I licked
her clitoris. When I knew she was about to peak, I slowed down, prolonging the inevitable. "Why did you stop Michael, it feels so good?" "I am considering something." I answered. "Can't you lick while you are considering?"

"I am considering amending your furlough to include one day
each week until the end of your sentence." I said, continuing to probe her clitoris again briefly and adding, "It is contingent upon you reading my mind." "Please Master." "Please what my marvelous Minnie." I said stopping

"You can be such a bastard, Michael, oh yes that feels so good." "Please don't stop." As I started stroking it again "Yes I am my dear and you?" "Who are you?" "I am your slave Master and I want to come." I entered her from behind, while sticking my finger deep in her anus; listening to her gasp, then moan even louder as I increased my thrusts savaging her vagina with my manhood. "What else are you Minnie?" "I am a bitch." "I am your bitch.... oh God.... fuck me harder Michael...fuck your bitch harder.... fuck me harder you bastard, make me come." Minnie's orgasm was incredible, I never her heard her make so much noise; and as soon as she was sated, I came soon after. I lay down next to her on the rug, stated and content. "Come here my little bitch." "The most beautiful of my girls, I want to taste your lips."

Minnie lay down beside me on the floor and I took her in my arms. When I tried to kiss her she put her hand over my mouth, shaking her head. Minnie closed her eyes, sighing. She ran her fingers through my hair, and then caressed my face and neck. Minnie rubbed my shoulders, her hands working their way down my back to my ass, which she squeezed. She reversed the process until her hands were again in my hair; Minnie kissed my cheek, opened her eyes then kissed my mouth, long and deep.

"Can we go to bed now Michael?" "Yes that is a great idea." I said smiling at her. "I am looking forward to having you with me all night." "I am going to brush my teeth and use the bathroom." "Get the bed ready and feel free to use any of the bathrooms if you must."

While we were on the patio that night, I observed that Sarah was inside the house for quite a long time getting ice. I noticed that the bed was made, bedspread and all. I suspect that she may have put silk sheets on the bed, my pretty girl.... my thoughtful and kind Princess.

Minnie walked into the bathroom, smiling as I was leaving and mussed my hair as I walked by. When she returned to the bedroom, Minnie stopped to run her hand over the silk sheets. "Did you have the bed made with silk sheets to surprise me Michael? "I think it was Sarah while we were slow dancing out on the patio." I answered, lying on my back, while Minnie got in snuggling up next to me. "Michael?" "Yes Minnie." I answered. "May I go to the hardware store tomorrow?"

"I would love to take you to the hardware store, thank you for asking." Rubbing my chest with her hand she asked, "May we stop somewhere and get coffee?" "We can leave early and have breakfast if you like, Minnie. I said, closing my eyes." "That would be wonderful, Michael." And she gave me a little hug.

"May I dress up nice for you and wear makeup." "Of course you may." "May I have my ears pierced?" "You want your ears pierced?" "You are afraid of needles remember." "You will hold my hand when Katherine does it, then I will not mind it so much." "Fine anything you want within reason." I replied. "I need to get some sleep and so do you." "No more questions."

"Michael?" "I said no more questions." "Master, this is not a question, I have something to tell you...are you listening?
"I know that you love me." Now that got my attention and I rolled
over and looked at her. "Do you want me to tell you how I know that you love me?" "Of course I want you to tell me." "I don't
think I shall." She said, rolling over, facing away from me.
I slapped her ass with my hand, hard enough to make her yelp. And she rolled back over smiling and I grabbed holding her in place.

"Minerva you can be such and impertinent bitch at times!"
"Yes I am Master, I admit it, I am a bitch at times, but I am your
bitch.... your slave." "That's how I know that you love me Michael". "Only a bastard like you could ever love an impertinent bitch like me." "Then be a good little bitch and go to sleep, Minnie." "Thank you for finally saying it Master, I love you too."

Minnie and I had our breakfast in bed served to us by Sarah.
When Sarah walked in, Minnie jumped up taking the tray, from her putting in down on the chair, then hugging Sarah, and thanking her for the silk sheets.

"May Sarah have breakfast with us Michael?" "The more the merrier." I answered. "Thank you Michael." They all said in unison as Katherine and Mandy walked in from around the corner with two larger trays of the same breakfast: fresh honeydew melon, yogurt, walnuts and coffee.

After breakfast we had our household meeting in the bedroom.
It was a short one. I announced that Minnie would be sharing my bed one day a week, and they would work out a schedule.
During that day Minnie would be allowed full privileges as one of my girls. The punishment haircuts would stop and Minnie would be allowed to grow her hair out in stages; Mandy would determine the appropriate cuts to grow it out gracefully, she being the expert in such matters.

After the meeting, they all went to the dressing room to help Minnie get ready. I showered, shaved, and put on a pair of blue jeans, white tee shirt and a colorful Hawaiian to wear in the
hardware store, coffee shop, or perhaps the perfume counter in the
Mall to select Minnie's soon to be signature fragrance.

Sarah's is vanilla; I love the smell of vanilla and it is perfect for my sweet pretty girl. With her fair skin and blond hair and petite figure, I chose a light dainty flowery scent for Mandy. Katherine, my voluptuous Katherine's is herbal and flowers with a touch of citrus. Minnie would be wearing the one she has always worn, musky and rich with a hint of sweetness, the scent of the woman I have always loved.

Of all the scents in the world, this is the one I will chose for her and the one that she will wear; I am sure she will understand the significance. As for myself, Old Spice cologne is good enough for me.

I had the kitchen faucet completely dismantled and had taken the measurements of the sink to select a new one. I was sitting at the kitchen table with the old parts in a box waiting for Minnie.

Minnie walked in looking lovely the light cream muslin sundress that she chose for me. She was wearing makeup and her short hair was styled to look fuller.

"Do you like my dress Michael?" "I love everything about you, your dress, your hair and makeup.... you" "May I have my ears pierced now?" "Yes, get Katherine and she can do it here in the kitchen." "Will I get my hoops this morning?" She asked, hoping that I would say yes. "No, just the stainless steel posts for no; I have another surprise in mind?" "What are you getting me Michael?" "If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise.

Minnie sat perfectly still in the chair with her eyes closed while
Katherine pierced her ears, squeezing my hand in a death grip.
When Katherine was finished and the studs were in I kissed her ears and told her she looked lovely.

We went to the hardware store first, and then went to Tim Horton's for coffee and a bagel. I took Minnie to Macy's to the makeup counter and let her choose any makeup that she needed, telling her in front of the salesgirl,
"Your taste in makeup and clothing is impeccable Minerva."
"Purchase anything you need and do not worry about the price."
"Here, take my credit card, I will meet you in the bookstore; you may take your time." And she did.

Three hours later, Minnie arrived at the bookstore carrying three large Macy's shopping bags. "Let's lock the bags in the trunk and then I will take you to get your surprise." "But I thought my makeup was my surprise! "Your makeup is to make yourself even more beautiful for me."

We locked the bags in the trunk, and then we went back to Macy's.
When we arrived at the perfume counter, I recognized the same girl that waited on Sarah and I when I purchased her perfume.
"You know Minnie, each of my Ladies has their special perfume that I picked just for them with much thought and consideration."
"I am aware of that Michael, what did you chose for me?"
" Jovan Musk Oil of course." "Michael, that is the one I prefer."
"You have worn that scent ever since I have known you my dear."

I was right she did recognize the significance. Minnie leaned over and kissing me, whispering what she was going to do to me when we got home.

Minnie did backslide once during her sentence, and received the
belt for her impulsive mistake.

It was a Wednesday, just three weeks before her sentence was finally over. Minnie knew where I kept the pair 18- karat hoop earrings that she would receive on her birthday, the day all her restrictions will be lifted.

I was called away on business for the Sanctorum. I would be gone for three days. I was taking Sarah with me and we would be staying on Grand Master Arthur's Estate in Martha's Vineyard.
It was in regard to a Grand Master who had killed one of his slaves and refused to appear before the Tribunal for judgment.

My expertise was required to help circumvent his security system.
I would be meeting with three other security experts, all of them Master's and we would study the schematics to determine the best plan to temporally disable the state of the art security system. We were there for technical advise only. None of us knew the identity of the Grand Master who would be terminated, My best guess; the autopsy would show natural causes or an unfortunate accident.

The official business would take only a day, and the other Masters would leave. Grand Master Arthur requested that I specifically bring Sarah. A frequent visitor to my home, Arthur loved Sarah's cooking, particularly her raisin, apple and shoo fly pies.
Sarah would be doing all of the cooking, all traditional Amish

We would surprise Arthur by bringing him a dozen each of his favorite pies for his freezer, as well as enough pies for the day meeting and the duration of our stay. Sarah was very fond of Arthur, often referring to him as "such a polite, kind old gentleman" and was delighted to cook for him; And he was a gentleman. Arthur looked the benevolent old grandfather in a Disney movie in his three-piece suits, with a chain and fob on his vest, the pocket watch he always carried: his signature red carnation in his lapel.

Always the gentleman, Arthur was polite and gracious with my ladies when visiting, his funny stories at dinner, making them laugh. But when it came to enforcing the mandates of the Sanctorum, Arthur could be ruthless, the blood of many on his hands, the red carnation a reminder and warning.

Minerva understood the significance and meaning of the red carnation. We do not speak of it. I consider Arthur a good friend.

Minnie was alone during the day while the girls were working.
Because of her added responsibility, I allowed her to sleep in the Master Bedroom while we were away. Minnie followed all of my directions while we were gone, and completed all of her chores and more.

Minnie decided that she would wear her 18-karat hoop earrings while the girls were away at work; and put them back before they got home. As luck would have it, she managed to lose one. To her credit, she did tell Katherine and Mandy and they spent the remainder of that day and the entire next day looking for it.

Katherine and Mandy met us in the driveway and welcomed us home helping us with the luggage. I was glad to be home again
surrounded by my girls, my family. "Where is Minnie?" It's not like her not to be here, is she ill?" Katherine and Minnie looked at one another and Katherine spoke first "Minnie is in the library, Michael." "She has something to tell you." "I will go and talk with her shortly." "Have you eaten yet?" " Sarah and I waited so we could all eat together." "Not yet." Katherine replied. "We can whip something up."

"Are you going to take a nap first?" "Yes, it is Minnie's turn tonight, perhaps we will nap together." "Are you sure she is all right Katherine?" "Minnie thinks you are going to banish her to the basement again." Katherine replied. "And have me cut her hair in a pixie." Mandy added. "What did she do Mandy?" "She lost one of her gold earrings." Mandy, answered. "As soon as she discovered it missing, she called each of us on the telephone." "We calmed her down as best we could." "We know you wouldn't do that to her."

"Minnie believes that she violated your trust Michael, and ours." Katherine added.
"We are a family girls, not a traditional family mind you, but a family never the less." "What she did was impulsive and nothing more." "Do you want me to talk to her?" Sarah offered.
"Thank you for offering, Sarah but no." "Just play things by ear in regard to dinner." "But first, I will need another kiss and hug from each you to steel my resolve before I enter the library................

I walked into the library and Minnie got up from her chair and immediately assumed the position. "Minnie, you may stand."
"Now come here and give me a hug and a kiss." "I have missed you my dear." Minnie walked over to me and put her arms around my neck while I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close.

"What do you have to tell me that is so terrible?" I asked.
"I went into the desk in the library and tried on my gold hoop earring." "I see, you were curious." I commented. " I was going to wear them while the girls were at work and put them back before Mandy and Katherine got home." "Thank you for your honesty Minnie." "Where are they now?" I asked. "One of them is in the drawer." She answered.

"And the other?" I asked. "I lost it." She said in a small voice.
"I'm disappointed with you Minerva." "That was foolish and impulsive." "I'm sorry Michael." "Are you going to punish me?"
"You said you were sorry and I believe you." I replied.

"But you are going to punish me?" "Yes dear, I am going to punish
you." "Do I have to start all over again, Michael?" "Are you going to cut my hair?" "No.... kiss me Minerva." "You want me to kiss you?"
"Yes, I want you to kiss me, didn't I say I missed my you?"
'You are scaring me Michael." She said, as she kissed me.
I let go of her and said "Go upstairs and get my belt Minnie, then bring it here." "Yes Michael." She said meekly.

I made Minnie assume the position and then applied my belt to her shapely buttocks four times, making her wait between cracks. Getting down on the floor next to her, I started stroking her pussy with my fingers. Minnie soon became wet, moaning with pleasure as I stroked her clitoris, wetting her anus with my finger with her own sweet juices.

I took her there on the floor thrusting my penis into her anus.
"Michael stop, I...." "Be silent, my dear little bitch!" I said sharply, as I slapped her sore ass. I continued pounding her asshole with my cock, while stroking and caressing her sopping wet vagina, making her moan and squeal with pleasure. As she climaxed " Fuck me Master...fuck my ass, fuck you your bitch harder...oh...Michael.... make your bitch come...that feels so good...........I'm coming Michael, I want to kiss you!"

After I came, I got up and sat on the couch. "Minnie come here and sit next to me." "I will replace your earrings and you will get them on your birthday." I said, putting my arm around her and kissing her cheek. "I am going to take a shower and have a nap."

"You should clean up and get dressed." " We shall all have a light meal in the dinning room in about an hour." "Who will I be sleeping with this evening Minnie?" "It's my turn tonight." She said putting her head on my shoulder. "In that case, you may join me if you wish." "I have been so busy these past few days, I completely forgot." "You did not, you are teasing me." "You knew perfectly well it was my turn."

"Is that a smile I see?" "You have such a beautiful smile." I said, wiping the tears from her face. Taking her hand, we stood and walked upstairs together. And we did exactly that, a shower and a short nap.

The morning of Minnie's birthday was a very busy one in our home. I made breakfast for all of us, something I do on birthdays for my girls. As it was Minnie's birthday she got to choose the menu; I broiled thick cut pea meal bacon, made western omelets with: eggs, green and red bell peppers, Vidalia onion, sharp cheddar cheese and Virginia ham. I served them bagels with a variety of cream cheeses, to go with their coffee and orange juice.

The girls were going shopping after breakfast to purchase new dresses for Minnie's birthday dinner at Salvatore's.
They planned on going out to lunch together, followed by a trip to Mandy's Salon for a manicure-pedicure, facial, a full body wax, followed by getting their hair done. I told them I wanted to see lots of curls.

I have a large private corner booth at Salvatore's paid for in advance for the year, which will comfortably seat eight people; I paid to have it put in. I am a friend of the owner and know all of his regular staff by their first and last names. When I make reservations in advance, Sal will hire an extra server just to wait on our table; Sal and I have an agreement, I will pay the server's wages for the full shift, and include a generous gratuity. Sal also personally prepares each of our dishes, taking exact attention to detail and presentation.

Afterwards, I always will invite Sal and the server to have dessert or after dinner drink with us. We had a wonderful time at dinner, each ordering a different appetizer and entree, plus two others, and we shared, taking a portion of each. We had a bottle of very good house Chianti. We had cannolis and cappuccinos with Sal and Mary our waitress.

My girls always comport themselves as ladies in public, both in dress and in action. Their manners are impeccable, especially Minnie's. Minerva's public persona outshines them all; she cannot help it, even now it comes to her as easily as breathing. My ladies follow her lead in this venue. I have observed Sarah watching Minerva at dinner; there is no doubt that Sarah will learn and be polished by my marvelous Minerva's example.

I noticed a marked change in her carriage, specifically her posture and bearing in the way she walked into the restaurant, and while there, how Sarah held and turned her head, observing her hand gestures when ordering dinner and making small talk with Sal and Mary. Yet Sarah was not duplicating Minerva's mannerisms as much as creating her own style, different from Minerva's but in time, no less sophisticated and charming.

There is no doubt that Minnie was tutoring Sarah in private for the thoughtful gesture of the silk sheets, or to make amends for the way she treated Sarah when she was a Mistress. During the past fourteen months, they have spent a great deal of time together. Looking back, it is fascinating watching them interacting, both here and at home.

As we were leaving Salvatore's, Sal's nephew, Vito and part time bartender asked to have a word with me in private. Vito is also a full time Sheriff' Deputy with the rank of sergeant.
"Michael, I would like to have a word with you if you don't mind."
"We can go into my uncle's office if that is all right with you?"

I followed him in and closed the door. Vito spoke first "Your ex-wife was here last night." "So, what does that have to do with me." "I have washed my hands of her." Vito knew of my acrimonious divorce.

He was the Deputy that served the orders of protection, removing me from my home; he also testified on my behalf during the divorce proceedings. "I know you hate her Michael, but you need to hear me out." "I'm sorry I was curt with you Vito, you caught me by surprise is all." "I have not heard from Martha in seven years." "I have forgiven her in my own way." "What did she say?" I asked. "It was not so much what she said, but how she looked and acted."

"At first, I didn't recognize her, she is much thinner now and a blond." Martha was wearing dark oversize sunglass like celebrities wear, but I suspect, to hide one or more black eyes, and heavy make up, in the attempt to hide bruises. She was acting nervous, and a little bit scared."

"I offered to help her." "She said that it wouldn't do any good, he always got out." "If she had him arrested again, this time he would kill her!" "She said that she wanted to talk to you before it was to late." "Then she left." I thanked him and shook hands, before leaving with my Ladies to go dancing.

The next day all hell broke loose. My Ladies and I were in the kitchen eating lunch. Katherine and Mandy had taken a month off from work, and we were planning our vacation in Hawaii, when the front door doorbell started ringing, frantically, and then pounding started as well.

I got up to answer the door, the girls following behind.
We had just entered the foyer, when I heard a crash, the distinctive sound of glass breaking and metal coming together, followed by a woman's terrified scream.

Martha was leaning on the door facing the wreckage. Her present husband, the shining knight she met on the internet had rear-ended
Her 1965 Corvette Convertible, demolishing it, preventing her escape.

I yanked opened the door and Martha stumbled backwards into my arms. Turning to face me "Mickey I..." Martha fainted.

A large man emerged from the ramming vehicle, a mint, well it used to be mint, late model Lincoln Continental of 1970's vintage. I have to grudgingly admit they have fine tastes in automobiles.

Martha's husband was about six feet tall, easily 260 lbs. I would guess his age, early thirties. As he climbed out the car, I could hear him shouting," You no good cheating whore!" "I have finally caught you, you slut." He advanced slowly, smiling, removing a butterfly knife from his suit coat pocket, flicking his wrist and locking the blade in place. "Girls, take her inside and close the door, then call the police". "But...." Minnie started to say as I closed the door.

He stopped six feet from me, sneering. "I own that slattern." "Give me my cheating cunt of a wife and I will leave." "Otherwise I will just take her, but not until I cut your balls off." "Get off my property, I don't care if you have to walk." I replied. "Fuck you!" He screamed. "That won't be necessary." I retorted, calmly. "Just give me a blowjob and we will call it even."

He charged me slashing clumsily, extending his arm much to far, something an experienced knife fighter would never do. I jumped back easily avoiding his clumsy attempt wishing I had my taser, and tripping him in the process.

He got to his feet cursing, changing his tactics, he reversed the knife in his hand, grasping it like an ice pick, slowly advancing, with the knife over his head hoping to pin me against the door with his bulk and stab me at his leisure.

Refusing to retreat, I caught his wrist as the knife came down. We both struggled, attempting to knee on another in the groin. He trying was trying to kill me. I was trying to keep from being stabbed.

Our struggles brought us out to the driveway. He was much stronger then I anticipated and out weighed me by a good sixty
pounds. However, he was out of shape and starting to get winded from the exertions. Desperate, he smashed his head into my nose, stunning me. As I went down, I let go of wrist but managed to kick his knee, hearing the satisfying pop and crunch of torn ligaments.

My adversary screamed like a banshee, but somehow managed to stay on his feet cursing and threatening, "I'm going to kill you and everybody in your family." As he limped towards me, waving the knife wildly in front of him.

I was scrambling to get on my feet, holding my broken nose and trying to staunch the flow of blood pouring out; I was dizzy; my head spinning. Suddenly, our front door opened and my girls came running out; Minnie, Sarah, Mandy and last but not least, Katherine; each with a makeshift weapon in their hand, a cast iron frying pan.

Minerva arrived first and shouted "Hey, Frank!"
Frank stopped advancing, a shocked look on his face, slowly
turned and looked at Minnie. "Minerva?" Obviously they knew each other. "Say goodbye, Frank!" As she swung the cast iron skillet for all she was worth, hitting him square in the face, knocking him off his feet and rendering him unconscious.

Minnie then dropped the frying pan and rushed over to see how bad I was hurt, as did all my beautiful and brave girls At that moment, I didn't have enough arms to hug them, or enough words to praise and thank them. Martha, my ex-wife was on her hands and knees in the doorway crying and shaking, unable to move. Martha was so terrified that she defecated, soiling her clothing and had thrown up on the floor. I could kill this scum for what he did to her and what he would have done if we had not stopped him.

I sent Mandy to get my taser and handcuffs in order secure Frank until the Sanctorum sent the enforcers; Minerva had taken the imitative and telephoned Arthur on my satellite phone, knowing Frank's history and sanctions; I shut the door before she could tell me. Katherine went back into the house to get her medical bag; Minnie and Sarah kept fussing over me, trying to get me to lie down as I may have a concussion.

We cuffed him and then rolled him onto a blanket, using it as a makeshift stretcher to carry the offal into the house.
Once inside, Katherine took care of my broken nose, packing it with gauze and giving me an ice pack for my face to help stop the swelling. I refused anything stronger then aspirin for the pain, needing to keep a clear head.

Next, she attended to the offal, awake now and sniveling about his broken nose and shattered dentures: top and bottom as well as his damaged leg. I spit on the floor near him in disgust.
Katherine first immobilized his leg with an air splint, packed his nose and gave him oxyecodone for his pain.

While this was going on, Mandy and Sarah took Martha upstairs to get her cleaned up, calmed down and given a pair of pajamas to wear. Martha allowed herself to be brought upstairs and the girls fussed over her, helping her shower, washing the heavy makeup from her face, then shampooing the vomit from her long bleached blond hair.

When Martha was cleaned up and in her pajamas, Katherine gave her an injection, a sedative to help her sleep and then put her to bed; Mandy and Sarah sat with her talking quietly, reassuring and comforting her until she fell into a deep, much needed asleep.

The offal scum was now pleading for me to let him go, claiming that it was all a misunderstanding. That not working offered to buy me off, claiming he would disappear, leave the country and never bother Martha again. I just stared at him not speaking, until he eventually gave up.

Arthur telephoned to say that he would arrive with the enforcers in three hours and would land his helicopter in the open field next to my house; I gave him a brief summary of what transpired. Prior to his telephone call, two wreakers arrived to remove and secure the damaged vehicles from the driveway.

When he arrived, Arthur greeted the girls warmly in the foyer; Sarah, Mandy and Katherine, receiving a hug and kiss on the cheek, then giving them a hug and kiss in return, while congratulating them on their cool heads and bravery; Minnie just stood there looking; Arthur had presided at her Tribunal.
Arthur walked up to Minerva kissing her cheek for the first time, saying "You may give a hug and kiss my dear, you have made me very proud of you this day." Minnie reached up touched her cheek where Arthur had kissed her. I her eyes starting to tear; Minerva kissed and hugged Arthur grateful for his approval, and Arthur hugged her as would a father, a daughter and whispered something in her ear.

With the greetings and pleasantries out of the way, he dismissed the girls, all except for Minerva, then turned to face the offal scum sitting on the floor of my foyer, all expression now gone from his face, his merry blue eyes now cold and hard. Walking past him, he opened the door the let the three enforcers enter. As is the way of the Sanctorum, they were masked and silent, wearing long red hooded robes over their street clothing.

Arthur pointed to the wretch on the floor: Two of the enforcers grabbed his cuffed arms forcing the scum to stand. Arthur walked up to the now blubbering offal and removed the
carnation from his lapel and placing it into the lapel of the prisoner; the miserable poltroon wetting himself.
Arthur turned his back, as did Minerva and I; the enforcers left with the condemned, closing the door behind them..........................

The girls went to prepare lunch and Arthur and I retired to the library. I poured Arthur and I a large snifter cognac and I was debriefed. "What are you going to do about your ex-wife?"
" I don't know yet Arthur, my head is killing me." "I'm hoping the
Brandy will help." I answered. "Katherine treated her for shock and can attest to her physical condition." "Mandy and Sarah helped her shower and get dressed." "I suppose she could stay here for now." "I certainly have the room."

No sooner then I said this, Minnie knocked on the door announcing lunch was ready.

We had lunch in the dinning room together, discussing what had just happened and the ramifications. The girls informed us that Martha was covered with bruises, most of the starting to fade.
In addition to this, there were scars on her back what appeared to be from cigarettes or cigars; Minnie remembered that Frank was a smoker.

Katherine confirmed the cause of the scars. In addition,
there were fresh bruises on her torso adjacent to Martha's kidneys and she would not be surprised if Martha was passing blood, "I will bet my hoops, that x-rays will show healed over broken bones to go along with her cracked ribs on her left side." We all sat there for a while, not talking, contemplating this additional information.
Sarah was the first to speak

"Was or is Martha a slave Arthur?
"No dear, why would you ask such a question? "Because when I was helping her wash, I noticed part of a tattoo, under her breast that said property of"........................ At this comment, Arthur stood up abruptly, but then sat down.

"No Sarah, Franklin Abzug was sanctioned by the Sanctorum never to own slaves again." "In addition, all of his wealth was seized, under the condition that we spare his life.
"Martha has never been registered with the Sanctorum."
"Franklin Abzub is a sick internet predator and will be dealt with

After lunch, Arthur and I again retired to the library. Closing the doors and turning to me, Arthur suggested." May I make a suggestion Michael?" "Absolutely Arthur you know I value your advise." Take your vacation with your ladies." "I will have Martha placed in a secure private hospital until you return." "This matter requires further investigation." "I will see to it that Martha receives the best of care in addition to a complete forensic physical." "In, addition we will conduct a full background check
on her from birth to the present." "The Sanctorum is responsible, I am responsible for her present deplorable situation."

"When you return, you will be given copies of our findings."
"At that point, I am sure you will see to her rehabilitation and care, until she can make a decision to what path she will take.
"You were married to her once, and I believe in your own way that you still care for Martha"..............................................

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2013-01-22 23:05:38
What about the times when the Daddy is missing for a month or so every few mohnts or half year because he's an alcoholic and is back in rehab? This has been happening with my son since he was born, and he is now 2 1/2. Pretty soon he's going to be keen to what's going on, and as a Mother, I feel as though I should protect him from this sort of behavior. I'm supposed to be supportive of my child's father's inconsistent parenting? It feels more like I'm standing by helplessly as my child's emotional well-being is being destructed, which goes directly against a mother's natural protective instincts. Why should we be enablers of this sort of behavior? When DO we stand up and say either be a parent or don't, but stop messing up our child before it's too late?

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2012-02-07 03:13:48
Liz, yes I do and yes I have. I am so gtearful for the village of amazing women (and men) in my life. You included.Tamara, – THANKS… so nice of you to read/and comment. hugs!

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YouÂ’re the one with the brains here. IÂ’m wacihtng for your posts.

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This is the sequel. Perhaps what you mean is that you hope there is a third part. If that is the case I would second that request.

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I hope there is a sequel.

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