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I complete the sexual degradation of my brother and his friend
During the next week I again taunted Dan with flashes of my pussy and arse and suggestive remarks. One morning, when Mon asked me to wake Dan up, I went into his room and gently lifted the covers. His limp little cock looked so cute I couldn’t help using my lips to fondle and suck it until it was hard and he was well and truly awake and that telltale drop of pre-cum appeared. He begged me to keep going but I said Mom was waiting and he would have to wait until the weekend. What a tease I was!

The next Saturday Billy came over again and they couldn’t wait to accompany me to the bathroom when I said I had to pee. This time though, I felt thoroughly nasty and decided they could pleasure me more directly so I instructed them to take off their clothes and sit on the floor while I crouched on the toilet seat with my feet on either side and gave them a really good look at my pee stream which seemed to go on forever. When I was finished I told them that I didn’t want to waste toilet paper when there were two perfectly good tongues available.

“This is another contest” I said “I want each of you to take a turn cleaning my cunt and arsehole with your tongue. The one who pleasures me most can fuck me – not in the cunt because I’m a virgin, but in my arse. Billy, you can go first.” Their already stiff cocks suddenly became even bigger.

Of course I already knew who was going to win, there was no way I was going to let Billy stick his thick rod up my arse, but I wasn’t going to tell them that.

Billy crouched between my legs and started licking my slit. I thought I had died and gone to heaven – this was soooo much better than my fingers! He was lapping me like a dog. “Get every drop” I told him “and don’t forget my arsehole.” When he stuck his tongue in my arse I had to think of schoolwork to stop from cumming. I wanted my brother to have that pleasure so I pushed him away.

Dan crouched in front of my cunt and used his fingers to separate my cunt lips before sticking his tongue in and out of my hole a few times and then slowly flicking my clit with it. “Where did you learn that?” I gasped. “From porno movies.” I didn’t even know he had seen any. He repeated this move a few times and then ran his tongue from my clit to my arsehole and pushed his tongue all the way in.
That was too much, I grabbed the back of his head, pulled his nose into my cunt and screamed as I completely coated his face with cunt juice. What had I been missing all my life?

Now I had cum but they were still rock hard, so had something even more perverted in mind.
“O.K. Dan won and he can fuck me in the arse” He was really panting now and Billy was looking very frustrated “but Billy, you shouldn’t miss out so you can fuck Dan’s arse at the same time.”
Dan was really unsure about this “It might hurt!” he said. “Well” I replied, scowling “You might hurt me too, do you want to forget the whole thing?” Fat chance!

I had Dan kneel on the rug with Billy behind him and I rubbed a little Vaseline into Dan;s arsehole and into my own. Then I had Billy slowly push his knob into Dan’s arse . He was having trouble getting it past the sphincter until he told Dan to clench and then relax his aresehole until it slipped right in. Now, how the hell did he know that? After he had slipped his full length into Dan’s arse, really stretching him, I lay on the rug in front of Dan, put my knees over his shoulders and helped him (using Billy’s technique) push his long thin cock into my arse.

To my amazement it didn’t hurt at all and felt quite thrilling, especially when I had him pull it almost all the way out until only the tip was stretching my arsehole and then slide it all the way back in. This way I was able to finger my cunt and watch the expressions on Dan’s face as his excitement built.

They then synchronized their pushing – Billy into Dan;s arse and Dan into mine until I felt Dan’s cock swell up inside me and start pumping my arse full of cum. His arse must have also spasmed because, at the same moment, Billy let out a yell and I could tell he was pumping Dan’s arse full as well. I had been rubbing my clit and came a few seconds later.

We lay in a tangle of sweaty limbs and dribbling arseholes for a good 5 minutes before I felt Dan’s cock soften and slide out and we showered together, paying particular attention to each other’s privates.

I was still a virgin but boy! Did I know how to use boys to give me pleasure!

We experimented with different combinations for the next few months until I got bored with them and found other boys, and in a couple of cases, girls, to pleasure me in many other ways. One of my favourite pastimes is sucking one boy off while he has another boy’s cock filling his arse so that I can play with two sets of balls while I deep throat a cock. I became quite expert at making them both cum at exactly the same time – something I still do today.

But girls, let me tell you, you haven’t been pleasured until you have one 15 year old cock sliding in and out of your arse while another boy tongue-fucks your cunt . With practice, you can control the cock in your arse with your sphincter muscle until you cum all over one boy’s face at the same time as the other one pumps deep into your arse. That’s always the highlight!

Ah yes! 15 year old boys. Even at 36 I still know how to pleasure myself with them and they are always so appreciative!

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2010-05-16 18:25:43
jesus why can't i get fucked like this (by a chick) I'm 16!!!!

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2009-10-05 22:40:08
Y can't that happen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great story hope you write more like it!


2009-08-10 18:45:45
WOW!!!! I wish I was 15 again....

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2009-03-03 21:12:25
damn i wish i had some chick that would do that too me even if it was my friends sister great fucking story but have some more detail and make the guys suck each other off nad eat cum out of you and there asses

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