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It was the night before Mindy's 12th birth day, and she was feeling lonely. She didn't know why, she was looking forward to the big party that her father was planning for her, and she knew she was going to get a lot of presents. But it had been so long since Alicia had promised to take her virginity. Not only did Mindy not know how her big sister planned to do it, but she also yearned for her to do it as well.

Mindy looked over across the moonlight lit room. She saw her sister sleeping on her side, her back to her. Mindy quietly got up and sat on the edge of her bed watching her big sister. Images of her sister licking at her pussy and sucking at her breasts flashed through Mindy's mind. Wetness started to over come her pussy as she watched her sister turn over. The blanket fell down a little revealing one of Alicia's breasts. It turned Mindy on even more to know that her sister was sleeping naked tonight, as if inviting her to come and cuddle with her.

She stood up and quietly dropper her pj's and underwear. When she was taking her panties down she noticed how wet she was. She stood with her legs spread a little and rubbed herself, while watching her sister sleep. After a couple minutes Mindy brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them and sucked them clean of her juices. The taste of her own pussy in her mouth making her all the hornier.

Alicia turned over onto her back and smiled in her sleep. Mindy slipped under the covers to lie on her stomach next to her sister as quietly as possible. After pulling the covers up over them Mindy rested her head softly on her big sister's shoulder and wrapped her arms around her back. She looked up into her sister's eyes as they slowly opened.

Alicia looked down at her little sister and smiled. "Hey, sexy," she whispered softly. Her hands began grazing her little sister's back.

"Alicia, I was wondering when you were going to take my virginity? A long time ago you first said you would, but that was so long ago, I thought you might have forgotten," whispered Mindy, her eyes slightly filling with tears.

Alicia pet Mindy's hair back softly, "Soon, sis. I'll take it soon I promise, but I still want it to be a surprise when I do!" Mindy smiled and didn't reply with words, but with actions. She crawled down her big sister's body a little and began sucking on her nipple like a baby. Her tongue flicking it every now and then as it grew hard. One of Alicia's hands rubbed her other breast, as her other hand continued to graze over Mindy's back.

One of Mindy's hands made its way down to Alicia's pussy. It wasn't wet, but Mindy intended to change that. She began rubbing her pussy lips softly, making small circles around it. She sucked on all the parts of her breast, and chest, moving over to her other breast and her other nipple. Alicia's feint moans were showing only a fraction of the pleasure that she was feeling.

Her little sister was making her feel better than she ever had before, and she was just getting wet. Alicia instinctively started rocking her hips as one of Mindy's fingers slid down her slit, rubbing between her pussy lips. She had both her hands on her big sister's pussy, one was rubbing her slit and pussy lips, the other was applying slight pressure onto her clit.

Alicia arched her back as her little sister bit down on one of her nipples gently. The feeling of teeth on her nipple making her want to moan loudly into the night. The hand that Alicia had been rubbing her breast with was put onto Mindy's head, its fingers softly running through her hair.

As Mindy kissed, licked, and sucked the underside of Alicia's breasts she slid a finger into her pussy. Mindy put her finger all the way inside her big sister, feeling the hotness and wetness of her inner pussy. She pulled it out slowly and put it back in even more slowly. She could tell she was driving her big sister over the edge, especially so when she hooked her finger and pushed it in and out of her pussy.

Mindy licked down Alicia's body, beginning to push her finger in and out of her sister's pussy faster and faster. She was licking every thing she could, all over her belly, her sides, hips, inner thighs. She kissed her sister's perfectly shaven bald pubic bone. Mindy kissed it lightly at first, and then began kissing it like it was her sister's mouth, her tongue pushing against it. She slid a second finger into her sister's wet pussy.

Alicia held Mindy's head against her pubic bone, humping up into her mouth. She didn't know why it was driving her crazy, but she didn't want it to stop any time soon. Then she felt Mindy's tongue snake down and lick her clit once. She breathed in deep and slowly let it out. Then her sister began sucking and licking her clit, forcing her pussy to become more wet by the second. She sat up and spread her legs wide, tossing the blanket off of them.

She watched her sister for a while, as she ate her out and fingered her expertly. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving up and down with every breath. With every breath also came a slightly loud moan. Alicia could see her little sister's fingers going in and out of her soaking wet pussy every time Mindy retracted her tongue.

An orgasm started to overcome Alicia as her sister seemed to get better and better at what she was doing. Mindy hooked her fingers and pulled hard on Alicia's pussy, ramming her g-spot. Alicia squealed slightly. After Mindy did this a few more times she pulled her fingers from her pussy and sucked on them hard. She moaned loudly into them, loud as she could, if it weren't for the finger's she'd of screamed at the top of her lungs. Mindy's mouth engulfed all over her big sister's pussy.

Alicia came harder than ever before as her sister put her mouth over her entire pussy. Her cum squirted from her pussy into her young sister's mouth. She heard and felt her sister gulp so much down she thought she'd pass out from dehydration.

When Mindy felt her sister's orgasm subside she pushed her back onto her back and laid atop her again. She kissed her sister deeply, giving Alicia an entire mouthful of her own pussy juice, which she happily swallowed. She kissed her sister again and they both closed their eyes, falling asleep in eachothers arms.

Alicia awoke by herself, she heard the shower running and guessed Mindy was in it. Alicia got out of bed and got some clothes ready for the day. A minute later Mindy came in, naked and wet. Alicia stared at her and Mindy giggled, then put on some clothes. Alicia then got into the shower.

Mindy couldn't wait for her party to start, and when it did she was thrilled. All of her friends were there and there was a ton of presents. Her mom even came over for most of the day and didn't even argue with her father as they usually did. The party lasted until seven at night, they were playing games and watching movies. At the end there was a giant cake which they didn't even eat half of.

She took a nap after everyone left except her sister and father. She dreamed of the party, replaying her favorite parts over and over again. Then she felt something, a cold hand on her warm pussy. It was her sisters, she squirmed in her sleep. She dreamed of her pussy getting wetter and hotter. Alicia pushed up her shirt and bar and began kissing and sucking her nipple.

Then Mindy's eyes opened and her sister was right there sucking her nipple and rubbing her young, tight pussy. When Alicia noticed her little sister's awakening she said, "C'mon it's time for my birthday present to you! And dad's at work, he got called in, so don't worry about him finding us." Then she pulled her hand out of Mindy's pants and licked it clean.

Mindy excitedly followed Alicia upstairs where they both quickly got undressed. Mindy saw that Alicia was wearing a strap-on, "So that's how you're going to take me?" Mindy asked curiously and giggling. Alicia nodded and pushed Mindy down on her bed on her back. She was kissing her lips then moving down to her neck. Mindy was moaning loudly, and quickly becoming nervous, she remembered seeing Alicia cry painfully when her dad pushed through her hymen, and wondered if it would hurt just as bad for her.

Mindy pushed the feelings aside but remained nervous. Alicia sensed this and kissed her cheek, sensually, "It'll only hurt for a second, I promise." Mindy smiled and kissed her sisters lips, pushing her tongue into her big sister's mouth. Their tongues wrestled together as Alicia slowly pushed a finger into her little sister's pussy.

Alicia fingered her for a few minutes then got up and put the strap-on to Mindy's mouth, "Suck on it, it'll get it all wet so it slides in easier," she said. Mindy nodded and opened her mouth. Alicia slowly slid the pink dildo in her mouth. She pushed it in and out slowly, almost going all the way in once, and her sister only flinched a little, she would have gagged herself. "You have like no gag reflex, sis!" Alicia exclaimed.

"Is that bad?" asked Mindy, taking the dildo out of her mouth.

"No, its a very good thing!" Alicia said and laid back down on her kissing her neck, sucking it some. She rubbed the head of the dildo against her young sister's pussy, and placed it at her virgin entrance. She looked into her sister's eyes and Mindy nodded. Alicia straightened up and put her hands on Mindy's ass, bringing it up some. Then Alicia quickly shoved the dildo all the way inside her little sister.

Mindy cried out loudly and screamed a little as the object penetrated her and tore threw her cherry.Her hands grabbed Alicia's ass hard, her nails digging into it. Alicia patiently waited the few minutes while her sister stopped crying at got used to the dildo. Then she pulled out and pushed it back in slowly once. Mindy moaned a little and then Alicia kept doing it.

Slowly Alicia got faster and harder as Mindy began moaning loudly in pleasure. Mindy's hands held tightly onto Alicia's back as she got penetrated hard and fast. Mindy began moaning even louder when Alicia put her thumb on Mindy's clit and began rubbing it.

Mindy's hips began bucking as she came hard all over the fake dick. A few moments after she came she stopped bucking and moaning and Alicia stopped pushing in and out of her. Alicia kissed her sister and they kissed for a full minute. Mindy ran her hips along her sister's ass and noticed some warm wetness. "Did I do that, sis?" she asked, ready to cry. Alicia simply nodded and gave her a reassuring kiss. "I wanna see it, please."

Alicia go up and took off the strap on, as it was beginning to hurt her hips a little. Mindy noticed the deep cuts on her sister's ass and kissed her ass cheeks. They weren't bleeding, but she could tell that it had hurt her sister. "I know how to make it better," Mindy said as she licked up her sister's ass crack then spread her ass cheeks and licked and tongued her ass hole as she slid a couple fingers into her pussy, and a couple more into her own.

She ate Alicia's ass and fingered her pussy wildly until Alicia was cumming hard, Mindy started cumming too, and they collapsed into each others arms, kissing and feeling until they fell asleep.

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i like the Kayla and James part of this story please do more on them and i will keep checking back hoping you will and thank you that was an amazing read.

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dad and sis need to fuck tue birthday girl one in the ass and one in the pussy mmmmm now thats hot! wish i had a teen slut me and my g/f could fuck like that!


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Great Story. How about Beth ? It's time for her first lesson in sex and Kayla is the best teacher, maybe James could help.

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