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My last day at the condo
I woke about 5:30am to find Debra tucked nicely into the hollow of my arm and chest. Her head lay on my left breast and she was sleeping peacefully. I'd always woke around this time for years, my internal clock telling me to get up and urinate.
My problem was that she had one of her legs thrown across mine , her warm thigh covering my morning piss hard-on.. Her arm was across my chest. There was no way I could move without waking her.. She had to be up and downstairs to work her first day by 8am..
I reluctantly rolled towards her, and her arm and leg slid off as she rolled her back to me, curled in the fetal position. I spooned up against her warm body, hoping that she would drift back off to sleep.
We lay that way several minutes till my urgency made me finally slip out of bed and walk to the bathroom.

I relieved myself, and checking the mirror while I washed my face and hands, I saw her reflection smiling at me.. I turned to face her and she immediately came forward to wrap her warm naked body into mine.
“ Mornin' – she said in her sleepy voice..
“I'm sorry to have woke you, but the call of nature--”
“I know-me too..” she cut me off.. “I'm used to getting up at this hour.. Up at the ski resort, I had to be in the kitchen by 6:30am to help cook breakfast..”

She sat on the stool and began to do her thing,while she yawned and stretched her arms up and back, her firm breasts swaying slightly.
“This is getting to me Dano, I've never actually slept all night with anyone in my life,but you.. I sorta like it.. two nights in a row..”
“Yeah-- It's nice to have someone to cuddle and wake up with..”
I had stood there and brushed my teeth, combed my auburn hair in place, and felt reasonably awake.She finished and stood , flushing the push button toilet. Debra came up behind me and circled my waist with her arms.

“ How bout I make you some coffee , and stir up some breakfast for us?”
“ I have coffee, but not breakfast food.. We'll have to eat out if you are hungry.”
In one move, she turned me around and slipped to her knees to hold my cock to her face.

“I'm hungry all right—ever since I saw Donna do this last night, I wanted to do it also.. I've never sucked a cock in my life.”

She gave me little choice in the matter. Gripping the base, she gave my shaft and head a few exploratory licks, then parted her soft lips and took the head inside, rolling her tongue around the rapidly swelling glans.
Pumping in an inch at a time, her mouth filled quickly, with a lot of cock left to play with. I watched as her pretty face looked up at me, with those big blue bedroom eyes... her hand stroking what wouldn't fit inside.
She began to go down further, choking herself once, then settled into it again and managed to get about five of my seven inches into her warm mouth.Deb reached around and pulled me by my ass cheeks into her, gagging as her nose brushed my pubic bone.
Her suction was very intense, the cheeks hollowing as she pulled back, leaving only the tip inside. She would take a few long slurps, then pause at the tip to run her tongue around the head..

I couldn't take this any longer. I stood her up, picking her in up my arms and carried her to the bed...I lay on my back and let her on top, but made her reverse into a 69 position.
Her mouth and hands found me again and she resumed her efforts, while I prepared my morning meal..
I started half way up her inner thighs, and planted wet kisses up one side till I reached her dripping pussy. I didn't touch it, instead I went to the other thigh and repeated.. My hands had wrapped around her ass cheeks , pulling them wide to allow me maximum room.

Licking and sucking my way toward her sweet smelling lips, I let my fingers explore the warm recesses of her ass.. Deb was moaning on my cock, and grinding her hips trying to steer me to my reward..
My long tongue dipped deeply into her depths, and I added a little suction of my own , causing her to come up off my cock long enough to scream—her vaginal muscles gripped my tongue like a warm,wet glove and began to pulsate..

Her walls contracted around my stiff tongue as the spasms rocked her, shooting my mouth full. She fell forward onto my thick cock and sucked it like she was starving.
I swallowed two mouthfuls of her fluids and pulled her down to rim her ass well with my tongue, setting off another strong orgasm in her..
“Y-Yess!! That feels so go-good!! Ah-h—hhhh”
I tongue – fucked the redhead's tight ass as one orgasm blended with another..
Without much warning-my cock swelled and my fat balls bunched up close to pour out their fresh cum into her sucking mouth and throat.. She swallowed most of it, letting very little escape.

I was still tongue – fucking her spasming anus as she swallowed her first ever cum shot, and doing a splendid job !! I wanted to—no---- I HAD to have some of this sweet ass..

Removing my tongue, I replaced it with my two middle fingers., pushing them in to the second knuckle, and making Deb scream in delight. My tongue danced on her exposed clit...then sucked it inside my lips, rolling my tongue round and round the bud..

.”Oh—Yeah! You kinky bastard!! You-you're making mee cum a-againn ! -----Ahhhhgg!!”

I stroked them down till I bottomed out two –then three times while she squirted cum all over my nose and cheeks .. . I suddenly rolled her over and spun her like a rag doll, hooking her knees on my shoulders..

Placing my half-hard cock at her spasming asshole, I pushed slowly as the head slid past her muscle, sliding in deep and hearing her wail ...

“Oh God ---Yess!!! Fuck My Ass !!” I was glad the place wasn't open for business yet..her screams echoing thru the gym downstairs.
I went all the way down to my balls and held it there to let her get used to the feeling.
Her ass rolled and her muscles gripped the thick shaft as my cock began to get hard again. It swelled to it's full length and girth, taking her breath..

I slid back out and turned her over doggy style.. She held her cheeks wide as my cock slid back in.The tightness was making me rock hard, and she dilated , pushing back on it ..

“N—Noo! Easy-- You're gonna split me open!!” I eased back on my entry to let her adjust,and moments passed before I felt the muscles give and I bottomed out, with my balls resting on her clit..
“God—It hurts so good!!” she said as her tight ass muscles spasmed around my shaft. I remained still, while she rolled her ass in tight circles..
My free hand went around to find her clit and trap it between the pads of my fingers.Deb screamed bloody murder as an anal orgasm rocked her like a bomb going off.

“Oh-n-no-no-no.....I can't stand this!! I-I'm c-cumminnngg again!!!”
Her hips did all the work , pushing back , impaling her asshole on my cock over and over. My balls tightened again , spurting thick,hot jets of cum up her bowels in a mind-blowing orgasm that she felt ..

”Ahhhhhhh—It's so hot!! Give it to me Mister, all you have!”
I joined in her ass assault , pounding her cheeks with so much force, her knees buckled and she went spread-eagled onto her tummy, still wringing the last few spurts from my cock. We lay motionless at last, both our bodies jerking uncontrollably in the aftershocks of our orgasms.
I hadn't realized I had my weight on her till I felt her squirm under me, trying to roll out.. She had tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks as she clung to my neck,sobbing. I felt bad , thinking I had hurt her. She was trying to talk, but weak as she was-- could only whisper..

” I-I love you, let me stay here with you..”

Oh Shit---I thought.. Now look what I've done.. We lay silently wrapped in each others arms as our breathing and heart rates stabilized.. I was just dozing when Debra looked at the clock..

“Damn—I'm running late!” It was only 6:30 am ..
But women need more time to prepare than men. She jumped in the shower as I lay , still dozing ..
She dressed quickly in her own room, and left before I got up.

She's just downstairs—I told myself, and went to turn on the coffeemaker. She had already done it, bless her sweet ass..I sat watching the sunrise over the mountains and planned my next moves.
It was 7:30 before I felt the urge to hit the bathroom again. After stepping from the shower, I could make out noises coming from downstairs.. Sounded like Donna and Debra were laughing , climbing my stairs..
I was toweling down the excess drips that all men get between their ass and balls. I lay my towel on the bed and sat down to pull on my socks and sports briefs.

“Dano-- you decent yet? Here we come, ready or not.”
They walked into the bedroom, looking like something out of a dream. They had on matching yellow tank tops with a weight lifter centered just under their boobs.--- he was power-lifting a black rod over his head, connecting the twin breasts.. The guys would love it.
For bottoms they wore matching white jogging pants that were so tight they appeared to be painted on ....Incredible.. I stood and Donna came round and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. She smiled as she ran her finger across my briefs, outlining my shaft..

“ I heard he's already been fed, so how about you? I brought us all some sausage biscuits from Hardee's , and we get to drink all the free juice we want. It's downstairs, if you would grace us with your presence.” Deb turned and poised as she said-
”You like our outfits Dano?” Her pants accented each cheek, and it was very apparent they were both wearing matching pink thongs..
“ The guys won't get a lot done with you two looking like that. Please tell me that Sandra's not gonna be dressed like that.”

“No—She won't. I know something you don't “ said Donna.” You and her will be flying outta here today for parts unknown.”

Playtimes over , I thought to myself.. Time to earn my keep.
We all walked to the bar and had our biscuits, the girls drinking O J and I brought coffee.
It was 7:50 am and about 18-20 degrees outside, and there was already a line of cars sitting in the parking area, their motors running , waiting for Donna to open up.
“Let's give em a break,” Deb said, unlocking the door and waving to them... The place filled quickly with mostly men, who liked to get in an hour before work, I suppose.

I stood beside the bar and made a sign-up time sheet to hang up at the bulletin board.. I listed my available times vertically down the left beginning at 10 am – 12 noon and 1 pm-- 6 pm ...beginning next week,I hope.
I would let the members pencil in their names beside the time they wanted.. Seemed the fair way to do it. I went to my ' office' to check what I needed in the way of supplies.

Anticipating a heavy workload, I quickly seen that I would need to purchase two dozen large towels, two dozen sheets, two dozen wash cloths , liquid hand soap, scented candles and oils , some softer lighting and music .. X six = $ 3,000 to outfit all the places Sandra had. Not too bad .

That would knock a dent in my first months salary, but it was an investment , not a bill...

I went back up front with my figures and ran a copy for Sandra and Donna. Deb was busy mixing a pitcher of something , and Donna watched.. I handed Donna her copy and explained.

“ I'll need this by the time I return. Taking my wallet out, I pulled $600 out and handed it to her.
This should more than cover it. There's an extra $200 I'll be kicking in per month for laundry expenses.”
I led her to the side and said,
“ Debra will be staying at my place while I'm gone. Will that be a problem for you?”
“Not at all—I'll most likely stay with her, if you don't mind.”

“ And Dano-- You Will leave your ' friend ' for us to play with ,won't you?”
"Only if you promise to teach me some Cherokee words I've heard you say."

Her smile could melt butter.......

P.S. Readers-- As my journal continues , Sandra and I fly to each of her places , and not a lot of time is spent back at my condo for a while. In writing the story,,My Beech Mountain heading will discontinue.. The heading I will use is :

“ Have Hands—Will Travel “ by Michael Miller.....

I thank all of you for your comments, E-mails and support.

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2013-10-23 17:31:28
GMcSGT I really liked your article post.Really thank you! Awesome.

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2009-04-18 04:08:38
Please tell your earlier story. If you label it accurately then noone who might be offended should read it. If they do then they have no right to complain.

Michael MillerReport

2008-12-04 05:49:00
I thank you all for your interest and support....
I"ve written my true story mostly from recollection..I've used my records as my journal , and going through them , several more stories have crossed my mind...
I've considered an earlier timeline -- when I was 12-13 and learned about sex from an 18yr old "nanny".. She was the one who gave me my "calling" to massage..It's a little kinky..
Some of you might be offended. If enough interest is expressed , it would make an interesting read .............
Thanx Connereight ---I'm trying , but have much room to improve


2008-12-03 22:58:54
Nice story hope you keep up the good work.


2008-12-03 22:41:21
This story has a nice plot in my opinion and I like the detail used.

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