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Chapter 14

“Good morning Karen, Nancy,” the receptionist called to Jason, Karen, and Nancy as they entered the doctor’s office. “You must be Mr. Carter,” she said as Jason stepped up to the window and she slid a clipboard across the counter for him. “Fill out these forms and the doctor will be with you in just a few minutes.”

As Jason took the forms he got his first good look at the redheaded receptionist and couldn’t help but notice her round stomach and full tits. Jason tried to take his eyes off the girl’s obviously pregnant belly and noticed her name tag for the first time. “Brenda Cole,” he said as he read the name, “are you . . . ?

“Dr. Cole’s daughter,” Brenda said with a grin, “and yes, it’s daddies. At least this time I know it’s his, my first pregnancy caught be by surprise and I’m not sure if daddy knocked me up or if it was my brother Gary. Since then daddy and Gary have been taking turns knocking me up and this time it happens to be daddy’s turn.”

“You’re pretty trusting to tell me that,” Jason said as he glanced down at the forms on his clipboard and caught his breath when he saw the first few questions.

“For one of daddy’s special patients I don’t worry about hiding anything,” Brenda said with another toothy smile.

“I guess not,” Jason said as he turned to join his daughter’s in the waiting room.

“Well,” Jason said as he pulled a pen out of his shirt pocket and clicked it open, “this is an interesting form.”

“What do you mean daddy?” Nancy asked as she craned her head to get a better look at the form.

“Just listen to the first question after the regular information, ‘Was this a planed pregnancy?’”

“That doesn’t sound like such a strange question,” Nancy said with a shrug.

“I guess not, but what about the next one? ‘What is the relationship of the father? Choose more than one if necessary.’ And then the possible answers are grandfather, father, brother, son, uncle, nephew, cousin, and other. I wonder what other could be.”

“Step, half, or in-law,” Karen said as she chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully. “What gets me is the idea of checking more than one answer. Does that mean that the father qualifies as more than one or if you’re not sure who the father is?”

“Or both,” Jason said with a chuckle, “at least we don’t have to worry about what it means in your case.”

“No it doesn’t,” Karen said as she reached down to pat her father’s crotch.

“Careful Karen,” Jason said, moving his clipboard around to hide what Karen was doing, “anyone could walk in and see what you’re doing.”

“Don’t be silly daddy,” Karen said with a sniff, “the only people who would be here on a Saturday is one of Dr. Cole’s special patients and we don’t have to worry about any of them.”

“I guess not,” Jason agreed as he turned back to finish the forms. Once he finished the forms Jason returned them to Brenda who thanked him with a warm smile before he turned to return to Karen and Nancy. When he turned around he noticed that the girls were leaning over his empty chair and talking excitedly but stopped as soon as they realized that he was looking at them. Something told him that his two girls had something planned for him and he smiled, sure that he was going to enjoy whatever they had in mind.

“Karen Carter,” the nurse called just as Jason reached his chair and he turned to see another pregnant woman smiling at the small family from the open door leading to the examination rooms. “The doctor is ready for you Karen,” she finished as she held the door open for Jason’s oldest daughter.

“That’s Dr. Cole’s daughter Debbie,” Karen whispered in her father’s ear as she stopped to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “I heard she isn’t sure if the baby belongs to her father, her brother, or her oldest son.”

“Ah,” was all Jason could say as Karen walked on to slip past Debbie and turn left toward the exam room the older woman gestured toward.

“Come on daddy,” Nancy said, grabbing him by the arm before he even realized that she was out of her chair. “Let me give you a tour of the exam rooms.”

“Are you sure that’s alright?” Jason asked dubiously, he hated to talk Nancy out of the idea because he was sure this was what she and Karen had in mind for him, but if it was going to disrupt Dr. Cole’s office he didn’t think it would be a good idea.

“Examination room 5 is open and you won’t be disturbing anyone,” Brenda offered. “Just make sure you don’t disturb any of the equipment and everything should be fine. Jason almost missed the wink Brenda gave Nancy but when it happened we wondered if exam room 5 was reserved for special tours.

“This way dad,” Nancy said, tugging him down the hall to the right examination room. “What do you think daddy?” Nancy asked as she turned on the ceiling light so her father could look around the room. He was surprised to realize that the were so few instruments around the room, in fact, except for the examination table everything appeared to be stored out of the way.

“What do you think daddy?” Nancy asked as she jumped onto the examination table and gave her father an enticing smile as she spread her raised knees and slid her feet into the waiting stirrups. “Are you as hot and horny as I am right now?”

“At least as horny,” Jason said as he watched Nancy hitch her short skirt up by rubbing her ass back and forth on the paper covered examination couch until her panties were clearly visible. “I see you’re wearing my favorite panties,” he told his daughter as he reached out to trace the wet spot around the cherry covering her pussy.

“I always wear them if I think there’s a chance you’ll fuck me when we’re outside the house,” Nancy said as she grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it up past her bare tits. “I was going to wear the matching bra but I’m getting a little big for my training bra.”

“In that case I guess we’ll have to pick up some new bras for you when we go shopping later today,” Jason said with a grin while Nancy slipped her wrists into the straps alongside the examination table. He thought his youngest daughter had never looked so innocent, helpless, or fuckable as she did with her legs raised up in the stirrups and her arms held tight to her side and he could feel his cock growing hard in his pants as he watched his little girl’s ass slide hypnotically across the examination table and back.

“Do it daddy,” Nancy whined, “I know you’re thinking about strapping me in, do it, and then fuck me silly right here on the examination table.”

“Are you sure Nancy?” Jason asked even as he reached for the straps that would hold her ankles in the stirrups.

“I’m sure,” Nancy said with obvious excitement as her father tightened the padded velcro straps around her ankles before shifting to the wrist straps. “I’ve dreamed of this day ever since my first gynecology exam. The idea of being strapped in helplessly like this while you fucked me turned me on like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Oh, I can believe it,” Jason said as he looked at how much the wet spot on her crotch had spread while he was strapping her in. “But Nancy, why did you want me to strap you in? It’s not like you’ve ever tried to get away from my cock, in fact you usually do everything you can to get as much of my shaft in your belly as you can.”

“I know,” Nancy said with a contented sigh, “but something about being helpless like this makes me even hornier than usual. Did you ever try anything like this with mom?”

“No,” Jason admitted, “I didn’t think you mother would like the idea so I never got up the nerve to ask her if she wanted to try.”

“I think she would have been willing daddy,” Nancy said with a little gasp of pleasure as her father ran the tip of his finger along her slit through her wet panties. “Mom, Karen, and I use to play a game we called who’s sucking me now.”

“And how did you play the game?” Jason asked as he pushed the crotch panel of Nancy’s panties aside so he could look at her bald cunt for a few seconds before he started running his finger up and down the exposed pussy lips.

“We’d take turns being it,” Nancy explained as she wiggled her ass on the examination table. “When you’re it you get blindfolded and your arms and legs are tied so you can’t cheat by feeling up the others, then the other two take turns eating your tits and pussy and you have to guess who the other person is.”

“I think I’d like to try that,” Jason said as he pulled his finger out of Nancy’s wet cunt and licked it clean.

“I thought you might,” Nancy said with a quick smile. “For you we’ll have to change it to who’s fucking me now and you’ll have to guess who you’re fucking.”

“That does sound like fun,” Jason said as he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out through his boxers before he stepped up on the riser and brought the head of his dripping cock up against his daughter’s drooling pussy.

“Good,” Nancy said as she spread her thighs as far apart as she could and watched the head of her father’s cock slide up and down her quivering slit. “Karen and I were just talking about how much we’d like to play with you tonight, in fact Karen said she has a special surprise for you if we play tonight.”

“In that case I can’t wait for tonight,” Jason said, grabbing Nancy’s hips and jabbing his hips forward so the head of his cock popped into his daughter’s bald pussy.

“Oh yes daddy,” Nancy gasped with pleasure as her father started sliding his cock in and out of her defenseless cunt. As her father continued to fuck her Nancy struggled against the stirrups and wrist straps in an attempt to meet her father’s every thrust. “Fuck me daddy, fuck my defenseless pussy and knock me up.”

“Defenseless,” Jason said with a chuckle as Nancy’s cunt muscles massaged his shaft with every stroke. “If you weren’t strapped in you’d be slamming your pussy against me so hard it would leave bruises. Nancy, you and Karen never try to get away from me when we’re fucking, but I have to admit it, seeing you strapped in like this makes me hornier than I ever expected.”

“Me too daddy,” Nancy said with a sigh of pleasure as she felt her orgasm building in her belly as her father stroked his cock in and out of her body. “I can’t wait to have you blindfolded and strapped down while Karen and I fuck you silly tonight.”

“That does sound like a lot of fun,” Jason told his youngest daughter, “but right now I want to fill your pussy with another load of baby juice so I can watch that flat little belly of yours grow bigger and bigger with our baby.”

“That’s what I want too daddy,” Nancy said as she wiggled her ass on the examination table, “so make sure you fill my pussy with all the cum you have in your balls.”

“I will Nancy, I will,” Jason promised, he could feel Nancy’s pussy squeezing his cock in a strangle hold and when she started screaming in pleasure he realized that his daughter was having an orgasm and from the way his balls were jumping it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting his load deep in her quivering slit.

“I’m cumming daddy, I’m cumming,” Nancy told her father as her cunt tried to milk the baby juice out of his cock.

“Hold on sweetheart,” Jason grunted as he forced his cock in and out of Nancy’s shivering cunt, “just a couple more strokes and I’ll be giving you a full load of cum.”

“Give it to me daddy, give me your cum so I can have your baby,” Nancy begged as her whole body shivered with desire.

“Here it comes,” Jason groaned as he slammed his cock deep into his daughter’s belly and shot off five loads of baby juice deep in the preteen’s body.

“There,” Jason said, rubbing his hand across his daughter’s belly as he dreamed about the bulge that he hoped would soon be growing there. “If that doesn’t knock you up then we’ll just have to keep trying until we get it right.”

“Can we keep doing it even if we get it right,” Nancy said with a contented smile as her father started to undo the straps around her raised ankles and wrists. “After all, I love to fuck and I really want more than one baby, so let’s keep fucking no matter what.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” Jason said as he stuffed his softening cock back in his underwear and zipped up his pants. “Both the fucking and all the babies you and Karen want to give me.”

A knock at the examination room door interrupted whatever Nancy was going to say and she jumped off the examination table and adjusted her skirt as the door opened. “Oh good, you’re done,” Debbie said, adjusting her nurses uniform over her swollen belly and giving father and daughter a knowing smile as she stepped into the room. “The doctor’s finished Karen’s exam and he wants to meet all three of you in his office.”

“Thank you,” Jason said, blushing slightly as he helped Nancy get up from the exam table.

“Right this way,” Debbie said when father and daughter were ready to follow her.

“Is it true you don’t know who the father of your baby is?” Nancy asked as she watched the nurses quivering belly.

“Not quite,” Debbie said with a soft chuckle. “I do know the father is my father, my brother, or my son since he started producing sperm right about the time I got pregnant. But I’m not sure which one of them actually knocked me up.”

“You know daddy,” Nancy said, “for the first time I regret the fact that I don’t have a brother.”

“Well,” Jason said, giving Debbie a quick glance before he continued, “the way we’re going you’ll probably have a half brother pretty soon.”

“True,” Nancy said, a slow smile crossing her lips, “but I’ll have to wait a few years before he’s old enough for me to seduce.”

“I’m sure those years will go much quicker than you expect,” giving his daughter a quick hug as they reached the door to Doctor Cole’s office.

“Ah Mr. Carter,” Doctor Cole said, looking up from the open file on his desk long enough to gesture to the two chairs next to the one Karen was already sitting in. “Please take a seat, it would appear we have some plans to make.”

“First of all, allow me to congratulate you on Karen’s pregnancy,” Doctor Cole said, leaning across his desk to shake his hand. “I’ve confirmed the pregnancy which appears to be in it’s fourth or fifth week.”

“Fourth,” Jason interrupted, “I was still using condoms before that.”

“Four weeks sounds about right,” the doctor said, making a note on his files. “I’ll be run some genetic tests on the baby just to be sure but I know for a fact that you and your wife didn’t have any genetic markers for diseases so I don’t expect any problems. And don’t worry, privacy won’t be a problem since my son will be running the tests at his private lab right here in town. Right now I think we need to discuss what kind of cover story you want, just in case people start asking questions.”

“What kind of cover stories do your other special patients use?” Jason asked uncertainly.

“That depends,” Dr. Cole said as he placed his chin on top of his folded hands. “One of the most popular coverups involves the pregnant girl getting involved with several boys or men at school or work. If the timing is right it looks like one of their several fuck partners knocked them up and it muddies the whole parentage idea, especially when the real parents DNA is switched for another.”

As the doctor spoke Jason glanced down at Karen and tried to imagine how he would feel if she were to start fucking several boys at school in order to cover the fact that he knocked her up but he felt himself frowning at the thought of anyone else fucking his daughter, and from the look on her face Jason was sure she hated the idea as much as he did. “I can see that you don’t like that idea at all,” Dr. Cole said with a nod. “The second most popular story is that the pregnancy was a result of rape.”

“How does that one work,” Jason asked.

“We develop a plausible rape story - usually involving an unseen assailant and fear to reveal the assault to you or anyone else until her pregnancy becomes too pronounced to dismiss. Since the assailant was unseen and the pregnant girl - or girls unless I’m missing my guess from the sounds that were coming from the play room just a few minutes ago - avoided talking about the rape for several months that will explain why the girls can’t remember enough details for the police or anyone else to find their assailant. They may ask questions like why the same assailant attacked two sisters at different times, but if they don’t have any evidence against you they’ll have to accept the story no matter how much they hate it.”

“That sounds like a better option,” Jason said with a frown, “not the best, but better. How hard is it to pull off?”

“Not as hard as you’d think,” Dr. Cole said with a quick grin, “in fact, I thought that would be the story you wanted to go with and I already started putting things together.”

“Anything we need to do?” Jason asked as he reached out to pat both of his daughter’s on their knees.

“Not right now,” Dr. Cole said, “but once we come up with your rape stories we’ll have to go over them with you so you have enough details to make things sound true.”

“I see,” Jason said with a nod. “By the way doctor, did you really hear us in the other room?”

“No,” Dr. Cole admitted with a chuckle, “the play room isn’t soundproofed, but it’s far enough from the regular exam rooms that we never heard you. But the play room is set up exactly for what you used it for so I had a pretty good idea what you and Nancy were up to while I was examining Karen.”

“I wondered why there were no instruments in the examination room,” Jason said thoughtfully, “and with any luck we should be back in a month or so for Nancy.”

“I expected as much,” Dr. Cole said with a nod, “I’ll be sure to leave an opening for four saturdays from now.”

“We’ll try not to disappoint you then,” Jason said with a wink. “And right now I think we have a little shopping to take care of, is there anything I need to pick up for Karen?”

“That would ruin the story we’re developing,” Dr. Cole pointed out, “that’s why I’ve given her enough samples of her prenatal vitamins to cover the next month. I also gave her something that will help settle her stomach until she gets over her morning sickness so she should be good until you bring Nancy in. Enjoy your shopping trip - and everything that comes after it.”


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"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 14" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)

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“Dr. Cole’s daughter,” Brenda said with a grin, “and yes, it’s daddies. At least this time I know it’s his, my first pregnancy caught be by surprise and I’m not sure if daddy knocked me up or if it was my brother Gary. Since then daddy and Gary have been taking turns knocking me up and this time it happens to be daddy’s turn.”

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