Step Son Finds Lust For Young Step Mom
Danny's father divorced his mother the year before he was to go off to college. Shortly thereafter, Danny's Father remarried a woman that was thirt years younger than him, and only five years older than Danny. Needles to say the two of them had trouble from the start. What made it more confusing for Danny was the fact that Nicole, his new Step Mother was drop dead beautiful, which made it all the harder for Danny. She had long red hair, and the body of a Greek goddess. Danny spent many a night jacking off, thinking of his Step Mothers body....all of which confused him.

After a major blow out where some very hurtful things were said, Danny left for college. In the time that he was in school, he was able to work things out, with the help of some good friends, and a counselor. Danny tried to call Nicole, but would get tongue tied, and hang up. Danny decided to write his feelings down, along with an apology and mailed it to Nicole. Once Danny had graduated college he arrived home. With his heart pounding in his chest, Danny walked up to the door of the house and knocked. Maria, the housekeeper answered the door, screaming in delight when she saw Danny.

Maria made Danny lunch, telling him how hard it was for Nicole. His father was still a womanizer, and had made life unbearable for Nicole. She also told Danny how happy his letter had made Nicole, and that she would read it over and over. As Maria went to leave for the weekend, she told Danny that Nicole would be home soon and that his things were upstairs. Once Maria left, Danny decided to take a shower, and relax while he waited for Nicole. Danny came out of the shower, still naked and laid down on the bed. He began thinking of Nicole, wondering if she was still as gorgeous as ever.

Danny began toying with his cock as he closed his eyes trying to envision her naked. Nicole came home, finding a note from Maria telling her that Danny was home, and was upstairs. Nicole hurried upstairs and took a shower....she wanted to freshen up first. After her shower, Nicole slipped on a summer dress and walked down the hall to Danny's room. The door was slightly ajar, so she peeked in. Her eyes widened when she saw Danny laying on the bed, naked and stroking his huge cock. Nicole felt a burning between her legs....she had to stop thinking like that...this was he step son, but try as she might, she couldn't take her eyes off him.

As she watched, Nicole felt her pussy starting to tingle as she teased her nipples through her blouse. Nicole continued to struggle, knowing what she as thinking was wrong, but her arousal and her passionate desire took over as she watched. Danny was starting to stroke his cock faster and faster, as Nicole watched, slipping her hand down the front of her drenched panties. As she fingered her pussy Danny started to moan....then Nicole watched as his legs tensed, and a huge spurt of cum shot from his cock, landing on his chest. Nicole found herself cumming as well. Afterward she stepped away, needing to gather herself together.

Later Danny came down, and found Nicole in the kitchen. They hugged tightly, Danny feel Nicole's breasts pushing against his chest. "I missed you so much Danny, and thank you for the meant so much." There was an intense sexual tension in the air, but neither had the courage to act on it. After dinner, Nicole and Danny talked, Nicole telling Danny how his Father treated her. Nicole finally said she was tired and was going to bed. Danny went to his room as well. Danny kept thinking about Nicole, and how beautiful she was. He opened his door and looked down the hall, seeing a light coming from Nicole's room.

Unable to stop himself, Danny walked down the hall to her door. Nicole was sitting at her dresser brushing her shoulder length hair. She was wearing a sexy negligee making her look all the more desirable. Nicole could see Danny looking at her through her mirror. She smiled, "Why don't you come in Danny, I don't mind." Danny gulped and stepped inside. "Come over her next to me." Danny stood next to Nicole, looking at her reflection in the mirror. He could see her nipples through her negligee, they were hard, and pushing against the thin fabric. He could feel his cock starting to tingle....he wondered if he should turn around and walk out.

Nicole asked, "Would you like to brush my hair for me?" She could see Danny's cock starting to thicken, it only made her lust grow. "Ya, sure." "Relax Danny, everything is OK." Danny took the brush, and started running it through Nicole's hair as she smiled and watched him in the mirror.

"You know Danny I have a confession to make."


"Uh huh."

"When I first got home I found a note from Maria saying you were upstairs, I went up to see you and noticed your bedroom door was slightly open." "I decided to peek inside to see if you were asleep...if you were I didn't want to disturb you." "What I saw though was you, stroking that beautiful cock of yours....I hope you don't think me evil....I just couldn't stop watching." "Do you...think I'm evil?"

" way....I...I'm glad you liked seeing me."

"You know your father doesn't touch me...he has his whores for that."

"Then he's a fool....I would never want anyone else."

"Really Danny?"


"Do you like my body?"

"Oh're beautiful."

Nicole smiled as started running her fingers over her nipples making them harder and harder. Danny continued brushing her hair, his eyes glued to the mirror. Nicole opened her negligee exposing her breasts as she rolled her nipples between her fingers. Danny cock was now protruding from his boxers, nearly resting on Nicole's shoulder. Nicole reached up, and took his cock in her hand, caressing her cheek with it as Danny moaned softly. Nicole placed light kisses on his hard shaft, sliding her negligee off her shoulders as it fell down around her waist.

Nicole turned around in her vanity chair, pulling Danny's boxers down, and taking his cock between her lips. She started to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock, gently chewing on the head. She held his heavy balls in her hand as she started to deep throat him, taking as much of his cock down her throat as she could. Danny rocked his hips, gently fucking Nicole's face, as he neared the edge. "I'm gonna cum," he told her. Nicole eased her finger between his cheeks penetrating Danny's ass. That sent him over the edge, as he spilled his load down her throat.

They moved to the bed, Nicole parting her legs as Danny started kissing Nicole. Danny moved to her neck, where he could smell her perfume as he kissed his way down her neck to her breasts. Danny made small circles around Nicole's aureola's, as she moaned softly. As Danny gently squeezed her breasts, he took her nipples into his mouth, alternating between sucking them and flicking them with his tongue. Soon this action made Nicole start cumming.

Danny moved his way down Nicole's stomach, working his way toward her pussy. He paused to look at her beautiful bare mound. It was covered with goose bumps, her lips so thick....glistening with her love juices. Danny leaned over and started slowly licking her juices from her lips, as Nicole cooed and guided his head with her hands. Nicole started whispering...."Suck my pussy, Danny.....suck it good...make me cum." Danny slid his tongue between Nicole's folds, her juices running down his tongue as he started running his tongue the lengh of her pussy.

Danny worked his way over her pussy, sliding his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could, tongue fucking her as Nicole gripped the sheets with her fingers. Danny moved up, taking her swollen clit between his lips as he eased two fingers into her pussy. Nicole gasped, pushing her hips upwards into Danny's face, cumming over and over, covering Danny face with her juices.
As Nicole started to gather her thoughts, she told Danny she wanted his cock. Danny aimed his still rigid cock at Nicole's pussy, sliding it all the way in as the two began fucking. Danny slammed all eight inches of his manhood deep into Nicole's tight pussy, taking her over the edge time and time again.

Danny felt his balls begin to tighten, knowing that he was near the edge. Nicole grabbed a pillow covering her face with it to stifle her screams of passion. Danny moaned and his cock pulsed and throbbed, flooding Nicole's pussy with his load. Nicole started cumming as well, screaming into the pillow again as one powerful orgasm after another swept over her body. Danny and Nicole slept together that night, as they did every night while his Father was away. So far it's a very convenient arrangement. Nicole is happy, and Danny is as well. As for his Father...he has no clue...he's too busy doing other things and other people.

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2013-12-14 09:02:07
Boy I just hate jerks that treats and abuses women, makes me want to punch the living daylights out of them. Great story fantasyweaver.

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What's with you people and knocking women up. Every other story is "hey make him get her pregnant ". Really getting sick of it bros

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Next time get the step mom pregnant.

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Dickhead below me. If you didn't like it why did you read it? Oh and before you call others fools why don't you write the right way? You're not texting dumbass!

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This is bad, how culd u? Fucking ur step mom? U are a fool!

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