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First chapter in my new series. I'll make more if it gets decent feedback. This one is a bit shorter than future ones will be.
~~~Tobey stood on the extreme of the cliff overlooking the wind that swept into the desolate valley. His eyes gazed across the landscape, the hair on his neck standing on end in allure of impending doom. The sun, a faint glimmer on the horizon as it lay dying beyond the trees, grafted a warm, fiery glow across the ground below, cascading a shadow on the near. His home, billowing smoke puffing from the chimney stack, rested neatly in the line of trees. It felt so near and yet he knew it was so far, a long hike for certain. But it had already been quite the long journey, and it would take a great deal longer to pain him any further.

~~~Then came the high wind. A rush of powerful current charging its way high over the cliff-side, and directly against Tobey's body. He braced himself against the sudden chill of the cold breeze, and soon the sun was gone, its burning embers a fragile memory. The wind was too strong, and only strengthening, it was this that frightened him from remaining on such a narrow passage and prompted him to return to solid ground. And so there he stood, struck by a sudden rush of fear and surprise. His eyes quivered in the rush of cold wind, they fell upon a figure of unknown origin. Surely whoever it was had taken advantage of the high wind's muffling roar to sneak upon him, and only someone with malicious intent could be motivated to do such a thing. She wore a bright red coat, long and whipping in the breeze, dark red jeans and a matching top revealed beneath as it blew open. Hier skin was pale, almost sickly, and the long, black hair that draped over her face swayed wildly. Her face was just as pale, cold and emotionless, her eyes a burning amber, sparkling in the faint light remaining on the horizon from the newly dead sun. Lips, plump and perky, were a faded violet, pale in a chilled death. She smirked, a sort of callous snare of contempt and sadism etching its way into the stone of Tobey's mind.

~~~He was not sure what to do, his heart was pounding as he found himself trapped on the remaining outstretch of the cliff. He knew if he attempted to cross his stalker she would certainly counter him, and in a location such as this that was quite a danger if the woman was less than mentally stable. Yet, it was only this that he saw to be an option, as if he remained where he did he would find himself subject to far greater cautions. Bracing himself once more, he postured himself and gunned forward, his legs pumping with as much strength as they could muster. He swerved at the last second, jolting to the side to avoid the red-clad woman in leather, and he soon felt as though he had stretched beyond her defensive line.

~~~He had been wrong. A firm swipe of her arm was all that was needed to drop Tobey to his back. His head was in a twirling daze, his vision spinning like a wild torrent. The woman shifted towards him, standing over him and gazing down in contempt, her legs on either side of him. His fear quickly built, his eyes wide as a thick knot forced its way into his throat. He tried to swallow, his heart pounded violently. It felt as though it would be simply fear that killed him. And perhaps, judging by the look of malice on the young woman's face, that sudden form of death may be the only visage of light remaining in his world.

~~~And then she dropped her coat to the ground just below his feet. Her pale lips twisted into a grin, her hair whipping in her face. She was beautiful in a strange sort of way, her body a slender and curvy. Her tight red tank top clung to her ample chest, the cold air having caused her nipples to press bumps into the fabric. Her pale hands crept to the front of her jeans, her thumb snapping the button and her fingers pinching the zipper to draw it down. It was of only a short time before her pants rested in a discarded clump just beside her coat, her glistening pussy, covered in only a thin trace of well-trimmed, black hair, appeared to throb red in an already burning desire. The sweet nectar had already oozed its way half down her inner thighs, and she proceeded to kneel down over him.

~~~Her sharp, black nails ripped violently at Tobey's jeans, tearing them open to expose a surprisingly eager bulge from his boxers. It took all of half a second for her to tug them down as well, his thick, pulsing cock standing firm in her vision. With one hand she grasped the base of his cock, the other spreading her pussy as her hips shifted to push the inner walls of her swollen lips against the head of his dick.She ground herself gently against him, her lips parting faintly to let out a gasp. Tobey watched in bewilderment, perplexed by the vision of this ghastly vixen. She had just struck him, quite fiercely, the blood shed by her razor nails still thick on his neck, and now she was mounting him for sex. It mattered very little to him, however. If he was going to die it would be inevitable, he figured he may as well get what he can out of it.

~~~She pushed her hips down, the thickeness of his bulging cock thrusting its way deeply into her hot pussy, the lips binding securely around his shaft. She let out a rasp-like moan as he entered her, her hands slowly wondering up her body and beneath her top, slipping it away from her perky C-cup breasts. They were as pale as the rest of her, and the nipples were a faded violet, identical to both sets of lips. Her hand grasped her left tit, squeezing it firmly, her finger tips pinching and twisting lightly at the nipple, pulling against it. Her other hand found its way beneath Tobey's shirt and onto his chest. Her nails dug in, dragging lightly, cutting him deep. He let out a gasp at the clawing of his flesh, but soon fell into a deep moan as he felt her tight, burning pussy continue to pound its way up and down his hard shaft. She loomed over, her other hand now siding with the first beneath his shirt. Her hips bucked up and down roughly, slowly grinding in a circular motion every now and then, her nails dragging harder. His hands lunged up to grip her firm tits, carressing them and taunting the nipples. She groaned, whimpering as the pleasure jolted up into her pelvis.

~~~Tobey moaned, the pressing force of her heated thighs pounding sharping against his out, her hot pussy tighter than ever. His body tensed, and he felt himself growing close. He swallowed, his eyes shutting tightly and his hands grasped tighter againt the girl's bouncing tits. His eyes shot open suddenly as a raspy, acid-like voice swept over him. "Don't cum, or I'll tear your throat out!" He yelped, a sudden, deep fear sunk into him at her words. She was clearly insane, and it was this that confirmed to Tobey that she was being truthful. He fought his orgasm, and in a desperate chance at control he pushed forward and climbed atop of her. His hands firmly grasped her hips as he kneeled, his cock immediately sliding into her soaked cunt. He began to pound into her roughly, her legs tightly wrapping their way around his waist. Her hand raced down to her intruded pussy, a fingertip grinding down against her clit as his cock slid over and over between the tightening lips. She braced the Earth beneath them with her other hand as the pleasure rushed through her body, she tensed, and she could feel herself beginning to climax. Tobey's eyelids tensed shut, he bit his lip roughly trying to hold back his own finish, his fingers tightly grasping against her pale, heated flesh as he continued to drill his hips against her. The sweet nectar of her throbbing slit dripped down his shaft and over her balls, falling into the soil beneath them. She cried out, her eyes rolling back, her head rolling in the same fashion on the ground. Her nails dragged into the dirt, her cunt gripped tensely around his pounding shaft, and she began to burst into a deep orgasm. Her moans were incredibly intense, echoing over the side of the cliff and down into the valley, a small flock of birds had taken flight from the sudden screams.

~~~Her body, hot, rested sprawled across the ground carelessly. She panted, her firm breasts bouncing with each breath, and her long hair lie in a tangled mess over most of her face. Her fingers lightly traced the scrapes on the ground from her nails, her pussy still dripped with lust. Tobey gazed down at her pale and beautiful form, and knowing she was satisfied had made a point of pulling out of her before he was prompted to finish from his primal instincts. Her head rolled to the side, some hair falling away from her face to reveal a pair of beautiful, yet incredibly threatening eyes that gazed at him. She looked appeased, relaxed, and while this made his nerves settle to a degree his fright was nothing short of severe. Slowly, cautiously, he rose to his feet, his cock still firm and standing in the breeze, dripping with her sweet juices. Her eyes followed him closely, ensuring he did not try to escape. Slowly, she rose up to her knees in front of him, gazing up at him with a sort of passion in her eyes. Her slender fingers found their way around the base of his shaft, grasping firm but without enough force to harm him. Gently, she allowed her tongue to drift its surface across the head of his cock, and with her eyes remaining steadily on him, she eased her head forward to take his length into her mouth. It was only a short time that passed before her head began to bob up and down the shaft, her pale lips, surprisingly warm, pressing against him as tightly as her pussy had only moments ago. Her tongue massaged him and curled around the head when it could, and he quickly began to build up once more. Fear shot through him, unsure if her warning still remained. All he could do was tilt his head back and shut his eyes, hoping to distract himself.

~~~Her lips slid up his length and deeply sucked at the tip before smacking. She began to kiss along the side, her hand stroking rapidly up and down with a firm grasping, the speed at an advantage from the moist, hot saliva. She popped his left ball into her mouth, sucking delicately upon it as her hand continued to jack him off quickly. She switched to the other, her tongue carressing and cradling it eagerly. Her unusued hand was grinding its fingers against her hot slit and she let out the occassional gasp. A long, pressed stroke of her tongue ran up the underside of his thickened shaft, and just as her lips found the head, and began to sink him back into her mouth, he could no longer hold back. Tobey cried out, and a series of hot ropes of cum burst over the pale girl's face. A look of horror shot across his face as rapidly as the pleasure had faded, and as his eyes gunned down to look at her, they were met by a gaze of pure disgust. The girl wiped the cum away and pushed it into her mouth, she sucked her finger clean and licked her lips, and every last drop was swallowed. Without further warning, as Tobey began to try to pull away, she lunged forward and grasped his hard cock in her teeth. Her canines, long and razor sharp, sank deep into his swollen flesh. Blood rapidly began to pour, a deep pain burned up through his loins, and almost immediately he felt light headed. Another horrible clamping of her jaw, and his world went black. He began to collapse, and then fell into complete unconsciousness.

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A sequel is likely, fairly soon, if the ratings stay even around 70%. The higher the rating, the more I'll be encouraged to continue the series.

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