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Only a horny son would know
Can you imagine how embarrassing it is for a seventeen year old young man to be caught by his Mom while masturbating? Well, I can tell you. It's damned embarrassing.
Mother was standing at the door of my bedroom looking in on me while I slicked my hand up and down my hard shaft. That's right, folks. There I was, in my young glory. The slender stiffnesss was completely engulfed by my hand as I jacked off thinking of our busty neighbor. I was near ejaculation when I noticed my mother at the door. She stood there with one hand gently massaging her 38D breasts and the other was hidden from view in the folds of her nightdress.
What was I to do? I couldn't say that I was doing nothing. Geez! My cock was hard as a rock. Even knowing that my Mom had caught me in the act of masturbation was not enough to cause my cock to go down. Of course, it did slow my jerking off. I could see that Mom's eyes were fastened on my youthful cock. She came into my bedroom without saying a word. She sat on the edge of my bed and grasped my cock in her warm hand. Looking in my eyes she asked, “Do you need some help with this?” Her hand on my cock and began a slow, sensual rhythm. Geez! My cock swelled and pre-cum juices lubricated her hand. I felt close to exploding. How could a kid cum in his mother's hand and live to the next day? I came anyway. I filled her hand with the largest load I had yet to ejaculate in my young life.
She bent her head to take the length of my cock in her mouth. My hardness had only slightly abated. Oh, God! It felt so good. As she greedily sucked at my shaft, my cock pulsed. It felt so large in her mouth. Her tongue swirled about the head of my cock as she came to the up stroke of her sucking. I felt as though I would burst. My cock was so hard in her mouth.
Soon she took her mouth away. What a disappointment. But I was to soon learn that what she was to do next would make my cock even harder. She moved herself above my throbbing cock and eased herself down on me. She felt so warm inside. This was the first time I had ever been inside of a woman. Some of my girlfriends would give me a hand job but wouldn't let me inside of their panties with more than a finger.
With my cock inside of her she bent low to kiss me. As she kissed me she whispered, “ Fuck me.” What more encouragement did I need. My cock was hard, there was a lovely lady wanting it, and I was about to cum all over the place.
After a few of her strokes I could bear it no longer. I had to be on top of her. I rolled her over and slowly began a humping rhythm into her warm pussy. My cock seemed to expand to a size I had yet to experience in my young life. Each thrust brought a new flash of feeling to my engorged cock. As I huffed and puffed at my fucking, Mother grasped the cheeks of my ass to pull me deeper. Her moans only excited me further. Soon I could feel the rush to cum building within my balls. When I came inside of her it felt like I had exploded a mighty bomb. I was weak and trembling in her arms. My whole body tingled.
Mother caressed the sweat dampened locks of my hair and whispered, “You are my love.”
Realization of what had just occurred swept over me. Yes, over the years I had glimpsed my mother's nude body and it had turned me on. And, yes, I had masturbated a few times to the image of having her body impaled on my cock as I came. Never had I thought it would come to pass, though. It was only a fantasy. Yet, here I was was, naked on top of my mom – my shrinking cock inside of her cum-filled pussy.
As we gently kissed and felt one another's bodies, I could feel my cock hardening once again. She reached between us and grasped my cock in her hand and huskily breathed, “Oh, so you're ready again so soon? What a cocksman I have for a son. Kiss Momma's pussy. Suck my clit so that I might cum now.”
I needed no more encouragement. I slid down to where I could put my head between her legs and began to lick my first pussy. Her juices combined with my cum which was oozing from her slit were like a super aphrodisiac to me. As she spread her legs to allow me access to her I introduced a finger to that wonderful red slit. Her hips came up to meet my lips as she moaned with pleasure. Soon I had two fingers inside of her hot, wet pussy. Mom's clit was rather large. Sucking on it felt like I was sucking on my thumb. It felt so good in my mouth. Sucking on it reminded me of the days when I had explored sex as a lad of twelve with my next door chum. It was his Mom who I often fantasized about now-a-days. My mom was so much better than the fantasy.
I felt her hands urging my head lower. I withdrew my fingers from that creamy slit and licked at her hungry hole. More urging of her hands on the back of my head as she breathlessly said,”Lick my asshole.” The tartness of her ass intrigued me. I tried to put all of my tongue inside of her. My cock was ready to explode as I rubbed it along her calf while licking that luscious ass.
Mother had put on a little weight over the years but was still a well turned out woman. Spreading those soft cheeks was so sensual. Suddenly she grasped my head and pulled it up. “Put it in my ass, Jack. Fuck my ass.”
I needed no more command. I knelt between her spread thighs and lifted her legs in the crook of my arms. As I fumbled with getting my cock into her ass, she used her hand to guide me in. At first it seemed like I wouldn't go in, then the head of my cock slipped past her sphincter and was in that hot hole. It was so tight. “Be gentle, Jack. Go slowly. Momma hasn't had this in a while.”
As instructed, I went slowly. With each inward push I went deeper into that ass. It was so much more hotter and tighter than her pussy. Finally I had all of myself inside. I strained to get as much of me as possible in there. She groaned and began to finger her clit. My hips began a slow rhythm of in and out until I was stroking the full length of my cock into her.
“Yes, Jack. Fuck me deep, dear. I want to feel all of you in me. Oh, yes! Like that. Fuck my ass.”
My legs began to tremble just before the hot jets of cum shot into that tight ass. I pulled her legs up as high as I could and slammed my cock deep as I came for what seemed like an eternity. Mother pulled me close against her and showered my face and neck with wet kisses, moaning the whole time. My quivering body lay against her in rapture.
“Oh, God! I love you Mother,” I gasped.
As she held me close and stroked the back of my head, she said, “And I love you, too, son. You have made me feel so young again. You're so good for me.”

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2011-04-09 11:47:15
I didn't realise there were any world wars at the moment...


2010-09-07 11:40:25
nice family story :)


2008-12-29 05:12:20
wow wat a gay story

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2008-12-26 17:06:21
Good story.


2008-12-16 23:37:10
This was a good story but could have lasted longer. like what happened the next morning!

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