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Sex and fun
The next morning I woke up and did my little exercises. Getting out of bed and doing some pushups. A knock on my door cause me to stop and I got up and said "come in". Alex comes in decked out in a heavy coat and boots with a Russian style hat. he smiles and hands me a bag.

Me: What is this?

Alex: Just something that ma wanted me to give you.

I took a look in the bag and saw a car book which was the Cadillac. I frowned at this and looked at Alex in the face.

Me: Dude. Do not tell me that this is the new Cadillac V Series sedan?

Alex: Yep and its outside waiting for you.

He handed me the keys and I slowly rotated them in my hand.

Alex: Oh can you watch Amber? We’re going to visit April's parents in North Dakota and we want to be there before it snows.

Me: Why isn't Amber going?

Alex: I don't know she said that she wanted to spend time with you for the holiday. Don't worry bro. We will be back later on tomorrow for Christmas. oh and ma coming over also and that was your Christmas present from her. Dude all I got was the Ford.

He then leaves and I took of my boxers. I grabbed my towel, toothpaste, toothbrush and soap and go to the shower. I turn it on and take a 15 minute one and get out. I brush my teeth and wrap the towel around my waist. I walked down the hall going pass Amber's room when I came to a stop. Her door was open but she wasn’t in it. I assumed she went downstairs and continued to go to my room. I walked in looking down and taking and about to take off my towel when I saw Amber on my bed laying there with her arm supporting her head. I paused and closed my door.

Amber: So did you think about it?

I didn’t want to say the wrong thing but I knew that if I did she may cry.

Me: Yeah.

Amber: So will you be my boyfriend?

Me: Yes.

What the hell was I thinking? Son of a bitch. I was going to explain what I meant but the look on her face was one of joy. I looked at her and stood in front of the bed with the towel still around me. Amber sat up and smiled at me.

Amber: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure why not.

Amber: I have a friend who said that she gave her boyfriend a...

She stopped herself looking at me differently.

Me: A what? A dog or some money?

Amber: No something called a blowjob.

She said it all right. Now I was amused and also quite nervous. Here was a beautiful girl asking me about blowjobs. I could feel myself get hard. I had to sit down before she saw so I did on the bed.

Me: oh ok so what do you want to know?

Amber: Have you ever had a girl do it to you?

Me: Nope I'm a virgin.

She looks at me in disbelief.

Amber: Oh.

Her eyes saw my dick which was making a big tent in the towel.

Amber: Can I give you a blowjob?

Me: Ok.

What the hell I'm I thinking. I'm 19 and she's 13. Oh man

Amber: Ok.

She got off the bed and I noticed that she was wearing a t-shirt with no bra and some blue short shorts which stop more than half way up her thigh. It was almost like a panties. I took off my towel and her eyes got big. I wasn’t a monster or anything like most girls who think because I'm black I have a 11 or 12 inch dick that as fat as a pop can. Yet I was pretty thick. My dick when it’s in its relaxed state is 4 inches and rest on a pair of heavy hairy golf ball size balls that hanged low . When my cock is hard its about 8 and a half to nine inches and its girth is fat. I have a mushroom shaped head and it curves gently to the left. It is also very veiny and right now it was throbbing.

Amber got on her knees and lean forward into my cock. She timidly wrapped her hands around my meat and slowly started to stroke me. It felt so good. A thousand better than me doing it myself at night. I close my eyes and laid back down as she was giving me a great hand job. Her small white hand sliding up and down my brown thick veiny shaft. I sat back up and watched her other hand go inside her short shorts and she was slowly rubbing her clit.

Me: Why don't you take them off?

Amber: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah.

She stood up letting go of my dick and slowly pulled her shorts down. She had no panties on but that what wasn’t the thing that caught my attention. What caught my attention was the pubic hair that surrounded her pussy. To tell you the truth I don't care if a girl has hair or is shaved. I'm neutral to it but Ambers was just beautiful. Her hair surrounded her lips of her pussy and stopped down to almost her asshole. The highest and the most concentrated area was over her mound. She had it trimmed but they reach to both sides of her inner thighs and it was maybe an inch or two from her faint panty line. I just wanted to kiss her over and over.

Amber: My friends told me that guys didn’t like any hair down there and I was going to shave it later on after I gave you a blowjob.

I got off the bed and put my arms around her my semi erected dick poking her stomach. I kissed her forehead and lifted her arms off to take her shirt off. I threw the shirt on my bed and lifted her off her feet taking her to the bed and lying her down on it. I was off to the side and rubbing on her stomach. I looked into her eyes as we were lying on our sides.

Me: I like it like that.

Amber: You do?

Me: Yes. Some guys like their girlfriends pussy hairy.

Girlfriend? Did I just say that ? Amber relaxes some more and I kiss her sweet full lips. She breaks away from me and moves her hair back.

Amber: Let me finish.

Me: Ok you want to do a 69?

Amber: What’s that?

I lay on my back with my legs slightly parted.

Me: Get on my face.

Amber gets up and straddles my face. I can smell her warm womanly scent. She was very wet and I could see that her opening was very tiny. like a pre-teen girl. Doing something I've never done before I slowly flicked her opening. Tasting her sweet juices I can feel her squirm on top of me and she was getting wetter.

Amber: Ian.

Me: Yeah?

Amber: I'm going to cum.

That was fast wasn’t it? I was licking her my face get wet as her juices were coming down my face. Shit she tasted good. I started to flick her clit running my tongue over her pussy. I used my finger on my right hand and slip it in her pussy. She gasped loudly. Her pussy was like a choke hold on my finger as it was trying to adjust. She was rocking her body over me making me finger her faster.

Amber: I'm cumming!!!!!!!!!

She cum on my face. more liked squirted on me surprising the hell out of me. She's a squirter. Damn that's cool. She got off me and I just realized that she didn’t even play with my dick. I think she realize that to and so she got off me and laid on me. Kissing me.

Amber: That was so amazing. I've never cummed like that before.

Me: Wait that was the first time you squirted?

Amber: Yeah it was so intense.

I nodded and she moved down on me. Her sexy face framed by long blondish-brown hair went down on my pole and started to bob up and down. The sensation was indescribable. it was like the closest thing to total Niverna. Somewhere to meeting or understanding the purpose of life. I could feel her warm breath and hot tongue swallowing me. I watched her as her mouth took about last than half my length and travel back up leaving the part she had wet with her saliva.

Me: Amber. Yeah baby suck my cock baby.

Amber stopped for a second to move her hair that was in her way. It was also tickling me so that was a good feel also. I grabbed the back of her head to steady her rhyme. I raked my fingers thru her hair groaning.

Me: Amber. Amber!!! Fuck yeah.

I'm not a virgin anymore. I started to thrust upward with her going down I went up. She started to gag but didn’t stop nor did I. I kept it up she trying to take it all in buy only manage to take in seven inches and she was drooling on me. Damn it felt good. I started to feel that familiar tingle in my balls.

Me: I’m going to cum.

I warned her so she can stop and jack me until I blow but she doesn’t. Her head keeps bobbing more and her tongue flicked my cock head and the opening. When she grabbed my balls and squeezed them gently I groaned and blasted into her mouth. Three of the strongest squirts of cum I've ever blasted out landed in her mouth. I was over flowing her mouth has my cum was sliding down my cock and around her mouth. She had took her mouth off me and looked into my eyes. My cum still in her mouth.

Me: Your going to spit it out?

Amber shook her head no causing me to raise an eyebrow. I lowered it as she took one big gulp and opened her mouth to show me that she swallowed my salty thick white cum.

Me: You just swallowed my cum.

Amber: I'll do anything for you. I love you.

With that she got on her back and spread her legs. My dick was semi erected again so I got between them. Holding myself up by my arms I leaned down to kiss her. She started to rub my dick with her feet and fondling my balls with them. I started to get hard and pre-cum was slowly dripping out.

Amber: Fuck Me! Fuck me Ian!!!!

I didn’t have to be told twice. I grab my dick and push pushed my head slowly into her hairy pussy. Once my head was in it was like pushing your cock through silly putty. She gasp as I broke her with my meaty shaft. Turning our innocence into something else. Something we both knew we will never forget. I kissed her seeing tears in her eyes. She sense me trying to help her and she responds with me by tighten her legs around me. Just above my ass.

Amber: I want to feel all of you. I love you.

Me: I love you too.

I started to thrust slow at first. Than faster watching her small breast shake with each thrust in her. I can feel my balls slap against her walls and how her pussy seem to tighten around me with each thrust in. I wasn’t hold myself with my arms. I was on my elbows kissing Amber as I thrust into her. Her pussy was wet and I could hear the wetness with each thrust. The bed was rocking with us also and I grab the headboard with vengeance and fucked her like my life depend on it. I was going into her tight young pussy so hard that her legs unwrapped around me and so I had to hold them and I was kneeling between her legs.


Her pussy tighten around my dick so much I almost cried out from shock. She screamed and her juices just flooded out of her. Onto my dick and on the bed. I felt myself about to cum and was going to pull out when she wrapped her legs around me again.

Me:( Grunting)I about to cum.

Amber: Cum in me.

I kissed her leaning down and exploded. This was the strongest yet and I felt myself shooting thick black seed inside her womb. Some of it was spilling out . I was still in her and then pulled out. See laid her head on my chest has she locked her legs around my right leg. I fondle her breast playing with the nipple and pulled her to me so I could. Licking the small pink nipple and sucking on her small breast. Afterward we laid in bed just staring into each other eyes.

She removed my glasses and put them on her and smiled.

Me: What?

Amber: We didn’t use a condom.

Me; Oh yeah.

She gave my glasses back and I put them on.

Amber: I love you.

Me: I love you too.

Amber: I’m tired.

Me: Me too. It’s from the fucking.

Amber: No its not. It’s from making love.

Me: Yeah.

We kissed and went to sleep in my bed and slept through the night. I was thinking that we didn’t use a condom. I just made love to my best friend little sister who was thirteen and who I always said she was like a sister to me. I just lost my virginity to a thirteen year old girl who lost hers with a nineteen year old college student. A black one at that. I laugh because when it came down to it. I truly did love her and nothing will change it. It was 5 A.M the next morning and snowing.

Voice: Oh my God!

I sat up and in the doorway stood Carmina with her mouth open when she see me completely naked with her little sister brown hair sticking out from under the covers. She comes up to me.

Carmina: What did you do?

Me: Um...

Amber wakes up and gets out of bed. She sees that I was looking at Carmina and gives me a kiss standing on her toes on the lips. She tugs my dick and kisses it in front of Carmina.

Amber: I love in and I want you to know it.

Carmina looks at the both of us and grins. She looks at Amber

Carmina: How was it?

Amber: Oh my God it was unbelievable.

I stood in shock watching this.

Carmina: Don’t worry I won't tell.

We watch her leave and I look at her.

Me: Want to go eat?

Amber: Yeah. Some cock for Christmas.

I smile in agreement and I kiss her before I went to take a shower.

Wonder what she had plan tonight for Christmas.

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2009-03-19 00:41:54
shits hot

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2008-12-05 01:31:35
lol. it though it was funny when you brought up the stereotype that all black men had 12inch dicks. i am black and i got a 7 inch dick. that stereotpye doens't help me at all.


2008-12-04 04:40:38
dude write some more that was the shit yo i loved the storie

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