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I spent more effort this time. Hope you like it!!
Second Draft of an Autobiography


I woke up with a jolt.
An electric surge squirmed through my body like a…
It was indescribable.

heart fluttering
head pounding
skin crawling
lungs quaking
gasping for air.

I was in love!
It was frightening!

I tried to keep still so as not to disturb Ryan, still snoring on top of me, cuddling into my chest; his body making me sweat with heat and nerves.
I looked down at him, following the smooth contours of his body, from his shaggy head, down the groove of his back to his ass, sticking nakedly up in the air as his soft dick pressed against my own.

What had I done!?

His arms rose up and looped around my head to pull his face to mine. He sighed contentedly and then fell back again, resting his cheek awkwardly against my face.
I laughed quietly, but he still woke up pouting.

“What’s so funny?”
I shrugged. “Nothing.” I let my lips brush across his neck as he rose up off my stomach, his chest heaving tiredly, six-pack flexing. My cum that had glued our chests together dried and flaked and stretched disgustingly.

“You’re gross.” I chuckled, looking adoringly at him as he sat on my chest. I’d slept with his naked body on top of mine all night and my body felt cold without his.
“Hey, it’s your fault. This is yours!” He began playing with my cum, rubbing it around his body like war paint.
“You’re horrible. I’m washing it off.” I rolled off the couch and we fell in a tangle of limbs and blankets onto the floor. We laughed and wrestled, our bodies unconsciously working their ways closer and closer until we were kissing, tumbling around the room, quickly rediscovering the sexual hunger we’d felt last night.
I broke the kiss and stood. He reclined, watching my body as it moved, grinning like he had a secret.
“Shower.” I announced, then turned and walked to the small bathroom adjacent to his room. I knew he was watching my ass the entire way there.

The water burned me as it cascaded down onto my skin, but I turned it up until the entire bathroom was filled with steam so that I couldn’t see anything and barely could breathe.
I thought about what we had done…

Ryan was gay…?

Was I?

I thought back to my various experiences with girls. I had enjoyed them. But I had never hungered, lusted, for them like I had for him.
Through the clouds and steam, I heard the bathroom door slide open and a hot, naked boy climbed into the shower with me. We found each other’s lips and pulled our bodies close together beneath the boiling water.

“What should we do?” I asked as we stood together.
“I dunno. You wanna go again?”
“I didn’t mean with each other. I meant… about other people.”

He pulled back and looked into my eyes, holding my face in his hands.
“You want to be publicly gay?” He asked frowning.
“Not really.” I answered, unable to meet his gaze, “But things have definitely changed, don’t you think? We had sex, Ryan. We fucked.”
He grinned devilishly at that. “You’re so sexy when you say it.” He pushed me up against the wall and snuggled into my chest, grinding our groins together. “Let’s give it a day, to see how we are.”
I sighed and began to wrap my arms around him, but he slipped away and attached his lips to my chest, working his way down my body.

Again, I had butterflies in my stomach as he held my balls in his hands and my quickly stiffening dick in his mouth. He squeezed agonizingly and bit the skin around my dick, his hot breath somehow hotter than the water around us. Then, without warning, he lined my cock up with his mouth and impaled himself with it, almost gagging, forcing my rock hard dick into his throat and licking my entire thick, seven-inch shaft with his rough tongue.
My eyes closed and my head lolled back with a big smile on my face. This feeling should be banned. This pleasure should be forbidden.

His throat became accustomed to my size and expanded, allowing him to bob back and forth, effortlessly deep-throating me. Ryan backed off a little bit, sucking properly now, concentrating on his work.
I held the back of his head tenderly, running my hands through his hair as my body still overloaded with sensation, unafraid to moan loudly, showing him how much I loved what he was doing for me.

“Aah… ah, fuck, Ryan…”
“Hmm?” The vibrations ran down my cock, giving me more butterflies.
“You’re a fucking wonder.” My body bent over as I came closer to an orgasm. Ryan backed off even more.

“You coming close?”
“Yeah.” I managed to grunt out. I grabbed the back of his head again and he let me guide him back onto my cock. I was fucking his face now. I was thrusting his head hard and deep onto my dick as I braced my self against the shower wall, the water growing suddenly too hot to feel, my muscles spasming and cramping and contracting, my eyes shutting, I’m screaming?… yelling?… maybe I’m silent.
My balls exploded into Ryan’s mouth, cum streaming out of my dick in thick, creamy ropes. All of my strength had left, so Ryan propped me up with his shoulders and placed his big hands on my ass, securing my streaming cock in his mouth as he swallowed the cum hungrily, still sucking and licking my dick for every drop.

Ryan blindly extended a hand and shut off the scorching water, leaving us in a sodden pile in the tub, me panting for breath, and him licking his lips. When I was able to move again, I tried to simply look at him, but I acted unconsciously, pulling his face to mine so that we could kiss again.
Our steaming wet, naked bodies grinded sensually against each other as we kissed out in the tub. His long, hard cock finding my ass again, and slipping inside effortlessly.

Despite our promise, I let him fuck me. I wanted it. I couldn’t resist it.
I wrapped my arms and legs around his back for support as I tried to let him as deep as possible into my body. Ryan’s eyes were closed in deep concentration, and I craned my neck up to kiss them.
Instead of lubricating his thick cock, the water caused more friction, so it was hardly any time at all until his eyes shot open and he nodded. Almost there.
I couldn’t suppress my smile. I wanted him to feel good. I wanted him.
With a groan of pleasure and effort, he wrapped his arms around my curled-up form and stood up with his back against the wall and my legs around his ass. He thrust up into me hard and fast, again and again, until without warning, I felt him tense, and his cock give a lurch somewhere deep inside me.
For the second time, Ryan came inside of me, and I felt the sperm shoot against my rectum walls, filling up my plugged ass.

“You’re gorgeous when you’re fucking me.” I told him. He looked down at me, his eyes half hidden by wet hair.
“You look gorgeous when I’m fucking you.” He replied.
“I guess we’re both beautiful people.”

“You guys took your time waking up this morning.”
“We were up all night partying.” I said, wearily climbing down the stairs to see Ryan’s dad, Fred, already in the kitchen. The man snorted. He thought I was a good boy.
“There’s some cereal in the pantry. Eat what you want.”

By the time Ryan had come down after calming down and getting dressed, his father had already gone to work. He sat next to me and we ate in a drowsy silence for a while.

“What’s up for today?” I asked, talking into my Cheerios, rather than him.
“When do you go home?”
“Whenever. My parents don’t get back until late tonight. But I DO have some school stuff to do, so we can’t just fuck around all day.”
Ryan snickered. I punched his shoulder, grinning.
“You know what I mean.”

We ended up spending an hour just eating breakfast before we finally got to work on his car; a green Mercedes convertible. When we’d worked up a greasy sweat, we stripped down and headed to the small pool where we just chilled for a while.
Ryan held my body in the water and inspected each of my muscles like a curious child.
“You’re hot.” He told me.
“Hey, you can look, but not touch.”
He gave me that devil’s grin. “Too late.”

I drove us to the new mall near my house when we got back, and we just walked around for a while, grinning and joking and bumping into each other like fools.
I was nervous to be in public whenever he would grab my hand and pull me around, or put an arm around my shoulder and give me a hug. I was nervous in private too, whenever he would wrap his arms around my waist and pull me close, or come up behind me and kiss me out of the blue…

My heart ached when he did stuff like that.
I didn’t want to be in love.

We both collapsed onto each other on the living room couch when we got back to his house. It was getting dark, and we’d both eaten a box of pizza bites and drunk a half-bottle of rum from the pantry.

“Your breath smells good.”
“Your breath is stank.”
I slapped him playfully, falling on top of him, kissing his face.

“What do you wanna do now?”
He chuckled and I felt a hand snake down between our bodies and worm its way into my pants.
“I know what you’re in the mood for.” He kissed me back now, massaging my hard dick through my boxers.
I moaned in protest and pleasure. “When does your dad get home?”

As if on queue, the front door opened, and the two of us leapt off each other, and scrambled to opposite sides of the couch. Ryan’s father laughed loudly as he saw the two of us, red-faced and panting, staring at him from the couch like deer in headlights.

“You two wrestling in the house?”
Ryan and I looked at each other.
“Something like that.”
He turned into the kitchen and began setting his stuff down.
“Don’t break anything important.” He called from the other room.
“We won’t!” we called back, already escaping up the stairs, back to Ryan’s room.

“Holy shit! That scared the shit out of me!” He whispered into my ear as we closed and locked his bedroom door.
I laughed nervously.
If we had been caught by his dad, I probably would have died. My head would’ve just exploded right there.

We were both too spooked to continue where we had left off, so I sat on the couch with Ryan on my lap and we played video games for a while.

“I liked spending today with you.” Ryan told me without taking his eyes from the television. I’d been distracted the entire time. Every time he killed another player, he did a little dance on my lap, grinding his ass into my groin.

“Yeah.” I mumbled. He pivoted around to face me, unsatisfied.
“You don’t love me, do you?” he draped his warm body over me in a bear hug.
“I—I do…” I sighed. “It’s difficult.” I squirmed under his gaze.
“Is it me?”
“No! It’s not. I’m just…”

He grinded angrily on my lap again, both of us hard and sweating, despite the tension.
“You don’t know if you’re ready to be gay.” He told me, an understanding smile glowing on his face.
I nodded meekly.
“I can help you decide, then.”

He began to move purposefully back and forth, working my thick cock in between his ass cheeks, separated only by two pairs of basketball shorts. Our arms wound through each other’s hair, our lips connected, our tongues explored.
My shirt had worked its way up, and he dived down to attack my stomach with his mouth, lifting my shirt off until it was discarded onto the floor, followed quickly with his own.
He lay on top of me on the couch, our mouths waging war again, our legs rubbing and twisting together, our groins thrusting and grinding like caged animals. Our bodies fit perfectly together. It was like music.

“It’s your turn today.” He said.
“Damn right it is.”
He laughed. “But my ass is gonna need some preparation.”

We flipped over so that he was on his stomach, and I pulled down his shorts, revealing his perfect little ass. He was smooth and hairless and perfect.
He was perfect.

The moment my tongue began licking his asshole, Ryan’s back arched, and a hand pushed the back of my head deeper into him. He moaned and squirmed as I worked his hole.
“Holy fuck, Ben. That feels fucking amazing.” He groaned again. “Fuck, Ben!”

I lifted him up, and he lay on my stomach again, ass in the air, ready for my fingers to penetrate him.
I loved how his body felt against mine. His face against my chest, my hands on his ass, his hands pumping my cock inside my shorts.
I slid a long finger in his wet hole, and his body shook, pressing against mine.
“You like that?” I asked him.
“You want more?”
He kissed me in reply.

I laughed, taking my finger out of his ass and letting him slide my shorts all the way off. He held my long dick up in the air, and sucked on it just enough to wet it, then climbed back on top of me.

He felt my hunger now, I knew. He needed to feel me inside of him, filling him up. My cockhead pressed hard against his asshole, and I watched his face twist with pain. But he wanted it.
I wanted him.

Slowly, agonizingly, he pressed himself down onto my thick cock, moaning in pain as the pressure built. His eyes were screwed tightly shut, his teeth grinding and snarling.
Without warning, he suddenly slipped, his asshole opening wide, and his body sliding down my seven inch pole to the hilt, his balls colliding with my abs. Ryan’s mouth seemed to open in slow motion, forming impossible words, his eyes burning holes into my own. His body shuddered in horror.

But I was in heaven.
My dick was enveloped his tight ass. The heat was unreal. The butterflies in my stomach growing into a wild shudder that vibrated through my entire body.
Ryan’s face was red and covered in sweat, but he had calmed down, and forced a thin smile just for me.
“You’d better thank me for this.” He managed to say. “You’d better fuck me good.”

Slowly, I pulled down out of him for a few inches… Then pushed back in. Again.
I fucked him slowly. Leisurely.

“Not good enough.” He panted, pushing me down flat on my back.
He began moving by himself, eyes closed again in concentration, hips gyrating back and forth like a lap dancer, dick hard and swaying as he moved his ass around my dick.
Quickly, I lost the power to move, the pleasure was so great. All of my nerves centered around my dick and balls as he let his ass slide smoothly up and down. He was loving it now, and sped up, flexing his ass, increasing the friction against my dick as his ass slapped against me again and again.

“You love me now?”

My eyes opened, and I watched that beautiful boy ride my cock. He wanted me to love him. That’s all he wanted.
As he came down, I held his hips still and moved so that he was lying back against the couch with his legs over my shoulders and I was able to lean in to kiss him.

“Hey.” I nibbled on an ear.
“I love you, Ryan.” I told him. “Who the fuck cares about the rest of the world?”
He giggled like a little boy. “I do… A little.”
“Quiet.” I silenced him with my mouth, kissing differently before. Not hungrily. Longingly.
I wanted to be with him.

I thrust hard into his ass again, and he moaned loudly and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me deeper into him.
I increased the momentum, and let my body take over. Let our firm stomachs press together and slide across his dick between us. Let our mouths spell out how we felt as I pounded my dick faster and deeper into his gaping ass.
His breathing grew ragged as I sped; the heat growing, perspiration dripping from my hair onto his chest as we fucked.

Ryan mumbled something, but it was lost in a sweet moan as I thrust into him.
“Cumming.” He croaked.

Sweat ran down his face. I wiped it off, then kissed him.
“Go for it.”

At once, his body seized with electricity, all of his muscles flexing impressively as it strained. His dick exploded, spitting milky cum straight up onto my chest and chin.
As he came, his rectum walls pulsed and contracted around my dick, throwing my senses into blissful chaos. I grabbed his waist and thrust powerfully up into him, making him scream.
Cum streamed out of my dick into his ass for an eternity. Thick ropes of it flowed out of me, filling him up, and then ran down his ass and my leg.
My vision and hearing blacked out, and I wasn’t sure where I was.
All I knew was who I was with and how he was making me feel.

“Happy now?”

I draped my soaking, naked body over his, and we kissed again contentedly.

“You wanna be my man?” He asked me, wrapping me up in his arms.
“Sure.” I shrugged.

“But you’ll have to learn to loosen up a little.”


I guess it was love after all.

{Maybe I'll continue!!}

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2011-09-19 13:42:51
man.... gotta be 17th time i'm readin this series.. it just doesn't get old... every time i read it i get butterflies in my stomach!!! really gr8 man you shud write more!!

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2011-06-29 12:02:27
I supopse that sounds and smells just about right.


2010-06-19 11:17:11
Reading though a couple of comments, ppl r like "no dad" but i thought it was kinda hot that u nearly got court.

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2009-10-09 02:22:21
yes this is so romantic kinda reminds me of me and my boyfriend.....first i was nervous about coming out then i was lovey dubby and he was just like its okay to be gay but now he is lovey dubby too

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