My Unforgettable First Time

This is the true story of a 14-year-old boy and his first-time sexual encounter with not one, but two, 12-year-old girls.

My name is Angelo. I was in 9th grade when my story takes place, in about 1974.

I was dating a 7th grade girl named Nancy. We’d met when I was asked by the band director for our school to help out with the 7th grade band. I sat first chair trumpet in the 9th grade band and hoped, one day, to teach high school music myself. I also played drums a little bit, but not for the school band. He figured it would be a good experience for me to work with the younger musicians. I never did tell him how right he was.

I saw Nancy for the first time as I walked into the band room on that first day helping out. The sight of her still sticks in my mind: She had her back to the door, banging away on a snare drum, her tight, round ass jiggling to the beat of her drum sticks on the drum. I stopped dead in my tracks in the door way and just stared.

Fortunately for me, no one really noticed what it was I was staring at. The piece they were playing finally came to an end and the band director appeared to notice me for the first time.

“Oh,” he said, pointing his baton in my direction. “This is Angelo, from the 9th grade band. He’s going to be helping out this semester, mainly with the brass, but a little bit with percussion, too.”

At this point, Nancy turned around. I recognized her from the youth group at my church. But I didn’t realize what a smokin’ body she had from there, where she always wore baggy flannel shirts and loose jeans. In school, that day, she was wearing a pair of tight, knit pants and equally tight sweater that showed off her huge tits.
I don’t mean huge for a 12-year-old. I mean huge! These puppies were big by high school standards! I found out later they were a 34C and sat high and firm on her chest with very sensitive, silver-dollar-sized nipples that were a dusky tan a couple of shades darker than her skin.
More about them later. I’m getting ahead of myself.
Within the week, we were going out. I was helping out every day in the band room, spending more time with the percussion section (with Nancy, actually) than I was with the horn players. Then, that next Sunday, we hung out at the church, first during Sunday school, then later, when we talked our parents in to letting me walk her home. That was when we shared our first kiss, under the tacitly-watchful eye of her older sister.
The next week, I walked her home every day. Her mom was a teacher at a different school, so usually didn’t get home until at least an hour after school let out. We could get to her place in 10 minutes, which left us most of an hour alone on her parent’s couch.
We really did start out just holding hands and watching television. But that only lasted about two days. By the third day, we were experimenting with making out, getting sweaty and heavy on the couch. We’d typically stop only when we heard the garage door opening, signaling her mother’s return home.
That went on for most of the next week until, finally, I got brave enough to run my hand up her side during one particularly hot make-out session, bringing my hand to her firm right tit. Nancy immediately cupped her hand over mine but, amazingly, didn’t stop me. Instead, she squeezed my fingers tighter around her tit, moaning as she did so.
“Got, that feels good,” she said. “I feel so naughty, letting you touch my … touch me there.”
From a purely tactile standpoint, the sensation wasn’t very satisfying, due to the heavy-duty bras her mother made her wear. But, from an emotional standpoint, I was going absolutely ape-shit with my hand on a girl’s tit for the first time.
As we continued making out, I ran my hand back down to her waist and under her shirt, feeling the naked skin of her stomach. Still, she didn’t stop me. If anything, she cooperated. But our play was cut short when, just as I started moving my hand up her side toward her bra-cased tit, we heard the sound of the garage door going up.

We scrambled, her to adjust her shirt and wipe the sweat off her face and me to adjust my rock-hard cock in my underwear so it wouldn’t advertise what we’d been up to. By the time her mom got in the house, we were the picture of youthful innocence, despite the fact my cock felt like it was about to snap off inside my jeans.

I quickly made and excuse and all but bolted out the front door, giving Nancy a deep tongue kiss and a squeeze on her tit as a parting shot. It was tough walking with my cock still hard and throbbing in my jeans, so I stopped off in the men’s room of a gas station that was on my way home. It only took about three strokes before I was painting the interior walls of the bathroom with my massive load of teenage cum.

We progressed from there, to touching naked tits to Nancy giving me her first hand job (and mine too, from another person) while I stroked her lightly-furred pussy with one hand down the back of her panties, my other hand caressing her tits and pinching her nipples with her shirt and bra up around her neck.

“God, I want you to fuck me,” she said, all shyness at using “vulgar” language instilled in her by her parents gone.

“I do, too,” I moaned, as my cum cock throbbed and sprayed cum across her bare arm and onto her naked chest.

“I want to fuck you right now,” I said, trying to maneuver her onto her back and pull her pants and panties down at the same time. She stopped me.

“My mom will be home in like 10 minutes,” Nancy said, pulling her bra down, smearing my cum across her tits with a wicked little grin on her face. “We can’t. Not today. Tomorrow.”

I pulled my jeans on, seeing the logic of her argument despite my 14-year-old, lust-besotted brain. As soon as we were both dressed again, I kissed her goodbye and headed out the door for home, making plans for the next day after school.

The fates conspired to work in our favor, for once. At least partially. The next day at school, a Friday, a power failure got us out of classes almost two hours early. The problem didn’t affect any of the other schools in the district, especially not the school where Nancy’s mom worked, so she wouldn’t be home until her regular time.

When the early dismissal was announced, I beat feet toward Nancy’s locker, only to find her there with one of her friends, Abby, a cute little red head about Nancy’s height, but built more in line with her age — in other words, slim, boyish hips and almost no tits beyond an obvious, golf-ball sized swelling of the nipples.

Nancy greeted me with that same wicked grin she’d had the day before when she redressed her tits still dripping with my cum.

“Hey, baby,” she said, throwing her hand around the back of my head and pulling me down for a kiss, spearing her young tongue deep into my mouth. “I’ve missed you all day.”

I returned the kiss — which was strictly against the rules in the hallways and could earn a week of detention — while keeping an eye open for the vice-principal. He was no where to be seen, thankfully. But, as I scanned the hallway, my eyes fell on Abby.

The look she had on her face could only be described as pure lust! But she wasn’t looking at our faces as we kissed. She was staring straight at my crotch. Abby’s eyes almost popped out of her head and she licked her lips when Nancy ran her hand over the front of my jeans, right under her gaze, and gave my semi-hard dick a quick squeeze and jerk.

“Come on,” Nancy said, releasing my lips and my cock at the same instant. “I’m staying the weekend with Abby. Walk us over there.”

My heart fell. Here I thought we were going to have almost three, uninterrupted hours to explore our young lust to the fullest. Instead, I was being asked to walk my girlfriend to another girl’s house.

“Yeah,” Abby said, a twinkle in her eye. “My parents are gone for the weekend. We’ll have the whole house to ourselves.”

I smiled. Things were definitely looking up.

As we stood there, Abby undid about half the buttons on her blouse, leaving it gape open, showing off her naked chest and more than a hint of swelling roundness. She looked around, then pulled her shirt open for just an instant, revealing her tits. While no where near as large as Nancy’s, they still looked nice on her slim frame.

Somehow, we managed to make it out of the school without getting stopped. Abby left her shirt undone and gaping slightly, catching more than one set of eyes on the way out, but luckily none of them belonged to teachers. More than one belonged to guys I knew, both in my grade and younger. They just gaped in awe as I walked out with two girls, one of them flashing her bare tits whenever she had a chance.

As soon as we were out of the building, each girl snuggled up under an arm. Nancy pulled my left hand down and stuck it in the back pocket of her jeans so I was playing with her ass. Abby, meanwhile, pulled my right hand around and into her shirt so I was cupping her naked tit.

We made it the five blocks to Abby’s house in near record time. We burst into the kitchen, Abby pulling off her blouse even as she opened the door, laughing. Nancy and I walked in a little more slowly and she came immediately into my arms, my hands running down her back to cup her young ass as we kissed.

“You guys can fuck here if you want to,” Abby said. “But I wanna watch.”

Nancy broke away.

“You promised to show me how to give a blow job,” she said.

My ears definitely perked up at that statement. And they weren’t alone.

“OK,” Abby said. “Angelo, come here.”

The girls took my hands, pulled me into the living room and pushed me down in the center of the sofa. Abby unzipped the little skirt she was wearing as Nancy started removing her clothes. I could just sit there and watch as Abby, now in just panties, knee socks and tennis shoes, started working on my belt and stripped my jeans down my legs, followed by my boxers. My hard shaft sprang upright.

“Oh!” Abby exclaimed as she got her first look at my cock.

Not to brag, but even at 14, I already had a 6.5, almost 7 inch cock with a fat, flared helmet head and fairly thick shaft.

“That’s a nice one,” Abby said to nobody in particular as she wrapped her hand around it.

“Hey, that’s mine!” Nancy said as, naked now, she climbed onto the sofa next to me.

My hand immediately sought out Nancy’s leg, sliding up to find her pussy. This was the first time I’d seen her completely naked and I wanted to take a minute to enjoy the view.

Abby, though, had other ideas. Remembering her promise to teach Nancy how to suck cock, she said, “Watch this.”

I was watching Nancy’s face when Abby said this and, before I could turn to see what she was talking about, Nancy’s eyes grew huge as Abby engulfed about half my member in her hot mouth in one go. I didn’t see anything for a few seconds after, because my eyes were rolled back in my head, reveling in the wet heat of Abby’s sucking mouth and throat.

By the time I could open my eyes again, Nancy was bent over on the sofa next to me, intent watching Abby’s mouth slide up and down my shaft. I ran my hand down Nancy’s naked back to her round, tight ass and gave it a squeeze. She moaned in response.

“Let me try it,” Nancy said. Abby looked up at her, her mouth still stuffed with my cock.

“Mmmph,” she said. Nancy and I laughed.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Nancy said. “It’s not polite.”

Abby tried to grin, then popped my cock out of her mouth.

“Sorry,” she said, pointing my cock toward Nancy’s mouth.

Nancy licked her lips, looked up at me, then stuck her tongue out to taste my cock. She swiped a droplet of precum from the tip and pulled it into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth, tasting my juices for the first time.

“Mmmm,” she said, then jammed half my cock into her mouth. She gagged as the tip hit the top of her throat.
“Easy,” Abby said. “Not so fast. Take it a little bit at a time.”

She proceeded to coach Nancy on how to suck cock, using me as a training tool. As they were working on my cock, I returned to rubbing and stroking their pussies, one in each hand. Both girls were dripping wet.

To her credit, she learned quickly and was soon able to take about three-quarters of my cock into her mouth. But she just couldn’t get the last inch or so in without gagging.

“Relax,” Abby said, placing her hand on the back of Nancy’s head. “When I tell you to, swallow.”

I watched as Abby pushed down on Nancy’s head, forcing more of my cock into her mouth. As she started to gag, Abby said, “Now,” and pushed her down the rest of the way onto my cock.

I couldn’t believe it. Nancy had all my cock in her throat. The phrase “deep throat” wouldn’t actually be made famous for a few more years. But, even without knowing the name of what I was experiencing, I was sure enjoying it.

Abby kept pumping and Nancy kept swallowing, taking my cock deep into her throat about every fourth stroke as she sucked my cock. It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tingling in my balls, but it was somehow different this time, more intense. But, it signaled an impending orgasm, none-the-less.

“Nancy,” I moaned. “I’m going to cum, baby.”

“Mmmmph,” she mumbled around my shaft. Abby cuffed her lightly on the back of the head.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Abby chided. “It’s not polite.”

Nancy started laughing and moaning around my cock at the same time. The sensation can’t really be described. But it drove me over the top just that fast. I blasted volley after volley of hot, steaming cum deep into Nancy’s throat.

She gamely struggled to swallow it all, but the intensity of my orgasm was just too much for her. My cum overflowed her mouth and dripping from her lips to pool on my stomach. Abby quickly leaned in, kissed Nancy dead on the lips as she released my cock, then leaned down to clean up the spillage.

I collapsed back on the couch, my hands falling limp from the girl’s asses. Amazingly, though, as Abby gently teased and stroked my cock and balls, they remained hard as stone.

What do you want? I was 14. I could get wood in a stiff breeze, then.

“Oh, goody,” Abby said. “He’s still got a stiffy.”

“Yeah,” Nancy said. “But he’s my boyfriend. He’s gonna fuck me first!”

I was amazed — and a little frightened, I’ll admit — by the level of vehemence in Nancy’s voice. Abby just leaned over, taking my cock in her mouth and sucking the remnants of my first orgasm of the day from the shaft, then knelt on the sofa next to me and told Nancy to climb on.

Nancy leaned across me and, looking deep into my eyes, locked her lips to Abby’s, sharing what ever was left of my cum between them. Abby still had my spit-soaked cock in her little hand and, as Nancy climbed over my lap, she positioned the head in Nancy’s dripping slit.

I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t even inside her pussy yet and the head almost scorched the head of my cock! Nancy settled herself into position as Abby warned her to go slow, to lower herself slowly down on just the head at first. Nancy looked me in the eye, grinned, and pushed down.

But she pushed too hard. Her grin turned to a grimace of pain as the blunt tip of my cock tore through her virginity. At the first stab of pain, her legs gave out and she dropped, taking my cock fully in her, her pussy lips flush and stretched around the base of my shaft.

It felt like a gripping hand, wrapped in a hot, velvet glove, was holding my cock. I could feel every curve and contour of her interior as she settled on to my lap.

“Damn, girl!” Abby exclaimed. “I told you to go slow!”

“I … tried,” Nancy gasped. “Slipped.”

She tired to rise, but I put my hands on her thighs, feeling the muscles tensing beneath the skin, and held her in place.

“Let yourself get used to it, baby,” I said. “Just don’t move for a minute.”

She sat still as I ran my hands up her body to cup her magnificent tits. This was actually the first time I’d ever seen them, completely naked. I was amazed at their size and firmness.

They were absolutely stunning, firm and perfectly round. Her nipples were rock hard, protruding from the tan of her areola about a third of an inch, as big around as the end of my little finger. I leaned forward and sucked her left nipple into my mouth, teasing with my tongue and teeth until she moaned again, deep in her throat.

To my surprise, I was joined by a smaller pair of female hands as Abby reached around and started stroking Nancy’s tits. She twisted and pulled the nipple I wasn’t currently occupied with, switching sides as I did.
With my free hand, I reached around and found one of Abby’s smaller, but no less perfect tits. She, too, moaned aloud as I pinched and tugged her nipples, giving her the same treatment she was giving Nancy.

It took a few minutes, but I could finally feel Nancy’s pussy muscles relaxing to the intrusion of my cock. She started rocking her hips, slowly at first, increasing the tempo until she was riding the full length of my cock, moaning and groaning with each stroke.

I was guiding her movements now with my hands on her hips while Abby continued to maul her tits. Nancy’s groans changed from “Ungh, ungh,” each time she bottomed out on my cock to, “fuck, fuck, fuck,” every time her pussy lips contacted my groin.

“Turn me over and fuck me!” she cried. “Put me on the sofa and fuck me!”

I did as she asked. Abby got out of the way and, without ever breaking contact, I picked Nancy up and rolled her over so she was spread wide on the sofa. She swung one leg up on the back with the other flat footed on the floor and me in the middle, kneeling between her legs. I started again slow, picking up speed until I was banging her with all the force I could muster. Her tits were flailing around on her chest and, no matter how hard I pounded her pussy, she kept begging for more.

We were lost in each other now, our eyes locked as we moved in unison together. Her lips kept saying, “fuck … me … fuck … me,” silently, in time with my strokes. Her legs came up and wrapped around my waist, pulling me in harder with each thrust.

I looked up momentarily and there was Abby, sitting with her back against the arm of the sofa, her legs spread wide, two fingers of her right hand buried in her pussy while she pulled and twisted her tiny nipples. A small part of my mind registered how small and round her tits were, how tiny her pussy looked despite the fingers plunging in and out, and the look of sheer ecstasy on her face as she pleasured herself just inches from where I was fucking my girlfriend.

That did it for me. My body stiffened, I rammed my cock as hard as I could into Nancy’s body and held it there, the cum boiling in my balls and rocketing up the shaft of my cock to flow unchecked into her. As the first volley left the tip of my cock like water from a fire hose to splash against the entrance to her womb, her eyes flew open, her pussy clenched and she let out a blood-curdling scream of pleasure.

“Oh, shit! I’m cumming!” she yelled. “You’re shooting your sperms in me and I’m cumming!”

The muscles of her unbelievably tight vagina tightened further, milking my load from my cock like a jerking fist. Every muscle in her body locked, her back arched, as her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.

As quick as it hit, her body relaxed and she collapsed back onto the sofa cushions. I followed her down and lay, sweat dripping from my body, chest heaving as I struggled to regain my breath, as we both came down from our cum.

We both noted, but couldn’t react to, Abby as she screamed through an orgasm of her own, brought about by her own fingers, then collapsed against the arm of the sofa. There we lay, three young teens, sweating and panting.

Abby began to laugh, a strained, breathless sounding thing at first, building strength as she caught her breath.
“Damn, that was fun!” she said as she pulled her fingers from her pussy with a loud squelching sound. To my amazement, she brought her dripping fingers to her mouth and sucked her own juices with a look of joy.

Nancy moaned as my cock surged — well, twitched, anyway — inside her pussy.

“What?” Abby said around her fingers.

“His cock jumped,” Nancy said. “What’d you do?”

“Nothing, much,” Abby said with a grin only I could see.

Nancy moaned again as I slid my deflated dick out of her pussy. I stood up and asked where the bathroom was. Abby pointed me toward a door leading to a hallway off the living room. I found the bathroom, took a leak, then washed the remnants of Nancy’s virginity off the shaft of my cock with toilet paper, which I flushed away with my piss.

I wet another wad of toilet paper with the intention of bringing it to Nancy so she could clean up before she got dressed. As I was leaving the bathroom, I heard a definite female moan coming from the living room. It sounded like Nancy.

I stepped out and my dick, which I thought had been completely drained, shot to fully hard so fast I got a little light headed from the shift in my blood supply. There on the sofa was Nancy, leaned up against the arm in the same spot Abby had been when I left the room.

But Abby wasn’t there. She was, in fact, on her knees on the sofa cushion, her head buried between my girlfriend’s wide-spread thighs as she sucked and licked my cum from Nancy’s pussy.

Her legs were spread as far as the cushions would allow and her tight little bubble butt was spread, revealing both her completely bald pussy and equally hairless asshole. Her pussy was gaping slightly from the fingering she’d given it earlier and her entire crotch glistened with her juices in the dim light of the room.

Nancy saw me through her lust-shaded eyes. Her eyes gaped open as she looked at my renewed erection. She silently mouthed the words, “Fuck her,” as she wrapped her legs around Abby’s back to hold her in place.
I moved into position behind Abby and, in one thrust, buried my cock in her dripping pussy. Her head flew up and a cry escaped her lips.

“Wha …?” she moaned. “Oh, my fucking God!”

While she couldn’t move, pinned into position by Nancy’s legs wrapped around her back, I set up a steady rhythm, stroking her pussy with my whole cock, from head to base. She started out moaning, No, God, Stop! But she was soon begging me to keep fucking as I pressed her face back into Nancy’s slimy pussy.

“Clean her up good, you little slut,” I said. “Lick every bit of her juices and mine out of her pussy!”

Her cunt muscles contracted with my words, so I figured she liked being talked down to as I was fucking her. What really surprised me was when I slapped her butt cheek, not very hard, she immediately launched into a small orgasm, her pussy twitching and flexing around the shaft of my cock.

“Oh, jeez!” she moaned. “I’m a naughty little girl! Stick your cock in my butt! Fuck me up my butt!”

I looked at Nancy and she shrugged, with a, “Might was well do it to her ‘cause you ain’t doing it to me,” look. I pulled my cock from Abby’s pussy, dripping with her juices, and lined the head up with her pussy-slick asshole.
“Go slow,” she moaned. “I’ve never been fucked up the butt before. Take my butt cherry.”

I leaned in, applying steadily more pressure against my cock, until I could feel her ass start to flower around the head. She had her face buried in Nancy’s pussy again and her groan must have vibrated Nancy’s clit, causing a sympathetic moan to come from my girlfriend’s throat.

“You can’t imagine how that feels when she moans in to my pussy,” Nancy said. “That’s wild! Stick your cock up her butt, Ange! Give it to her good!”

“Yeah, Angelo!” Abby agree. “Fuck my little virgin butt!”

What the hell, I decided. I wasn’t going to argue with two of them. I just laid in to Abby, giving her everything I had. She was going nuts as I pounded her ass. She’d stopped eating Nancy’s pussy and was just laying with her head on Nancy’s lap as I plowed into her butt.

But Nancy wanted in on the action, too. She slid out from under Abby, leaving her ass-up on the couch to kneel on the floor beside her. With one hand, she reached under and started playing with Abby’s tiny tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. She slid one, then two fingers of her other hand into Abby’s dripping pussy, rubbing against my cock through the walls separating her two holes as she finger-fucked her.

We were probably fucking for about 10 minutes and Abby was cumming with Nancy fingering her snatch, tickling her clit with her thumb, and my cock pounding her ass. Her ass muscles gripped my cock, milking me as good or better than Nancy’s pussy had when she came.

That pushed me right over the edge yet again and I pumped her ass full of cum. It was no where as big a load as the first two but, her ass was so small and tight, my cock still forced some of my cum out as her butt filled up.

I was fucking done. As my orgasm wound down, I literally fell to the side on the couch and slid to the floor, my cock completely drained and lying limp on my thigh. Nancy slid down next to me and snuggled up to my left side, naked and sweating. Abby was still on the sofa, ass up in the air, my cum leaking from her ass and mixing with her cum as it dripped from her pussy and down her thighs.

We all fell asleep — or passed out from exhaustion, if you prefer — right where we were. I came to about 30 minutes later, realizing we’d been fucking for almost two hours, including the time we were asleep, and I had to get home soon. I woke up Nancy and, leaving Abby out cold on the couch, ass still up in the air, we made our way to the bathroom and climbed in the shower.

The warm water revived us, including my cock as we playfully washed each other down. Nancy didn’t feel like a full-blown fuck — her pussy was still pretty sore from the way she’d popped her cherry, after all — but she did suck me off, managing to swallow all of the little bit of sperm I had left in my over-worked balls.

As we stepped out of the shower, Abby was standing in the door. She asked if I had anything left for her and I told her I didn’t think so. She reminded me Nancy was staying the whole weekend and her parents would be home until late Sunday night, so we had all day Saturday to “play,” if I was interested.

I just grinned, pinched her little tit and twisted her nipple. I told her I’d see them Saturday.

But that’s another story.

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