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Matt checked his hair in the mirror one last time. After some further modification, he finally gave up. He wasn't particularly vain about such things but wanted it to look passable at least. He had been looking forward to tonight for weeks however and wasn't about to let a lack of pretentiously messy hair spoil his spirits.

With that in mind, he turned off the light in the bathroom and made his way to the dark window at the front of the flat looking out over the small carpark below. He checked his watch - 9.00 exactly. At that very moment a taxi pulled into the lot. Helen emerged from it, breezing to the communal front door and ringing the buzzer. He made his way downstairs and cracked the door slightly.
"We don't want any. Piss off..." he mumbled.
She laughed out loud, "Well I'm afraid my taxi's gone so you'll have to let me in. I've nowhere else to go."
Matt opened the door up to greet her standing there on the front step bathed in the yellow light from the street lamp. She was wearing a long black winter jacket, her hair newly cut and styled with a long fringe sweeping across her wide forehead, her cheeky grin playing on her lips. She looked very, very pretty.

Helen stepped inside and he put his arms around her in an embrace. She reciprocated and they stood for an appropriate amount of time in each other's arms. He breathed her in, his face in her hair. She had been wearing the same perfume for years - he'd never actually thought to ask the brand - and she smelled amazing.
"I'm glad you could make it' he said. "You really bailed me out. We'll have fun tonight"
"That's cool. I'm looking forward to mixing it with all you rich lawyers."
He shrugged. "You'll have to sit with my bosses for that. My pauper status remains unchanged."

Matt led her up the stairs and showed her into the den.
"Want a drink while I finish getting ready?" he offered.
"No thanks, I won't get started so early" she said with a smirk and a wink.
He retreated to his bedroom and pulled on his jacket and attempted to attend to his tie. One of the girls in work had shown him how it worked but he had promptly forgotten and emerged with a baleful look on his face.
"Give me a hand will you?"
Helen giggled and stood up from the sofa to turn her capable fingers to his aid.

"You look good" she said, "very handsome."
"As do you, though I've haven't had a proper look yet. Give a guy a treat."
She opened her coat to reveal a black, wispy cocktail dress that ran airily to just above her knee. A plunging neckline accentuated her small, firm breasts without making her look like a slut, the small mole visible on her sternum revealing the lack of a bra. Her long slim legs looked as smooth as silk and she stood in a pair of expensive looking strappy high heels with small jewels running up the central section.

"Ta da!" she grinned. Matt gulped and then smiled also.
"You look good most of the time but I can confidently say I've never seen you more beautiful."
He meant it and she took the compliment bashfully, looking away and giggling a "thanks" before closing her coat and saying:
"Will we go?"

She really was doing him a favour. He'd been with his firm for four years now but had only recently gained entry to his grad school. As such he was required to take more of a role in professional society events. His boss had leaned on him to attend one such event and to bring a date. Lacking both the motivation and the girl, he had finally turned to his old friend. Fresh from a surprisingly clean break-up from her boyfriend, Helen needed cheering up and he viewed a glammed-up, night on the town as just the tonic.

Friends for almost a decade, Matt had always harboured certain romantic and sexual urges towards her. In school, she had been the ridiculously smart girl who got the best grades without flaunting her brilliance. Not necessarily blessed with dazzling beauty to speak of, she nevertheless maintained a sexy, exterior that was tempered by her quiet intelligence and enhanced by an unpretentious streak that made her extremely appealing to any male with a hint of maturity.

And what a body. Tall and sleek, she possessed long, flawless legs, a lean, toned figure and a tight, round ass one could probably bounce a coin on. Her breasts were indeed small but they suited her under-played, sexually confident aura that suggested the feel and warmth of her tits, rather than any monstrous men's magazine cup size, were worth the wait.

Her allure continued through university; her blossoming, womanly figure and elegant manners drawing admiring glances in clubs and bars. On one occasion, she had Matt to her house where she lived while studying. Called away to help a room-mate with an errand, he was left in her room to wait for her return. The smell of her perfume hung in the air and eventually his eyes fell upon her open underwear drawer. Realistic enough to realise that any horny 20 year old in the same position would be just as quick to have a look, Matt discovered a heady mix of thongs, bras and negliges; skimpy, sheer and dripping with an erotic promise that made his head swim. He felt like a voyeur but at the same time his image of Helen developed into that of a fully formed, sexually confident and active female. From then on, he looked at her differently, checked her out when in her company, smirked when she bent over to reveal a black string or pink triangle running temptingly back down into her jeans. She became a permanent fixture in his fantasies. The fact that she was so damned sexy while also being someone Matt was regularly around meant that in his mind's eye at least, she was a unquestionably incredible lay. There were other girls for him of course, those who had driven him crazy and he felt no particular desire for anything long-term with Helen but as they stood on the street waiting for the cab he felt a thrill with this very lovely woman on his arm.

They left the event reasonably early. While she was nowhere approaching drunk, she was certainly tipsy.

Matt collapsed on his couch and motioned for her to do the same. Helen promptly fell into the space beside him and threw her legs on his lap. Slightly taken aback by the rather pleasant development he closed his eyes and dozed off. He woke maybe 5 mins later and saw that she'd done the same. He slowly stroked her left leg. It was cold from the night air but smooth. He looked up at her and after a couple of seconds she opened her eyes and smiled.

"Sorry", he said sheepishly.
"Don't apologise" she whispered, "it's nice."
He slid his hand further up her leg, resting it on her knee. He looked at her again. There was a faint smile on her lips, almost daring him to try his luck. He did. He moved his fingers up under the hem of her skirt onto her thigh and then bent down to place his lips on the exposed flesh. He caressed the area lightly with his tongue before looking to her again for further approval. She was no longer smiling but instead wore a serious expression that he almost mistook for annoyance until she levered herself up and slid effortlessly into a stradle around on his waist.

Matt looked into her blue eyes. He reached up and ran his fingers through her soft brown hair, sweeping some from her across her face. Even as his other hand rested on her upper thigh and the warmth of her snatch pressed against the growing bulge at his groin, he still needed to be sure.
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
She leaned in and kissed him lightly, her perfume sending his head spinning slightly, "Yes I do. Absolutely."

He needed little further encouragement. Nor did Helen. He rested his nose and mouth on the smooth strip of skin showing between her breasts. Again, he lightly kissed her, breathing her in as he made his way up towards her neck. She leaned her head back allowing him full range and at the same time moved his right hand onto her left thigh and up under her dress to her waist. Matt traced his fingers around what felt like a thong to her ass which he then gripped and pulled her towards his groin. She kissed him then, passionately, grabbing his lower lip in her teeth.

"Take your dress off. I want you naked on me," Matt whispered. As she reached behind to unzip herself, he groped at her rear again and he felt the material of her thong graze his trousers. Helen peeled away the dress to her waist exposing breasts that Matt had been dreaming about for years. They were beautiful. Petite yet nicely formed, her erect nipples invited him. He massaged them hungrily with his hands, pushing them together and running his tongue up the newly formed cleavage.

Matt took the initiative and laid Helen on her back. He slid off the rest of her gown and stopped for a second to admire the almost naked woman before him. It was strange to see a face he knew so well on top of a body that he was only beginning to discover. Her bright blue eyes danced, as she read his thoughts. His fingers crept up to her small, black, chiffon thong. He opened her legs and stared at the scene, savouring the promise before the prize. The thong was sheer enough to show a strip of black hair running upwards from just above her clitoris. He slowly removed her underwear and once again stalled to admire her. Her pussy was, for the most part, newly shaved. He stroked it gently before leaning down and kissing the lips, running his tongue the length of her slit before concentrating his efforts on her clit. She reached her hand down and pressed it on the back of his head. She groaned and opened her legs wider.

Matt suddenly stood up and pulled her up with him. Helen was still wearing her high heels. He lifted her so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. Her pussy pressed against his stomach, the small patch of pubic hair rubbing his navel. He carried her the small distance to his bedroom where he sat her on the bed. Immediately he began to undress and she quickly reached for his bulging crotch, undoing his belt as he removed his shirt and tie. She couldn't help but let out a little gasp as she gently pulled his briefs down over his cock which bounced with vigour at the coming events.
"Nice" she murmured.

Without prompting she slipped him into her mouth and with her right hand proceeded to fellate him. Helen's tongue swept slowly up and down the shaft of his cock before pausing so that she could jack him briskly. She continued this for a couple of minutes but wisely stopped before making him come. She wanted him inside her just as much as he did. And so with that, Matt pushed her onto her back and guided his tongue and lips down her body. From her tits to her snatch, he licked, caressed and fondled, finding her erogenous spots, making her wetter and wetter. He paused at her breasts, sucking them expertly, using his tongue to flicker at her walnut-hard nipples.

Finally, when neither of them could stand the titillation any longer, Matt reached into his bedside drawer and retrieved a condom from the box. Helen removed it from the packet and slipped it expertly over his penis, which was now standing almost parallel to his body. She bent over and kissed him on the chest and stomach before lying on her back. He moved between her open legs and entered her pussy.

They both breathed in sharply. For her, the feel of his big cock was at once slightly uncomfortable but also entirely pleasurable. For him it was the culmination of a thousand fantasies and the physical sensation of slipping inside this attractive woman, feeling her smooth legs wrap around him, the erect tits brushing against his skin.

Matt thrust slowly upwards. He wasn't about to go to fast, ruining the experience and hurting her. She moaned loudly and moved her hands down his back and onto his buttocks, pushing slightly, willing him to go deeper.
"More" came her gasped request, "harder..."
Helen threw her head back and clutched at the back of his head while her lover's lips moved over her neck and chest, sucking on her nipples. As requested he moved inside her, harder and with a stronger rhythm. Raising himself from lying directly on top of her he grabbed his headboard for better leverage, his powerful hips rubbing against her silky inner thighs.

As his thrusting became more vigorous, Helen's moans grew louder and every so often she let out a small giggle as she felt Matt's big dick filling her pussy and brushing her clit.

He concentrated hard, trying not to climax too early, he was enjoying her too much and he had more that he wanted to experience. It was difficult though. Her smooth thighs, her wet snatch, her perky little tits, her groans were all so damn arousing that he had to close his eyes and bite his lip as he slid in and out of her.

At this point Helen suggested she go on top. Matt agreed wholeheartedly. He was growing slightly tired from his intense thrusting and wanted to see her nude form stretched out above him in all its glory. He slipped his cock out of her, kissing her softly on her mouth and breasts. She straddled him, rubbing herself over his stomach, her pubic hair again tickling him. She reached around and grasped his cock, guiding it inside her pussy.

"You are a big boy" she said in a jokey French accent as she began to move her hips in a steady, circular rhythm, her hands placed either side of his head. Matt slowly pushed against her stomach spurring her to sit up straight on him. He fondled her taut buttocks as they rocked back and forth on his crotch, before concentrating on her nipples, rubbing them and caressing her tits. This only made her groan louder and intensify her treatment of his dick.

Helen started to bounce up and down, quicker and quicker. Matt closed his eyes and placed his hands on her hips as she wailed, louder than before.
"I'm almost coming, do it harder...harder!"
He flipped her over so that she was on her hands and knees - she was so light. He positioned himself behind her and gleefully penetrated her from behind, resting his head on her shoulder. She let out a yelp and giggled again as she reached her arm around his neck. His thrusting became wilder, he was feeding of her moans of pleasure. In an instant he felt her muscles tighten and she let out a loud gasp. At that moment he felt the heat shoot through his loins. He himself cried out slightly as his orgasm wracked his body. He finished her off with a few final thrusts before lovingly stroking his index finger down her bare back and onto her buttocks.

A satisfied half-smile sat on Helen's lips while she savoured her climax, her eyes slightly closed. They were both breathing heavily. Without a word she kissed him passionately before slipping off him and laying on the bed pulling Matt down with her, placing her head on his chest and stroking his still rigid cock. She laid a beautiful leg over his own. They listened to their own panting in the dark.

"That was..." She didn't finish. The expression on her face told him he'd done his job.
"Want to go again?" Matt said in hope rather than expectancy. He admired her naked body as he stood up.
"Definitely I do. That was really great" she whispered.
"I just need to clean myself up. I'll be back."

Matt used the bathroom to get rid of his rubber.. He threw some water over his face and tried to process what had just happened. He thought of her lying there waiting for him to return and smiled as he felt himself getting hard again. He went into the bedroom and closed the door.

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I'm so hard reading this. Great sex with a beautiful woman.

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Good story, very arousing. You're deion of the girl is great. You paint her as sexy but real, with a nice body, a nice pussy but not like a porno fantasy.


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Wow, an adult story. Very good.

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i thought it was ok i guess...i think you need a little more plot maybe like some fingering at dinner or something idk but overal it was a great story

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