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Intro: Somethings just can not be explained.



Swift, silent,
A thief in the night,
Without warning, you came and it was gone.

A smile from across the room,
And a bad day, brightens into something new.
You don't know the dream behind these eyes,
You've never heard the whispers in the night,
The caress of a lovers hands,
Felt but never seen.

A kindred spirit,
A sense of adventure,
Something that could have been,
Had things been different.

What chance that we meet,
Only in dreams can we feel,
See you tonight my desire.

Where fantasy becomes reality,
Where chance becomes choice,
We can go where fate will not allow.
At night, In a world Of our making.


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2012-11-22 15:19:13
You never have to worry about not being able to get hold of the basics of a Final Fantasy game beuasce they all come with detailed manuals and in-game tutorials for the important bits. Anything you still have trouble with can be sorted out by people on sites such as where there are plenty of player-made resources to help.I'm not sure whether Final Fantasy XIII is the best game in the series for you to start with though. While every game in the series has a different battle system, Final Fantasy XIII seems to be the most far-removed from the other installments. Also, the game is very linear for quite a long time. I have got as far as disc 2 and have not yet felt free at any point. All of the FF games are linear at the beginning while you get your bearings, and of course while the major events that trigger the journey begin to unfold, but FFXIII is the most linear so far in my opinion. It is however a visually stunning game.If you're not of the opinion that any game wi


2009-04-27 00:41:51
I like your writing.


2008-12-12 03:55:15
As always; succinct, sensitive, subtle, beautiful.

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