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The first gentle caress,
A brush on the canvass of my soul.

Gliding, floating through
the currents of your love, Adrift.

A dream in your eyes,
A yearning for something more,
An escape into the unknown.

A chance,
One afternoon in the glory of summer.

To surrender,
To our hearts, To know.

The freedom,
To see what could be, In time.

Long from now,
But forever, In our hearts.

That day in the sun,
My heart, My soul, My love is forever yours.


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2012-03-21 22:25:59
Link has been around for etisomme now as a writer for such folks Silk, Gerald Levert, Next, L.S.G., Keith Sweat.. In the tradition of naughty-bad boy R&b with the likes of R. Kelly, Joe, J-Shin, Silk, Next you can add Link to the growing list of singers that mix smooth r&b with heavy doses of sexaulity.. For those of you that like that style.. This CD will not disappoint with such songs like I Really Want To Sex Your Body, Sexdown, All Night Freakin .. But, also this cd demostrates that Link is an exceptional vocalist and songwriter..With another album under his belt and more recognition this guy can really can really shine in the future..


2009-07-11 17:53:17
Lovely thoughts. So nice to read. Thank you. Keep on truckin'.


2008-12-10 04:22:34
Beautiful and subtle work, Lady. Well done.
- Piquet


2008-12-06 21:23:05
these poems were the last thing I expected to find. (hah)
It's good that you feel comfortable and confident enough to post them.

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