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Today was Saturday, I had just taken a shower after fucking Tyler last night. I was now clean and ready for a whole new day of adventures. After yesterday, I had new friends and fuck buddies. Man was it exhausting having all that sex in a day. Speaking of which, I'm gunna text Kristi.

My MSG: Heyy hunn, Whats up?
Her MSG: Nothing much sexy, Why you ask?
My MSG: Wanna spend the night tonight, my brother is going away, it will just be the 2 of us ;)
Her MSG: Yeah I do! Let me ask my mom real quick.
My MSG: K.

I couldn't wait, I so hoped her mom said yes. She was perfect.

Her MSG: Yeah my mom said it was fine. I can't wait, hey do you have a camera on your phone. Can you get pics??
My MSG: Yeah, I can send them too....Why?
Her MSG: (she sent me a pic of her tits, she was playing with her nippples) I want one of you playing with yourself then.
My MSG: (i sent her a picture of my pussy and my finger on my clit) How's this?
Her MSG: I love it. I'm so horny now. I'm on my way over. I'll be there ASAP.
My MSG: K. See you soon babe.

I ran to my mom's room and grabbed a strap on, a vibrator, and some lube just in case. I went back to my room and hid them either in my nightstand or under the bed. I had about 10 more minutes before she got here. I needed her bad, I wanted to rip her clothes off the minute she got here. Maybe I would.

I got on a sexy lingerie outfit with some crotchless panties. She was here in under the time I thought, she must really want me too. I grabbed her arm and pulled her through the door. I slammed her up against the wall and started kissing her. I pressed my mouth to hers and pushed my tongue into her waiting mouth. Tasting her, swirling my tongue all around her mouth, learning every inch of her mouth.

I couldn't wait any longer and pulled her up to my room. I locked my door just incase my Mom or John got home early. It was highly unlikely, but I didn't want either of them interrupting our fun. I threw her backwards on my bed and pounced on her. I just started laughing and kissed her again. I began feeling her up and rubbing her nipples through her shirt.

"No, no no I get to pleasure you first...Your way too damn sexy, plus you already ate me out at school. I get to return the favor then we can get to the together fun." She told me while rubbing up my thighs.

"Fine, I guess if you really want to you can." I said smiling at her. As her hands were still moving up my legs to my wet pussy. "Wait," I said to her. "I want us naked when we do anything, so strip." I said to her.

"I can deal with that, I was so focused on your sexy body, I completely forgot we had clothes on." She said as she threw her top at me and skipped out of her skirt. Now in just her bra and thong, she slowly stripped. I was getting so wet watching her sexy body dance as she took the thong and bra off.

I was taking my sexy little outfit off, I didn't waste anytime time teasing her, I got naked as fast as I possibly could. She pinned me to the bed and started kissing me passionately, still feeling me up. I was so aroused, I think I was already making a puddle on the sheets. She was kissing me and it seemed like our mouth's were making love. She bent down and sucked on my nipples, hse flicked her tongue over them and then sucked them harder into her mouth. Ocassionally she would nip them and that really drove me crazy.

I rolled her over and began running my hands up her leg, I made it to her pussy and began teasing her clit. She was moaning and running her hands through my hair, scratching my scalp. I rubbed her engorged nub in little fast circles and she came, her whole body shaking, she made a huge wet spot on the bed.

"Ok, now I really have to eat you out," said Kristi.

"Well how about you do that and use a strap on?" I said.

"You have one?" Kristi asked getting really excited.

"Mmmhmmm, and a double dildo." I told her.

She spread my legs wide and spread my lips with her fingers. She shoved her tongue in my pussy. It felt so incredible, she began tongue fucking me, she then switched her attention to my clit. She took it in her mouth and sucked and nibbled it. She plunged 2 fingers in my dripping cunt and I came, spraying her face with my juices. She was rubbing my g-spot and that caused me to squirt. That was just about the best damn orgasm ever!

"I need to rest before we do any more, I'm exhausted, I just came the hardest in my life!" I said gasping and still feeling tingly all over.

"Okay, we can pick this up later." She said winking at me, then cuddling up to me.

We slept for over 3 hours, when we woke up we immediately started kissing. She really wanted to fuck me with a strap on and I was all for it. I got the bright pink sex toy out of my drawer, along with some lube. I lubed the dildo and she put it on.

She buckled it behind her and threw me back down on the bed. She was kissing me and sucking my nipples. Making them as hard as a rock. She pushed the head of the toy at my entrance and slowly pushed. I moaned as "she" entered me. It didn't feel exactly like a real dick, but close enough.

She began fucking me with long hard strokes. My hips were thrusting upward, meeting her pace. I was already getting close, so I moved my hips faster. She quickly picked up on what I was doing. We both quickened our pace, it was now fast and eratic.

"Fuck! Fuck me harder Kristi, I'm so close to cumming."

You wanna cum all over my huge dick?" Kristi asked.

"Yes, I'm gunna cum all over your huge cock!" I moaned, yelled at her.

She quickened her strokes and in three fast, long, hard thrusts my pussy was contracting around the Kristi's bright pink dildo. I came really hard again, my juices pouring out and making a puddle on my bed. Damn, I have to remember that I do that. I dont exactly squirt, but its pretty fucking close. Maybe it would be less messy in the shower.

We fell asleep for about an hour, when we woke up we were covered in cum. Mostly mine.

"Hey hunn, how about we continue this in the shower?" I said hopeful. I still had lots of toys hidden in my room. Plus I really want to try that double dildo.

"Hell yes!" Kristi practically yelled.

I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to my private bathroom. I also remembered to grab the lime green, vibrating dildo.

" Oh my god, That's my favorite color." Exclaimed Kristi.
"Good, because I'm going to fuck you so hard with it." I told her grinning. "Then, I'm gunna soap you down from head to toe."

She practically ran to the shower when I said that. I made Kristi get under the scolding hot water first. I was 2 seconds behind her. i came up behind her and kissed her neck, she tilted her head to allow me more room to suckle her neck. I ran my hands down over the front of her body to play with her nipples.

I cupped her breasts in my hand and lightly kneeded them. I spun her around and then ran my hand over her stomach, down to her pussy. I then, with my other hand, I slid the lime green dildo up and down her labia. She spread her legs apart so I could put the toy up inside her. I was teasing her opening and with a combination of her wetness and the water, it slipped in easily.

She moaned loudly as I plunged the dildo deep inside her. I withdrew until only the head was in, then oushed it all the wasy back in again. I kept pausing between the thrusts, and now she was begging me to fuck her hard.

"C'mon Ann, Fuck me faster." She moaned as I picked up speed ever so slightly. She was raelly wet and moaning, her juice was flowing openly. It blended with the water runnig from the shower. She pushed back against the toy, she was moaning and screaming for me to please fuck her harder. I complied, wanting her to be in complete pleasure.

I began pistoning the dildo in and out of her at a really fast pace. It took not longer than 30 seconds before she screamed as her climax took over her body. She arched her back, so she was bracing herself on the shower stall, her hands sliding down slowly, making a screeching sound. She came and her pussy fluid flowed over my hand, immediately being washed away by the water.

I had paid her back for earlier. Then I soaped her up and washed her entire body, paying special attention to her tits, ass, and pussy. She did the same thing to me. Making sure to tweak my nipples and finger my pussy for a few seconds. I moaned as I felt her enter me.

She remover her hand from my crotch and started kissing me, we washed our hair quickly and got put of the shower. We didn't even dry off before we found our way to my bed. I was so excited, now we could try the double. I had never heard of how to do it, so my guess was we were going to be in some fun, and awkward positions to get this to work.

As we were laying on the bed kissing and feeling each other up like the horny teen girls we were, I pulled the rainbow double out from my dresser. We both just stared at it for a moment.

"That, by far, is the coolest, sexiest dildo I have ever seen. I think I want it in me now, I have never seen a fucking rainbow one." Kristi said in awe as she just stared at it.

"Me either, until I found this, I want it in me too, but I don't really know how." I replied.

"Well, can't we just... get our crotches really close together and then insert it in you, then in me, so we can lean back and fuck each other with it?" She said in a rather factual tone.

"That's better than anything I got, let's try it." I layed on my bed with our pussies about 6 inches apart, she put pushed one end in me, then scooted closer so it would go in her too. As the dildo slid all the way in both if us, our pussies touched, making our clits rub together.

That, and with the dildo in my felt so fucking great. We began pushing back and forth, the dildo would go further in me, and then further in her. It felt so good, every time we moved our clits would touch and send electric shivers down our body.

We get going back and forth really fast and you could barely see the rainbow thing going between us. My cunt was aching for release. I knew that if we kept this up, it wouldn't be long.

"Ann, I'm so close to cumming, but I want to cum with you. So we can feel that awesome sensation at the same time." She mumbled moaning.

"I am too, I want to too." was all I could mutter. I picked up the pace and the friction from between us making my cunt spasm and contract around the rainbow toy. She came with me, and both our pussies were leaking out juices and made a huge puddle on my bed.

Just then, we heard the door open and we knew it had to be my mom. We quickly got under the covers and hid all the toys. We layed there pretending to be asleep while she passed.

There might be a 4th and final part?

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