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Chapter 15

“Home again home again jiggity jig,” Jason said as he opened the door from the garage and gestured for Karen and Nancy to enter the kitchen ahead of him before he picked up his share of the shopping bags and entered the home behind them.

“You haven’t said that since I was a little girl,” Karen chuckled as she and Nancy set their bags on the kitchen table.

“It seemed appropriate,” Jason said with a shrug as he pulled the door closed before adding his own bags to the table. “How’s your stomach Karen?”

“Just fine,” Karen said as she placed a cautious hand on her belly. “Whatever the doctor gave me seems to be working just fine, but I’m still glad we decided to get hamburgers for dinner instead of something spicy like the Chinese Nancy suggested.”

“How many times do I have to tell you it was a joke?” Nancy asked defensively.

“Now who’s teasing who?” Jason said with a soft laugh. “So, are you going to show me what I spent all my money on?”

“Sure dad,” Karen said as she exchanged smiles with Nancy. “Why don’t you get one of the captain’s chairs from the dining room and put it in the living room while we get ready and we’ll put on a show for you.”

“Why do you want me to get a chair from the dining room instead of using the easy chair in the living room?” Jason asked.

“You’ll see,” Karen said with a mischievous smile before she and her sister grabbed the bags from the table and headed for the bedroom.

Wondering what the girls had planed for him Jason walked into the dining room and grabbed one of the armed captains chairs from the table and headed for the living room with it. He arranged the chair so he had a clear view of the hall leading to the bedroom and tossed his clothes off to the side before settling in to wait for the girls to finish their own preparations. He didn’t have to wait long before Nancy scuttled out of the bedroom and made her way to the stereo to hunt through the CDs before she found the one she wanted and the hard driving music started to fill the room. Nancy turned to give her father a quick smile and then rushed back to the bedroom. A few seconds later the door opened again and Karen stepped through the door wearing some of her new bulky clothes and Jason’s eyes were immediately drawn to the bulge of her belly.

“Do you like it daddy?” Karen asked, patting her large belly as she glided her way into the living room, her large body swaying to the music.

“I love it,” Jason said as he felt his cock responding to his daughter’s sensuous movements and swollen belly. “But you won’t be that big for months.”

“I know,” Karen said with a smile as she reached under her sweater and blouse to pull out the pillow she’d stuffed her clothes and tossed it off to the side before patting the bulky items back in place. “I thought you’d like to see how my new clothes will look in a few months and I figured this was the best way to do it.”

“I appreciate the glimpse of the future,” Jason said with a grin, “but we’ll probably buy you some regular maternity clothes before you get that big because there’s no way you’ll be able to hide your pregnancy by the time you get that big. Of course, around the house you and Nancy won’t have to worry about hiding any of your pregnancies.”

“True,” Karen said with a toothy grin as she pulled her sweater off and tossed it over to join the pillow as she shook out her reddish brown hair. “Most of the time we’ll be walking around the house with nothing on - just like we do now. But for school and other times when we leave the house something oversize and bulky like this will hide things for a few months, but I’m sure you’re going to love every single inch I put on around my waist.”

“Every single inch,” Jason agreed with a smile as he started to get out of his chair but she rushed up to push him back in his seat.

“Now daddy, you sit right there and enjoy the show Nancy and I are putting on for you,” with more force than what she put behind her shove. “It just wouldn’t be right for you to join us while we’re putting the show on for your enjoyment.”

“If you say so,” Jason said, crossing his legs and leaning back in his chair to enjoy the show. Once she was sure her fahter was settled back in his seat Karen moved back to the center of the floor and started dancing to the music from the CD, tossing aside one a piece of clothing every time she twirled to the beat of the music flowing from the speakers. Jason was watching his older daughter so closely that he almost missed it when Nancy joined her sister until both of them had stripped down to their panties and bras.

“I think I have a new set of favorites when it comes to your lingerie,” Jason told his daughters as he watched them dancing so close together they were rubbing their bodies together in a seductive way that made his cock stand up hard and ready to slide into their tight wet slits.

“We thought you’d like them daddy,” Karen said as she and Nancy turned to face him so he could get a clear view of their new underwear. Karen’s panties and matching bra were a lacy white except for the small red devils just large enough to cover the wet spot around her pussy and the nipples pushing out against the fabric of her bra.”

“You do like them, don’t you daddy?” Nancy asked as she posed so her father could get a good look at her scarlet red underwear with the white angels covering her bald pussy and erect nipples.

“I love them,” Jason said, leaning forward in his chair to reach for the nearest girl.

Before his hands came anywhere near Nancy’s tits Karen caught his wrists and forced them down to the armrests of his wooden chair. “Oh no you don’t,” Karen giggled, “as a customer you should know better than to touch the dancers, right?”

“Of course I do,” Jason said as he let Karen and Nancy force his arms down on the chair with only a token struggle.

“Just to make sure you don’t break the rules,” Nancy said with a teasing grin, “maybe we should tie your arms to the chair, what do you think Karen?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Karen said, giving Nancy a quick wink as she caught the pile of clothes with her toes and snagged her bulky sweater and pulled it over. From the sweater she pulled out three of her father’s old ties held out one for Nancy before they both tied his wrists to the armrests.

“There, nice and secure,” Karen said as she tested both her knots and Nancy’s, “and after we finish the show we can use the last tie as a blindfold so we can play Who Am I Fucking Now. Nancy told me you said you’d like to try it.”

“Yes I would,” Jason admitted as he tested the bonds for himself and realized that while they were loose enough that he could work his arms free he wouldn’t be able to do it quickly or easily. “But I didn’t think we’d be playing it so soon, Nancy just told me about the game this morning.”

Once their father was secured to his chair the girls stepped back and returned to their erotic dance, turning to watch the rise of his hard cock as they rubbed their bodies together, losing their bras and panties so casually that it wasn’t until Karen dropped to her knees to lick Nancy’s bald cunt that Jason realized they were both naked. “What do you think?” Nancy asked her older sister, “is daddy ready for a lap dance?”

“I think so,” Karen said with a chuckle as she eyed her father’s erect cock. “What do you think Daddy, can you keep your hands off the dancers this time?”

“I don’t really have a choice do I?” Jason asked, holding his hands up against the bonds holding him to his chair. “I’m sure the dancers are perfectly safe giving me a lap dance.”

Still moving to the music from the stereo both girl’s approached their father until Nancy was on his left and Karen was on the right. Both girls grabbed a knee and pulled his legs apart until there was enough room for both of them could sit on his lap and rub their wet slits back and forth on his thighs so their pussy juices coated both of his legs.

“I think he’s getting even bigger,” Karen told her sister as she stroked her father’s penis with one hand as she leaned forward to but her erect nipples against his chest hairs.

“Let me see,” Nancy said, pulling her sister back so she could take her place against her father’s chest and feel his cock at the same time. “I think he’s ready to play, what do you think?”

“He sure is,” Karen said as she leaned down to pick up the last tie from where she’d dropped it on the floor earlier. “What do you think daddy, are you ready to play Who Am I Fucking Now?”

“I’m ready for anything,” Jason groaned, straining against the ties binding his arms to his chair as both of his daughters played with his cock, “just as long as I get to fuck someone.”

“That’s just what we wanted to hear,” Nancy said as she used the last tie to blindfold her father, knotting the tie behind his head and making sure that he couldn’t see anything through the thick fabric. “Now you hold on a second while we decide who’s going to fuck you first, ok?”

“Ok,” Jason agreed, “just hurry or I’m going to shoot my load before it’s buried in one of your pussies.”

Jason felt the girls get up from his legs and he heard the pad of their bare feet across the floor and their whispered conversation even though he couldn’t make out a single word of what they said. After a few seconds he heard them return and one of the girls sat down on his lap and leaned forward to kiss his lips under the blindfold. When she pushed her bare tits against his chest he realized it must be Nancy from the size of her breasts and when her hairless cunt lips brushed against the tip of his cock he knew it was his youngest daughter. Without warning his youngest daughter sat down on his lap, impaling herself on his cock so that it was buried deep in her fertile slit.

“This may be an easy game since there’s only two of you and enough difference between you that I know who’s who even with the blindfold,” Jason told his youngest daughter as she rode his hard cock enthusiastically, “but do you have any idea how big a turn on this is?”

“Of course we do,” Karen breathed in his ear. “Nancy told you we use to play this game with mom and Nancy didn’t even have tits back then so it was even easier for us to guess who was eating us out. But it was still made us hornier than ever to eat each other out when we were blindfolded and tied up like you are right now.”

“It sure did,” Nancy panted as she slammed her ass into her father’s thighs with every bounce on his cock. “I figure you must be horny enough to have the biggest load of cum ever in your balls right now, and I want all that baby juice in my pussy where it belongs.”

“And you’re going to get every drop I can give you Nancy,” Jason grunted as he felt his balls twitch in anticipation of shooting that large load of cum deep in his daughter’s belly. “If I haven’t knocked you up by now this load will do it for sure.”

“It better,” Nancy giggled, “otherwise I’ll have to keep fucking you until you get it right daddy.”

“We will Nancy, we will,” Jason promised as his cock started to twitch in his daughter’s quivering pussy. “And here comes another load of baby juice to help you along.”

As his balls jumped Jason’s hands jerked against his bonds in an attempt to pull them free so he could grab Nancy by the hips and hold her steady as her body jumped and jittered around his lap as her pussy squeezed the baby juice out of his prick and deep into her belly. “Give me a baby daddy, give me a baby,”

“I will honey, I promise,” Jason said softly as Nancy’s body slumped against his chest and he bent his neck down to kiss the top of her head.

“Wow,” Karen said with a soft groan of her own, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the two of you fuck so hard before. If you didn’t knock her up this time it wasn’t from lack of trying dad.”

“I always try,” Jason said with a chuckle as Karen helped her sister get up from is still hard cock, “but I don’t always succeed. Now are you going to climb up in my lap and fuck me? Or do the two of you have something else in mind?”

“Give us a minute or two dad,” Karen said, “it won’t be too long before you know our plans.”

“Don’t take too long to make up your minds,” Jason chuckled, “I’m so horny right now I can hardly wait to slip my cock into your pussy now.”

“Don’t worry daddy,” Nancy chimed in, “you won’t have to wait long for a big surprise.”

Jason wasn’t sure how long he actually waited but it couldn’t have been too long because Nancy’s pussy juice was still coating his cock when he heard the girl’s return to his chair. One of the girl’s straddled his legs but this time she had her back to his chest so he couldn’t feel how big her tits were but he was pretty sure it was Karen because the girl fucking him this time seemed to be taller. One of the girls grabbed his cock and he knew it was Karen in his lap as her pussy fur tickled the tip of his cock, but then he realized that his prick was being guided past her cunt until it lodged between his daughter’s ass cheeks.

“Karen,” Jason said cautiously as the pregnant teenager inched her body lower and lower as his shaft pushed into her virgin ass hole. “Karen, what are you doing?”

“I’m keeping my promise daddy,” Karen said with a grunt as she as she lowered herself even further so that her father’s cock worked it’s way into her tight hole. “I said I’d let you have my ass cherry when you knocked me up, and now that you’ve done your part it’s time for me to keep my end of the bargain. Nancy, take his blindfold off, I think he should see what’s happening when he fucks my ass for the first time.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Jason heard Nancy say as something tugged at his blindfold. A second later the blindfold was gone and Jason blinked away the spots before his eyes at the sudden light and then looked down to where the first two inches of his cock vanished between Karen’s ass cheeks.

“Karen, are you sure you want to do this,” Jason asked through gritted teeth as Karen squeezed the head of his cock. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“I’m sure,” Karen said, taking a deep breath before she lowered her ass to swallow another inch of her father’s cock. “I’ve wanted you to fuck my ass for months, but since I made that stupid deal I’ve had to hold back until now. And now I want you in my ass. I do know what I’m doing, I watched you pop Nancy’s ass cherry, and I’ve watched you fuck her ass enough times to realize that once I get your cock inside me I’m going to enjoy it. So I’m not going to give up until you’re fucking my ass as hard as you can.”

“I will Karen, I will,” Jason promised as he adjusted his own ass on the chair to give his cock a better angle as Karen lowered herself another inch. “I just wish my hands were free so I could play with your tits and pussy while I fuck your ass.”

“I can take care of that,” Nancy said excitedly as she knelt in front of her sister and father. “At least I can play with your pussy if you play with your own tits Karen.”

“I think I can do that,” Karen said as her ass swallowed the last of her father’s cock and she held still so she could adjust to the feel of it nestled in her tight hole.

“How does my ass feel daddy?” Karen asked as she wiggled her butt around on his lap. “Does it feel as good for your as it does for me?”

“It sure does,” Jason said with a shudder of pleasure that ran from the tip of his cock to his balding head and back again. “It feels wonderful. Almost as good as fucking your pussy.”

“Almost?” Karen asked as Nancy chewed on her clit and sent a bolt of sexual energy running up her spine to her nipples as she squeezed them in her hands. “Why doesn’t it feel as good as my pussy?”

“Because when I’m fucking you in the ass I know there’s no chance of knocking you up,” Jason said with a grunt as Karen started raising and lowering her ass on her father’s cock. “And nothing excites me more than the fact that I could be knocking you girls up.”

“That does make things more exciting,” Karen admitted as she slowly fucked her father’s cock in and out of her ass, “but it still feels good to have your cock in my ass.”

“So dad,” Karen said as she twisted her body around so her father could see her tits as she squeezed them hard enough to make her brown nipples pop out, “are you really looking forward to sucking the milk right out of my tits?”

“I sure am,” Jason said excitedly as his prick quivered in his daughter’s body, “I love the taste of fresh breast milk, and the thought of drinking the milk out of my own daughter’s tits makes that much hornier.”

“It makes me horny too daddy,” gasped as her belly started to quiver with her approaching orgasm. “I can’t wait until my milk starts coming in, but I guess it’s going to be a few months before it happens.”

“Maybe,” Jason said distractedly as his balls started to cramp with his own approaching orgasm, “but if I suck on your tits every day it just might stimulate your breasts so they start producing milk sooner, but I’m not sure if it will actually work.”

“I don’t care if it works or not,” Karen said as her belly started to cramp with her orgasm and Nancy gulped down her pussy juice as it spurted out of her slit, “I just want you to suck my tits every day. Do you promise to do that for me daddy?”

“Just try and stop me,” Jason said as his prick jumped in Karen’s ass and three spurts of baby juice shot into her body.

“What a waste,” Nancy said as she licked her father’s quivering balls. “Just think of what another load of cum could have done for me.”

“Don’t worry honey,” Jason told his youngest daughter as his flaccid cock slipped out of Karen’s cum filled ass, “I’m not in any shape to give you a fresh load of baby juice right now, but I’ll give another load or two by bed time. Don’t worry I’ll give you your own baby as soon as I can.”

“And I’ll hold you to that promise daddy,” Nancy said with a determined frown as she patted her flat belly, “and don’t you forget it.”

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Still moving to the music from the stereo both girl’s approached their father until Nancy was on his left and Karen was on the right. Both girls grabbed a knee and pulled his legs apart until there was enough room for both of them could sit on his lap and rub their wet slits back and forth on his thighs so their pussy juices coated both of his legs.=hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!

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