On a school trip, the teacher gets a bit more than he bargained for!
He looked at the girl.

Christ, he thought, she can only be 10 but look at her.

Her legs were not stick thin like other girls her age and she had a chest that would do a woman twice her age proud.

He knew she had started her periods at a very early age and she was under treatment to inhibit her rampant hormones.

Still she was very pretty and she knew it. She tossed her hair and fluttered her eye lids like the best and she dressed provocatively. Even here, in her last year at Primary school, she took to wearing short skirts.

She would normally wear thongs whilst at home, but she wore ‘normal’ pants at school.

The majority of her year were away at summer camp for 4 days. It was going to be hard, plenty of walking, caving and other activities to get them fit and working together as a team.

He had accompanied them of course, along with a few other members of staff. But he had his roving eye on her.

He had conspired that she was in his group of course.

In the evening, they all came along in their pj’s for a few activities in the lounge, then a drink and a biscuit, then off to bed.

She was wearing a short kimono dressing gown over her top and shorts. Even at 10 years of age, her nipples stood proud, making it impossible to miss them, even under the gown.

She sat near him, fluttering her eyes at every opportunity, and ensuring her legs were visible. He even caught what he thought was a glimpse of panty under her shorts.

She is a right prick tease he thought.

All the kids were packed off to bed, whilst the staff had a couple of drinks. He made his way to bed about 11pm and fell into a fitful sleep.

There was a quiet knock at the door.

Hello? came the whisper

He woke and turned to the door. Her head poked round and smiled.

Are you awake? she whispered.

I am now! Came his reply.

Good she said and she came into the room. She sat on the end of his bed, her left leg folded on the bed, her right leg on the floor.

Do you like me? she asked.

As a pupil? he replied, yes!

No silly she said, me as a girl. And with that she undid her kimono. Her small strappy top was pushed out by the 30C breasts she possessed. He then realised he could see up her short legs and she had removed her panties – wispy hairs were at the side of her pussy.

You shouldn’t be here he stammered. Back to your room.

No she said, looking him in the eye, as she removed the kimono.

She stood and pulled her top off revealing her breasts, then, just as quick, she dropped her shorts. Her pussy slit glistened in the light of the full moon through the window.

She clasped her breasts and pushed them together, pulling her nipples erect.
You like what you see she purred.

Olivia, he gasped, you’re only 10! You shouldn’t be in here doing this.

I might be only 10, but I know what to do and I want to do it now! She commanded.

With that she leant over and threw back the bed covers off his body. His penis was erect – and her head dropped to his lap. His shaft was engulfed by the wetness of her mouth and her tongue swirled around his penis head.

He looked aghast at the preteen head bobbing up and down his shaft. He pushed her off, a trail of saliva joined her mouth and his shaft.

What did you do that for she cried.

You’re too young he said, why should I do anything with you!

Because you know about me and I’m desperate for a fuck she hissed.
You mean you’ve done it before? He queried.

Of course she replied huffily, you know I started my periods when I just turned 9. You know that I have been on medication to inhibit my development. Well unfortunately that didn’t work.

And? he paused.

Well the doctors could only come up with one solution to stop or inhibit my development.

And that was he asked warily.

A good fucking every couple of days. Olivia said matter of factly. Someone has to screw me and drop his semen into me to stop me going off the rails.

His jaw dropped, but who? He stuttered.

My father he replied. Daddy has to screw me 3 times a week. Mummy knows of course and she watches us do it. Daddy can’t wear condoms, because oestrogen in his cum calms me down.

But how he said,

Oh, normally I have to get on my hands and knees because daddy doesn’t really want to do it with me and he doesn’t want to see my face. I think he pretends to screw mummy.

However, when mummy is out, he sneaks a crafty fuck in. Normally he gets me to bounce up and down on his lap. I like that. Then his cream squirts up inside my tummy, some of it dribbles out.

She looked down at his shaft, he was as hard as rock, and it was big she thought.

Daddy didn’t want to do it at first she continued, but mummy said it was best for me. Mummy sits on a chair when daddy is doing it to me. She opens her legs and rubs herself between the legs.

Sometimes mummy gets on the bed in front of my face and opens her legs. I can see her insides when she holds her lips apart. She has a little button she calls her love button. She lets me lick and suck it.

That makes daddy even bigger in me and he fills me up more. Once he did that and mummy then pushed me on my back and licked daddies juice out of my special place. That was nice.

He had a raging hard-on now.

Olivia noticed him gently rubbing his shaft as she told him about her problem. He pulled the young girl onto the bed and turned her onto her hands and knees.

Looking at her he saw that her pussy was well developed with a prominent clitoris, rather like someone a good 5 years older. He placed his penis at the entrance to her pussy, the lips spreading either side as he slid his shaft in.

He was amazed that the girl could take all of his 8 inches, he slammed his penis all the way in to her pussy.

She moaned as she felt the large tube fully enter her pussy, it was bigger than her daddies. She was very wet he thought, he pummelled into her vagina. Christ a 10 year old he thought – but with a body of someone at least 5 years older!

He felt pressure building up in his shaft, he let the flood gates open and filled the girl with his cum. She shuddered as she felt him cum in her, her hand flew between her legs and rubbed her clitoris, and she joined him in an orgasm within seconds.

He withdrew his rapidly deflating penis from the girl. He pussy stayed open for a few seconds and he saw cum pooling in her vagina. Her hole closed and she rolled onto her back.

She was almost asleep, instead of the wild eyed girl he had seen not moments earlier. Surely oestrogen couldn’t work that quickly he mused.

He opened her legs and fingered her hole, there was no reaction from her. He squeezed her tits, making her nipples stiff. There still wasn’t any reaction.

Quickly he took his camera out and took a goodly number of pictures, especially of her pussy and tits. He slipped his shaft into her and rattled off a few pictures of his penis embedded in the girl.

He pulled out just before cumming again and sprayed his load over her pussy and tits, he then took a few more pictures for posterity.

He then shook her awake, telling her to get dressed. She clumsily put her top and shorts on, holding onto the bed for support.

Opening the door he packed her back off to her bedroom.

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2012-02-03 23:29:35
Well im a 32DD and im 12 soo... Thats totally possible

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Your writing sucks. You need to lead into a story. Get some imagination and keep trying

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2010-12-31 17:15:00
You're sick. If you're actually a father, how can you sanction crap like this? Is this the fate you want for your own children? Get therapy.

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I knew a girl that was 36D at the age of 11. She died from drug abuse at the age of 36. A girl with a woman's body and desires can mess them up. I was her favarate uncle. I never abused her.

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