Erin and her daddy are still at it!
Back at the ‘van, he prepared dinner, Erin had disappeared back into her room and was changing.

I could do with some help here he shouted.

Just a minute came the muffled reply.

The door opened and out stepped Erin. She was wearing a see-through nightie with cut-outs over her nipples and tie straps at the top. The nightie stopped about an inch below her belly button and she had on a butterfly thong, which was open crotched with tie straps on each side.

Her daddy’s mouth gaped open.

Catching flies she laughed. Mum said that would be the effect it would have on you!

That’s totally gorgeous he exclaimed

And mum sent a present as well, as she handed him a small packet.

He ripped it open and found himself staring at a DVD. His wife had thought of everything.

It was very much a banned DVD, ‘Daddy does Daughter’ was the title, it had no pictures and no other writing on it. Opening the packet, he realised it must have a totally illegal recording with underage girls, not some 18 year old pretending to be a lot younger.

We’ll watch this after dinner. He said.

He tried to concentrate on making dinner, but Erin’s tits and fanny kept getting in the way. Eventually he made it and they sat opposite each other eating.

I can’t concentrate if you keep wearing very little he exclaimed

Don’t worry she replied, it’s all in a good cause!

After dinner they cleared up and he opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. They settled down to watch the DVD.

He sat with the remote in his hand, his daughter settling by his side. He glanced over to her, her nipples poking out of the material, still inverted. Looking down he saw her butterfly thong, under was her labia open to the air with a small strip of material either side.

The DVD was very hard. The girl could have been no older than Erin, was small tits and a bare or shaven pussy.

It started with her coming home from school and finding her daddy jerking of to a porn movie. She sat by him watching whilst her daddy’s hand went up the back of her skirt and felt her bottom and pussy.

He unbuttoned her skirt and pulled that and her pants off before sucking her pussy.

Erin was getting seriously turned on and had opened her legs slightly, and was stroking her clit.

She turned and saw her daddy with his hand unzipping his shorts and pulling out his hard cock, stroking it up and down. She gasped at the size of it and kept rubbing her juicy pussy.

She looked back at the screen and the action taking place on it.

After a while the action moved to the girls bedroom where she had a serious fucking by her daddy, including anal action.

Erin’s fingers invaded her tight hole, and she smeared juice around her pussy.

Her daddy was engrossed with the film, and she looked back at the TV.

The father and daughter had moved into the kitchen and they were fucking on the table when the girls mother came in. The mother undressed and proceeded to suck the girls tits. The action moved around and the dad sucked the girls tits and the mother worked on the girls cunt.

The screen suddenly went blank. Erin turned to her dad, who had the remote in his hand and had stopped the film. His shorts were by his ankles.

Taking his daughters hand, he pulled her over.

Sit on my lap he instructed.

She crawled over to him, and straddled his lap, facing him. Her pussy lips splayed open, his cock in between them. He could feel her wetness on his cock.
He suckled her tits peeking out of the nightie as she rubbed her pussy along his cock.

She bumped her clit repeatedly on his cock head, she was building up to an orgasm. Faster and faster she moved her hips until she gasped and shuddered on his lap, juices flowed from her cunt soaking his lap.

He was turned on and asked her to start rubbing his cock with her hand. She moved down and leant forward and started rubbing his cock.

More he said, gasping at the sight of his daughter in front of him.

He came with some force, his first gloop of cum hitting her face, more thick ropes of cum splashing her hair and nightie.

She held his wilting cock in her hand, cum dribbling over her fingers and looked at him, her face splashed with cum, white stains on her breasts, hair and nightie.

That was good he said, smiling at her.

I’m glad you think so she replied. What does cum taste like? She enquired.

Try some he said.

She tentatively licked her fingers. Mmm, she pondered, a bit salty and sticky.

She scooped a glob off her nightie and tried it again. Not bad she said.

I’m glad it meets with your approval he replied, because there’s a lot more where that came from.

I don’t know about you he said, but I’m off to bed, its been a long day.

Would you mind if I slept with you she enquired.

I think I am likely to insist after today’s performance he laughed.

Oh goody she cried and she ran off to the bedroom.

He went to the toilet and pissed, then brushed his teeth. Entering the bedroom she was under the covers looking at him.

He stripped off and slid under the covers, feeling the warmth of his daughters’ body next to him.

The kissed, his hands running over her body, she was still wearing the nightie and butterfly thong. They played with each other genitals for a few minutes before exhaustion overcame them both and they fell asleep.

At some point during the night he had a dream. He dreamt he was fucking a schoolgirl, her school skirt rucked up and her tiny tits on display, she was tight and a virgin.

He woke during the dream, he was fucking a schoolgirl, just it was his daughter, laying there, legs apart, being rodgered by his large tool.

He spunked long and deep into her pussy, enjoying every last squirt into the teen. Would she remember that? he thought. Probably not as she looked out of it.
He then had a thought, reaching over he switched on the bed light, just bright enough not to wake his daughter. He then reached to the end of the bed and picked up his digital camera.

He took a number of photos of her spunk covered twat, then opened her legs wider, her pussy lips opened, displaying her hole. A few more photos followed.

He thought that a photo record of his daughters sexual experiences might be what his wife wants.

He put the camera away and went back to sleep.

Waking up in the morning he found that his daughter had gone, he heard her singing in the kitchen. She waltzed through the door with a cup of tea in her hand.

Morning daddy she sang. She was still wearing the see through nightie, but her butterfly thong was missing – he could see her wispy pubic hairs.

He took the tea and had a sip. She threw back the bedcovers and looked at him.

My, my, she exclaimed, still a little hard are we?

With that she bent down and took his hardness into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down.

Wait he cried. He put the tea down and pulled Erin onto the bed. He pulled her legs either side of his head and pulled her pussy down to his face.

She still had her mouth around his cock as he stuck his tongue into her pussy. He could taste dried cum and piss on his tongue. He jabbed his tongue into her hole, she started to wank his cock faster as he felt cum building up.

Her mouth engulfed his cock as he came, he pulled her ass down hard and suckled her clit, pulling her labia into his mouth.

He was spent again, and she rolled off him. Specks of cum around her mouth and cum dribbled down her chin. He looked at her, her legs apart and her pussy wet and shiny, her clit proudly erect.

His cock was still erect as he crawled over to her and he pushed it into her pussy.

Her legs wrapped around his back as he fucked her slowly, he suckled her breasts again.

You know he said, we really must get out of bed and do some work.

Mmm, later, she replied.

He quickly pulled out of her, her pussy gaped wide for a few seconds before closing.

What did you do that for she moaned.

Just to see how wide your pussy got. He replied.

Come on he said, let’s get dressed and sorted.

He spent most of the day painting and cleaning. Erin put on her lime green bikini and paraded around, occasionally disappearing for a swim.

He finished his jobs about 4pm, changing into his swimming trunks, he wandered down to the beach, camera in hand.

Erin was there sunning herself on the beach, lying face down on a towel. He looked at her pert ass, his cock twitched in his trunks.

Hiya he whispered in her ear.

Mmmm, she moaned and she looked up, opening her eyes and noticing a growing bulge in his shorts.

I bought a drink down, and he handed her a small bottle of beer. He swigged his own, as he watched her gulp hers down.

They sat and chatted for a while, he handed her another beer. They watched the tide slowly advance up the beach as they drank.

Oohh she gasped,

What’s up? He queried.

I need a pee, she said, her hand cupping between her legs.

Just do it here he said, reaching for his camera, there’s no-one around.

Erin sat on a rock and slowly pulled her bikini bottom to one side, exposing her pussy. John focused the camera into video mode onto her pussy.

A stream of hot pee flowed from her, hitting the sand, she sighed as her bladder emptied.
Her pee stopped and she wiped her wet labia with her hand, then placed her bikini back in place.

Did you get it all she asked.

Yes, did you want to see? John replied.

Yes, please, and Erin moved to his side and looked at an action reply. John had focused right in and she saw her clitoris hood swell up as she pissed.

That’s good, she said.

You’re telling me he laughed and pointed to his erect cock struggling to break out of his shorts.

Her hand dropped and she felt the outline of his cock in his shorts.

Ready for action again? she laughed.

Maybe later he replied. We have to eat first.

Maybe we could eat something else? she winked at him.

You dirty little girl he laughed and he playfully smacked her bottom.

They spent another hour or so on the beach until the tide had almost reached them, then they retired back to the caravan.

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I think all girls do...yes. She loves it when I cum inside her.

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