Amy is learning about her body.
She had to look again at the pictures, and see if she could find others. After dinner, John sat in front of the TV and watched football. Being the dutiful daughter, Amy fetched a beer whenever he asked.

About nine she went upstairs and changed into her nightie. It was the flimsy one her dad liked her to wear. When she came back downstairs, John was asleep in front of the TV.

Quickly Amy moved into the office and looked for the pictures.

She found the folder again and scanned the pictures. She finally found the mum and girl.

The next picture nearly made her wee. The woman was on a bed and the girl was on top of her but the wrong way round, the mummy had her head between the girls legs and the girl had hers between the womans.

She went further down the pictures. There were more of girls sucking their daddies sticks, some of them with white gloop.

Then there was some of a mummy lying on bed, legs apart and a little girl sitting between the legs. The mummy had pulled her slit folds back and the girl had her hand in the mum’s hole!

Further on, the same mum was on her front and had pulled her bottom cheeks apart, the girl had fingers in her mums bottom. The next picture had the girls hand in her mums bottom!

Amy was excited, perhaps this is what mums and dads did with their little girls.

Further she looked, she was almost at the end of the pictures when one caught her eye.

It looked like a doctors, there was a girl with her mummy and a female doctor. Amy was curious, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with this picture.

The next one had the girl stripping her clothes off, and the next she was standing in bra and panties.

The next she was lying on a bed and the female doctor was looking at her.

The next had the doctor pushing her bra up, and she noticed the doctor had big boobs.

The next picture showed the doctor taking off the girls pants, the girl had a bit of hair on her slit. In the background she noticed the mum sitting there, but she had her legs apart and she had pulled her panties to one side showing her slit.

The next showed the doctor with her finger between the girls legs in her slit.

The next pictures were similar, but the girl had her legs wide apart, the doctors fingers in the girls slit.

Then the pictures showed the mum stand and take off her skirt and panties, then the mum pulled down the doctors skirt and panties as well.

The mum got on the bed where the girl was lying and sat on the girls face, while the doctor put her head between the girls legs.

Amy saw the girl lick her mummy’s slit and the doctor lick the girls slit.

The next few pictures saw the three people in the picture change positions so everyone got to lick everyone else.

By this time Amy’s slit was very itchy and the last few minutes had seen her fingers caress her slit.

Suddenly she noticed that her slit had become very juicy, just like earlier. Her finger found her little hole, it seemed very small, smaller than those she had seen in the pictures.

She tried putting her finger in, it could just fit, her juice helped her ease it in. She felt a sharp pain and pulled out her finger.

Looking at her finger she noticed a little blood, she didn’t know it, but she had caused her hymen to tear slightly.

She was a little worried, so she closed the pictures and computer and went back into the lounge, her dad was still asleep.

She wandered off upstairs and decided to run a bath to wash away the blood – not that there was much.

She filled the bath and got in, suddenly she remembered what the pictures had showed and she put her legs over the side of the bath.

Downstairs, John woke from his slumber.
Amy rubbed her hand over her slit, caressing her vagina. Her eyes lit upon the soap, she soaped her hands and caressed herself again.

Then she took the soap and ran it up and down her slit. Unbeknown to Amy, it had an effect on her tiny clitoris. As she rubbed the soap, warm waves began to run through her body, hotness spread between her thighs.

She rubbed the soap faster, she thrust her vagina upwards out of the bathwater and gasped.

Amy’s first orgasm struck. Her vagina throbbed, a small amount of cum squirted from her pussy hole.

John staggered upstairs, he saw the bathroom light on and peered through the doorway. What he saw shocked him, his daughter had her legs over the sides of the bath and she was masturbating herself!

Jesus he thought, she was only 10. She shouldn’t know about that!

He saw her orgasm, his dick hardened, he hadn’t had sex since Deb left, but he jerked off most nights to the porn on his pc.

Quietly he went off to his room, his full of what he had just seen.

Amy lay there, panting. My god, she had never felt like that before. Today certainly had been full of surprises.

She climbed out of the bath and dried herself. She was more aware of her body now and she examined her small budding breasts and hairless pussy more closely than normal.

She heard a noise from her dads room. Crikey, she hoped her dad hadn’t seen her play with herself.

She had just put the flimsy see-through nightie back on when her dad came into the bathroom. He was just wearing his pants, Amy couldn’t help but notice the bulge at the front.

John looked at his daughter and smiled. Inwardly his heart beat fast, she was growing up quickly, and she’s starting to turn me on.

He released his penis from the pants and started to pee, Amy glanced and saw his stick, not as hard as the pictures, but not floppy either.

She wondered whether to ask him a question.

Dad, she said. Why is that water yellow from your stick, when does it go white?

John was a little taken aback with the question.

The yellow is me having a wee, he replied, yours should be similar.

Oh, said Amy, what’s the white then?

What do you mean, white? Queried John.

Amy went quiet, how could she phrase it without giving away she had looked at pictures.

John thought hard too, how could she know about cum he wondered.

Amy realised she had to make something up. Becky told me, she said, her dad sometimes does white wee.

Oh replied John thinking quickly. The white bit comes when you are, err, enjoying yourself with someone else.

What, like me? Blurted Amy.

Well, John paused, someone a bit older.

How old, said Amy, like 11 or 12?

No stammered John, probably about 16 or older.

Oh. Amy seemed a bit disappointed.

Why the long face said John. All of this talk about cum was starting to get him aroused, his penis grew within his pants and stiffened up.

I was hoping you might show me how you make white wee, after all you show me your yellow wee.

Later Amy, he said, off to bed now.

John watched his daughter leave and he breathed a sigh of relief. This was going to be difficult. All questions, she might start her periods soon, asking about cum, masturbating, whatever next.

John sat up late in his bed that night wondering what to do and tell Amy. He decided, after a long time thinking, to get a book on sex and discuss it with Amy.

The following day everything happened as normal, Amy went to school, although John decided to take the morning off work and go to the bookshop.

He was disappointed, there was nothing suitable for a child with an inquisitive mind. They were either too baby like or too graphic – even he got turned on at one of the books.

He went home and sat in front of the computer. He decided to see if he could find one on the net.

After half and hour searching, he finally made his choice. It had the right words, showed diagrams of all the various bits, how babies were born etc. He paid for it and noted the delivery was guaranteed within 5 days.

He had a bit of time to kill before work so he decided to surf for porn. He liked kiddie porn, not too young though, about Amy’s age or older, just with the hint of hair on their pussies and budding breasts.

A particularly good site was one with girls and their mummies – or alleged mums. There was a lot of mutual masturbation and sucking, along with a number of staged scenarios.

A favourite of his was a mum fucking her daughter with a dildo, especially the video that went with it. The girl can’t have been much older than 12. He noted she came a lot, the mum then licking the juice from round the girls cunt.

He saved a number of photos and the video.

He looked at another site, this one was harder, usually a young girl was lying on the floor and a number of men wanked over the girl, covering her with spunk.

This girl looked only about 9 or 10, hardly any breasts and no pussy hair. John unzipped his trousers and released his stiff cock, he looked at the pictures and wanked, he saved the ones he liked.

He found a video and played it. The girl was on her knees and she had her mouth open, three men were wanking and they came one after the other into the girls mouth and over her face.

John grabbed a tissue and spurted into it, spunk dripped from the tissue onto his computer desk. He wiped the end of his dick as the video finished.

He then realised that he was late, he stood quickly, pushing his cock into his pants and zipped himself.

Rushing out of the door, he totally forgot that he hadn’t wiped his spunk up or put the tissue in the toilet. Even worse though, was that he had closed the video, but forgot to close the website.

A few hours later, Amy got home from school. She went immediately into the office and sat at the computer. She raised her knees, the short skirt falling down by her thighs.

She then noticed the tissue and a big white glob on the desk. She opened the tissue and saw it was damp, she sniffed it and looked at the white blob on the desk.

She prodded the white blob and rubbed it between her fingers, it feels like the juice I had she thought to herself.

Then she moved the mouse and the web site John was looking at appeared.

Wow she thought as she looked at the pictures. Dad must have been looking at these and squirted his white wee.

She scooped some of his cum onto her finger and stuck out her tongue, tasting her finger, nothing unusual she thought as she licked her finger, a bit salty, that’s all.

Then she had a weird thought. She eased her thong to one side, exposing her slit. (She was the only girl in the class to wear a thong) She scooped up the last of the spunk and pulled her slit folds apart with one hand and rubbed her dads cum around her hole and clit.

She gasped as she hit her clit, her fingers played with the tiny button, making her hips jerk whenever she touched it.

She kept rubbing herself, her breaths now coming in short gasps. Oh she cried as she hit her clit again and again.

Her underage pussy pulsated as an orgasm built up, her foot now against the table as her rubbing quickened.

Ahhh, and Amy came, this time a huge squirt let loose and splattered over the monitor and desk.

She sat there for a few minutes rubbing her now soaked pussy, her labia were plump and her clit was erect.

She recovered and tidied up. She switched off the computer and went upstairs to change. She took off her panties and looked at them, they were soaked.

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This is what I fucking hate about this story and the chapters.

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I am 12 and my daddy still tucks me in at night. Everynight he rubs me along my pee hole until I want to scream. Only I cant tell anyone, because this is our special secret and no one can find out. Dad has told me that when I was just a baby and after my bath, he would rub my little pee hole and I would laugh and kick my legs. Dad taught me where to touch myself and this morning he actually put a tampex in me to show me, for when I start having periods. Whatever periods are must be bad because dad said he wouldnt be able to put his thingy in me anymore after I start having them. Dad helped me write this, but now we are going to lay down.


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I liked the story and I don't object yo fiction but in real life it is a little off to fuck your own daughter I must admit but love the story and like I said it's fiction so no harm done if you do write this stuff so keep up the good work and I'm not saying stop with the dad on daughter thing I'm just voiceing my opinion

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