New In Town, A Horny Housewife Makes New Friends...
Frank and Linda moved into their new home with Frank starting a new job. His wife Linda was left home alone searching for friends as well, but not having much luck. Linda was a very attractive woman in her mid thirties, and one would think she would have no problem making friends, but the women in the neighborhood were all older, and friendships were more like little cliques...hard to get into.

Frank was becoming more and more involved with friends and work, playing golf on the weekends and then taking business trips that sometimes lasted a week or two. Linda had to satisfy herself with her fingers and/or a vibrator. One afternoon, Linda was out by the pool catching some rays, working on her "all over" tan. Linda jumped when she heard a female voice say, "Hi, are you Linda?" Linda reached for a towel to cover herself, but it was draped over a chair too far away to reach.

Oh well, she thought, "Yes I am." "My name is Gloria, your husband works with mine." "I hear you're having difficulty meeting people....women friends right?" "Well in a nutshell, Yes." "I know the feeling," Gloria said. "I hope you don't mind my saying so, but you have a gorgeous body." "I bet your husband can't leave you a lone." "When he's here, and that's not very often now, so it's just me and my vibrator." "Oops...sorry....I didn't mean to blurt that out." Gloria laughed, "It doesn't matter, I'm in the same boat or was." "What do you mean?" "Mmmm, in a way that's why I'm here." "So, tell me a little about yourself."

Linda somehow felt very comfortable around Gloria. "Should I get dressed or do you want to join me?" "Thanks, I was hoping you'd offer." Gloria peeled off her clothes, and was soon naked. Gloria had a beautiful body, her breasts average in size, but perfectly proportioned to her slender figure. Her pussy was bare except for the thin strip of dark hair down the middle. For some reason, Linda felt her pussy beginning to tingle, something she'd never experienced around another woman. Gloria laid down next to Linda, the two talking and laughing.

Gloria finally said, "You know I like you Linda, I think you'd fit in with our little group very nicely." "By the way, would you like me to put some more lotion on your back and legs?" "Yes, thank you." Linda rolled over onto her stomach, as Gloria applied the lotion. Her touch was so soft, as her hands glided over Linda's back, and down over her sexy ass. Gloria seemed to linger, almost as if she were caressing her cheeks, rather than massaging in sun tan lotion, but Linda didn't mind...not at all. Then she felt Gloria's finger slide very slightly between her cheeks causing her to moan softly.

Linda felt strange, becoming aroused by another woman, yet it felt so damn good, and besides....with Frank gone all the time she was tired of taking care of herself. "You OK?" Gloria asked. "Mmmm never better, you have a beautiful touch." "Time to turn over so I can get the front, if you want me to that is." Linda turned over, her nipples hard, and tingling. Thoughts racing through her mind, should she let this happen, should she resist? Linda looked up at Gloria's beautiful face, noticing Gloria's nipples were hard as well.

Gloria took Linda's lack of a response as a go ahead. Gloria poured the lotion into the palms of her hands, rubbing them together and then placing the on Linda's breasts. Linda started cumming almost immediately, it was like a sexual jolt that coursed through her body, she need it so bad. As Gloria massaged the lotion into her breasts, Linda reached up, lightly touching Gloria's breasts. "Don't be afraid Linda, I don't mind." The sexual arousal took over, and Linda started caressing Gloria's breasts, while Gloria moved her hand down between Linda's legs, inserting one then two fingers deep into Linda's pussy.

Linda was cumming as she slid two fingers into Gloria's pussy as well, bringing Gloria to a strong orgasm. Linda and Gloria then ended up in a hot 69, licking and sucking one another pussy till they were cumming over and over. The two spent the afternoon making love, as Linda was introduced Linda to the joys of girl/girl sex. Gloria left saying she'd set up a time for Linda to meet the rest of the girls.

Frank returned from his week away with news that he'd be home for a couple of days, but would then be off on another trip...this time for two weeks. Linda didn't care, not now. Instead she grabbed Frank saying, "Well then, we'd better get busy right now." Linda took him upstairs and rode his cock till her pussy was too sore to continue. After Frank left on his trip Gloria called asking Linda if Linda would mind hosting an afternoon luncheon. Linda readily agreed; She couldn't wait till Friday to meet the other women, wondering what would happen if anything.

Linda prepared her lunch, and then decided what to wear something sexy, but not slutty. She picked her favorite black lace nylons, and panties, but no bra. Linda was almost giddy, sprucing herself up for the women, hoping to make a good impression. Just as she finished the doorbell rang. It was Gloria, she was early. "My you look great," she told Linda giving her a peck on the cheek. Gloria looked at Linda's breasts, " bra I see...nice." Then she ran the back of her finger over Linda's nipples, causing them to harden, and push against the fabric of her blouse.

Soon the women arrived, with Gloria greeting them at the door. There was April, a sexy redhead, Nicole, a beautiful African American woman...(she reminded Linda of Halle Berry), her skin was so beautiful. And finally Ester, an older woman, probably in her late forties, but she was very attractive with a fabulous figure. The women hugged Linda, noticing her hard nipples as they took their seats at the table. Linda began pouring coffee as the women chatted. It didn't take long for one of the women to make a move. Ester told Linda how sexy she looked as she ran her hand over Linda's ass. Linda made no effort to move away.

Noting Linda's reaction, or lack of it, she let her hand slip under Linda's short skirt...."Mmmm, no panties....I like that." The other women laughed and told Linda they thought she was going to fit in very nicely in their little group. Ester asked Linda, "May I take a look?" Not waiting for a reply, Ester lifted Linda's skirt revealing her bare pussy for all to see. "My, such a beautiful pussy." Ester started running her fingers over Linda's wet pussy as Gloria suggested they all go into the living room.

Linda followed the women into the living room, some sitting on the sofa while Gloria asked Linda to remain standing. "Now ladies, let me "Really" introduce you to Linda." With that having been said, Gloria started unbuttoning Linda's blouse pulling it open and caressing Linda's breasts as the women watched and started pleasuring themselves. Nicole was the first to get up and come over, shedding her clothes as Linda watched. Nicole's skin was a beautiful light brown, so soft and her nipples looked like dark chocolate Hershey's kisses.

Nicole moved forward, kissing Linda with her soft full lips, her tongue slipping past Linda's. After kissing Linda passionately, Nicole started kissing her way down Linda's neck, pausing when she reached Linda's nipples, taking each one between her lips and sucking it. As Linda moaned and cooed from Nicole's oral attentions, Nicole eased her finger into Linda's pussy. Linda closed her eyes, as the orgasms started to swell in her body, when she suddenly felt more hands caressing her. She opened her eyes to see April standing next to her, sucking her nipples, while Nicole had knelt down and was licking Linda's pussy. Linda's body started to shudder as more powerful orgasms washed over her.

Ester brought over a pillow, helping Linda to the floor, as the women hovered over her, kissing and caressing her. April was now between Linda's legs, sucking her pussy like no man had ever done before. She loved her husband, but this was special, only a woman knew how to please a woman this way as she started cumming again. Linda looked up to see Ester lowering her pussy over her face. Linda smiled, she couldn't wait to taste Ester.

Nicole moved away from Linda's pussy as Linda started running her tongue over Ester's folds, but not for long, there was soon another pair of lips, and a tongue exploring her pussy, along with someone new sucking her nipples. Linda brought Ester to a strong orgasm, with Nicole taking Ester's place. Linda looked up at Nicole's pussy, her lips were so full and wet. Linda held Nicole's ass, as she guided Nicole's pussy to her mouth, where she started exploring Nicole with her tongue. Linda worked especially hard at getting Nicole off, inserting a finger into Nicole's ass. Nicole moaned loudly, her body quaking as Linda made her explode.

April was next, but Linda asked her to lay down first. Linda moved between April's legs, running her tongue over April's pussy. She loved April's fiery red pussy fur, and her pink pussy. Linda slid her tongue into her pussy as she started tongue fucking April. Linda looked up to see both Nicole and Gloria, each with one of April's a nipple in their mouth. Linda was working so hard on April that she jumped when she felt Ester running her tongue over her ass, easing it between her cheeks. Linda worked April into a frenzy, cumming herself from Ester's tongue.

The hot lesbian love session lasted most of the afternoon, but finally the women were exhausted and had to leave, but not before welcoming Linda as the newest member of their exclusive girls club. After they left, Linda couldn't wait till the next meeting, in the mean time she enjoyed her husbands cock, but savored her special friends.


2008-12-12 23:39:38
awesome story please come out with three and four. you rock write more you have talent. (ROCK ON). peace.


2008-12-10 11:59:10
Lets have more

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