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I invited Becky and Stacy to sleep over Saturday night? Well we didn't sleep much! hehe
Mom had a date so we ordered pizza and had the house to ourselves by 7. We watched Love Actually in the living room with the big screen and stereo. Very sweet flick even the second time. I love the part with the porn flick couple that starts dating - that's so sweet! LOL

Anyway I went to pee and when I came back they were making out on the living room couch! I told ya they started dating pretty soon after school started but only Kris and I know about it. So I waited for a bit to let them come up for air and then I said "Sweet! Save some for me!" LOL

You shoulda seen Stacy's face! She was SO embarrassed! I said "No big thing girl! We all made out lots this summer and more than that! You know I love you both and I'm happy you're together!" So she's like "Yeah yeah I know. It's just that we have to be so careful that I totally forgot we didn't have to hide around you. But Becky started kissing me and I forgot!" So then Becks says "I told ya!" and she gives Stacy another quick kiss! I said "I don't mind and I can go play on the net if you guys wanna make out for a while!"

Becky says "Really? Cuz we haven't got together at all this week!" Stacy's like "But we don't wanna kick you out of your own living room! You don't have to go!" I said "I don't mind at all you guys! You just have fun and come get me when you're done."

So I went and surfed the net some and after like 30 minutes they come in with both their hair is all messed up and Becky's sweater is gone and she's in a polo shirt and I think her bra's gone too. She says to me "Hey Stacy doesn't believe me that your mom has a Rabbit too. I told her what you said that she got you and her and Kathy one at the same time."

Now you know me - I was all horny from looking at porn pix so my face lit up with an opening like this! So I said "Stay here!" and I race to mom's bedroom and dug her rabbit out from her nightstand and I even brought in the little bottle of KY warming gel she had with it! I'm like "See! This is mom's red one and here's my blue one!" and I dug Roger out of my drawer and the little jar of coconut oil too! I said "remember how much fun we had using these this summer?" And they're like yeah that was awesome.

I said "Hey 2 rabbits and 3 girls! This sounds like a party!" Then "Um I know you guys are exclusive and we haven't messed around since you started going together. But could we play some if I didn't touch you guys? " I knew both of them were really horny by now and woulda been doing it in the living room if it was there house and they were alone so I figured they'd go for it.

I was right! hehe

Becks said "I'm cool with that if you are Stacy." Stacy's like "Um okay well what'd you have in mind?"

So I said "Races! Two of us each take a vibe and the one who cums first wins. Then the winner goes against the last one."

They thought that was pretty funny but we had to all promise no faking orgasms! LOL

Rock, paper, sissors and Becky and I are going first. I think Stacy was happy by that cuz she wasn't as used to stripping in front of me (though she doesn't know Becky and I messed around over the summer). So Becks gets on my sister Kath's bed and takes Mom's rabbit and I'm on my bed with Roger. I got big beach towels out to put under us cuz I remembered that Becky squirts sometimes! LOL We both kept our shirts on cuz the house wasn't THAT hot. Well watching Becky strip her pants and panties off got me wet so I think we started even. I put a drop of coconut oil on Roger so I got him in me pretty quick. Stacy just stood between us and watched us both. I knew I was gonna cum soon but I dragged it out some for show. But I definitely came first. So I got to sit there and watch Becky cum with my mom's vibrator in her. God I was almost ready to cum again just watching it'd been so long since I seen her like that!

After she came and turned the vibe off but before she moved much I gave her the eye and kinda knodded at Stacy and she got the idea. So she said to Stacy "Cmere girlfriend and kiss me!" So she kissed her some and then Becks pushed Stacy's head down and said "Clean me up ok?" Well Stacy pulled back and said "but we said we wouldn't touch eachother!" And I said "Uhuh Stacy. I wasn't gonna touch you two if you didn't want! You guys can do anything you want! I get wet watching you!" Well Becky's hand pushed her again and that was enough cuz Stacy licked Becky's pussy good! Even her thighs where her cum had squirted!

When Stacy got up her face was all slick from Becky! Even her shirt was wet so she stripped nakie! Yaaaaay! It was SO HOT to see! I told them I loved seeing them together and I was so happy for them.

So then it was Stacy's turn to race me! So she took mom's vibe and she slid it right in her cuz it was still wet from Becky plus Stacy was wet from eating Becky! It was cool to watch! I didn't care about who won! I just wanted to see Stacy get off! LOL

Then Becky leaned over Stacy and started kissing her! Stacy came RIGHT after that! So I slowed down so I didn't cum and said "No fair Becky helped ya win!" So Becky says "Sorry Lisa!" Then she turns to Stacy and says "I guess it's only fair if I kiss her too. Okay? No jealousy?" Stacy's still cumming down of her high from cumming so she says "No prob Becky". So Becks comes over and plants one on me good. When we stopped for a second I said "Mmm Becky! Your tongue tastes like your pussy!!! God I miss doing you two!"

So Becky kisses me some more and I keep working Roger in the good spots but slow cuz I want this to last!

Then I feel Stacy get on my bed from the other side and she starts kissing my nipple and all I could do was moan! I was like "OMG guys I love you both so much! I missed this so much!"

And Stacy comes up for air and tells Becky "Hey I wanna kiss her now. Find some other place to kiss ok?" LOL

So Stacy's kissing me and playing with my boobs and then I feel Becky get between my legs and she puts her hands on my ass cheeks and she starts licking me way up inside and all over my cunt lips and then my clitty and then back. She lifted her head up at one point and said "You still tastes great sweetie and I forgot how much I liked sucking bare pussy!"

You see Stacy stopped shaving after we started school again so Becky's gotta fight through hair to get to her pussy! LOL

The two of them got me through 2 good cums and then I lay back and pushed Becky's head away. My nips were even getting a little sore from Stacy pulling them but I loved it when she did it!

Stacy and Becky kissed some while I was resting up and Stac said "Lisa your pussy definitely tastes diff from Becky's! But both are so good!"

So I said "You guys have played with me but I haven't gotten to play with you. Please can I now??? I think it's Stacy's turn cuz she licked Becky b4!" Can I do her please????" I kinda whined some when I said it and they laughed like crazy at me.

So I got out my double dong and Stacy lay back and Becky started making out with her and I slipped the dong in me and then sat back and scootched my pussy and dick up to her pussy and we worked it in. My legs were on bottom so I was doing most of the pushing. God it felt good to fuck a girl again! It's so diff trying to push that dong in both of us instead of fucking Steve! Harder but very cool. LOL

So we fucked for a long time and I know I came twice and Stacy did at least that many. Then we just layed back and Becky started playing with the dong while it was still in us and kissing our pussies and moving the dong some. She was having fun! Then she moved to me and kissed me and said "Can I use your dong to fuck my girlfriend?" And I'm like "Any time!" LOL

I slid off the dong and Becky held it in Stacy and then she got between Stacy's legs and slid in her and then lay down like missionary position and fucked her slow. It was beautiful to watch! Stacy kept moaning and Becks was looking deep into her eyes and focused on making her feel great. Stacy came and then she said "just hold me like this". They lay there for a few mins and I brought us sodas.

Well Stacy was still up so she said "You didn't cum as much as me lover so lie down and let me lick that smoothness of yours!" I got down next to her and we sort did tag team licking Becks. I even worked a finger in her ass and kept it there even when it was Stacy's turn to lick. I loved sometimes we'd kiss in between licking Becky! Then Stacy stuck 2 fingers in Becky's pussy and went licked her til she came and she kept her mouth locked on that cunt and sucked down Becky's cum when she squirted!

But I crammed a second one of my fingers up her asshole and together with Stacy's 3 fingers and her tongue we got Becks off good! She was bouncing on the bed so much when she came that Stacy lost her liplock on her cunt and some of the spray hit me in the face! LOL

But it was sweet so see Becks get off so massive like that!

After that we cleaned up the place, dumped the towels in the laundry and cleaned up mom's rabbit! LOL

I showered then they did. they took a long time and I really wanted to sneak in and watch them or join them! But I thought they'd like the time alone!

We were beat after that so we got in nightshirts and went to bed. They both slept in Kathy's bed which was so sweet to see them in the morning curled up together! Awww! Sweet! The next morning they seemed cool that we'd messed around the three of us that night. I was a little worried that Stacy might have regrets in the morning but she was cool and even kissed me on the lips when they left. Mmmmm nice! So maybe we'll do this again?

Mom got home pretty late and she slept in the next morning. She looked pretty happy when she finally came down so I guess she got lucky on her date too! LOL

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2011-05-17 11:33:48
mmmmm i love tht story i wanna gt in tht action lolz

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2009-09-12 20:02:33
im sorry i couldent read past a few paragraphs, too "teen girls gossip" kinda thing for my liking


2008-12-11 12:44:02
Good story, lose the 'LOL's and you'll be set, proper punctuation and most people can fill in where its laughter and where its not, otherwise awesome story!


2008-12-11 03:25:55
Good story, lose the 'LOL's and you'll be set, proper punctuation and most people can fill in where its laughter and where its not, otherwise awesome story!

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