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This is fiction, but loosely based on stories I have heard from contacts working in Africa and Asia. It's long but mainly because I write in detail.
Congo - Giving & Getting Relief: Extended Version
Story 1

I - The Setting

It all started with such good intentions. You grow tired of the 9 to 5, you’re reaching your mid 30s and feel you need to do something different, to give something back, to help the Third World maybe. So there you are, in war torn Congo, wearing a Red Cross uniform, handing out aid, water, food, and medicine to black families in the sweltering jungles near the Ugandan border. The problem is, you enter a totally different world, where your First World rules and values haven’t yet been adopted, and a brutal life, almost savagery still exists. For miles, there are scattered villages ripped apart by Civil War, where murderers and rapists from Rwanda have killed most of the men, taken many women for sex and kidnapped boys to train them to become rebels. Schools are shut, wells need repairing, and the terrified mothers and daughters come to rely on and worship you, your skills, aid and security. It gives you an enormous sense of power, and power corrupts..

A few RC reps and I were assigned control of a village called Paradis, near the Ugandan border, with a few dozen women, almost all mothers under 30, a few were under 16, some older women, many daughters and a few boys. The Elder men numbered only a handful so the community needed us to provide some leadership and guidance. Some of the young girls looked Indian, Chinese, and Western, and behind this lay tales of UN soldiers being offered sex by the local girls, in return for help. They had fled when hearing of the pregnancies. Given this history, I expected some hostility, but there was only delight, joy, happiness and Congolese hospitality. The system was simple. You showed up, you gave aid, you taught a little English, you got to know all of them as friends, you provided security, and in return you were idolized. Their huts were always open to you, you were top of the pecking order and once your face was known, the girls would shout out to you, teasing, smiling, some would develop a crush on you, and all the mothers, bar none, seemed only too happy for you to get a little intimate with their ‘grown up girls’ - trouble was, Congolese ‘grown up‘ meant age 10 and above.

This culture was something extraordinary. I’ll never forget the day it began to dawn on me. The day I held two 12 and 13 year old naked black sisters around the waist as they cuddled me in their hut totally innocently. The mother casually stood in front of us, barely smiling and, demonstrating to her girls, began rubbing her hand against my crotch until I was erect. She seemed to suggest she wanted something more than fun, as I was led to a chair, and while sitting in the squalor and poverty of their home, I realized she wanted to blow me in front of her two young babies. Why? Who knows, maybe even with her babies, to teach her babies. Before the devil could take hold, and just before I was about to grab the two girls waists and pull them into me to watch the show, my more humane half got the better of me and I staggered out of the hut, shaking with adrenalin, and an erection I couldn’t get rid of for the rest of the day, and an insomnia which killed me for 4 nights. What did these women want? Was it for their pleasure or mine? I needed answers without asking my fellow workers.

The following day, I took a detour alone around the village by jeep, to enter it secretly. It was very quiet, bar a few squealing birds, but I noticed Brian and Nicole, two RC reps were there as their jeep was parked outside two huts. As I slipped closer, I noticed Brian was standing in the hut entrance, with his back to me but arched and his hand cupping the head of a mother I knew well, kneeling in front of him, his white cock firmly in her mouth. After working quite intently on him she calmly withdrew and offered it to her 13 year old daughter, who seemed keen to show her mother how mature she was. Within seconds, he spasmed and cupping both their heads, and pulsed semen violently into the face of her daughter. Her mother then bent down and prayed, while the girl frantically cleaned him. No wonder he had been here for 2 years I thought.

Nicole was also at it next door. It was her 5th year. Incredibly this attractive redhead from Ireland was kneeling in front of a 12 year old Congolese boy, Wilson, a good soccer player, sucking down on him gently. His one hand holding her head, the other trying to prop himself up against the wall. The boy strangely seemed more focused than ecstatic, his mother casually washing clothes behind them in full knowledge. As I watched Nicole massage the kids sac with her other hand, inevitably he caved, shook, and she pulled up to take 4 powerful blasts in the face before cleaning him. I was shattered with disbelief. There was something more than relief and aid about this place.

As the weeks went on, sure enough, all kinds of stories were coming out. One guy in charge of another village said he ‘knew of a guy’ who used to give extra food to three 11 year old girls. They would in turn wait for him a mile away, see what he had that day, and if useful would take turns to blow him as he sat at the wheel of his jeep. A month later, 4 mothers caught onto the scam, blocked the track, and when he stopped, insisted they give them the girls’ share in return for as much head as he wanted. He was there for an hour before he blasted into these women‘s black faces. Another guy drove through a village on the verge of famine, and once news of his arrival spread, every single girl and woman met him at his jeep, begging for food. He had none, but it didn’t stop them taking him to an old lounge chair. With about 30 watching, three of the youngest local girls crowded around him and used their little fingers to pull down his shorts, giggling. Upon their retreat, he was left sitting there holding an erection. In turn each mother apparently approached him with their daughter/s, and he was blown by every single girl in turn until he came into their mouths. He said he was there for four hours, and they drained him dry. The reason was to become clear.

I saw for myself one day a lovely Indian girl of about 15 running out of a hut and into another naked. Her face alone could have made the front cover of National Geographic, such was her beauty, were it not for the fact that it was also plastered with semen.

This culture apparently had created a cluster of villages whereby all the older females gave incredible head - deep, intense blowjobs, which got better as they got older. From 10 to 40, they all enjoyed it. But why?

Apparently there were three reasons. The first was that white UN soldiers and RC reps were seen as saviors, men who could provide leadership, security, teach the children the birds and the bees as well as English, and even - here’s the second reason - bizarrely provide protein in the form of semen. In an area so starved of the basic food groups, cum was in demand. Every ejaculation provided 300 calories, and over the years, it was seen here almost as a food group in itself. Young girls were groomed to believe they wouldn’t grow up healthy without a daily dose, and old wives tales told of mothers sucking semen from soldiers and feeding it to their daughters, mouth to mouth like birds. Another licked the semen from her 15 year old daughters face when the guy caught her by surprise and overshot. They couldn’t tolerate waste, and yet bizarrely believed the fluid was only protein rich when taken directly from the cock, with only human contact. Capturing the fluid in containers and storing it was therefore a waste of time as nutrients soon faded. What started as a fable, a myth, became reality. Indeed, they genuinely believed that in a multi-head situation, the female who received the semen was blessed, and it was meant to be.

The third reason was life expectancy. If the girls weren’t having sex (ideally with disease-free men) by 12 and becoming mothers at 14, there was an adverse knock on effect on the village balance/imbalance - most died at 45 after all from disease and malnutrition. The Elders and mothers apparently supervised vaginal intercourse closely, put an unofficial minimum age cap on it (10), the vaginas being heavily protected and available only if the soldier was deemed “popular and extra generous“, and/or we were needed for pregnancy purposes in a world of little sperm. This kept the population both AIDS-free and controlled. A young girl’s rectum from this age was fine to penetrate apparently, as long as you were AIDS-safe, and 99.9% of white men were. This wasn’t true sex between boy and girl anyway they felt. Male gay sex was outlawed and punishable by death. Lesbianism was officially frowned upon, but with so few men, guys had told me of occasions where young daughters were exchanged by neighboring mothers for pleasure purposes.

The female soldiers were viewed with intrigue by the villagers. The mothers couldn’t make lesbianism public, and assumed these white women were all straight anyway. So they felt that the only honor they could bestow on them was either offer a village Elder as a husband, or a boy’s penis, and the girl reps soon felt compelled to accept the latter to avoid offending the village customs. Nicole, an nice honest Catholic girl, admitted that at first she used to just watch the girls and women blow her fellow troops; that her naive eyes initially were wide with shock at the sight of two black 13 and 11 year old sisters and their mother all calmly sucking a soldiers big cock in turn, and the mother teaching the other two new techniques, as though it was a pottery class. The guys used to try to lure her in Nicole said, to give these natives ‘a white show‘.

When offered boys, not wanting to offend, she used to show them her breasts, but realized this was indeed offensive given all the native women were bare breasted anyway, and so she began reluctantly jerking them off, in private, then in public, even with the mothers watching.

Eventually, all 9 boys in the village used to wait for her, and they would compete with each other to see who would cum the quickest and furthest. She lost count she said the amount of times they ejaculated on her, failing to understanding why she was so reluctant to receive. In the end, as the ritual began to take hold, so tired was she of failing to explain these ways, she had relented, and was sucking one or two of her ‘favorites’ daily. She even became intrigued at how less acidic and beautifully white Congolese teenage boys semen was, and how amazingly large a 12 year old erect cock could get. She grew to enjoy it immensely, as each boy was desperate to shower their ‘honor’ upon her. Local boys’ semen was also used for nutrition, but apparently it contained a third of the protein of white cum.

Weeks went by and over time your eyes came to accept, and adore youthful nakedness. A hairless vulva, or a cutely maintained tiny pubic triangle of black hair became so common, I got to know and recognize all the girls’ bodies in the entire village. Many times, they would collar me, pull me aside and insist on showing me their naked cartwheels, handstands and athleticism. Eventually, if all the girls put hoods over their heads, I could recognize every single one of them by their naked bodies alone.

The first time a nude 12 year old girl asked me to hold her legs during a handstand as she steadied herself in the air, my legs almost gave way in a panic and lust-driven rush, frantically looking around to check no-one was watching - at least 6 villagers were, and none of them blinked an eyelid. They simply carried on with their duties. I remember kneeling as I held this young black girl’s thighs upright, eyes firmly fixed on her black mons, and almost yelping when she spread her thighs wide, not even sideways on, to show off. They just opened out to almost 180 degrees. Thinking she was the finest gymnast in Africa, she held herself there for as long as she could while I simply ran my palms up the inside of both pins, held her open and spent the next few minutes smelling her sweet vaginal scent, scrutinizing every tiny lip, her pink insides, and being surprised at how black and tiny her anus was. The girl was there for 2 minutes straight, with a little help from me, wondering why warm waves of breath were sweeping into her open vagina.

II - The Introduction

As hazy lazy days dragged by, more and more girls needed something to do when they weren’t working, so I began using candy as bate to see who could do the upside down split’s the best. Adoring the taste of this western licorice candy, they were only too keen to let me bribe them. There were two sisters, both around 11-13, who insisted on helping each other with these handstands in the hut, supporting each other as they flipped, wearing nothing but little skirts. I was beckoned in by one of them one day so they could show off, while their mother was out at a village gathering. They didn’t even expect any packages. Standing me across from them both, they proceeded to shuffle their skirts up to their waists crudely but perfectly innocently, and flip forward at me simultaneously. As their legs came over, I grabbed an ankle each to steady them, which enabled them to open their legs, and unintentionally their vaginas, out for me to peer into. ‘Oh - my - God’ I gasped. African pre-pubescent girls were so astonishingly beautiful. I was truly amazed. I peered down into both sister’s vaginas undistracted, the girls still facing down to the ground in concentration.

Now, any further lustful action at this point was putting me in breach of these vaginal supervision ’laws’ the village had created. But this time the sight was too powerful a lure to walk. I knelt, wrapping my arms around both upside down little waists, and with head spinning, spat down into their African lips. As soon as I did it I almost panicked - there’s no way back now, and I froze with the terrifying thought of them rushing to get free from a law breaker - they knew how special a vagina was even if no-one had pleasured them yet. It was no surprise that their excited giggles suddenly turned to silence, and I waited, and waited for their reaction. If seeing their vulvas for the first time spread open was special, what happened next was a once in a lifetime moment. To my relief and delight, instead of clamming up, the girls hesitated, and allowed their bodies to dictate their reaction. In unison, pure intrigue took hold of them, and as my saliva trickled down between both slits, their black silky thighs beautifully drifted open even wider, like flower petals blooming. Their pre-pubescent urges to know more were so strong, they simply lowered their shoulders and heads to the floor in defeat. They peered up at me over their skirts, their little eyes watching more saliva drops fall from my mouth down into them.

As I studied the sisters’ genitalia, it was at that moment that I decided to take this village and all it had to offer. Smiling down at them, they didn’t dare return the gesture, such was the shock of what was happening to them. No matter, I thought. Kissing down one of the baby’s legs, it took about 15 pecks to reach her vulva, and staring right into her mortified eyes, began an aggressive 5 minute tongue assault on every millimeter of her vagina. God, she felt young and soft. Her skin folds just gave way pathetically. Using their hands to prop up their naked backs, they were helpless to stop me. This girl just stared into my eyes, confused as to why she couldn’t see my mouth, but began to accept that this warm wet thing inside her was a safe thing, a nice thing. I looked over and down at her sister waiting patiently, while my cunnilingus began to take effect on this girl. Her thighs began to arch, as if instinctively trying to offer her anus below me, while her sex grew hot on my mouth. She tasted so lovely - a mixture of acidity, and sweetness - and my tongue was now gliding around her such was the moistness. I sucked it, licked it, kissed it, loved it, danced my lips around it, and then swept under her to take a waiting anus.

Bringing both my hands up to gently bring her legs in, I tipped her over a little more, her tiny black bottom rolling into view, until I was peering between her thighs down at her aghast face while my tongue rimmed her tiny hole. Spitting into it, I took a few swirls before poking down into it. In total control, I forced this little girl’s face to cave in, her eyes finally closing and mouth opening, trying to nuzzle into her shoulder. Taking her legs in my hands firmly, fingers gripped around her thighs, I prised them open crudely to enable my tongue to piston violently in and out of her anus, my eyes all the time peering into her pinkness, and nose tucked onto her lips. After a few minutes of this, I began to alternate from pussy to ass, until her entire little body almost shook, and she gave out an orgasmic shriek. So that’s how you bring a little girl to orgasm.

Holding my first victim’s now boiling body, I pulled her up, flipped her over and got her to her feet while I shuffled across to her sister. She looked at me in a daze, her body still quivering in pleasure. Immediately, knowing what her sister was in for, she told her in Congolese to stay put, and helped me to keep her legs firmly open as I spat violently down into her slit. Very confidently now, I seized open her thighs and got to work, her vagina initially feeling relatively cold in comparison, but it soon warmed as I cast my spell on her. While sweeping around this girl’s vulva and ass, her sister watched every single lick closely, trying to figure out how such an assault could lead to orgasm. I pulled her sister’s head down to mine, positioned it between the pair of legs open below us, and forced her to peer down into the pinkness to see for herself. Then, lifting her chin, I kissed her, while this throbbing vulva was waiting to be seduced further. I could sense the sister on the floor looking up at us both, so I broke off and cupping the head of this baby, encouraged her to face down again. Spitting down into it again, the girl looked at me, and I nodded to her to encourage her to copy me. Slowly, she peered down, and cautiously let a string of her saliva drop into her sister’s cavern.

I laughed at the heavenly obscenity of it all, which encouraged her to do it again, with more authority, my fingers rubbing it into each lip, so she peered closer, my hand still on her neck, and with her sister staring terrified up at her, she took a lick of her vulva, realized it felt soft, and harmless, and then kissed it. I joined her, lapping where I could between her licks, until we settled on her taking the entire vagina and me circling her sister’s anus. It took exactly 5 seconds for this girl below us to start moaning quietly, her bottom also rolling over in consideration. And it only took me another minute or so of this wonderful double assault, for my accomplice to peer across and try the anus herself, her eyes staring into mine seeking assurance as her tongue tip kissed the black hole, before gently lapping at it. Seizing her head, I pushed her down onto it, spread her sister’s legs to 180 degrees and smiled gleefully as this girl closed her eyes to settle into a circling motion for 10 minutes. She didn’t stop once, now and again looking at me for guidance and approval.

Who needs to use a dick when you have 2 African lolita sisters lapping at each other? It was easy, so easy in fact that, even when I took my hands from her head, she continued to experiment on her sister - licking at different angles, and because they were sisters, the victim was quite happy to keep her legs open. I took out my phone camera and collected over 250 digital souvenirs of this moment. The girls even posed, and over the next 3 hours, as the sun gently set, I proceeded to lick every inch of them both, in every conceivable position. As I watched and photographed the sisters locked in a 69 on the bed, I saw their mother sauntering back from her meeting. Offering one final kiss to sister underneath in an upside down position, I proceeded to lick the other sister’s asshole, and then back to the waiting mouth. Eventually, lifting the older sister off the younger, standing them up, their faces stunned and deliriously happy, I lowered their skirts, kissed them both, and made my exit, smiling at their oblivious mother as we crossed paths. She smiled back.

III - The Education Program

Over the next month, with their mother’s blessing, we agreed a sex education/sperm supply program. Tit for tat. It was simply aimed at educating the girls sensibly but practically, and in return the mother would create a sperm supply, and, once the program was complete, use me to impregnate her daughters. They were getting on at around 12 you see. But the plan turned out to be oh so much more than logical. It fulfilled my every fantasy, and probably everyone else‘s. The program proved to be so time intensive, I ended up sleeping either in the jeep outside or cuddling up with the daughters. It became a carefully monitored nutrition project controlled by the mother. She called most of the shots, but it was still an experience no man could ever forget.

Week 1: Cunnilingus and Rimming. This was done many times day to get them used to sexual assault, and with many done in privacy, I used them to maximum effect, mostly involving incest, until the girls were absolutely comfortable with each other. I woke up each morning with nothing to do but collect the odd relief from HQ, return, distribute it, and the rest of the day was spent running my tongue over a couple of African children’s vulvas. Each day, they grew more excited. Each day, the girls came. I sometimes spent 6 hours straight with them, alone, but was never naked myself. It was all part of the plan. By day 4, the girls were holding open their lips for me, holding each other’s cheeks open crudely while I sucked away between them. They learned to squat on top of my face, forwards and backwards, to receive deeper penetration, while the other sat on my chest, waiting for her turn. I could often feel their hot little bodies and their moistness sitting on me, and hours passed like minutes. From sunrise to sunset, I was utterly consumed by the plan.

I didn’t even need to look at another girl. I could barely eat, sleep, think. I even took control of their bathing, carefully using well water and a sponge to clean every inch of them, which aroused them even further. I took great pleasure in watching the water run over their bottoms, before bending them both over and lapping at each hole in turn. My hands covered their entire cheeks they were so tiny. The girls woke each morning with absolutely nothing to do (all chores were cancelled) but eat, drink, keep themselves clean and wait for my tongue. They were naked 90% of the time but to provide variety, I began putting charity panties and skirts on them, and taking great delight in acting out a play whereby each sister was bent over the table by the other, had their skirts raised, panties lowered, cheeks spread and asshole licked by us both in turn. The mom even participated on the odd occasion, offering her fingers to hold open anything I asked her to. I have to admit the moment I asked her to hold open her youngest’s ass cheeks from above for me, so that I could take a few snap shots before circling her anus with my tongue, was a beautiful highlight. Staring into the eyes of a caring mother while you rim her precious girl’s ass was powerfully addictive.

Many occasions, their mother would return to find her girls naked sitting atop of one another, with legs split open, and me kneeling between both pairs of thighs. All I could hear behind me were her quiet laughs of amusement, and every now and then I could sense her standing over us, watching my tongue flicker across 2 tiny pink innards, while the girls peered up at their mom in delight.

When the week finally concluded, I asked the girls to bend over one final time, and smile back at my camera flashing away at their open asses. It had been a revelation.

Week 2: Fellatio. This was mother’s show. She was a master at blowjobs, and had clearly done her fair share down the years. Over the week, just using her mouth on my cock and balls, she got to understand all my turn-ons - she knew what made me cum, what didn’t, my G-spots, and what time of day I performed best, even how my diet seemed to affect the purity of the semen. During the fellatio sessions, instead of me taking control which I was desperate to do, the mother worked on me in every conceivable position to assess the resulting sperm quality and quantity. Every session was completed only until I came. Every session was watched intently by her daughters, sometimes clothed, mostly naked. The week’s plan consisted of a staggering 34 blowjobs, about 5 a day, half of which were carried out only by her as the teacher.

My very first African blowjob was naturally a special moment. For days I had been giving head, but finally, I was to receive it. I sat in the chair as she called in her daughters from outside and closed the hut door. Naked, she informed her family that the second chapter of the plan was starting and for the rest of the week, they would learn many things. Excited beyond belief, I sat waiting for her to kneel between my legs, and ordered the girls to undo my pants while she calmly prepared a kind of balm to provide lubrication. Four little black hands pulled at my pants so I lifted to send them crashing down and off my ankles in seconds. They began talking to each other - I assumed giving and taking instructions - while my cock throbbed like a waiting monster under my shorts. With balm on her fingers, the mother casually smiled at me as she brought my genitals into the open, lifting the shorts up and over, before sweeping them down and off. I almost gasped at the awkwardness of having my erection so publicly exposed for a mother and her two baby girls. There was a strange sense of guilt that it should be so erect for such little children. But what empowerment! I sat there stunned at the sight of two lolita girls trying to huddle over their first ever erect guest, gasping at it’s purple head and veined white shaft. The mother casually shuffled to get comfortable, opened my legs, and instructed the girls to watch my cock’s movement, the balls rotating, and generally just to take in its magnificence. Feeling exposed and uncomfortable, it was no use being idle, so I brought my hands up to gently cup both the daughters’ heads, encouraging them to visually explore.

The mother’s bright white teeth finally revealed themselves as she smiled broadly upon seeing my entire genitals fully erect. She was clearly a fan, and with both girls in place, I was ready for her to start the lesson.

Drawing her face into me, I watched her speak seriously to her babies, holding the base of my shaft like a pen. Transfixed to their mother’s instructions, they watched as the woman scanned her eyes up and down my length, licked me and with an audience of 3, engulfed me. Seizing the girls more firmly to keep them as voyeurs, I gasped out at what was possibly the widest class gap blowjob in history. What was I, an Ivy League educated guy doing getting blown by a lowest class Congolese tutsi woman, and in time, her pre-pubescent daughters? Nonetheless, she set about on a 10 minute demonstration. So good was such, that I felt myself surge and tense in no time, laying my arms over each girls shoulders below me while I shrieked, shook, and peered between the girls faces to see her pull up, smiling, and wait for the show. As a one off, and just for demonstration purposes, she allowed her girls to watch their first male ejaculation, and I panicked as 3 waves shot 3 feet in the air over them, before the final 3 were deliberately blasted into the girls faces by their mother. It took me 15 minutes to recover from the experience. The mother instructed the girls to lick each other’s faces clean. Between them, they took every drop, giggling at the taste of my purity. The mother then simply sucked me clean for her protein dose. The girls hugged me as I sat, while their mother pulled up my shorts and pants, delighted with the initiation.

That same day she got busy again. This time I was standing astride, stripped by all 3, and as she worked on me, kneeling, she made one daughter stand and watch while the other crouched between my legs and rotated my sac with her tiny hand. Clearly she was being taught the signs of near climax, and after a few of these sessions, the girl knew instinctively when to tug on my balls as a sign for her mother to pull up and offered the blasts of semen to her standing daughter, who leant in and took all 5 spurts in the mouth without touching me. The other baby was still rolling my scrotum to extract as much as she could.

I became a production line of semen, but the mother was still showing her girls all the pleasure techniques. Finally, on day 3, without realizing it at the time, it was the girls turn to try. Cupping both lolita heads as usual, in the same chair, the mother was busy working on me, before breaking off, and saying a few things to them. I gasped down in excitement when the elder daughter on my left hesitated, stared down at the waiting sodden helmet, and licked it so faintly I could hardly feel it. Then again, then another, then a run down the shaft and back up, before giggling to her sister and popping it on her tiny mouth. I let out a groan in relief that they were finally going to get hard at work on me, and within minutes, she was sucking the entire length, staring at her mother for reassurance all the while. The teacher looked pleased with the progress, studying each sweep on me. Then she was told to pull up and offer it to the younger, inpatient one. In seconds, she sucked the helmet, and went through the same learning process. Jesus, their mouths were so much smaller and hotter. 20 minutes later and one was licking the shaft while the other sucked above her, then they both licked the head, locked their lips on a side of my shaft each and a whole host of other combinations. The entire time I was lost in a swirl of ecstasy, not taking my hands from their heads, necks and shoulders once. It lasted 90 minutes in total, the mother occasionally doing small chores while the babies did their class work. I looked up at the mother preparing something, and as she turned to me smiling, I gushed up into the younger daughter’s mouth, almost weeping.

After day 4, it was clear that my favorite position was sitting on a chair with her kneeling between my naked legs, blowing me gently, while I cupped the two daughter’s heads as they knelt either side. This position increased the ferocity of my ejaculations, so she used this position many times to bring me to climax, and pop it in one of her baby’s waiting mouths for the moment of ‘nutritioning’. She also discovered, almost by accident, that by allowing me to cum externally (outside their mouths), I would produce quite intense orgasms, so occasionally she would give me a treat and allow me to cum while the girls were attached to my shaft. Here the mother duly waited with mouth open to take in the blasts from an inch or so away from the point of exit. In time the girls also learned to perfect ‘the cum catch’.

Now the sperm faucet was on, she controlled every single turn of it. If the girls weren’t receiving the protein directly, she would confirm those tales of mouth to mouth by taking my cum inside her and feeding it to her girls carefully. The babies adored every session, and the week was truly wonderful. Of course, all the while she taught them techniques to die for, and as a result occasionally I would cum too quickly, particularly when the mother sucked my balls while watching one of her girls work on me. I had to stand up on that occasion prematurely, and prohibited from wasting any sperm, blasted down into 3 open mouths. A ‘triple catch’ I called those beauties.

It just got better too. Day 6 was special I remember. I was awoken early, and asked to watch the girls bathe while she popped out for 10 minutes. With a crude but smirking blowjob gesture from her as she left, I took the hint and joined the girls behind the hut, to wash with them. Naked, I took the opportunity to kneel and lick up between their asses in turn, missing the previous week’s activities. Then it was their turn and both got to work with their faces turned in on either side of my shaft, as I gently poured water over them as they sucked. By the time the mother came back to check on us, I was almost collapsing, leaning forwards in a mess, while the older baby sucked down on my vertical erection, and the youngster was kneeling in front of us, sucking up on my balls. I tried to peer down to see the action but all I could see was a black head in my hand, and a tiny face staring up at her sister. The mother kindly stood next to me, so I sucked on one of her breasts, held both of her babies in my palms, and climaxed straight up into the girls throat below me.

An hour later, while laying on the bed naked with the girls, the mother joined us for a Deep Throat class, and I was sat at the end of the bed for the next 2 hours being blown deeply by them in turn. Late afternoon I was hurling out semen, much to the mother’s delight, simply because we had moved onto 69s. There’s not much one can do when you’re tongue is pressed into a 12 year old vagina, and the entire family is blowing you at the other end. I lost all perspective, oblivious as to who was sucking, who was swallowing and who had just received a jet of semen to the face. Just in that one position alone, I came 4 times over the ensuing hour, each time being licked clean by 3 tongues.

With practice came performance improvement. The amount of sperm being ejaculated was now much higher than the average Joe. On one occasion, the mother was laying over my lap sucking me, while the babies watched as they took a ball each. I came for about 30 seconds, to my astonishment. The mother was semi-expecting it such became her expertise at knowing my body, and like a farmer milking a cow, her hands stroked me to climax, and we all watched as the lolitas held open their mouths right on my helmet, and took in the full load. Cumming for 5 seconds is one thing. Cumming for 30 into 2 little girls was life changing. I cried out for the entire climax, stunned at the pulses fountained up each girl’s noses, over their heads, into their mouths, faces. The mother even pulled me back to direct some at her and I was still going. I remember almost passing out, as I watched the mother stroke me throughout the entire ejaculation, growing more and more thrilled with each blast. Bukake didn’t even come close to describing the scene.

My final session, just for fun, involved a lovely 69 with the mother, who enjoyed it immensely. I made the most of peering into her black forest, and tasting her smooth, soft anus. It was almost refreshing to have an adult to look at, and as she giggled throughout in embarrassment, I worked on her ass ferociously, before swinging her off me as neared climax, sat up and cradled all three heads to my crotch as jism burst out all over their black faces. The whole village must have heard my cries of unbridled joy at the experience of actually ejaculating over a family. That night I slept with all of them again - and on every occasion this happened, the daughters always insisted on cleaning me, kissing my erect cock goodnight and waking up with it still erect under their noses the following morning. Their mother’s healthy buxom breasts in my mouth most of the night always did the trick - it was her way of thanking me.

Week 3: Anal Sex. You can imagine my excitement on the first day. After days of anal analysis, knowing every inch of these girls, it was finally time to ease myself into them. I began to wonder what a gaping 12 year old ass looked like. Would both girls accommodate 7 inches? The very first morning of the first day, the mother had prepared a whole supply of lubricating balm, jars of it. I was there when the girls were told what to eat that week, what the balm was for and how blessed they were to be receiving so much more semen. Looking at each other in slight concern, and then at me shyly, they looked simply adorable. I was shaking at the thought of penetrating this woman’s daughters, and she was going to watch me every inch of the way.

Remarkably though, I wasn’t going to be let loose on these kids quite yet. The mother had prepared herself for some time, and discreetly applied balm to her anus while the girls tugged down my shorts, and took it in turns to suck me full on, their little faces straining to take it in. 8 o clock and I was about to show two young girls anal sex by planting myself into their mother. Balm was applied by all 6 hands to my penis, so I spread my legs to allow them full access. The little one even knelt under me to apply to my balls. Breathing heavily, I licked my lips, and prepared for a long, long day. At last, the mother checked all was ok, instructed her girls to kneel and watch, and she turned round. Gently I pushed her back down until she was flat on the table, and her hands rose to hold its opposite edges. I wasn’t sure if this was an act of teaching, sacrifice or just for her own selfish pleasure, but when offered such hospitality, you take it. Her skin was incredible; Naomi Campbell would have been proud. Finally, she spread open her long slim black thighs, allowed my knees to lock them open, and waited for me to slip inside her. Both children were still massaging my oiled cock as they knelt either side, and I realized after a week of submissiveness, I was now back in control.

Splaying this woman’s cheeks open with my hands, I just held her in that position for a few moments, staring down at her oiled black anus, and African vagina below it. I was really going to ass fuck this family. Time to perform. Focus. Slowly, holding open her cheek, I lifted my helmet to kiss her hole before sliding gently into it. A few nudges and I was firmly inside her hot rectum, which made me gasp out smiling down at her daughters, who stared intently at the intrusion. Eventually, I was as far in as was ever going to be, so began softly fucking her tightness to gain a little momentum. Holding her hips now, I could almost feel my cock thanking me as it burrowed deep into this young woman, I was now pumping into her, the slapping noises slightly louder than her moans. Not once did she look round, indicating she wanted more, so I cradled the 2 girls below me and began thrusting so hard, the table wanted to come loose. The girls watched closely. I even got them to hold a cheek open each while I pumped into her. Their little hands hesitantly helping their mother cope with this white invader. Standing the girls, them still holding open their mother’s ass, I wrapped my arms around their tiny bottoms, and locked tongues with each in turn, almost laughing insanely while deep penetrating. Pushing deep into her, I remained their for a few minutes, and, sweating down her back, thought about how to make this a even more mind blowing.

Instructing the younger daughter to grab some balm, I oiled my hands, and gently encouraged both girls to bend over the table either side of their mother. Reluctantly, they did so, staring back at me as they lowered. The mother was concerned but I began pumping her so nicely, she daren’t break off the assault. I could feel her anus starting to accept the cock, and she even rocked back on me to get more powerful penetration. She was now moaning so loudly, and moving so fast into me, the girls began to be reassured that this was a lovely thing I was doing. A good thing. A fun thing. Both girls cuddled into her while my hands cupped an ass each, and spread open their tiny legs. With more than enough balm, I smothered it all over their vaginas, cheeks, and anus, smiling broadly as I did so, so excited in fact that I could feel an explosion coming. No matter. No-one needs to know. Precious or not, this hoard of sperm cells were going straight up this native’s ass. Holding both girls asses in my palms, I shook, shouted ‘gonna blast!’ and as she continued to pump back onto me, I ejaculated 6 or so blasts up into her rectum, my body pouring with sweat.

As she finally calmed under me, and stopped her rocking, I could see she had also cum, her face contorted with pleasure, so I gently pumped her a few more times before pulling out of this black, soft tunnel. It was a delight to watch me slowly extract myself from her rounded cheeks, and when the helmet finally emerged almost smiling, I peered into her gaping hole. As it contracted back to normal, I pushed myself back in it, holding open her cheeks myself. She opened her legs a little further for me, wanting a second session, and this was confirmed when her hand reached round to guide me in a little deeper, almost tugging my shaft inwards to her. I got the message, and while the girls waited patiently to be ass fucked, I decided to set off on another 10 minute assault. At the climax of this one, with the mother now totally consumed by this moment and unaware of anything else around her, I pulled the girls up from their bellies, turned them round to face me, and pulled their faces down to their mothers lower back to watch the show from that angle. Cupping both heads, their faces confused, but their eyes fixed on my thrusts, I waited for the perfect climatic moment, shouted out ‘you want sperm?! I’ll give you sperm!‘, before pulling my cock out, waiting for a seconds, and then blasting a liter of spunk into these girls’ faces in turn. Their faces scrunched up as each wave threw itself at them, tongues trying to land as much as possible, but it was no use. Within seconds, their faces became grey such was the intensity and volume of my cum, all the while their mother’s cute ass just stayed there gaping below us, flinching and twitching occasionally. She was gone. Totally exhausted to even move.

The calm after the storm moment. While we caught our breaths, I guided the 2 filthy faces down towards my gooey helmet, and unintentionally decided to do their first ass to mouth. Astonishing that they simply got to work, licked, cleaned and swallowed every drop, their tongues interlocking, and semen drowning each of them. I simply stared into their mother’s anus between these 2 babies, my knees still pinning her thighs open. She could feel her daughters heads on her back and hear the licking sounds, but with my hands pinning her down to the table, there was nothing she could do. A mother-daughter ass to mouth x 2. Now that was mind-blowing, and I still had 2 child’s asses to go.

Now clean again, I noticed my body was adapting to the amount of sexual activity I had been getting. I was recovering quicker, lasting longer and ejaculating with more volume and power. It took me only 30 minutes to be ready for another session, and as I watched the mother rise from the table, wash herself and her daughters, I pumped myself up mentally for what was being asked of me for the rest of the week - to make love to 2 lolita girls anally in front of their mother. The 3 ladies returned, still naked, and in a rare moment of intimacy, the mother held me as I stood, before the girls joined in. Cuddling all 3, I smiled and realized how important I was to them. As weird tasting as sperm was, the girls simply adored me. They believed I was keeping them alive, as did the whole village, and in many ways I was. I sat on the bed with only shorts on, so she knelt next to me, and both girls dropped to their knees on the floor, one between my open legs, the younger just to the right side. I didnt need 3 guesses as to what they were seeking. Again, all 3 tugged at my shorts, smiling and laughing together, so I laughed back, before offering them all my erect genitals once more. In one swoop, all 3 black heads leaned either in, up or down depending on where they were around me, and I gasped as my balls were engulfed, the shaft licked by the baby, and my helmet sucked by their mother. Now feeling rather like an exploited machine, I leaned back, supported myself on my hands behind me, and watched the show. So good was her technique, that I came into her mouth in 2 minutes. She swallowed it all, got the older sis to clean me, before laying flat belly down and going again.

I though this was supposed to be Anal Sex week I thought, but I obediently sat there and enjoyed the deep throat as she sucked vertically down on me, before bringing her daughters up to do the same in turn. I came again, into the older sis I think, I couldn’t see really and by now I didn’t care. Cleaned by a small mouth, as I laid back and closed my eyes, I really was in heaven.

We slept together again that night, and by 8 the following morning, I awoke to see my nude adopted family cleaning the hut as best they could. The girls were wearing those charity panties I had given them, and the mother nothing but a black loose short skirt. As they got busy, I walked over to them with nothing but an erection. While the girls tidied up, I kissed their mother on the cheek, ran my hands under her skirt, to cup her magnificent ass, but she proceeded to threw me my shorts. The girls immediately insisted on pulling them up my legs, the eldest sucking down on my helmet while her sister hauled them up, waiting for her to finish the job. They simply just could not stop blowing me. In the end, their mother told them to quit it for now.

We were going out today it seemed. Holding the hands of both girls, we strolled into the forest almost as a family, with nothing but some balm and a large rug, until we reached a peaceful spot. Spreading the rug out, we all sat on it, but within 30 seconds, the mother instructed the younger daughter to lay down, and then guide the older girl on top of her face down in a 69. Walking round to get behind the interlocked sisters, the mother reached up, pulled down my shorts and applied balm to my erection. I didn’t take my eyes from her daughters who were still wearing their cute cotton panties, a pink pair hugging the eldest’s ass. I could see the youngest staring up behind her at me, and then up at her sister’s legs and panties. After a generous smothering of the stuff I knelt, and nervously shuffled towards the girls. The mother kept shuffling me and massaging my balls, before taking up a position behind me, also kneeling, and looking down over my shoulder at her work.

Ok, I thought. Time to take a young mother and her daughters in the ass. The mother firmly barked down some instructions, and the baby sister brought her fingers up to the sister’s panties and as we all watched, peeled them down her little cheeks, and thighs. The girl straightened her legs one by one to allow me to haul them off her ankles, before she settled back into a lovely exposed position, her anus stretched and almost pointing upwards. Her sister proceeded to apply balm down her sibling’s crack, over the cheeks, but mainly over her black anus. She was then told to spread her sister’s bottom open using her tiny fingers, her eyes wide with fascination at what the hell she was going to witness today. Now positioned just behind both girls, I spat into the crack below me and slid my finger up inside her. She tensed, her hot body trying to fight the intrusion, but as my finger got working, she began to relax and a second digit was able to enter, much to the other sister’s amazement. The little girl above her began rocking and shaking as I finger fucked her, all the time the mother stroking me off gently to keep me ‘warm’. I looked across at her and raised 2 eyebrows in approval at how her daughter’s anus was getting into the party. After a few more thrusts, I pulled out, and waited for the woman to guide me to replace fingers with white cock. With little fingers keeping this girl spread, and a mother guiding me into her ass, the daughter had no chance. Her bottom flinched as my helmet nudged into her, and when it disappeared altogether, I waited for her rectum to just give a little pop, which it duly did, and this was the go ahead sign for me to thrust deep into her canal. The mother kissed my neck and ran her black hands all over my chest while I gripped her daughter’s narrow hips and proceeded to pump into her aggressively.

The forest absorbed this girls cried with no mercy whatsoever. Her body you could tell was barely ready for a 7 inch thick white cock, and her ass stretched obscenely to accommodate my width. The rectum was hot and soft and wonderful, and I was going to fuck it for a long time. Looking down at the younger lolita’s face, I contemplated a little ass to mouth, but not yet. Let’s get this little girl greased up and flowing I thought. Suddenly I felt a hand reach under me and grab my balls - the mother assessing the potential semen flow. I felt a mixture of power and concern - wonderful that she was supporting me fucking her daughter in the ass, but I knew she could tug or squeeze my balls at any time to pull me out. I was now slamming into this girl, pulling out and plunging back in. After a few minutes, she was reaching back to rub her own vulva, desperate for some answers as to why she was being pleasured and hurt at the same time. The louder she cried out across the beautiful greenery, the more ferocious I became, which made her louder. It was a glorious vicious circle.

I pulled out, and dunked myself into her sister’s mouth, but only for a few seconds, before their mother tugged up in my scrotum, encouraging me to slide back into the ass she had so kindly provided for me. I did so, but only after raising myself up onto my feet, crouching over her ass and plunging directly down into her. The mother crouched behind me to look up through my arched legs, and both ladies stared in awe at the monster white dick drilled down into the anus. My face contoted with pleasure, I slammed up and down with great leverage, only to feel two hands rolling my balls around, then a squeeze and, like pushing a sperm button, I pulled out, pointed myself down to the baby sister and blasted down onto her face.

The mother was superb at extracting every last drop. I cried out as I felt my semen pour into the open air, balls still being squeezed, and looked back behind me to see a black and grey face. No time for sympathy. I plunged back in, pumped and insisted the mother shuffle round so I could see her. Taking her tits in my mouth, she was only too happy to please me - to keep the semen coming, literally. The girl’s knees were struggling to support the assault now, so I reached down to seize both her silky thighs, and pulled them open, while the baby under both of us was busy wiping and licking her face clean. 2 more minutes and here it came again. A rush, a jolt, a shake, and I had to pull the mother’s face down to her daughter’s bare back, facing the action, such was the power of this orgasm. With balls still being rotated by this woman, she was giving me the signal to ejaculate, so I pulled out of her daughter’s gaping hole and with a loud ’urgghh!’ I pulsed about 5 spurts of cum into her face, before easing myself into her mouth to clean me.

OK. Now time for an even younger, smaller anus. With two of the 3 covered in my jizz, I stood up to finally allow the raped lolita to roll off her sister in a state of collapse. The younger sister stood too, as did her mother, and not even giving them time to clean their own faces of cum, I knelt and lifted the younger girl onto the shattered older one, into a 69. Again, ensuring she was on her knees, with the sister staring up at her thighs and panties, I knelt behind this tiny ass. The mother assumed her starting position too, kneeling behind me, holding me, and instructed her eldest to return the favor and slide her sister’s tight panties down to reveal her stretched tiny anus and lips.

How the fuck was I going to get in there, I thought. The elder sis must have been thinking the same, but with plenty of applied balm by mom, and a final lick from me right on the hole for good luck, I eased forward, and watched as both the mother and daughter held my shaft and positioned my evil-looking helmet up against it. I nodded to the mother, looking for the go ahead, and she nodded back. Holding these tiny hips below me, I decided to forgo finger use, and just get myself inside this boiling child’s anus. The helmet tip snugged its way in, and as I pushed, her warmth slowly engulfed the head. Her elder sister was now desperately splaying open the cheeks above her as wide as she could, knowing how tight a grown man’s cock would feel. Her help ease the impending pain, the mother instructed her to thumb rub her sister’s tiny vulva. Slowly, steadily I slid my way in, and just eased there for a while, taking in how hot and tight her anal canal was, until it too finally began to accommodate me.

Balls still being teased and tossed, I slowly began moving back and forth into this 11 year old, cock straining to find space to move. I had to slap one hand on top of her sister’s on her ass, to hold her open until I finally found traction, and began a fully powered anal assault. Staring down at her little scrunched up face, still covered in jizz, I was thankful that her body seemed to be holding up nicely. After a 5 minute fuck, I pulled out, almost laughed at the size of the remaining gaping hole, and her sister dutifully lifted to take me in for a clean. Then I launched back into the youngest, ignoring her scream, gave a few dozen more thrusts, and lifted out to be sucked again. After the third assault, drilling down into this time, the mother could feel my balls send the good stuff round again, so she tugged, bringing me out and bent my solid cock back towards the waiting sister below. We both watched, as I groaned and poured another load into her open mouth, saving the last 2 spurts for her mother after turning around, who took me in and cleaned me yet again.

Walking around to recover, sweating, and body tingling, I left the girls in an exhausted 69 behind me, while the mother just watched and waited for her precious youngest anus to retract normally, to make sure nothing was torn. She was laying on top of her sister, still quivering with the effects of anal rape, unable to move, so her family waited for her recovery patiently, until the anus looked normal, and her breathing did the same. I returned to the scene to find the eldest staring up at me half smiling, half shaking, and then at her sister’s soaked ass, now closed and enticing once more. Lifting them to their feet, I cuddled them both, kissing their foreheads, both dazed as they put their panties back on. My cock was erect 24 hours a day these days, and once dressed, both stared down at it, holding it, in shock. I pulled their mother into the huddle, and the 4 of us strolled back to the hut.

That night, none of them had time to sleep. I oiled myself up at 7pm, closed the hut door, and spent the next 9 hours inside three black girls’ asses - mostly the daughters’. I remember the mother looking at me during one of my assaults on her youngest, her face shattered, as if to say ‘a pre teen girl can only take so much’, but I simply squatted atop of her next of kin and plunged deeper than ever. She had created a confident sexual machine, pumping out white cum on command, and now able to withstand any ball rubbing and rotating. Nothing was premature except my victims.

By now, she knew me better than I did. She knew that long sessions were better than very quick ones for cum collection purposes, that I came more powerfully when the mother was prepared to receive sperm in an ass to mouth situation, and even took great joy in allowing herself to be pumped, as long as she could reach down and feel my balls to judge the point of climax, before indicating to me to pull out and dish out my semen to her girls.

My final session on that final night, at about 4am, involved the eldest locked ontop of her mother in a 69, and my cock deep inside her. Bringing the youngest’s face down to rest on her sister’s back, I thrust into this girl for about 20 minutes, until I cried out, balls being squeezed my mom, and pulled out to blast into the 11 year old’s face before lowering myself down into mother’s waiting mouth. I re-entered her daughter, who was sweating across her brow profusely, and watched for a final time my white shaft disappearing into a black ass. I rocked back and for a few more times, and finally pulled out to allow my two voyeurs to see me shoot all over the pair of split tiny cheeks. Watching my sperm drip like water down from those little curves onto the mother’s face was god-like..

Week 4: Vulva Time. After weeks of abuse/training/heaven - call it what you will, and having enjoyed taking my adopted family all in the ass, in an orgy of different ass to mouth scenarios, I was finally given permission to make love to them vaginally during the final week. The little girl’s poor anuses and my cock, needed a rest, so we all took the day off. But even this didn’t spare me.

I delivered a whole bunch of packages to other places, waved at the kids as I drove by, and stared at as many vulvas as I could. On the way back to the Paradis, what looked like a grandmother I knew, in her thirties, was walking oxen back the other direction to her own village with her 7 year old granddaughter - I think her name was Cas. Pulling over quite innocently to give them both water, I asked her in broken English where her daughter was, but the woman simply led me to some reeds, knelt in front of me and proceeded to undo my pants. I simply rested my hands on her bare shoulders while she got comfortable, and with total seriousness, blew me for 10 minutes, waiting for cum. The little girl stood to watch in confusion so I beckoned her over and cradled her head against my waist, and she watched the show while I took photos of the awesome sight. Like a pro, she brought me to climax, covered the girl’s eyes, opened her mouth and urged me to release onto her tiny tongue. Helpless to resist I gasped as white goo hurled itself into her innocent mouth. I simply laughed down at her in bliss, managing to get in a quick blowjob from her while she swallowed. I guess some rules were meant to be broken. My helmet bulged out from one of her cheeks until the woman squeezed my balls to empty me, pulled me out and cleaned me with a straight faced gratitude. Neither had said a single word.

Back at the hut a little later, the mother explained to her daughters that they were finally to become young ladies, so they smiled at each other, laid me on the bed and got to work lowering my pants ands shorts. Within seconds my hands were cupping two black heads while they were kissing, licking, sucking my balls and shaft. The mother walked over to us, and waited until I was sufficiently lubricated by her daughters’ saliva. Getting her girls down on their knees against the bed, I knelt behind them. The eldest first, I waited to be balmed by her mother, before sliding myself into her virginity. Her face looked around in concern, especially as I grasped her little black hips. But once inside her tight warm pink tunnel, I was thrusting into this pre-teen in no time. The mother wrapped her arms around me from behind, and our tongues lashed together. You could hear my thighs slapping against her tiny ones all around the hut as I fucked this girl, and the only expression I could pull was one of twisted and disbelieving pleasure. Pulling the youngest up to us, she turned her little face into ours and within seconds, the three of us were lashing at each other, my cock burning with the heat this 12 year old Congolese vagina was giving off. The mother held my balls to gauge my next ejaculation, so I brought my hands up to hold the waists of mother and daughter, and slammed into the third ferociously. With all 3 sets of eyes looking down at the show, I stared into the mother’s eyes, and laughed aloud at the illegality and insanity of it all. I could hold back no longer - pulling out of the burning black slit and pushing the baby sister’s face as far down to it as time allowed. No use - too late baby. I blasted up into her face as it raced towards the helmet, but she cleaned me well.

Now the younger one’s vaginal virginity. Pulling the eldest up to take her place, the young one dutifully crouched onto her hands and knees in front of us. The mother kindly took me in her mouth for a few moments so I kissed her daughter, waiting patiently to fuck her sister. While my tongue was exploring this girl’s mouth, I felt my helmet being positioned at the mouth of a little vagina, and staying down there to watch, the Mom encouraged me to gently slide into it by guiding my balls forwards. I could feel nothing initially, but then this baby’s lips engulfed my head, and ever so sweetly, I slid all the way inside her, fighting the lack of room either side of her vaginal walls. Now inside, I gasped down at mother’s head, so I encouraged the sister to slip below and watch the show too. My hands reached around both family member’s heads to hold the girl’s tiny hips, and I began my assault. First I made love softly to the little girl, all 3 of us enjoying the sight of a large white organ kissing the insides of her, but as her body accommodated me more comfortably, I began pounding, shouting, groaning, holding both heads below me, then moving back to her hips. Harder and harder I thrusted into my lolita, her body shaking with such force, her moans loud but then fading with the shock. I pulled out to be sucked by sister, then mother and then slid back inside her. Now breathing deeply, I pounded for another few minutes, pulled out again, sucked again by both, before resuming my fun.

The girl gave up trying to use her arms to prop her up. Instead, she just collapsed, her anus stuck up crudely for all to see, so I thumbed it as I fucked below, while my balls were now being rotated furiously by both women. It was all too much and in a giddy spin, I shouted out ’Gonna blast!’ of course, mother knew it before I did, such was her expertise, and as we all stared down at my slowing shaft, they squeezed my balls, bringing me to a halt, and I clasped both of their heads, shook, gurgled out an ’urrggg’ and blasted about 10 powerful jets of cum into her body. Both women laughed up at me upon climax, so I pulled them up and three-way tongued them, while my cock went to work below. Sweating like crazy with lust and heat, they ran their hands over my body, kissed my cheeks, before mother took her hand down to pull me out of the black tunnel. The girl had passed out, her face resting peacefully on the bed covers, ass still exposed. ’What the fuck’ I thought, and while the mother went to get a wet cloth to wake her, I plunged myself into her ass, and fucked her forcibly. The elder sister wasn’t impressed but held by balls as I fucked, and took the ejaculation in the mouth 5 minutes later.

Over the final week, I made love to both girls dozens of times. Lying down, standing up, kneeling, in the woods, even in another woman’s hut as her own 6 and 8 year old daughters looked on. On many occasions I didn’t even know whom I had cum inside, such were the positions we took up, my mind focused on fucking for longer and longer periods, and exploding with more intensity, mostly across the younger girl’s face, which became my favorite sexual act. My ejaculations were now so powerful and lengthy, my body so well honed, that the 3 of them no longer needed to worry about receiving semen on each climax. We all knew there would be at least 9-10 blasts, and I took great pleasure in spraying each face in turn. I managed to take my cum record up to 36 seconds - it happened strangely after a session with the mother, pulling out of her, sitting in the chair quickly and cradling both daughter’s faces into my helmet. As mom knelt to watch the show between my legs, I inexplicably just kept spurting up into the air between the girls faces, showering all of us, until at about spurt 15, I managed to direct the remaining attacks into the girls open mouths. Their mother just watched in amazement at the amount of cum dripping from their faces at the glorious conclusion, neither girl able to open their eyes.

These were the kind of situations and experiences a Sultan billionaire would be envious of. The next experience (Story 2) was even more mind blowing but not extraordinary. Nothing was extraordinary here…

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