Linda's Asked To Interview A Potential New Member
Nearly a month had passed, and Linda was wondering why she hadn't heard from any of the members of the girls club, although the husbands business trips had been delayed somewhat. As Linda sat sipping her morning coffee the phone rang, it was Gloria asking if Linda would mind checking out a possible new member. Linda was hesitant at first, after all she had just become a member herself, although Gloria convinced her she'd be fine. Linda agreed and jotted down the woman's name and phone number, promising to call her.

Linda finished her coffee and then called Ingrid, the woman she was to meet. She seemed extremely nice over the phone, with Ingrid inviting Linda over for lunch. Linda arrived and found Ingrid to be a tall Scandinavian beauty with a great figure, and a wonderful personality. Linda also noticed that she seemed to be giving her the once over, Ingrid's eyes were running up and down Linda's body making Linda all the more intrigued. They sat and talked, with Ingrid sharing that she had sold womens lingerie in her old neighborhood. She had hosted lingerie parties and such.

Ingrid looked at Linda with her sexy blue eyes, "Would you like to see the lingerie sometime?" Linda knew this was the perfect opening to see if Ingrid was the kind of person that would fit into their girls club or not. Linda smiled and said, "Sure, why not now, that is if you don't mind modeling it for me." Linda could tell by the flush in Ingrid's face as well as her smile, and the sparkle in her eyes that Ingrid liked the idea. "Well, I usually wasn't the one modeling, but I don't mind....if you'll try some on too." Linda smiled, "Of course."

Ingrid went into the bedroom, and came back out a few minutes later, wearing a sexy lace bra that was so sheer Linda could see her aureola's; her nipples were already hard. Linda found herself immediately lusting for Ingrid. Her body was even better than Linda had expected. Her breasts were so full and firm, and she had such long beautiful legs. Ingrid looked at Linda asking, "Well, what do you think?" Linda set down her coffee and walked over to Ingrid. "You're beautiful." "Thank you, but I meant the lingerie silly." Linda blushed, "Sorry, I love the lingerie too."

Ingrid laughed, "Don't be sorry, I love the compliments." "Now, why don't you try something on, I took the liberty of setting something out for's in the bedroom." Linda walked into the bedroom seeing a beautiful pink bra, thong and matching nylons. As she put it on she began to wonder who was seducing who. Linda was about to put the thong on, when her heart started to pound in her chest, what if she went out without the thong on, baring her pussy, would Ingrid be offended? Linda thought for a minute when she heard Ingrid's voice asking, "Are you OK in there?" "Coming," Linda replied.

Taking a deep breath, Linda walked into the living room holding the thong in her hand. Ingrid's smile told Linda all she had to know. "You look beautiful, was something wrong with the thong?" "No, I...I don't know quit how to put it exactly." Ingrid walked over to Linda standing inches from her, "Was it too tight?" "No, you see became aroused...lingerie does that to me, and well I didn't want to soil this pretty thong." "You can see for yourself if you don't believe me." Ingrid stepped in closer, Linda could feel Ingrid's hot breath on her face. Linda's body shuddered when Ingrid reached down, running her fingers over Linda's sex.

"Oh my, you're so wet." With her arousal growing from Ingrid's touch, Linda didn't leaned forward lightly kissing Ingrid's soft lips. The women put their arms around one another and were soon embraced in a passionate kiss. Linda unhooked Ingrid's bra, allowing it to fall away as she kissed her way down Ingrid's neck, pausing at her breasts and running her tongue over Ingrid's aureola's. Linda began flicking and sucking Ingrid's nipples, as Ingrid's fingers teased Linda's pussy. As Linda sucked Ingrid's nipples, she slipped her fingers beneath Ingrid's thong, and began teasing and eventually sliding her finger into Ingrid's pussy which was awash with her love juice's.

The two women stood by the couch caressing, kissing and pleasuring one another till both of them started cumming. Linda took that moment to push Ingrid back onto the couch, moving between her legs, and pulling her thong off tossing it aside. Linda paused looking at Ingrid's pussy, marveling at the soft blonde tuft between her legs, so neatly manicured, her lips so swollen as well as her cit. "Make me cum," Ingrid whispered, caressing Linda's cheek, pulling her toward her burning sex. Linda lowered her head, taking in Ingrid's lusty aroma.

Linda's tongue darted over Ingrid's lips, resulting in a passionate moan form Ingrid, as she undulated her hip against Ingrid's tongue. "Mmmm, that's it...suck my's so wet....Oh yes....I want to cum for you." Listening to Ingrid's pleas of passion only served to make Linda that much more aroused. With the fingers from her left hand in her pussy, Linda rammed her tongue deep into Ingrid's pussy, causing Ingrid to raise her hips and start cumming. Filled with lust, Linda asked Ingrid to turn around...."I want to see your beautiful ass. Linda began running her tongue up and down Ingrid's ass, sliding it between her cheeks as she eased her fingers into Ingrid's pussy.

Ingrid moaned, pushing her ass against Linda's face as Linda penetrated Ingrid's ass with her tongue. Ingrid was soon cumming again as the orgasms washed over her. Now it was Ingrid's turn to pleasure Linda. Ingrid kissed Linda, making her way down to her nipples and then to Linda's wet pussy. Ingrid wasted no time licking and sucking Linda's pussy bringing her to a hard orgasm. Next she sucked Linda's cit between her lips, while working two fingers deep into Linda's pussy. Once Linda had finished cumming yet again, Ingrid told her she'd be right back and disappeared into the bedroom.

After a couple of minutes, Linda heard Ingrid tell her to close her eyes. Linda did as she was told as Ingrid walked back into the living room. "Keep them closed...don't open till I tell you." "OK....but don't make me wait too long."
"" Linda opened her eyes and immediately gasped. "Oh my gawd, what's that?" "That my Dear, is a strap on, with a cock that feels like a real cock....touch it....go ahead....see how soft yet how hard it is." Linda ran her fingers over the cock, it was rigid, yet real skin." "How big is it?" "Big enough to make you cum like gang I'm going to fuck you."

Ingrid aimed the big cock strapped to her waist at Linda's waiting pussy. Ingrid slid the eight inches of cock into Linda's pussy, one sexy inch at a time. Once Ingrid was all in, she kissed Linda and started fucking her....just as if she had a real cock between her legs. Linda was loving felt like the real thing. Ingrid slowly picked up the pace, sucking and gently chewing Linda's nipples as she fucked Linda faster and harder. Linda was soon moaning, her pussy tightly clamped around the big, thick cock....the orgasms coming one after another, each one stronger than the last. Linda nearly passed out she came so hard.

Ingrid removed the cock from Linda's pussy and replaced it with her tongue. Afteward, Ingrid handed one to Linda saying, "Your turn to fuck me." Linda eagarly put the stap on around her waist and eased it into Ingrid's pussy. Linda was surprised at how easy it was fucking Ingrid, and the sense of power she felt over wonder men loved it so fucking much. Linda fucked Ingrid till Ingrid was cumming hard. Ingrid raised up taking the cock into her mouth sucking her juices from Linda's stap on. "Now...fuck me in the ass." "Won't that hurt?" Ingrid smiled....."Mmmmm, but it hurts so good."

Linda lubed the cock at Ingrid instructions and slowly eased the cock into Ingrid's ass. Linda started fucking Ingrid's ass slowly at first, then she picked up the pace, till she was pummeling Ingrid ass. Linda was leaning over Ingrid while fucking her ass, and squeezing Ingrid's tits, and tugging at her nipples. Ingrid was fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit when she started cumming again. "Now you try it Linda." "Up my ass....Oh I don't know." "Come'll love it." Reluctantly Linda gave in." Ingrid lubed the strap on as well as Linda's ass. Then she ever so carefully eased the cock into Linda's ass, and began fucking her.

Linda was amazed at how good it sent a wild sexual charge right to her pussy. "Oh ya Ingrid...I see what you mean...fuck me....fuck my ass." Ingrid continued slowly, increasing the pace till she was slamming Linda's ass just as Linda had done to her. Linda fingered her pussy as Ingrid fucked her, and soon she too were cumming yet again. The two women sat next to one another, resting after their sex play. Linda told Ingrid that taking it up the ass was amazing. Ingrid smiled...."I know....I do it to my husband." "REALLY?" Oh ya....if he wants my pussy on a regular, and wants me to do all the things that I do for him sexually....he has to give me what I want at least once a month."

As Ingrid and Linda kissed, Linda's cell phone rang. "You better get might be important." Linda answered the phone finding that it was Gloria. "So how did the meeting go?" "Perfect, and then some." "Great...will she fit it in?" "Ohhh ya....she'll fit in just fine." "Excellent...I'll set up a little initiation party." "Ahhh, why don't you let me do that." "Alright....see you tomorrow morning and you can tell me all about it." "See you then." Linda and Ingrid laughed, if only Gloria had know just now well it went. The women got each other off one last time before Linda left with some new lingerie, and a strap on of her own. "I'll be in touch and let you know when you meet the other girls." "I look forward to it....bye."


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