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Since a child both my father and grandfather have been my greatest teachers!
My father has always told me and my sister that from a time when he was very young he knew he wanted daughters to love and raise correctly. When he was 30 he met our mother, a drug addict and immediately got her pregnant with me, then a few months after my birth she got pregnant with my sister. He used the excuse she was a drug addict to take full custody and moved us in with his father.
My father and grandfather raised us from the beginning to be good women and serve men completely and without question as was the family tradition. From as far back as I can remember we were home schooled and kept from over exposure to the outside world. We lived in a very rural area and my father refused to remarry because he always said the only women he needed were already at home.
We were encouraged to touch ourselves and to touch their penis's from the time we could walk and watching them masterbate was a normal sight for us.
When I was about 8 years old I found my grandfather on the living room couch masterbating late at night. He told me how pretty I was and beckoned me to sit with him. I had played with his penis before and fondled his balls but not much more then that.

"You know how you become a woman?" he stroked my hai while still lightly stroking his hard manhood.

"Yeah, you get your period." I replied. My father had taught us all about it.

"Well yes but in order to get your perod and become a woman you need a special vitamin only the men in your family can give you." he was rubbing the small of my back with one hand.

"Like a pill?" I ignorantly asked.

"Not quite. You know the stuff that comes out of grandpa's cock when he rubs it?" he smiled

"Yeah. I gotta drink that?"

"Well its more complicated then that. First you gotta make it come outta me.But not with your hands, its got to be with your mouth. You got to treat it like a delicious lollipop or ice cream cone and that will make sure you get the most out." he leaned forward and kissed my neck.

"I don't know grandpa." I replied "What if it tastes bad?"

"I promise it doesn't taste bad and if you learn to do it with me you can do it with your father too and he'll be so proud of you." My father owned a business and spoiled my sister and I rotten with gifts and toys when he was happy with us and my grandpa knew it.

"How do I do it?"

"Well the first thing you need to learn is to get on your knees." he took me gently by the hips and placed me on the floor in front of him. He reached over to the endtable and produced several rupperbands which he used to put my hair in pigtails. "This is so I can guide you. Right now you will gag and choke if you put too much n your mouth but with practice that feeling goes away. If I have control I can help get rid of it."

He took his cock and ran it across my lips and the pre cum coated my lips like lipgloss. I immediately licked it up to see how it tasted and my grandpa smiled"

"Baby girl, I knew I waited for the right time. " He reached over my shoulder and lifted my nightgown over my head and off. "Always be naked when pleasing a man angel." He reached over from his seat on the couch and ran his thumb over my nipples and they hardened. "You ready to show me your a woman?"

I love him so much even now and I remember wanting nothing more then to see him smile and I knew cumming always made him smile. Besides I was the woman of the house just like they always used to remind me. " Yea, I think I can do it."

Once again he ran the tip of his hard cock over my lips and this time I opened my tiny mouth as wide as I could and he gently slipped the head into my mouth. It was smooth and the precum made it creamy and salty.

"Use your tongue baby. Swirl it all around my cock." he grinned and tilted his head back in pleasure.

It was hard to manuever my tongue in my mouth with his cock filling every space and I had to breath out of my nose.

"OK baby, when I say so your gonna act like your swallowing food ok? when you feel pressure on the back of your throught just act like your swallowing food ok? I shook my head in response. He put my small hands around the base of his cock and took my pigtails in hand. He gently put pressure on the back of my head and in no time I was letting out the sounds of choking. "Now baby . Swallow now." and I did. I felt the head of his cock slip into the back of my throat and water rose into my eyes. "Thats it baby! Thats it!"

He gently pulled his cock form the back of my throat and began a cycle of running his cock over my lips, slipping it over my tongue then deep throating until I struggled. "Its ok angel. Thats the gag reflex I was talking about. We'll get rid of that in a couple months." He then put the head of his cock in my mouth and told me to just suck as hard as I could will pumping the shaft of it has fast as I could.

He moaned and groaned for a minutes and then pulled his cock from my mouth very quickly. He placed a hand across my forehead and pushed my head back. "Open up baby. Open wide and dont swallow until I give you permission to." I did as he wanted and he violently pumped his cock over my mouth. I knew it would explode with cum, I just didn't know how it would taste.

The long hot squirt filled my mouth, and it took several seconds for him to squeeze it all out. He stood there staring at me with my mouth open filled with his hot love and stroked my face with one hand. "Do it like mouthwash baby. Gurggle it, then you can swallow" It was hot and salty and sweet all at the same time. I gurggled and swallowed in two gulps because there was too much for just one.

My grandpa had a look of happiness and relaxation that I loved knowing I gave to him. "Grandpa, that wasnt bad. In fact I kinda liked it." I remember smiling to him. He pulled my small naked frame onto the couch with him and slipped his warm tongue into my mouth. We kissed and then he carried me to my bed and tucked me in for the night.

Despite what other people may think, my sister and I know real love and real satisfaction thanks to the loving men in our family.

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My grandfather touched me


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Hot. Give us more! :)

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this is really sick


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When I was a young lad, my Dad would ask me if the girls I dated were nice girls or good girls. When I inquired as to what was the difference, he would reply: "A nice girl will let you, but a good girl will help you!" I, somehow, never did ask him what a bad girl would do. After reading this story, it is safe to say that you are a nice girl on her way to learning how to be a good girl.

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