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Just a little story my girlfriend and i worked on, please let us know what you think of it, we may write part 2. Constructive critisism is always welcome.
Janine and I hadn't been on holiday for a long while, her studies at uni were always a priority and holidays are always put to the back of our minds. Now that uni was over we were free to plan what we wanted and as a surprise I planned on a week in the Caribbean, when I sprung it on her she could hardly believe it, I thought she may have been far too excited but I put that down to the fact that I was such a good boyfriend and she really needed the holiday.

A few months later we were packed and queued in the airport to pick up the tickets, our passports were checked and we put in our bags, we were still pretty early so we decided to go through security and grab a meal at a bar. we were passing through security, I was through rather quick but Janine was taken aside by two of the male security staff, they advised us that she would need to be strip searched and I could wait in a side room till it was over, being that the world was still in security overdrive we agreed and thought nothing more of it. Janine entered the room with the two big guards, she looked around the room an exclaimed "Should there not be a female guard to do this?"

The taller of the two stated "did you see a female guard outside?"

Janine looked to the floor "no, I didn't see any."

"Well" the guard chuckled, "its going to have to be us."

Janine opened her mouth to speak and was immediately cut off by the shorter guard "We could call the police if you want to resist the search, that could take hours and you would miss your flight"

“No, let’s just get it over with, I want to get back to my boyfriend and get on the plane as soon as possible.”

“Oh you’ll be here for a while Miss, you won’t be going anywhere until we are satisfied with the search results.”

“What does that mean?” asked Janine.

“You’ll find out soon enough” said the tallest guard. “Place your hands against the wall and spread your legs.”

Janine had already decided that she would do whatever she was told so that she would get to go on her holiday as soon as possible, so she complied with their orders.

The tallest guard began to search Janine whilst the shorter guy was searching through her hand luggage. He was running his hands up and down her body searching for weapons, lingering a little too long on her breasts and ass, but she didn’t complain. In fact I think she might have enjoyed it a little, probably a lot.
“OK Miss Hosie, we need you to take your clothes off now so that we can perform a thorough search.”

“OK” Janine answered.

As Janine turned around to start removing her clothes she noticed that the other guard had been digging through her bag and found her “emergency stash” of sex toys. She could feel her face starting to blush, standing naked in front of two strange men didn’t embarrass her but having them realise that she was a sexual deviant that couldn’t go a couple of hours without having something forced into her pussy was something that did embarrass her.

“Well, look what we’ve got here! You like to use toys bitch?” asked the shorter guard. “Oh look Thompson, she’s blushing, and I think we might have embarrassed her.”

“No, why should I be embarrassed? I’m a woman with sexual needs, it’s just that I need a lot more fulfilment than others.” Janine wasn’t happy that the men could read her so easily so she decided to act like a big, cock hungry slut.

“Well I’m sure that’s something that we would need to see to believe” teased Officer Thompson. “Now, assume the position against the wall please Miss Hosie so that we can continue with this “search”.”

Janine did as she was told. Officer Jack started to search her again in the same manner as before, his hands roaming all over her body, cupping her breasts to make sure she wasn’t hiding anything under them. Did I mention that she has quite large breasts? 32G, they are the best things in the world, except for her pussy that is always tight and wet. So as he was cupping her breast he started to squeeze them slightly which made Janine let out a little gasp of pleasure. Jack realised that Janine was enjoying this and rolled her nipples between his fingers a little which made Janine moan. He started to move further down her body rippling his fingers down her sides until he reached her ass and he started to squeeze the cheeks and pull them apart a little, it was then that he noticed a thick wet line running down the inside of her thighs.

“What’s this Miss Hosie?” Thompson asked. “ Are you trying to smuggle some kind of contraband out of the country?”

“N-no” Janine stuttered, a little embarrassed. “You’re just turning me on.”

“I’m not sure I believe you Miss,” Thompson replied suspiciously. “So Johnston here is going to taste it to make sure.”

Janine was a little unsure, but she wanted to get on that plane with me and go on holiday so she didn’t argue, but she didn’t expect what happened next.

Officer Johnston came towards her and went down onto his knees and started to slowly lick the trail of fluid that had ran down her thighs, her legs quivered as his hot tongue got higher and higher on her thigh, his hot breath warming her skin. A sudden bolt of electricity ran through her body as Officer Johnston’s tongue made contact with her clit, she let out a long low groan, she adored her pussy being eaten. Officer Thompson grabbed her tits roughly and pulled her up-right off the wall he held her close to him as he whispered in her ear,

"If you continue to not resist, this could be very pleasurable for you, so were gonna give you the choice, we can stop right now or we can take the next 25 minutes to fuck your tight pussy and ass, what do you say?"

"I....I....I want you both to fuck me, I want you both to fill......mmmmm....fill me with your cum......please..." Janine moaned

With Janine's mind now set on getting fucked she stepped off of Officer Johnston's soaking wet face and went to her knees on the cold floor, she enticed the men over and reached for both of their crotches, they slapped her hands away and did the honours themselves, they both almost in sync dropped their trousers and boxers unveiling 2 very thick and hard cocks, Janine's eyes widened as she reached for them both, felt their weight and noticed she couldn't touch her fingers and thumbs together at their thickest points. Janine leaned forward at took Officer Johnston's throbbing dick in her mouth first, she wanked Officer Thompson slowly with her left hand while she repaid Officer Johnston for the great pussy licking he gave her, instantly deep throating his impressive cock, moaning deeply as it filled her mouth, she gripped Officer Thompson cock harder now, making sure he knew he was next as she released Johnston’s hot dick from her wet mouth. She moved her head towards Officer Thompson’s cock, taking in the sight of his large tool, so veiny, so stiff and with no foreskin its large mushroom like head seemed to draw her in closer, she looked up at him gently licking the head of his cock, he grabbed the back of her head but didn’t push her anywhere, just let her continue to tease.

“This little bitch wants to tease” Officer Thompson grunted, “Johnston, get behind her and show her what happens to teases around here”

Not needing anymore convincing Johnston got behind her and lined up his stiff prick with her dripping pussy and slowly squeezed inch by inch into her, this caused her to open her mouth and gasp to which Officer Thompson decided to take advantage of and quickly force his cock into Janine’s mouth, her gasp became a groan as she felt Officer Johnston’s stomach and balls meet with her body, he was now fully inside her, she loved being filled with cock, to show her appreciation she squeezed her pussy as tight as she could making Officer Johnston moan with pleasure, he then withdrew a few inches of cock and rammed back in with a huge amount of force, she jutted forward and swallowed all of Officer Thompson’s member, just managing to breath through her nose he began to use her mouth like it was his wives pussy, sliding in and out, his heavy balls slapping her face. Her mind was racing, he thoughts spinning out of control, nothing in the world mattered apart from her and her new “friends”.
Johnston was pumping his cock in and out of her tight pussy, grabbing hold of her ass making sure she didn’t get too far away, thus exposing her little tight rosebud of an anus. Johnston stopped his furious attack on her pussy and spoke for one of the first times since this began.

“Thompson, trust me this whore’s pussy is amazing, just imagine what her ass is like, i mean if its anything like her pussy, your in for a wild fuck”

“Is that so” Officer Thompson stated, “Seems like we’ve got a new game for you Miss Hosie, how about you get yourself on top of my buddy Johnston here and i get to pound your little ass”

Janine gasping for air after her throat fucking “But...‘pant, pant’....I’ve... I’ve never had anything that big in there....’pant’....before”

“Well” Officer Thompson chuckled, “Were gonna have to be done with you in 10 minutes or people will get suspicious, so you either do it or we tell your Boyfriend what a slut you are”

Janine panicked slightly but knew she had to pleasure these bullies if she was going to get out of here, “Ok”, she growled, “Just please, at least use the lube from my luggage”

She climbed on top of Johnston’s cock savouring the look on his face as she lowered herself down his shaft, something about him made her feel like this was right, Was it his big cock? His ripped body? His chiselled good looks? either way she was happy to be looking at him as she was being brutally used.

Officer Thompson squeezed generous amounts of lube on his stiff rod and fingered Janine’s ass with 3 fingers, which felt like she was stretched to the limit at that point, he hips were grinding off Johnston’s pelvis, his fat cock being milked by her movements, he squatted above her aiming her cock at her ass, and lowered himself into her. She felt his imminent invasion and stopped all movement and tried to relax as much as possible, she felt his huge cock head enter her ass and felt her ass contract as the head passed though, she was relieved that the hardest part was over, she now had to use her body to work them both till they came. she started to thrust her pelvis in one direction then the other, trying to fuck them both at once but her movements were soon restricted as Officer Thompson lowered his entire body weight on to her.

“No no no Miss Hosie, were going to use you till were satisfied, I though you would have understood that by now”, Officer Thompson grunted.

With no warning at all they both started to thrust together, getting their timing right, both ramming their cocks into her now limp body, she had no control, had no choice but to lay their and take it, they were like animals, unstoppable, their power and strength over whelming her muscles, their grunts and groans over whelming her mind, this is the feeling she had searched for all her life, Fuck the sex toys, this is what she really wanted, this is what she was made for. She screamed in pleasure as these men released her carnal lusts and desires, feeling their large cocks stretching her insides, feeling their dicks rub together only separated by a thin piece of flesh, she could feel their climaxes building, she knew the feel of a cock about to cum, the swelling throb of the cock, the tightening of the balls not to mention the fast paced groans in her ears. she braced herself for the wave of cum, her lovers climaxed almost at the same time, the feeling of their hot seed filling her holes sent her over the edge, she grabbed her own tits and dug in her nails, she didn’t want it to end but knew she couldn’t hold it in, as they each shot their third and forth loads into her, she erupted with a high pitched squeal, more than likely heard by everyone in a square mile radius, she came so hard, like she had saved all her orgasms till that one point in time, she didn’t realise sex could feel this way. they all collapsed on each other and she could feel her “partners” cocks get softer inside her, Thompson rolled off her.

He walked over to her luggage and seen she had packets of wet wipes in with her toy stash,

“Seems like you come prepared for all occasions”

All she could do was smile as she pulled Johnston’s cock out of her pussy, she staggered to her feet, her legs shaking violently as she made her way over to her clothes that were piled on the floor.

Thompson threw a few wipes at Johnston and the packet at Janine,

“You two, clean yourselves up, were got some acting to do”

After 5 minutes of clean up, Janine made sure her clothes were as tidy as could be, the officers straightened their shirts and clipped on their ties. They took one look around the room to ensure all was as it was before and Officer Thompson stepped outside.

“Thank you for your co-operation Miss Hosie, sorry if the process was a bit lengthy” Officer Thompson said sternly,

“No, its quite ok officer” Janine offered, “Look at the world we live in, you cant be too careful”

“Johnston”, Thompson ordered, “Give Miss Hosie her paper work, get her signature and let her get on her way, we’ve taken enough of her time”

“Yes sir” Officer Johnston replied, “If you could sign here and here Miss Hosie and take these copies with you”

“Thanks Officer” Janine said, then whispered “Don’t let him boss you around next time, you are by far the better fuck”

With that she winked and turned to walk towards the waiting area, where Paddy was sitting with a magazine.
“Hey there, you were gone for a while almost 40 minutes” I said, looking up at her,

“I know baby, I wouldn’t go quietly, you know what these police and security people are like trying to force you into confessing to everything” Janine joked,

“Your not wrong their, ha ha, how about we get that bite to eat we talked about?” I asked

“Sounds good”, she replied, “My interrogation really worked up an appetite”.........



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Bring on pt 2.


2008-12-13 19:09:08
thanks for the comments people, its appreciated. bad ones are also welcome though, criticism is always good. working on part 2 at the moment.

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hu u have a great sex worker wid very big tits as ur girlfriend

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