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Just a great sex I’m experiencing with David most nights of the week... It's real and it's great...
We are chilling on the sofa in front of the TV, cuddling closely as always; but it’s time to go to bed. I’m going first and you are to follow soon. I strip naked and get into bed waiting for you. You come and do the same. Light is dimmed now, but I can still see every inch of you. We cuddle first lying on our sides, facing each other and kiss gently for a bit. Your kisses are so sweet and hot as well as passionate and lovely. I feel your tongue exploring my mouth very gently, flicking around my tongue playing with it. I look into your blue eyes and we both know that we want more.

Suddenly kisses get more intense and much deeper, and I feel your hand over my hip slowly sliding up my side and onto my breast. This is making me so horny. I already feel that my pussy is moist and ready for you. I feel your fingers teasing my hard nipples, your hand fondling with my breasts. I do the same with my hand, touching your body, hips first and then moving to your perfect bottom, sliding my hand up your back and down again, feeling the warmth of your body, softness of your skin. You move forward towards me, pushing me gently to lay me down on my back.

You lean over me and kiss me passionately again. God, you are so passionate, so hot, and so sexy. Then you start kissing your way down my body, gently kissing my neck, caressing it with your lips as I smile and moan very quietly with pleasure enjoying it so much. Further down you gently bite on my shoulder, kissing it and then again teasing me with gentle bites. I start to run my nails up and down your back when I feel your lips kissing my chest, quickly moving onto my breasts, kissing around my nipples and fondling them with your hands at the same time, guiding my nipples into your mouth. Your kisses get more intense and much faster just as you want more and can’t wait any longer. I feel your wet slippery tongue flicking around my nipples, biting them gently, teasing them and sucking; driving me mad.

I move one of my hands onto your cock now; holding it I start moving my hand along your hard shaft, gently squeezing it, feeling the tip of your cock with my thumb, feeling some pre-cum leaking out. You still carry on kissing me, teasing me as the pleasure of you is very hard to handle. You are so close to me, feeling your scent, wanting you in every possible way. You look at me and move up, placing your lips onto mine again, kissing me deeply, passionately, out tongues meeting, and exchanging saliva. I move my hands onto your back again, knowing I want you even closer, I want you inside me.

You look deeply into my dark brown eyes you like so much, and move over me at the same time, placing yourself between my legs. You lift one of my legs up and you enter inside my hot wet dripping pussy with ease; your cock is so big, filling my pussy completely inside. I sigh with pleasure “oh David” as you start moving inside me slowly but very deep, I can almost feel you inside my stomach; I claw you back at this time, gently running my hands and nails up and down, placing my hands on your ass cheeks pushing you even deeper in me. You carry on moving your hard cock inside me, throbbing in my pussy, massaging it from inside, every inch of it. I’m moaning with excitement, clawing your back harder, but not hurting you; arching my back to feel you even deeper inside me. You kiss me for the last time and then you pull out of me and turn me on my back to fuck me doggy style.

I feel you deep as you enter again inside me; I feel your hands holding my hips pushing me even more onto your hard cock. I moan with pleasure feeling my pussy walls becoming more and more sensitive, wanting to explode with orgasm, wanting to contract and squeeze on your cock so you can cum inside me. You lean forward now and get hold of my breasts, holding and squeezing them as you carry on fucking me from behind. I feel your one hand caressing my back and moving towards my long dark brown hair, playing with it, gently pulling it. You hold one of your hands behind my head and the other under my chin; you lean forward so we are looking at each other now and you start kissing my lips, more aggressively this time, gently biting my lower lip. You speed up your movement, making me moan louder as you enter deeper and deeper inside me.

I feel your breathing starts to get very heavy as you thrust even faster in and out of me, harder; not stopping fucking me just as I feel your cum filling my pussy inside. Your moans drive me crazy just as I start to orgasm few moments after; my pussy contracting on your cock and my body shaking from pleasure; moaning, screaming your name as I cum.

You are still inside me, but you slow down your movement gradually just as my arms and legs collapse and I lay down on my stomach. With your cock softening slowly inside me, you lay down on top of me, kissing my back gently, whispering to me at the same time. Slowly you move over and we cuddle and kiss gently before falling asleep......
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