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My mother and her sister were married the same year and one year later each had a baby, my mother, a girl and my aunt, a boy. We lived in the same city at the time but when I was three years old, my father was transferred to a mid western town. The families were close so when I was five, our parents decided to purchase a vacation home together where they could go fishing and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. The two families would meet every year during the Christmas break. The rest of the year either family could use the home at their convenience. As it evolved, my mother and her sister decided they would meet there every August without their husbands who had to remain home to look after their businesses during the busy season.
I remember Cousin Mike almost from my earliest years. He and I hit it off from the start. Each summer when we met we would run and throw our arms around each other. We would kiss and our parents thought it was so cute that they encouraged us to kiss each other every night before going to bed. In our early years on really hot days our mothers would let us run around naked Even when we were clothed we would go down to the creek in the woods take off our clothes and cool off in the stream which never got higher than my chest In our younger years our mothers would go down with us for safety reasons. Bathing in the stream became a daily ritual with us and as we got older and our mothers thought we could take care of ourselves they stopped going down there with us. That must have been when we were nine or ten. It was about that time our mothers decided we shouldn’t sleep together any more so Mike was told to sleep in the downstairs porch . I was angry with that and couldn’t understand why we had to be separated. The only answer I got was “You two are getting older.”
Over the years we had gotten used to each others bodies, examined each other as children do
When Mike and I slept in the same bed we used to tell each other ghost stories, sing songs, tickle each other and wrestle. One night we were wrestling and I grabbed his scrotum. He winched in pain. I said "What’s the matter?" He said “You grabbed my balls.
“Let me see, “I said and I examined his crotch area and felt his balls. “What are those for? “I asked. He said he didn’t know. I took hold of his penis,” Why do you think I don’t have a peepee? He tols me “You don’t need one. You sit down when you pee.”

I remember when we were maybe six, watching Mike pee in a field and I said I can do it standing up too and I stood up, spread my legs and peed. That night at supper, I told our two mothers how I could do the same thing Mike can do - stand up and pee and the adults roared laughing.

We were the best of friends, Mike and me, Sometimes we quarreled, sometimes we teased each other but we always kissed and made up.From the time we were five our parents had us kiss each other good night and as we got to 10 and 11 it wasn’t just one good night kiss. We sometimes would lie in bed and kiss each other over and over because, well, it just felt good. There we were, naked and getting aroused and we didn’t even know what sex was. It was about that time that Mike was told to move to the porch.

The year after we turned eleven Mike’s father had to go out of the country for a year and the rest of the family went with him. As twelve-year-olds we didn’t see each other at all, not even at Christmas. By the time I was 13 I had started menstruating. My body had filled out and my breasts had swelled to a mature size.

The following summer, when we were both 13 and going on 14 we again went to the summer home. For some reason I hadn’t expected the changes I saw in Mike. He was no longer a little boy. He had grown at least a foot, his body was muscular, and he had the beginnings of hair on his face. When we met for the first time that summer it was a bit awkward. We stood in front of each other not knowing what to do, waiting for the other to make the first move. Finally my mother said,” Well aren’t you going to kiss each other.” Mom was always big on kissing “ You haven’t seen each other for almost two years.” He reached out his arms and pulled me to him and we kissed as we had done each year before. Our mothers were watching so it was hardly a kiss at all, more like a peck but even that brief kiss felt better than any kiss I ever had before. We both took our bags upstairs to my room to unpack. Since Mike had been exiled to the porch he had to keep his clothes in a chest in my room. We started unpacking and when I took out my panties to put them away Mike looked at me and blushed. “It’s not like you’ve never seen my undies before, either on me or off me. “ I said. Mike laughed. “Seems a bit different now."

It was kind of cool and rainy the first couple days of our visit and Mike and I used the time to get to know these new people we now were. We read, played board games, and talked about our school experiences over the past year. The first clear day he and I decided to go for a walk and check out the area. We walked along holding hands and swinging them back and forth as we sang some silly song. I was feeling so happy, so energetic that I gave him a push, “You’re it” I said and started running up a hill. Mike came after me and about half way up I stumbled and Mike ran up and dropped on top of me. He straddled my body, pinned me down and held my hands over my head. “Got you now. You can’t move. “ I looked up at him and said, ”Oh Mike, I’m so happy we are together again. I thought of you every day that we were away from each other. “

He looked down at me.“My adorable cousin,“ he said and bent down and gave me a long passionate kiss.” My whole body throbbed but it was a warning too. I looked up at him - into his eyes. “Mike, we can’t kiss like that. No more. Nothing sexual. We’re cousins and we can’t forget that. No matter what we feel for each other we have to remember we are just cousins.”

Mike helped me get up. “I know, he said. I know only too well.”

We walked back to the house in silence. That night as I was going up stairs to bed my mother said, “Aren’t you going to kiss Mike good night? You always have before.”
“Of, course I am, mother.” And Mike and I touched lips momentarily and separated.

The next day was scorching hot. After lunch the two of us strolled down to the stream and watched it flow by.“It looks so refreshing, I said.
“Too refreshing, Mike said “Let’s go in."
“We don’t have bathing suits," I said.
“We don’t need them," he said. “We never needed them before.”
“Mike, we can‘t. We...we’ve changed. Things are different now.“
“Look, we have seen each other naked since we were babies. So what’s the big deal. Our bodies have changed a little but so what. We’re still the same people.”
He pulled me over to him, kissed my cheek and began taking off my shirt.”
“Mike... please...” But I put up no resistance. He took my shirt off and undid my bra." Never saw you wearing one of these before,” he said laughing. "I never needed one before." My bra dropped to the ground and he just stood there looking at me. ”Gorgeous, magnificent, I love them.“he said.
I could feel my self blushing and tried to cover my breast with my arms. But hearing him say that made me feel so proud, so happy that he approved of my breasts. His hand reached out and I stepped back. “Mike , remember our discussion yesterday. Nothing sexual. We can look but no touching. None”

“Just as you say, boss.” Then he unzipped my pants and took off my panties. Geez I felt so embarrassed standing their totally naked and I bolted away and jumped into the water. I ducked underwater and when I came up he was behind me. I turned, splashed water in his face and swam away. He swam after me, caught me from behind and wrapped his arms around me.I felt his penis push against my now fleshy bottom, push into my crack. Then, as I struggled, his hands slipped down and landed on my breasts. “Guess what I found,“he whispered in my ear. By now I realized this cousin thing wasn’t going to work unless I insisted and I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to insist. We were just to close, to fond of each other. The best we could do was to contain it. Resigned to what was to be I slowly walked out of the water and sat down on the grass. We hadn’t brought towels so we were going to have to air dry.
I watched Mike come out of the water. I had never seen a man’s erect penis before and it was so big it looked terrifying. He sat down next to me put his hand on my back and stretched out on the grass His penis was sticking up like the London Tower. I was flabbergasted. Couldn’t take my eyes off it. I stretched out on me side next to him” Until this minute I hadn’t realized just how much you have changed.” I smiled. He laughed “I guess I know what you mean. I hope you like it”
How can I like it? I just met it.”

“That’s not exactly true. Remember how you used to play with it when we were little kids and you complaining because you didn’t have one”
“ Oh, yes. I remember. I thought it was a toy that pee came out of. “ I moved closer to him and put my hand on his chest. My gosh, look at your scrawny pubic hair. You hardly have any. I’m way ahead of you”
He looked down at my crotch.“ My, my. , He said. You have a regular hay field. But I’ll catch up, Just give me time.”

I slipped my hand down and wrapped my fingers around his penis.I was amazed. It was so thick my fingers couldn’t quite encircle it.“I can tell, you’re pretty proud of this monster. You think you’re really something with that big thing sticking up like that.”

“I'd love for you two to become fast friends. I'm so happy that you two are... are shaking hands- getting to know each other." br>
I put my hand down on his scrotum. “Remember when I grabbed these nuts when we were playing?"
"Oh, yes. I remember and then you checked them out just like you’re doing now.”
I put my hand on his chest but he took it and moved it back on his penis. "Keep doing what you were doing. It feels so good I smiled, please that I could please him.I began pulling it , squeezing it twirling it around.I looked up and his face had tensed. “Am I hurting you?"
“No no it feels good.” he kind of groaned. I moved my hand up and down his shaft, and pulled it toward my face and kissed it. “I adore your big bad prick.”

His face was now flush and he was breathing hard. “I hope you like what I'm doing because I want to please you so much, make you happy." ‘

I let go of his cock and moved up and gave him a kiss on the lips. He took my hand and put it back on his cock. “Don’t stop what you were doing. “ he groaned . “Don’t ever stop.”

Now I took more interest in my technique. I lightly moved my fingers up and down his shaft and he trembled.”Oh, that feels so good. “ he said. I lightened my hold on him and started at the bottom of his shaft moved the skin up and down until he let out a cry of what sounded like agony and he squirted all over me. "Oh my God," I said. "I struck oil."He just laid there,immobile.So that's why guy jerk off, I thought

“Yuck,“ I said.“What a smell and it’s so sticky. “
He lay flat on his back, exhausted. “Hey, I said. “Where did my toy go? “I picked up his flaccid penis and let it drop. Then I ran into the water to wash off. By the time I got back his penis was growing, inch by inch in little spurts.” Well, thank God it’s not gone forever.”

When he finally recovered he said,"Kerri, you can't believe how good that felt, how how much I needed it." I lay down beside him. He sat up, looked me in my eyes and said “Do you know how much I love you, how I have always loved you.” Before I could answer he bent down and gave me a kiss. His hand was moving over my breasts, squeezing first one and then the other. “ Which one has the chocolate milk?" He whispered in my ear. I smiled as he continued to message my breasts. He moved his hand down to my pubic area. I took his hand and directed it over my cliteris. ”Rub it right here,” As he did, I moaned. My whole body writhed with pleasure and agony and suddenly I just exploded. I aighed as the throbbing continued. “Oh, Mike.Where did you ever learn to do that so well?”
“I depend a lot on inspiration,” he answered.

After that session we could hardly keep our hands off each other. We decided that when we were in the presence of our mothers we had to be very careful. But now I seemed to be a magnetic force to Mike. He seemed to walk around with a perpetual hard-on in my presence. I would kid him about it but I was also fearful that our moms would see it protruding in his pants and suspect something was going on. But i wasn't fearul enough to not take my own chances. Sometimes when we sat next to each other at dinner I would put my hand on my lap, slide it over to Mike’s lap, undo his pants zipper, reach in his pants and squeeze his erection. Meanwhile I would be carrying on a conversation with our moms and Mike would sit there giving no indication of what was going on. They had no idea. What I was doing. It was dangerous but oh so exciting.
As the days went by Mikes’ appetite seemed to become insatiable. When we met in the morning, even before breakfast he would say “Let’s go for a walk.” I would smile at him slyly because I knew what he wanted. As we went out his Mom would say, “Breakfast is almost ready. Don't be long.“ I was tempted to say to her, Auntie "It’s long every time I see it.Thick too."

We would hardly get outside before Mike unzipped his fly and take out his extended penis. We would walk down the road with it flapping every which way as he swung his hips for my benefit and I couldn't help but giggle. When we got out of sight of the house we would duck into the woods and I would grab his dick, manipulate it. tease it, stretch it, kiss it until he came. I loved doing it not just because it enflamed my whole body but mostly because I was giving Mike pleasure. Sometimes I would reach down and play with myself at the same time or take his hand and have him do it to me. But lots of times it was just because I wanted to make him happy. We continued to play with each other at the creek every day and at night when I was in my room Mike would sometimes say to his mom, "I have to get some clothes for tomorrow. I’ll be right back." Then he would come into my room with his pants open, his cock sticking out and a towel over his shoulder."Ready."he would say and I would throw my arms around him, grab his cock and jerk him off fast so our mothers wouldn’t suspect anything was going on. Then I would catch his cum in the towel. One time I said to him “ Mike I can’t keep doing this. I’m getting calluses on my hands.” Mike laughed “ Don’t say that, he said, If you stop I’ll fill up with cum and burst.”

One day while we were at the creek Mike was playing with me down there and he put his fingers in my cunt.He looked up at me and said, “I wonder if my dick is too big to fit in there.”
“Aren’t you the cocky one? You think your cock is so big and powerful no woman could handle it.”
Mike laughed. “Well maybe we should find out if you're the woman you think you are."”
I thought a minute“ Mike, I don't know about that. Now we’re getting into risky territory. Jerking each other off is one thing but getting into games that make babies is something else.”
"We can be careful. Why don’t I just ease it in to see if it fits and come right out again?. No harm in that."
I thought about it a moment. “Okay but let me jerk you off first so you don’t go in there with big wad of cum waiting to escape and get me pragnant. Besides it will lessen your urgency to come.We stoodd up and I took his cock in my hand as I did every day now and began my piston-like motion. After he came his prick was flaccid and I played with it for a few minutes and soon it was as hard as ever. Then I lay on my back and he knelt between my legs. “Now be gentle, “I said. “You’re going to break my cherry and I don’t want it to hurt too much.”

He eased his way in and I could feel it slowly making its way up my vagina. There was a pin prick pop and it continued on its way until I took in all that he had. “ Well you were wrong, big shot “I have room for all you got and more.”

Oh, he sighed, it feels so good. I think I like your cunt better than your hand." He laughed and began a back and forth motion.I knew I should tell him to pull out but it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop. And then he groaned and throbbed and I knew my organs were filling with his seamen.” I didn’t have an orgasm that first time but it felt good enough to try again. But I was afraid. I wasn’t sure where I was in my cycle and I didn’t want to take another chance.

One night we were going out for Mike’s nightly jerk-off session. We didn’t know it but my mother was sitting on the porch as we went by. Mike had his usual hard-on and unbeknownst to us she stood up and stared. Then she went and got Mike’s mother. “They just went out for a walk and Mike had an erection. His pants were sticking out like a tent.”
My mother thought a minute. “Well, that’s not so unusual. Boys are continually having erections at his age.’
“But he’s with his cousin, my daughter. and I don’t want him to. to try anything with her. She’s a sweet innocent kid but she must be curious about why his pants sick out like that and I’m afraid he ‘ll show her.
“Well, if he just shows her that won’t be too bad. She has to learn about those things sometime. It’s better for her to learn from a family member that won’t hurt her rather than a stranger.”
“Oh, your so understanding. “my mom said sarcastically.” But what if he doesn’t just show her. What if he does something with it?”
“Like have sex?” They would never do that. They know cousins can‘t have sex with each other.”
“I don‘t like it,“ my Mom said.” They are just kids, hormone crazed kids. I‘m going to keep an eye on them. Haven‘t you noticed how lovey dovey they have been lately?”
“They always have been very fond of each other. You are just imagining things.”

I figured out my menstrual cycle and would tell Mike when it wasn’t safe. During those times I would just jerk him off but during the safe times we would have intercourse two or three times a day and it was glorious. He seemed to know just how to move to hit my clitoris just right, to make sparks fly.

Neither of us seemed to get enough of each other. and we began to take chances. Sometimes when we guessed our moms were asleep Mike would sneak up to my bedroom and get in bed with me. “Just like old times,” I said. We cuddled, hugged each other and fucked two or three times before he was worn down and went down to the porch to sleep.

One evening our mothers announced they were going out for the evening. We waited until we thought they had left, heard the car pull away, and went up to my bedroom. We sat on the bed, kidded around for awhile kissed and then Mike took off his clothes. Thenhe began to undressed me. When my clothes were all off, he lay down on the floor and I got on top of him. I straddled his body and eased his cock into my cunt. Then I started riding him “Whoopee, ride him cowboy .” I sang out as I moved up and down on his cock. Just then the door opened and my mother walked in. I gasped when I saw her and jumped up off Mike. “What are you doing?" She shouted. Just then Mike shot his load and the cum went all over. “She looked at Mike. What have you been doing with my daughter, you animal.Do you know she is underage and that you could go to jail?” She continued to rant and rave as Mike and I just stood there, both of us naked. His penis had shriveled up and looked like a cute little button. “Kerri, you pack your things. We are leaving tomorrow.”
Neither of us said a word. We both felt so ashamed. When my aunt came home my mom told her what had happened. They talked awhile and then they called me in. They wanted to know if this had been the first time. I was defiant so I told them the truth that we had been having sex for two weeks three or four times a day. They were aghast. “How could you, you’re just kids, and your cousins.” A pause. “How do you know you’re not pregnant? “ They were both visually upset, enraged.
It was decided that we wouldn’t leave tomorrow after all but Mike and I were not to be alone with each other. I was to be taken to town the next day to have a pregnancy test and then we would take it from there. I had the test and it turned out I wasn’t pregnant and that called for another conference, me and them. "We’ve talked this over, “my mom said, “and we have decided that that since you have developed a habit, a sexual habit from having sex so often that you probably aren’t going to easily stop... that your body is too used to being satisfied. So we’ve decided that the best thing we can do is to equip you with a device to protect you from getting pregnant Then you and Mike can continue to do what you have been doing althiugh we hope not quite as often. We will even let Mike move back up to your bedroom. But there are three conditions.If you don't agree to all three conditions one or the other of you will be sent home to your father."

Oh Oh I thought. I knew there would be conditions. “What are they” I asked?
"The first is you must keep it quiet. You must absolutely keep this from both fathers. As far as you and your father are concerned, you are still his sweet little virginal baby. He would kill Mike if he knew.”
“I don't have a problem with that. I don't want daddy to know.What’s next,” I asked. “No other men or boys. Mike is the only one you can play that way with.
“ I adore Mike.He's the only one I will ever want to play around with like that. What’s the third condition?"
My mom looked away, waited a minute, then said. “We,your aunt and I, can come in and watch."
“Watch? Watch Mike and me have sex? No way. We’re not putting on a side show. You must be sick.”
“Now calm down dear. We don’t mean all the time. Just once .We want to see if you are...well, you know doing it right."
“Mom, for God sake...”
“Talk it over with Mike See what he says. But those are our conditions. Take it or leave it.”
I couldn’t imagine my Mother even thinking of such a thing. She is something of a prude and never really could talk to me about sex. It seemed impossible that she would propose such a thing.

We both resented being forced to expose ourselves to their eyes but Mike and I didn't want to be separated so we finally agreed to go through with it. Our live performance was a couple days later. We decided it would be better to perform in the living room. “Let’s shock them, I said to Mike. Our two moms were sitting on the divan when we walked in. Mike and I had decided before hand how we would proceed. We had more or less choreographed what we would do in an undress rehearsal so we knew how we would procede I wore a skirt and Mike had tight jeans and an opened neck white shirt. I walked to the stereo and put on a CD of Ravel’s Bolero.
We started at opposite sides of the room and came together as the music started.. Mike took me in his arms, then threw me out while holding my hand throwing his head back,and dramaticly brought me back to him Then we embraced and kissed passionately. I unbuttoned Mike’s shirt as we continued to move our bodies in time to the sensuous music He then unbuttoned mine, took it off me and tossed it with flair. I slowly took his shirt off pushing it off both arms at the same time. Then he took off my bra and kind of danced behind me. From the back he reached around me, took my tits in his hands and kissed my neck. Returning to my front he lifted one breast with his hand, kissed it, sucked the erect nipple and then did the same to the other breast. I heard a gasp from the audience. Then I moved my palms down his chest, his abdomen and squeezed his erection through his pants. I undid his pants and let them drop. We decided ahead of time that neither of us would wear underwear so he stood there naked. I took his hand and stepped back so the audience got a good look as he swayed his hips from side to side in time with the beat of the drums in the Bolero,his dick flapping back and forth. A gigle from the audience. Then I began to kiss Mike, starting at his mouth and working my way down his body.I knelt before him and played with his cock, again in time to the music. I rubbed it on each cheek, brushed it with my lips, kissed it and then held it as my tongue licked it before plunging it into my mouth, I could hear our Moms gasp.I’m sure this is something they weren’t expecting, especially from sweet. pure little Kerri. Mike pulled me up and started the same way I did, moving his hands down my body. He undid my dress and it fell to the floor where I kicked it away.
He kissed me down my body and when he reached my pubic hair I spread my legs and he buried his face in the muff of hair. I heard the women gasp and one of them said “Oh no, this is disgusting.” Then Mike stood up. I spread my legs and he eased his cock into my pussy. We swayed to the beat of the drum moving in unison from side to side and back and forth being careful not to stay that way too long. We didn't want Mike to shoot off just yet.Then we disentangled and together slid down to the floor and rolled over one another. To give the audience a better view, we had decided that I would be on the top. I slid down Mike’s body and sat on his thighs. I took his cock in my hand and swung it back and forth a couple of times to the beat of the drums.Then I put it in my mouth again and I could hear my mother say, ”Oh, no. This is too much.” The drum beat of the Bolero was getting more intense and I eased Mike’s cock into my cunt and rode him to the beat beat beat of the music, up and down, up and down, faster and faster until, as the music reached its climax, so did we and I dropped exhausted on Mike’s chest, feeling the warmth of his cum inside me.

The mothers stood red faced and somewhat in shock not knowing what to say. “Well, my aunt said. That was quite a performance."Ha ha, maybe you should take it on the road."
“That wasn’t quite... quite what we expected, “my mother said."I suppose Mike taught you to do all those nasty things.That's the way menare." Then she whispered to me, “He does have an impressive organ,though”.

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2013-12-15 15:45:51
the story was ok not enough character development or background and you fucked up the end. the rushed unrealistic end was a real turn off and to top it off you FAILED to give a second chapter and proper end. this would have got a posative vote IF you hadn't fucked it up so bad but as is it gets a NEGATIVE vote.

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the end killed the story, why would they even allow the moms to watch. it seems more likely that the kids would go to the moms and say " we agree to parts one and two but if you insist on part three we will tell our dads everything. we will also tell them that it was your idea that we have sex in the first place. and as soon as we can we will move as far away as we can and never talk to you again." keep things a little more realistic please the end sucked.

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That was... really strange!


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I gave it a pos vote, but only for the beginning. It's like you spent a couple of days writing the first part, but them you got in a hurry and just finished it all in one big paragraph to get it over with. My friend, these stories aren't something to "get done with." We read them because we have an excess of time, an interest in the subject, and for you to get lazy on us like that is kind of a slap in the face with the big hand of reality. Please don't do it again. You have a lot of talent; please don't take any more shortcuts and cheat everyone involved, including the characters you made us care about.

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