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Have you crossed the uncrossable line?
This is a true story about crossing a line that you are not supposed to cross, sex in the work place. I wrote a short story about how Judy and I met and got to talking more and more. When I went to send it for validation it disappeared so I am writing this in word then will copy and past into the forum.

Without repeating, Judy and I met at a national training session and something sexually appeared to come in almost every private conversation we had. The meeting ended and she went back to Ohio and me 900 miles east not knowing when we would see each other again.

As luck would have it I was given an assignment to do more training all over the Northeast – yes!! This now gave me an opportunity to see Judy. The manager in the area scheduled the meeting in a ski resort in western Pennsylvianna. Judy planned ahead and told her manager that her husband would be coming so she needed a private room. As a trainer I would have a private room so I did not need to explain anything to my roommate.

The first day of the meeting went uneventful as Judy and I just went along with our business. After dinner we went to the bar with other team members for a few drinks some of which were good friends who I don’t get a chance to see very often. Judy left and went to her room but earlier in the day she gave me a room key and told me to stop by later when I had a chance.

About an hour after she left I also left and went directly to her room. I entered with the key so if anyone was looking it would appear as I was entering my own room. I found Judy in a t-shirt sitting on the couch reading a book. We chatted a few minutes then began to passionately kiss which lead to her lifting her t-shirt and exposing her small tits and nice unshaven pussy. I leaned over and began to suck her nipples going back and forth and also rubbing her butt. After about 15 or 20 minutes of this she started to undo my pants then I just closed my eyes, she pulled down both my pants and boxers. Before I knew it she had my growing cock in her mouth. She took it in all the way and played with the tip while it was in her mouth.

We then got on the bed and got into the sixty nine position with her on top. She was an excellent cock sucker and had a very juicy and tasty pussy. Before I was able to cum she stopped sucking, got off and laid along side of me. She asked if I had any condoms and I told her back in my room. She just smiled and said that there was no need to leave because she came prepared. She when to the bath room and came back with a condom ready for use. She sucked me a little more to get me nice and hard then put on the condom. We began missionary then she asked if I could do her doggie? Without even giving it a second thought we moved into the doggie position, one which I did not get into at home. We fucked for a while then as I unloaded I leaned forward to cup her small breasts. We laid together for a while before we fell asleep.

The morning came all too quickly as we had a wake up call earlier than anyone else so I could get back to my room to get ready for the next day.
The meeting went without a hitch except every time I looked at the clock it appeared if it had stopped or was going backwards. The evening began the same as the night before, dinner, drinks in the bar then head to Judy’s room.

When I arrived she was in the same place as I found her last night. Tonight moved a little faster, the kissing began almost immediately. Judy then surprised me when she said she had a present for me. She gave me a small box and when I opened it I found four silk scarfs. When I looked at her with a puzzeled look on my face she said “do you trust me – do you want to try something new?” With that I was speechless and she took that as a yes and yes.

She helped me get undressed and we laid down together with our hot skin rubbing against each other. This is where I entered a new and exciting time. She gently tied my feet to the bottom of the bed and my hands to the top. I could have easily gotten out but the excitement of what could happen let me just let the night continue.

She brought her tits close enough for me to just kiss the nipples but not close enough to suck them. Then she strattled my face and allowed me to kiss her dripping pussy. After about three or four minutes she was began teasing me and not allowing me to kiss her but just close enough to almost kiss her.

She then started to suck and gently bite my nipples. She licked her way down to my throbbing cock and began to tease it then suck it.

Before long I shot a hot load into her warm mouth and she left her mouth wrapped around my cock as it started to wilt.

She moved up and began to kiss me. Within a minute or so I felt her open her mouth and push her tongue into mine. I opened and took it in willingly but what a surprise. She still had a mouth full of my cum. We French kissed and let the cum flow back and forth between our hot mouths and eventually swallowed what was in our own mouths.

This was and still is the hottest, sexy experience I have ever had. We did have about 4 months of sex at some future meetings before we decided it probably was not a good idea for us to continue.

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2013-06-18 23:45:07
For the person that said it was ″the most stupid boring story I have ever read,″why the hell did you even read it then?


2010-05-11 13:27:56
I liked it.... I thought sharing the cum in your mouths was hot.... I like to do that with other girls, because my wife doesn't like it....

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-05 08:59:32
really dull

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2008-12-27 07:54:02
This was the most boreing story ever and the last part where she put ur cum in ur mouth with the kiss was discusting

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2008-12-14 05:04:42
this has be the most stupid boring story i have ever reed

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