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I can't believe I'm doing this!
Intro: I've never done this before, so I just want to get my story out there. Please comment!!! This is easily my most exciting sex story and what makes it so great is that it actually did happen. Thank you all.

It was late one Friday night, about 11:15. I had just gotten home from a late night at the office. The kids were at my mother's and my husband was on a business trip in Denver, CO. I kicked off my heels and constricting business skirt, had a quick shower and relaxed in my bedroom. Drying off, when it hit me: Damn-I am so horny!. My husband hasn't been around lately and when he has, he hasn't exactly fucked me right. Sure, I do love him, but his 5 inch penis and poor stamina in the bedroom rarely get me off. My dirty secret, my vibrator, was getting a lot more use lately.
Anyways, the idea of an empty house, for some unbeknown reason, really turns me on. It goes without saying that I pulled out my sexy lil' vibe and rented a cheesy porno off of IO.
(Now I don't wish to toot my own horn, but I consider myself a sexy woman. I'm 5'5 125 lbs. I have shoulder-length sexy red hair, green eyes, fair skin w/ a few freckles, etc. My measurements are my pride and joy: 34c-26-38. Perky tits that don't look like that of a 36yo married woman! My big bubble butt is tight and bouncy and men have always adored my tight pussy with its trimmed, thin, red landing strip.)
As I sat there, getting down with myself, grinding on my precious clit with my vibe as I watched some 20-something actress get railed doggystyle by a 9 inch cock, I noticed strange sounds outside. They resembled crunching of dry leaves and footsteps, which was strange considering it was springtime and there weren't any leaves out anymore. I tried to ignore these sounds as i fingered my ass a little, enjoying the sensations. I even turned up the volume to help me get more into the mood; but the noises outside continued. My ignorance quickly turned to fear. Shit! What if there's a robber outside?! I wondered. This idea stuck in my mind as I dropped the vibe and ran downstairs, peering around each corner of my spacious house. My worries were not alleviated as I threw on a robe and called the police. I sat anxiously on my couch, practically biting my nails as the odd sounds outside did not seem to cease.
Approximately 15 minutes later, a squad car parked outside in my driveway. All of the stress that was seemingly tearing up my insides disappeared as an officer walked from the sidewalk to my door. I quickly answered in my light bathrobe with a perky "Hi!"
As soon as I got a better look at the officer, I realized how sexy he was. It may have been my stress and horniness thinking, but I found him insanely attractive. Officer Bigdick (as we shall call him!) stood at about 6'2, had short cropped dark hair, and was muscular and built. He had the jawline of a supermodel and looked to be only about 30 years old. His lustful image was far in contrast to the idea of the typical donut-crunching, overweight cop that I expected.
"Is there a problem here Miss?" he asked as i stared into his dark blue eyes.
I invited him in and strutted to the kitchen in my robe, retrieving a glass of water for the strapping young officer.
"I've heard some strange noises outside: would you mind investigating?" I asked him.
He sipped his water. "Of course Miss" he smiled, assuring me that he would get to the bottom of this, and walked out the door. I watched him through the window for a few minutes but soon sat on my couch again, waiting for a response.
After about 5 minutes of investigation, he returned through the door.
"Nothing but a few raccoons Miss" he smiled. I giggled innocently.
"I see....." My speech was interrupted as Officer Bigdick seemed to spring into action. He crept across my living room, looking upstairs.
"What is it?" I whispered nervously.
"I here something..." he sprinted upstairs silently. I followed him as fast as he could only to find him at the end of my upstairs hallway, staring into my bedroom. I walked over behind him only to find my vibrator lying on my bed with the cheesy porno still playing on my TV.
"Oh...!" I gasped as I ran to the TV, shutting it off and then tossing my vibe under the bed. I looked up to him with embarrassment and he just stood there, grinning.
"Relax, I've seen much worse..." he chuckled, "At least you're watching straight porn."
I giggled, releasing my uneasiness, and walked over to him. "I am so sorry you had to see that."
I could tell he felt more awkward than I did. He assured me again that everything was fine and as I passed him to enter the hallway, my thigh brushed against his crotch. Rather than feeling a limp small penis brush my leg, I felt a tense, semi-hard, big cock. My horniness taking control of me, I swiftly looked up to him with a look that basically said: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and needless to say, he was!

(go on to Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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2008-12-18 10:44:50
finish the freakin story what the hell kind of way is that to end a atort

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2008-12-14 15:51:04
what the heck right when it was getting good


2008-12-14 00:00:44
shitty way to stop a story just when it was getting good

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2008-12-13 14:42:09
That was damn short!!

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