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Just a little fantasy, from a long time ago, not very well written because it was one of the first stories I wrote.
I woke up on a cold wood table in a dark room. I immediately sat up, confused, I didn’t even realize that I was in just panties and my bra. “Good, your awake.” I heard Trevor said out of the darkness. He turned the lights up a little bit. Just enough to make the room dimly lit, so I could see his blue-green eyes glistening.
“God your little body is so tight.” He said licking his lips. My ankles were tied to the table, and my hands were tied together. “Damon, get in here!” he shouted. Damon was his younger 14 year old brother, he was a year younger than I was. He walked in through a dark doorway slowly, looking down at his feet, he was wearing only his boxers.
“What’s going on Trevor?” I asked, my voice was clearly unsteady. A million things were going through my mind. Trevor was my unofficial boyfriend, being that he was 22, and I was 15. We couldn’t exactly be together. Legally anyways.
He had taken my virginity a couple months ago however. But lately, things had been going south for us.
“Okay,” Trevor said, “Here’s what’s gonna happen. Damon is gonna fuck you, you know, lose his virginity. And I’m gonna watch. Sound good?”
“What?!” I cried out. This wasn’t like Damon. He was one of the shyest, sweetest kids I knew. “Huh?” Damon asked looking at Trevor, it was apparent he hadn’t been informed on what he was going to do either.
“That’s right.” Trevor grinned, he pulled a pocket-knife out of his pants pocket and held it out to Damon. “Go cut her bra off, then he panties.”
“What? No Trevor. I don’t wanna.” He protested. Now most boys his age would have been all for this, no questions asked, but this was the kid who was afraid to even talk about girls, much less touch them, and do things with them. His mother had sheltered him way too much to do anything like that.
Trevor shoved him up against the wall next to them and held the knife at his throat. “You will do what I say to do Damon. Got that?” Damon nodded his head, terrified and tears now starting to trickle down his face, and Trevor gave him the knife. He took it gently.
He walked over to me, not looking me directly in the eyes.
“Hold on,” Trevor stopped him, and walked over to me. He pushed me down so I was laying on my back, and pulled my bound hands over my head, then retied them to the end of the table. “Go ahead.” He stepped back, and sat down in the chair he had set up in front of the table.
His hand shaking, he cut my bra off, then my panties. I was afraid he would accidently cut me. He handed the knife back to Trevor, who gave him a little tube of lubrication. “She’s pretty fucking tight, your gonna need this.” I looked from Trevor to Damon, I felt a deep sense of betrayal. Here was my boyfriend, the love of my life, giving me away like a cheap whore to his little brother. I started crying, and my body shook unintentionally. My little pink nipples were hard from the air conditioning blowing on me. Damon just held the lube and stared at me. Like a scared little boy. He lurched forward and hit the table when Trevor shoved him and told him to get on with it. Then Trevor sat back down and pulled his dick out of his pants.
Damon pulled his boxers down and got on the table, straddling. He was only half way hard, and he knew better than to disobey Trevor’s orders. He squeezed some lube on his finger and rubbed it on my little pussy, and inside a little bit also. Then rubbed it on the head of his cock, and it immediately responded by getting completely hard. He leaned on top of me.
I cried and whispered, “Please, please don’t do this. Please Damon.”
He looked into my eyes, and he was already very very upset. “I’m sorry Amber.” He whispered back. He leaned down and kissed me quickly before pushing his hard cock inside me. I moaned out, not expecting it that quickly. I started to cry, but heard Trevor instruct Damon to smack me, and was quickly met with a burning slap on my cheek. I quieted down as much as I could. “Please,” he moaned, my pussy squeezing on his 6 inch cock. “Don’t let it hurt.”
Its not that it hurt too terrible, it was just the mental aspect. The fact that my mind hated him in me, but my body wanted it. I could feel my pussy tingling with every thrust of his cock. He moaned loudly, and I met his moan with a little one of my own. “I’m sorry Amber.” He kept saying. “Ohh god.” I could tell he felt the same way I did.
“God look at those little titties Damon. Perfect B cup. Suck on ‘em.” I could hear him panting, jerking himself off. “Make her cum, rub her clit too.”
Damon followed his big brother’s orders, and sucked on my left nipple, nibbling on it slightly. I cried out with the overwhelming sensation. He put his hand in between us while still thrusting in and out of me, rubbing on my little sensitive clit as he sucked on my nipple. “Ahh, ahh fuck Damon…” I moaned and my conscience screaming “NO” at me was drowning out in the waves of physical pleasure I was feeling. I started cumming, I felt myself squeezing tightly over and over on his fourteen year old cock, and moaning uncontrollably.
“Ohh my god.. oh my goddddd.” He grunted.
“Cum inside her!!!” Trevor yelled. I felt his dick jerk inside me, “Agh, ohhh mmmm… godd…” I could feel his little spurts of warm cum shooting up in me, and filling me up. My physical pleasure was gone now. Nothing to cover up the guilt and shame I felt sweeping over me. “Stop. GET OFF ME DAMON!!” I screamed. I bursted out in tears. He pulled his cock out with a pop and cum drizzled out on the table.
“Fuck fuck fuckkkk! Aghhh….” Trevor yelled out as his cum shot out up onto his chest, hands and thighs. He got up, nearly falling over, and threw a towel at Damon, telling him to clean me up.

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2009-01-12 01:47:55
You so need to write more xD It was really good =D.

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2008-12-18 14:03:27
I agree. It was good but too short. Please write more..maybe how the 2 brothers tag team her

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it's short but good pls ride more

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