This is part 3 with my edits, enjoy
Story of a King 3

FYI: I know my spelling and grammar is shit, do not really care its not that bad. Please read the first stories in this series (my only other stories, starting with “My Sexy Teacher”) Please leave comments and remember to vote so I know what you think. If it this one goes well I will right part 4.

…I had her for class the next week, she had gotten even hotter somehow, and now that we were sleeping together I never had to a lick of work. When we I got out of class at the end of the day I gave her a look that must have said I wanted her because she said, “Will you follow me to my office please?” I followed her to her office, a little room in the corner of the building that was being renovated, so it was kind of messy. I closed the door behind me and as a turned around she pined me against the wall and grabbed the back of head to pull me closer. I was ready to go, but concerned that we might get caught. “Jess, we might get fucking caught in here!” She just smiled and slipped her hand over my rock hard cock. “That’s the fun baby let’s go I’ve got a fucking meeting with all the other teachers in like 15 min.” My head was spinning as I gave into her, and unzipped my pants. She slid down to her knees running her hands over my body as she dropped.

She reached inside of my boxers and pulled out my rod and clasped her hand around it tight, like she did not want it go anywhere. I put my hand on the back on her head and pushed her close to me. She took it just a little at first, she was wet and warm. She began to roll her tongue around my shaft. She went up and down placing her hand below her mouth and then using both in sync. She was great and giving head, all the time she was doing it she was making agreeable moans.

She kept going at it like see was craving it for years, and I just kept one hand on her head and one on the door knob. I was close to cuming and she knew it, as she backed off for a sec and slowly worked the head of my penis with her first two fingers. I ran my hands through her hair, and just looked at her pure beauty. “You look great today by the way.” She was wearing a little green skirt that ended just below her toned thighs. Her blue blouse that she was wearing was a little too tight and could barley contain her c-cup, border line d-cup, breasts. She looked up at me and said, “Thank you baby you look like your ready for more hu?”

I nodded my head in agreement and she took my dick back into her mouth. I started to rock my hips back and forth slamming the door a little as I went back and forth fucking her mouth. I was ready to go again before to long and I tapped on her head, which was our little signal that said without words I was ready to go. She got off my cock and again and looked up at me, “you want to shoot off at my face or do you want me to take it deep throat?” It was not a hard choice, I loved to see her face covered in cum, but not as much as I did watching her gag as I squirted in her mouth. I pushed her head back to my waist and she started to suck again.

She started by moving up and down, taking it deep then she moved up and used her tongue to lick the end of my penis. With every flick of her tongue I got closer to orgasm. As the pre-cum reached the tip of my cock, Jess took it deep again and I shot hard, pushing my hips toward her. It was so good, I wanted her to stay so we could fuck, but she said she needed to go. She got up and leaned in to my ear as she whispered, “You want a little show before I go?” I again nodded and she proceeded to lift her skirt exposing a wet pair of underwear. She pulled aside the panties exposing her pulsating mound. She reached two fingers inside and slid them in and out a few times. She pulled them out slowly and reached up pushing them in my mouth, then pulling them out and kissed me.

“I have to, I’m going to be late, but call me later ok?” She said. “Ok, I want you tonight I will have to the place to myself so come over when the meeting is over ok?” I asked. “Ok sexy, I will see you later.”
After waiting until for an hour for Jessica to show, I was getting kind of horny so I decided to call her. I called her cell she picked up, but as her soft speech fluttered over the phone line to my waiting ear I got a response that was not so pleasing. Without waiting for me to say anything she said, “I am in a meeting, I will be out in a few hours k?” “Let’s meet down by the train tracks that run by your house in an hour, I will out by then” “I have to go!” I was a little pissed that I would have to wait another hour but, I didn’t let it get to me I just waited. While we had never done it at my place, I was not nervous, after all, my roommate would never recognize her as my teacher, and we chances were she would gone before I got there anyway.
I was living with an older woman, but don’t be confused, older was only early in her early 30s. I did not know her that well, we had met at a bar a few days before randomly and hit it off. I found her to be a free spirit with a hippie’s soul that had been reborn into the new age.

A few hours had passed and still not call from Jessica, and I was getting more and more pissed so I decided that I would go out and see if she was waiting at the tracks. I said goodbye to my roommate, and left to meet up with Jessica. I saw her as I walked toward the tracks and ran as soon as I was in eye site. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, together we stood in the cold as she apologized to me for not calling. “My phone, could not a single and I did not know about just showing up at your place you never know who is watching.”

I looked her in the eye and told her it was fine she did have to worry at all, she was hear now that’s all that mattered. I held her and she was warm, it felt so good and I kissed her like I never wanted to let her go. I leaned into my face and her warm breath blew into my ear as she whispered, “I want to be with you right her right now!” I was shocked being that it was a little cold but there was no one around and no one ever came around the tracks so I told her I was good for it.

I laid down my coat and then laid her down on top of it. I laid down on top of her and began to finger her under her skirt. She was wet and getting wetter with time. She tossed her head back and pushed my head down, wanting me to please her. I was happy to oblige, after the blowjob I had gotten before. I ran my hands up her skirt grabbing her ass in both hands and squeezing. I pushed my tongue inside her wet mound and went to work. She tasted of the sweetest juices. I flicked my tongue around her clit before taking it in my mouth and sucking on it. She moaned loudly, which was fine because no one would hear her.

I sucked her clit until she grabbed my head and pushed harder. “I’m going to fucking cum!” “O, god, O god, I’m going to fucking cum!” I pushed my tongue inside her and licked in a up and down motion. As I was licking her she started to cum, just like she had warned me she was going to. The pussy juices rushed hard into my mouth and I licked it all up taking the occasional break to finger her with my first three fingers. I looked up at her after about 5 min had passed and she had reached orgasm at least twice, her face was flushed red and she was smiling wide.

She looked down at me and said, “Let’s go back to your place its to damn cold out here!” I was cold to and I agreed with her as I stood up and she pulled her skirt back down. We walked the little distance to my place and entered with my key. We walked to the back of the apartment, were my room was and she laid down on my bed. She got up and began to take off her coat, and turned to face me.

I sat down on the bed and pulled off my own coat tossing it at the wall. I gazed at the beautiful woman that was before me. Her body was amazing, she was amazing. She had put a heavy, but tight sweater over her blouse and it showed her perfectly round breasts off in the best way. I loved watching her as my mind was racing thinking of all the things I wanted to do to her. I looked up to her as she was about to remove her sweater, and said, “Do it nice and slow baby, you know I love it when you tease me!”

She smiled at me, and started to sway her hips back and forth slowly dancing toward the clock radio on my bed, she tuned it to station with some mood music. She was super sexy, I looked at her with lust as I said, “Come on baby, and let me see some strip tease.” She crossed her arms and grabbed the ends of her sweater. She raised her arms above her head slowly, so that each inch of her body was exposed a little at a time. She stood in front of me in just her bra and skirt, her hands on the waist band and a dirty, sexy, look in her eyes. “You want to see more?” She asked. I nodded with agreement, and she continued to dance to the music.

She lowered her skirt as little at a time exposing her flat tone stomach first then her shaved, wet mound seen through her panties. Her skirt dropped to her feet and stepped out of it and kicked it at the wall across from her. She walked to the bed, and then she crawled onto the bed. She pressed her lips to mine and moved her tongue into my mouth. She moved her leg over my body and wrapped my body in hers. Our body’s moved in motion together as we dry humped for half and hour, just to get heated up. I loved her touching her body. I ran my hands all over her body creasing her breasts and feeling her nipples between my fingers, one then the other. Her body was so tight and tone, as I put my hand across her stomach that was so soft and warm. I then moved to her lower back and finally grabbed her ass with in both hands.

I knew she was ready to go, as she grabbed my waist band and pulled my pants down to my feet. I undressed quickly, and I spread her legs wide, and she looked at me with a look of pure lust. “I want you in me right now I have been waiting for this all damn day!” She yelled. I climbed on top of her and penetrated her, she was tight and wet, everything I had ever wanted. I moved her into a spooning position and pushed hard inside her. She was so wet I was fighting not to blow my load to fast. As she moaned and I moaned she leaned close to me and began kissing me again. Her tongue worked fast in my mouth getting me all worked up and I loved every minute of it. As we took a brief break from the kissing I asked her “You want to blow me again for a little while before we get really into it? She just smiled and said “You always did love the blow job.”

She climbed down to my waist and opened her mouth wide for my cock. She put my dick into her mouth and she began to push it around with just her tongue. It was already soaked from her sweet juices and pre-cum it was so hot to see her take it in her mouth. She started to move her mouth up and down on my shaft, and was moaning all the time. I loved to hear her moan it was like sweet, sweet music. She had to perfect angle I felt like I was on cloud nine and before long I wanted fuck her again. “I want to fuck you again let’s try ass again we have not done it in a while.” She came off my shaft and without words took my balls into her mouth. She began to suck my balls and licked them like they were candy. She looked up at me while she did it and I just smiled and laid back. I called for her again, “I want you come up here let me put this in you!”

“You’re right babe; I want you to ride that thing.” She climbed up on me again and straddled my body. Riding me in the cowgirl position, the music on the radio changed to save a horse ride a cowboy, it was perfect. She slowly moved up and down inserting my dick into her wet soft opening. I could feel her pulsating around my shaft, as she had yet another orgasm, her third of the night. She rocked up and down on my cock; it was like we were on the ocean.

She leaned forward allowing me to get in deeper then I thought possible, as she said, “Put into my ass babe, I want that huge fucking cock pushing into my ass!” I was more then happy to do as she asked, and I slipped out of one whole and easily pushed hard into another. She screamed like I was hurting her, but she was smiling all the time, and started to scream my favorite words, “Please, no, don’t stop!” I pushed harder and started to get my rhythm going in and out of her tight ass, loosening her wet hole. The natural lubrication from her pussy was more then enough to allow pain free access to my favorite of all holes on her body.

I turned her over so that I was on top after I while and she rolled with it, and I began to go at her in standard missionary. I was ready to cum, and had to pull out of her, but she caught the look in my face and grabbed my ass yelling, “No, please a little longer, I’m going to cum again!” I smiled at her and pushed harder and faster, trying to hold my load. I was real close and she smiled as she shot her cum all over the place. It squirted hard all over the place and it was amazing to see her shoot so far, and I was not even in her pussy! “Shoot that shit in my ass baby!” She cried out. I worked pushed hard as deep as I could go and tossed my head back and exploded in her. I had blasted off harder then I ever remembered doing before. The orgasm was amazing, inside her tight ass, and I moved out slow and we laid back on the bed, laying together side by side.

Before I knew it she was ready for another round, and so was I. Jess looked at me in the eye and reached down and grabbed my cock again. She began to work it in her palm as the soft limp rod began to grow harder and longer in her hand as she worked it up and down. I was moaning, as I became hard again in her hand. I was so involved in her wonderful hand job that I did not here my roommate come back early and walk closer and closer to my door.

Jessica rolled me over so that she could get a good handle and we both lied naked on the top of the bed. She started to work her fingers around my shaft harder and faster now, and I cried out in pure pleasure. At that very second, my roommate, not bad looking herself, opened my door out of concern, after hearing me cry out. She looked at me and Jessica, and said agast, with no words able to come out. I was shocked and told Jess to stop, and she stopped working my shaft just in time, as I’m sure I would have blown again if she had not.

I was so embarrassed I did not know what to say, then, Jessica stood up and grabbed her shirt. She covered herself and said “I should go, babe I will see you later ok?” She then turned to my roommate, she said, “I, am, so, sorry.”

My roommate looked in disbelieve, and we were all a little embarrassed. But then my roommate said something that I did not expect. “I did a little snooping and I know that you..” pointing at Jessica, “..Are working at the school up the road and that this would not be good for anyone if facts got out.”
She was right this was bad so I meant to make good of a bad situation, as I said, “Ok what the hell do you want to keep you quite?” “I want a piece of the action. I was going to tell about you to at first, but after being that I have not gotten any in about 2 months, and you seem to be “gifted” I think we can make an arrangement.” I knew what she wanted and, ya it was black mail but there was no way around it.

I looked at Jessica, and then at my roommate, and then back at Jessica. She nodded to me, and I turned back to my roommate. “Ok, Brittney, you want to ride me or do you want both of us?” She smiled and said “its simple first I want to ride your cock and then I do want both of you.” It was cool with me this night had gotten better after all. Even though she had black mail over me at lease I was looking at a threesome.

…..look for part 4 it’s about to get a lot hotter, and don’t worry about the setup I’m going to pick it up right from the end of this one! Assuming you guys want to here more let me know leave your comments and don’t forget to vote! Thanks to all who have left comments already they are most helpful!

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