It was a cold and rainy afternoon. I was leaving college on my way to my apartment from registration. I lived only two blocks from school so the walk wasn't too bad.

"Hey Brad!" I heard a girl yell from behind and to the left.

As I turned and looked I could see my sister running my way. "Oh that's right I thought" This was my sister's registration day too. She was a freshman this year she planned on living in the dorms I thought, "so why is she coming this way" I wondered. It was really pouring down rain now as she approached me.

"Mind if I tag along to your place Brad? They are doing some painting in my dorm and I'm really not in the mood to deal with that tonight." She said with this half smirk, half smile look on her face.

"Sure, I guess so little sis" I said as I studied the look on her face. That's when I felt something weird. I wasn't quite sure what it was yet but I walked her to my place just as I had agreed.

We got to my place both soaked to the bone. "Oh geez I gotta get out of these wet clothes" she said.

"I don't really have anything for ya Rachel", I told her with a curious look on my face. "You know Debra took everything when she dumped me, so I don't have any girls clothes left"

"I guess I can just wear a towel till my clothes get dry" as she began to undress right in front of me.

"Rachel!" I stammered as I turned my head.

"What? Like you've never seen a girl naked before? Besides you're my brother, I know you wouldn't tell a soul" she said with a very provocative tone. That was when I turned back around and watched as she removed her pants throwing them over the shower rod along with her shirt. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen as I watched her. I had never in my life had such thoughts of my sister but at this very moment I couldn't seem to help myself. Then her bra came off and she turned around to face me. My eighteen year old sister was standing in front of me topless and my dick was starting to show through my jeans. I had to get out of there before she noticed.

"I-I'm hungry. Gonna go make a sandwich" I stuttered as I walked out of the room. I heard the shower turn on as I began making my sandwich. Trying my best to get those horrible thoughts out of my head. Was I crazy? What if my sister had known I was getting turned on? She would have thought of me as some sicko.

"Oh Brad" She said as she came down my steps into the living room where I was eating. "Mind if I throw these in the dryer?" she was wearing nothing but a towel and holding her clothes.

"Oh sure go ahead" as I finished off my sandwich.

She came back into the living room and sat down next to me on the couch where I was watching television. I tried to hold back thoughts about her but she was only wearing this towel which was exposing the tops of her perfect D-cup breasts. I mean my sister was hot. She was about five foot nine, one hundred and twenty pounds, size five, blonde hair, green eyes. She was just beautiful.

"So how's it been?" She asked not seeming to be paying attention to the TV.

"Huh? Whatcha mean?" I replied.

"You know.. With the whole Debra thing?"

"Well. She was sort of a flake any ways. I guess I miss the sex but that's about it"

She began looking at me very intensely. Almost like she could sense what I was feeling and thinking. Her eyes were locked into mine and I felt this cold wave going down my spine. Then I noticed her eyes looking at my lips, and I felt the urge to look at hers. They were slightly open and wet, then I noticed something else. She was getting closer to me. My heart began racing, I didn't know what was happening. She hadn't said a word, she just looked at me and her lips came closer until there was no more room between us and I thought time was standing still as her lips met mine and suddenly we were locked in a very passionate loving kiss. It didn't feel appropriate to use a lot of tongue, somehow I could sense she wasn't that type of kisser. Our lips overlapping and still locked together and my heart pounded now and I felt her hand grab mine and our fingers entwined. "My God is this real" is all I could think. And then the thought "this is my sister" entered my mind once more but I also felt a great amount of love for this girl that I had known all eighteen years of her life.

Finally the kiss broke and she looked into my eyes again. All I could see this time was love and compassion. She was lifting my hand toward the makeshift latch of her towel and I knew she wanted me to undo it. I was again looking at her lips as I pulled the towel from her body. My eyes then locked on her gorgeous breasts and erect nipples. I leaned forward kissing her and she had her hands on the button in my shorts. She removed them from my body as she could now see my fully erect cock bulging in my underwear. Her hand made her was to my erection and began rubbing it as we continued our kissing. I then moved downward to her breasts and began sucking her erect nipples and my left hand had found her soaking wet pussy. My middle finger parting her swollen lips easily making its way into my sisters cunt. She began to moan rather loudly as I fingered her as I looked into her eyes seeing only pleasure in her face. I moved my face down between her silky thighs as I gazed upon her luscious wet pussy. My tongue slowly parted her opening as I began to eat her cunt. Flicking her clict I could hear her moaning even louder now as her juices began running down her ass cheeks and down my chin.

"Oh my God Brad, that feels so fucking good! Oh my God! You're going to make me cum. Oh God oh God oh God!" She began to squirm as she climaxed and her cum squirted partly into my mouth and partly onto my face. Her sweet cum was running down my throat as she was catching her breath. I got myself up and she pulled my face in to kiss her again. As we kissed her hand was on my cock again and I knew what she wanted now as she was pulling me closer her opening. I could feel the head of my dick touch the wet opening as she looked at me very intently again. I don't know where it came from. I wasn't really thinking but suddenly I stuttered "Oh God I love you" As I felt myself plunge into her soaking wet pussy. Her wet hot cunt sucking my cock into her completely.

She let out a very loud moan "OHHH God!" and caught her breath again and returned with "I love you too Brad, please believe that, I love you so much" as we laid together completely one as my cock rested deep inside her.

I looked at her and felt love as I began making love to her slowly. Watching her body below me as I could feel the pleasure I was giving her through the pleasure she was giving me. Looking in to her eyes as we made love. I leaned in for another kiss as I quickened my pace. Moving my rigid seven inch cock faster in and out of my sisters sweet cunt. I could feel the heat rising in myself and I knew I was close. I looked at her inquisitively and she knew what I wanted to know and simply said yes as I felt myself begin to unload my massive load into her. I moaned as my cock twitched filling her with my cum. Just then she also began to moan and I knew she was about to cum as her legs tightened their grip on me and she held me deep inside her. She bucked and grinded harder and harder as she screamed now in pleasure. I could feel her cum running down my legs and smearing between our bodies as the last of my load shot off deep in her sweet pussy. I felt the muscles in her ease up as she loosened the grip with her legs also and we laid together again as one. We kissed and fell asleep.

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2010-04-11 22:02:43
needs some back ground to explain what thier relationship was like before college you don't just wake up one morning and say i am going to suduce my sibling there has to be a build up of some kind this should have been chapter two not one


2008-11-01 14:17:43
I've read about five of your stories and this one is the only one that was done halfway decently. Maybe you're finally getting the message. Like I said in the comments of one of the others, you have a damned good imagnation. Make your stories longer, keep working on spelling and keep going with your descriptions of the action. If this is a later story, you're getting better. This was the most readable one I've read. SSB

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2008-10-16 17:12:51
pretty nice! could have been a little longer 7/10


2007-07-08 15:20:00
fucking right. I wish I had a sister


2006-03-23 14:02:54
i wish she would of sucked his cock first but thats ok she got my rocks off .with the help of my hand.i owe her wish i could eat her pussy to pay her back

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