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Nikki was a slut. That’s why Craig fucked her – he loved sluts. Not only did he love sluts, but he loved underage 12-year-old sluts. Not only did he love underage sluts, but he fucking loved underage sluts that were his little sister.

Jen was a slut.[/b] She was the biggest slut in school. She’d fucked all the boys at school, she’d fucked all the teachers and she regularly came home from school 3 or 4 hours late because she’d been letting a group of boys or men use her 15-year-old body in the local park or woods. When she did get home from school, she would fuck Craig, her brother, adding incest to her long list of slutty deeds for the day.

[b]Rachel was a slut.
She’d also been the biggest slut in school, but now she was 24 she stayed at home as her brother’s personal fuck-toy.

Jane was a slut. She was the three girls and Craig’s mother and was now 39-years-old. Her entire life had been dominated by where to get the next hard cock or wet pussy. A complete nymph, she was first fucked by her Daddy when she was a 6-month-old baby, but her first recollection of it was when she was about 4, hearing her mother egging her father on to “fuck the little whore until she splits” as she sprawled out on the bed next to them, rubbing the juicy cunt that Jane sucked every day until her parents died, and even a few times afterwards, when they were both 43 and she was 16. When she was 16 she’d gotten pregnant for the first time and had more gangbangs and orgasms in those 9 months than ever before. She consequently got knocked up another 3 times and continued to slut around like a filthy piece of shit whore until the baby’s head was pushing whoever’s cock out of her cunt. The day Jen was born she actually continued to get ass-fucked continuously by three different doctors whilst the baby was delivered, even if barely an inch could fit in her ass at the time. The Doctors had never felt anything so intense or tight as a contracting asshole wrapped around the heads of their cocks as a baby worked its way out of a cunt just a couple of millimetres away. The whore mother, of course, used her kids for sex, regularly eating her daughters’ tiny – then, as they grew up, much bigger – pussies, sucking Craig’s tiny – then, as he grew up, much bigger - cock, and using all three of them to bring herself off, sliding their baby limbs up her fuckholes to bring herself off – often in front of groups of men as she lay on the ground covered in their sperm. Several men once fucked her ass and mouth as they watched a spitting 9-year-old Rachel push her 1-year-old baby sister Jen’s legs up inside her mothers’ cumming cunt. Of course the kids were fair game as well and baby Jen and young Rachel and Craig ended the night covered in cum and with stretched assholes.

Craig thought he was the luckiest man alive. The 23-year-old woke up almost every morning in bed with his stunning, slightly older sister and spent the rest of the day fucking his baggy holed, but very sexy, mother and hot little sisters. He was in love with Rachel though, and each morning, after they woke in each other’s arms he made love to her. It was a daily ritual to show each other that no matter who or how much they fucked for the rest of the day, it was the other that meant the most to them. No clothes were ever worn in the house, and what little clothes that were put on to go out (school uniforms, jeans etc) were usually covered in some kind of sexual emission. This morning, as Craig awoke and lay naked next to his beautiful slut sister, he just gazed at her face, before pulling the covers back and looking at her gorgeous body. She was 24, had short, cropped blonde hair and, like all the women in the family, she had a huge pair of natural tits that hung perkily, but the nipple was quite low, giving them a delicious udder like appearance. Even 13-year-old Nikki had a big pair with plenty more growing time left yet.

As Craig started to kiss his older sister’s neck and ran his hand across her flat tummy she woke with a smile on her face and a hunger in her pussy. “Mmmmm, good morning, lover” she mewled. “Good morning, beautiful” Craig replied, moving up to kiss her with a loving passion he could only find for her. As he moved on top of her she opened her legs wide and rubbed her cunt, slipping three fingers in before bringing them to their mouths. “I do love sharing breakfast with you” Craig sighed as he finished sucking her fingers and kissed her again. For the next 40 minutes Craig and Rachel made tender love, Craig seeing to every part of her gorgeous body - licking, kissing, nibbling and sucking where appropriate. When she had cum several times Craig emptied his load deep inside her pussy. Rachel pulled her legs up, as she was trying to get pregnant with her brother’s own fucktoy.

As Rachel let his cum seep deep into her womb, Craig got up and went downstairs. His little sisters had already left for school, no doubt after having had a nice and nasty wakeup call from their mom. As he entered the kitchen he saw his naked mother was standing at the sink washing a few cups and dishes whilst listening to the radio. Craig snuck up behind his saggy cunted mother and pushed his still hard fuckstick inside her. Momentarily surprised, she tensed up, meaning that her loose hole gripped Craig’s cock like he’d hoped it would. If he really wanted any great pleasure from his mother these days he was better off just stuffing his huge meat down her throat, but he still got off on slamming her loose cunt and ass, and she still had pretty good control of the muscles. Usually one of his sisters had their hands up her other hole, making it tighter for him as he fucked his mom. Now, however, as he fucked his mom’s loose cunt he slid his own right hand up her asshole one finger at a time until he was in there up to the wrist. “Morning” he grunted, pushing into both holes. “UGH! Hello, son. UGH! Fist mommy’s ass deeper. GRR! Fuck yeah, that’s the fucking spot” replied the nasty whore between thrusts. As she bent over the counter, her hands in the water and flat on the bottom of the sink, Craig reached around with his left hand and grabbed her large, slightly sagging left tit, squeezing the udder hard before finding the nipple and pulling it downward. Kissing her along her shoulders he then sank his teeth into her neck, sucking and chewing the flesh. “Oh yeah, fucking eat me, fucking get in me deeper...fucking own mommy, Craig, fucking use me” the 39-year-old mother begged her son.

Craig suddenly pulled out of the whore and turned her to face him. He slapped her tits with anger and pulled her nipples towards him so hard that she stumbled forward. He called her a baggy cunted slut as she drooled in lust. He pushed his right hand into her mouth, making her taste her own ass and he probed her throat with his dirty fingers, making her cough and retch. Thick saliva poured from her facecunt and dripped down onto her big tits. “Get on the fucking floor you dirty cunt” Craig snarled to his mother as he pulled his hand from her mouth. Jane was breathing heavily and as she lay back on the floor Craig slapped her tits again, loving the way the big udders jiggled and the way his mother winced in pain and then opened her eyes with an even more lustful haze than before.

Jane’s son then proceeded to push both of his hands right up inside her slack twat until 7 inches of his forearms were up there as well. When he was in as far as he could go without splitting her womb open he started banging his arms in and out of her sopping wet, public use cave and spitting on her tits and face until she was squirting all over the place, covering the floor, Craig, the walls and kitchen units in delicious cunt juice. Having gotten a mouth full of his moms cum Craig took his hands out of the nasty cunt and walked back to his bedroom, climbing onto the bed and over the stunning beauty that was Rachel. Rachel opened her mouth, knowing that it was time for her morning drink. Craig pursed his lips and slowly let the tangy cunt juice fall from his mouth and into his sexy sisters. After he had drooled it all in to her pretty mouth he began licking his right hand and arm clean of mom cum, and after Rachel had swallowed all of their mothers’ goo she began licking his left hand and arm. “Mom never fails to taste good” said Craig. “Damn right. I can’t get enough of this shit” Rachel said as she continued to lick their mother’s juice from her brother’s arm. “Well then, when you’ve finished that there’s a nice puddle on the kitchen floor and splashes all over the walls and cupboards you can lick up” said Craig as he moved in to make out with his sister again. Just then their mom walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed next to her children, all three as naked as the day they were born and first cummed on. Jane pushed her body against her son and daughter and began making out with one and then the other of her kids. After 20 minutes of the three writhing around on the bed, fingering and fucking and eating and sucking, Craig set a task for his mother. “Mom, I’m taking Rachel for a shower now. It’s 10am and I want you to go out and find a load of guys to fuck, but I want you back here by 1pm with your cunt and ass full of cum for me to eat. I’m fucking hungry for some cum today. And if you can find one or two bi-guys to come back and fuck my ass then you’ll get an extra special surprise later. Make sure they’ve got big cocks though!”

Craig, hard as hell as he hadn’t cum since making love to his sister over an hour ago, then ushered off his mother, and 3 minutes later the tramp was ready to go, wearing a short black skirt (visibly cum-stained since the last time she’d worn it she’d been fucked stupid in all holes by 5 state troopers and their nightsticks in the back of a cruiser a couple of weeks ago), 5-inch, cum-stained pumps which made her legs look awesome (legs that had cunt juice running down them) and a sheer white blouse which had obviously been ripped off of her before, as only one button was left on it and her big tits were nearly on full display. “Very nice mom” said Rachel. “Yeah, very fucking ‘I’ve just been gang-raped and I loved it’, but there’s one thing missing” said Craig, rising to his feet, cock sticking 13-inches (it had been getting sucked and played with since he was a baby!) out in front of him, and spat a mouthful of thick white saliva right into his mothers face, stringing all over her forehead, eyes and nose. “The perfect whore. Do us proud, mom” Craig chuckled as his mother turned and walked out of the house with a big smile on her face.

“Come on, babe” Craig said as he pulled his princess from the bed as she rubbed some sleep from her beautiful eyes. When she was on her feet he quickly dropped to his knees in front of Rachel and began lapping at her tasty snatch. Slowly his cum from earlier began to trickle from her pussy and he licked it up, swallowing what little was left. Standing again, he ran his hands over her body before pulling their bodies tight together and kissing her deeply. The huge smile on her beautiful face when the kiss broke let him know that he was indeed the luckiest man alive. He had a beautiful happy lover, his sister, who liked nasty incestuous bi-sex and all manner of fetishes and loved him for what he did for, to and with her and as if that wasn’t enough she let him fuck anyone, or anything, that he wanted to. He took her hand and led her to the shower, where he took great care in washing and kissing every part of his goddess, ending with him eating her pussy out.

Rachel had been a filthy little cunt her entire life. She was cummed on, at her mother’s request, by a male nurse just ten minutes after she’d been born. The 16-year-old Jane grabbing his package through his scrubs before pulling his dick out and sucking him until he was cumming on the new-borns face as her mother held her. Throughout her early childhood she had been used as a sex toy for her mother and her mother’s fuckers. On many occasions toddler Rachel would be on her back with her laughing teenage mother lying next to her, holding her down as several men rubbed their cocks all over her small body and pushed a few inches of dick inside her tiny body. By the time Rachel was 10 she was being fucked day and night by strangers. Jane had a house that she had been able to pay for by doing the most disgusting acts for some very rich men. Being such a nasty, disgusting cunt she enjoyed every minute of sucking dogs and horses off, eating their cum whilst being pissed on by dogs and humans and having glass bowls filled with horse, dog and human piss and cum and gulping it all down with a satisfied sigh.

The door to the house was nearly always left open, day and night, and it was well known by the general underground community that if you wanted to fuck little babies, young girls or their nasty cunt mother who was in her 20’s, then this was the place to go. Despite being very aware of it the police never seemed to mind, the local kiddie-rape statistics had dropped to nearly zero recently and a good couple of dozen of the force regularly stopped by to warm their dicks in some babymeat or rub their cunts on a young boys face. Rachel, somehow, was still managing to attend school quite regularly, and several of her teachers were occasional visitors to her house. Little surprise was it then that many of Rachel’s lunch hours and afternoons from the age of 11 were spent naked in the teachers lounge with all male and female teachers using her already blossoming little body. Some teachers just wanted to put their dicks in her pussy or ass and fuck her until they came, whilst others wanted to test how far the little whore could go. One day at around 2pm she had been held back from afternoon classes again, and she was stuffed full of teacher cock in her pussy, ass and mouth, naked except for her cute little bobby socks and 4-inch-heels (her mom knew she was at school to be gang-fucked so tried to dress her cute-yet-slutty). She was spread across the coffee table in the middle of the room as the three clothed teachers assaulted her with their thick dicks. One female teacher of about 45 years of age was sat in a chair a few feet away with her skirt hiked up, rubbing her bare cunt as she told her colleagues to fuck the nasty young cunt ‘til she passed out. The woman then pulled her feet up until her heels were on the arms of the chair and aimed her cunt at the triple-stuffed pre-teen fuck pig and let go with a long stream of piss that covered the young whores b-cup titties and stomach. As the piss splashed down on her body Rachel lifted her young hands up to her udders and started rubbing the piss into her skin. Laid out like a piece of meat on the table, the three teachers fucked the little girl harder than they’d ever fucked her, until the next time.

By the time Rachel was 16 her school skirt was nearly non-existent. What there was of the skirt was cum encrusted and it didn’t even reach the bottom of her perfect ass. She was wearing 7-inch slut-pumps and ripped white blouses that didn’t do any job of covering her perfect large tits. She was spending most of the mornings at school with her brother in either the boys bathroom or on the school field, being gang-fucked by Craig and most of the other 14, 15 and 16-year-old boys in the school. When she was covered in cum and naked she’d be taken to the teachers’ lounge for the rest of the day, but not before Craig had a good old taste of all the yummy cum splashed over his sisters perfect young body by those hard young cocks all morning. Five years on and Rachel still spent nearly every afternoon spread out on the teachers’ lounge coffee table getting fucked, fisted, split and used by pretty much every teacher on the faculty. Craig would spend the afternoons helping the teachers use his beautiful sister and eating and fucking the female teachers’ cunts, as well as sucking a few big cocks down his throat. Craig would then lick his sister clean of piss and cum when the teachers were finished with her at about 4pm and make sure she got raped on the way home, walking her through well known rape spots. Of course, it’s never rape when you’re a fuck-toy, especially when you’re called Rachel and all you think about is cock and pussy. When Rachel turned 19 she was out late one night letting no-end of strangers use her mouth, ass or cunt in a male toilet at a sleazy nightclub when she realised it just wasn’t as fun when Craig wasn’t around. She’d also noticed how Craig had stopped ‘fucking’ her so much lately and was being gentler and...loving. After taking about 40 cocks in the nightclub she went home, into her sisters’ bedroom and squatted over her 10-year-old sister Jen’s face, letting her eat dozens of thick loads out of her loose snatch and ass and off of her toned thighs. Afterwards she went into Craig’s room and crawled into bed with him and their mother. She woke him up and nuzzled her tight little body into his before he made sweet love to her slack cunt. She came so good that she swore she’d never fuck around behind his back again. After that night she only gang-fucked when Craig was right there to hold her hand and fuck her throat, and when she turned 21 she decided that the only cock for her was her brothers, and retired from being a dirty slut. She still had sex with the females of her family, but the only dick she would ever take was her brothers.

SLAM! The front door shut as Jane flew in. “CRAIG, where are you! I’ve got more than what you asked for!” Craig appeared at the top of the stairs with his long, fat dick hanging, thick pre-cum oozing and hanging from the tip, as Jane stood at the bottom. Out of the corner of his eye he saw some figures disappear through the door into the lounge but couldn’t tell who they were. Jane was wriggling the cum drenched belt-like skirt off and her cum covered tits were already on full display. “What the fuck did you get up to then, you filthy fucking skank?” Craig asked his mom. “Well come down here and see”. Craig descended the stairs, leaving Rachel in bed upstairs after the shower – he’d been fucking her so long into the night that the poor girl needed some more sleep. “Well?” he asked as he stood in front of his naked, cum-streaked mother. She grabbed him and kissed him deep, and he could taste cum on her tongue. “Get down and suck all the fucking cum out of me then” Jane said. Craig sat on the bottom step and began stroking his mighty cock as his mother moved her over-experienced twat over his mouth. Letting her muscles relax, a great big thick wad of cum drooled from her fuckhole straight into Craig’s hungry mouth. After savouring the cum he swallowed it down with a sigh and then attached his mouth to the cunt he came out of 23 years ago as he tried to get more. “Mmmm, that feels good after taking 12 dicks up there” the whore moaned, squeezing her fat udders. “Any up your ass?” Craig mumbled, mouth full of jizz. “Just a couple” Jane said as she turned around and pulled on her thick nipples, pushing the cum and a little bit of shit out of her ass. Craig dug around her open hole with his tongue, swallowing everything that came out before working his way down her thighs, licking the cum that had escaped from her slutty cunt and asshole. “Damn that’s good, mom” he said, still stroking his huge cock, pre-cum still oozing from his it as he moved to licking and sucking her large udders clean of sperm. “If you think that’s damn good, you should see my treat to you for being such a wonderful son.” Jane said as she took hold of her sons’ wonderful fuckstick. Leading him by the cock she took him into the lounge slowly. “Not only have I found a bi-guy with a big dick for us to have some fun with, but he’s got a tasty little treat for us as well.” purred Jane as they went through the door.

Craig started drooling immediately. Not only was the guy already naked, well built and with a 9-inch cock, but he had his exquisitely beautiful 3-year-old daughter with him. Craig could tell the guy was extra nasty as he was openly standing naked in someone else’s house, despite not knowing them, and he was stroking his big, drooling cock. “Oh my God” breathed Craig; “I want his cock up my ass as I fuck his little girl to pieces”. “Do it” the man said. Craig moved quickly, his huge dick bobbing around as he fell to his knees and immediately gobbled up the man’s big fucker, taking it straight down his hungry throat. Gagging and gurgling on it, Craig felt his mom get down behind him and wrap her small hands around his meat. Taking the man’s juicy prick out of his mouth, Craig looked down to see the gorgeous little 3-year-old girl pulling on his big dick, not his mom. Seeing those bright blue eyes and that lovely blonde hair in pigtails just made Craig want to grab her and slam his entire 13-inches up inside her tiny little body, probably killing her in the process. Instead he busied himself with the man’s more than adequate cock, throating it again as his Mom crawled over, kissing the little girl on the mouth whilst sliding a finger up her sons’ hungry ass. Craig was drooling throat slime profusely, so he grabbed the little girl and held her face underneath her daddy’s dick, making sure that all of the slime coated her pretty features and soaked her hair. When the man came hard in Craig’s mouth he managed to hold it all in, and then emptied his mouth all over the precious little creatures face. He then began licking and sucking at the mess that covered the little cunt meats face, eating all the cum and throat slime before licking her little naked body all over, finishing by chewing on her little cunt. Craig’s dick was still dripping, and his mom was licking the pre-cum up off of the floor like the nasty pig that she was.

Leaving the child on the floor, Craig got up and sat in one of the armchairs. “So, what are your names and what’s your story?” he asked. “My name’s Rob and her name is Millie” the man said. “She’s my little angel, I love her to bits – who wouldn’t? But she’s so god damn cute I just can’t keep my dick out of her. Seeing her suck my dick is worth any punishment I might face if caught.” “A man after my own heart” replied Craig. “Have you fucked her cunt yet?” he asked. “I can’t NOT fuck her cunt, I mean look at’s so small and tight and hairless...I could eat and fuck that delicious little hole all day. And the best thing is she fucking loves it, she’s a natural born dick slut. I couldn’t believe it the first time I fucked her last year and I could get 4 inches inside her tiny body. She can take 6 or so inches now – why don’t you try her out?” the girl’s father breathed, still incredibly horny, despite just cumming, as he shared his cute little babygirl for the first time. As Jane pulled Rob to one side and started sucking his dick deep down her throat Craig pulled the little girl between his legs. Tiny Millie just stood there, letting Craig rub his hard, oozing slab of meat all over her wet face, before sliding it inside her mouth, stretching her tiny orifice to its limits. As he pushed he was amazed to feel his mighty cock sliding into her small throat, even as the girl vomited a little onto it. As her puke slid down his long shaft, Craig pulled her precious head from his bulging meat. “Lick your puke up from my cock, honey” he grunted. Her little pink tongue appeared and started lapping away at the slime running towards his shaven groin. “My God you’re a beautiful, obedient little fucktoy, aren’t you” he snarled. Little Millie vomited again at the taste of what she was licking up and Craig grabbed her head and pushed her face into the puke that now covered his groin and stomach. “Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, lick it up you little cunt” Craig spat at Millie as Rob blew his nuts for the second time in five minutes as he watched his beautiful little girl getting her face rubbed in her own vomit by the huge dicked pervert. Jane gobbled the spunk down and licked Rob’s cock clean, before moving around behind and eating his ass as he continued to watch Craig abuse his daughter.

Craig pulled Millie’s head back by her hair. “Millie, would you like to see how much of this big cock you can get inside your tiny little pussy?” Craig asked. Millie nodded and said “Yes pwease”. She’s so adorable, Craig thought as he pulled her small body onto his lap, before putting the head of his massive fuckstick to her opening. “Pwease fuck my littw cunt” the foxy 3-year-old pleaded as she wriggled a finger inside her pussy before moving it up to her mouth and sucking on it, all the while keeping eye contact with Craig. “Oh baby” he gushed, nearly emptying his cum all over the both of them. Craig pulled the tiny child up to his face and kissed Millie, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Millie responded, moving her small tongue back into his mouth. As Craig pulled away he moved to kiss Millie’s face all over and calling her a sweet, lovely little child whore. Craig said “Now stand on my thighs, baby, and when I hold my cock up you sink your little cunt down on it, ok?”, “Uh huh” the smiling toddler purred. Rob just stared, amazed at the extremely erotic scene as he bent over, Jane eating his asshole

Craig nearly came again as he looked at the little girl stood naked on his thighs, his huge meat standing straight up pointing at her tiny cunt. Little Millie drooled a mouthful of spit towards her pussy and the massive cock. Again Craig nearly came – he wasn’t going to last long in this toddler honey, and he knew he was going to have to be quick. “C’mon honey, drop down on it hard” Leaning as far forward as he could he kissed the girls face again as she lowered herself onto his pole. He leant back again and watched as she slammed her frame down on him, sinking 5 fat inches straight into her babycunt. “OOOOOOOOH FUCK YEAH!” Craig shouted as he came deep inside the drooling Millie’s toddler pussy. Both Rob and Jane moved quickly to start licking the cum from the 8 inches of cock not inside the child as it ran out of her hole.

Jane lifted Millie off of Craig’s cock and sucked the large load of cum that had stayed in her tiny gash. When Jane had a mouthful she dropped the child onto her feet and spat the large load in the pretty 3-year-olds face, coating it from her hair to her chin. The little girl started scooping the cum and spit mixture into her mouth with her fingers, cleaning her own face up completely and eating down every last drop as Jane fisted her own slack cunt and Rob cleaned Craig’s slowly softening meat thoroughly with his mouth.

Craig looked at the clock on the wall and it told him that the time was 12:47pm. Looking at little Millie, his whore mother, who was sucking on the little girls nipples one at a time, bi-sexual, big-dicked Rob and knowing his trampy little sisters would be back later, Craig felt even more sure than usual that the rest of the day was going to be fucking heaven.

End of Part A1

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